The Anatomy of Melancholy archiveWritten four hundred years ago by librarian and vicar Robert Burton, The Anatomy of Melancholy has been described as "the greatest book ever written". Its 1500 pages are full of cutting edge science, maids vomiting pebbles, priests defecating in ditches, lovers unrequited, friends who can't be parted, plus enormous expansive long lists of every food, herb, location, activity or occupation that can bring on or cure melancholy in any one of its many forms. In their stage version, Stan's Cafe transform this extraordinary book into a guided tour of melancholy and the mind of its author; in so doing they consider how this 17th century self-help manual reflects our own concerns and obsessions. Running time: 2hrs 40mins (including interval). Age 12+
Performers Gerard Bell, Rochi Rampal, Graeme Rose, Craig Stephens.
Company Stan's Cafe. Director James Yarker. Design Harry Trow. Design Stan's Cafe. Music Nina West. Dramaturg Zelda Hannay. Costume Kay Wilton.

The Anatomy of Melancholy

Play :: show/work:S210198656, production/tour:T1954477697

Archive Listings

23 Apr 14The Anatomy of Melancholy
Play :: listing:L1548447301, production:T1954477697, show:S210198656, venue: V839
Borough Theatre
9 Apr 14The Anatomy of Melancholy
Play :: listing:L1140821444, production:T1954477697, show:S210198656, venue: V1545109680
South Yorkshire
26 Nov 13
30 Nov 13
The Anatomy of Melancholy
Play :: listing:L176424945, production:T1954477697, show:S210198656, venue: V239
Inner London
Greater London
21 Nov 13The Anatomy of Melancholy
Play :: listing:L1713433407, production:T1954477697, show:S210198656, venue: V0251629711
Lincoln Performing Arts Centre
19 Nov 13
20 Nov 13
The Anatomy of Melancholy
Play :: listing:L761800425, production:T1954477697, show:S210198656, venue: V522
Nuffield Theatre (Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts)
16 Nov 13The Anatomy of Melancholy
Play :: listing:L2041564419, production:T1954477697, show:S210198656, venue: V968
Theatre in the Mill
West Yorkshire
7 Nov 13
9 Nov 13
The Anatomy of Melancholy
Play :: listing:L1411536381, production:T1954477697, show:S210198656, venue: V143
Birmingham Repertory Theatre
West Midlands
12 Mar 13
15 Mar 13
The Anatomy of Melancholy
Play :: listing:L01185982245, production:T1954477697, show:S210198656, venue: V156
Warwick Arts Centre
West Midlands

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