UKTW Wordpress Plugin

A Wordpress plugin for UKTW can now be found in the Wordpress plugin directory.

The plugin provides

  1. a draggable widget that can be used to display show information, a search or "Top Shows" (London or regions)
  2. template tags that allow template designers to include direct, live, links to UK Theatre Web content (including the archive)
  3. shortcode capability that alloow blog writers to insert  images, links and information directly into blog entries without any coding, e.g. [uktw format="town" key="Glasgow"]What's on in Glasgow[/uktw]


Although only released at the end of January 2012 the system already has quite some capability and future plas will allow that to expand to cover a range of options that people can use to make their blogs and Wordpress sites 'stickier'!

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