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Dracula archiveThe story of Count Dracula, vampire, who wants to move from Transylvannia to more pleasant surroundings.

Book by Bram Stoker.

Archive listings for Dracula

Work type: Play.

Immersive Dracula - T0162847689

Presented by, amongst others, Youtube sensation Olly Thorn from Philosophy Tube, this exciting new immersive production retells the classic tale of Dracula from a modern perspective, all in the deliciously haunting surroundings of the Islington Metal Works. "The Dracula family are pleased to invite you to an auction of spectacular antiques dating from the late 19th Century and once belonging to our much maligned ancestor Voivoide (Count) Vladimir Tepes Dracula. Viewable to the public for the first time since the Count's disappearance in 1895, the items include Mina Harker's journal, Van Helsing's crucifix, and an original oil portrait of the Count himself, which has not been seen since his vanishment. We vehemently hope that the viewing of these valuables will vindicate the Voivoide as virtuous and valorous, despite the scurrilous supernatural slanders of Bram Stoker." Immersive Dracula explores themes of complicity and willful ignorance in situations where powerful men are accused of dark deeds. Step by step, we lead our audience back in time to their own private horror story: with scenes occurring simultaneously in separate rooms and objects spread throughout the space providing extra context, no one audience member will be able to experience the complete tale in one night. Instead we invite you to pick which characters to follow, make choices about whose side of the story you see, and decide which hidden secrets you go in search of. Different characters have different perspectives on the events of Autumn 1895. Who will you believe? Whose actions will you be complicit in? And can monsters really never walk in the sun? The show will be followed by music in the bar, and, for VIP Ticket Holders, a free drink plus post-show Q&A with Oliver Thorn (Dracula, creator of Philosophy Tube) chaired by one of the other producers.Director Nicholas Benjamin. Performer Niamh Handley-Vaughan (Mina Harker). Performer Oliver Thorn (Dracula).
3 Mar 20 to 8 Mar 20General, Outer London :: V1087
listing details L0694608690

Double Bill with Frankenstein - T342193766

Using all the entertainment fireworks of Regency and Victorian theatre - music, comedy, drama, tableaux, song and captivating story-telling - the earliest Fright Night Frisson will be brought back to vivid theatrical life. From 1897, came Dracula, Bram Stoker's chilling telling of the darkest human obsessions. Stoker's own theatrical version, performed only once before at the Lyceum by Henry Irving's company, will form the basis for a new adaptation of this terrifying myth of repression and possession. Bram Stoker was the world's first great theatre general manager, revolutionising stage practices on stage and front of house, during his tenure at the Lyceum, in companies led by Henry Irving and Ellen Terry. From the moment he first saw Irving in Hamlet in Dublin in 1876, through to Irving's death on tour in Bradford in 1905, the two were inseparable, and Irving was one of the principle influences in the creation of Dracula. In order to secure the dramatic copyright for his story, Stoker compiled his own version, and a reading was performed in front of a minuscule audience in the Lyceum, given by Irving's company. This text will be adapted by Dominic Dromgoole, and the reading at the Lyceum will be the starting point for this new telling. With a single company telling these two epic stories in London's most Gothic auditorium, there is the chance, for those brave enough, of seeing both on Saturdays and Sundays.Company Classic Spring. Director Dominic Dromgoole.
17 Jan 20 to 16 Feb 20Hackney Empire, Outer London :: V309
listing details L0244943299


We all know the Dracula story... or do we? Join the first Romanian immigrant as he strikes fear into the male establishment with some surprising consequences. Five actors take on lots of characters in this funny, fast-paced retelling of the classic Gothic tale.Company Let Them Call It Mischief.
1 Aug 18 to 27 Aug 18Pleasance, Edinburgh :: V1282
listing details L1423863606


Adapted by Harry Denford.
28 Feb 17 to 5 Mar 17The London Theatre, Outer London :: V0751012861
listing details L1660587555


We all know the Dracula story... or do we? Join the first Romanian immigrant as he strikes fear into the male establishment with some surprising consequences. Five actors take on lots of characters in this funny, fast-paced retelling of the classic Gothic tale. Please not that this performance contains comedy stage blood
3 Aug 16 to 29 Aug 16Pleasance, Edinburgh :: V1282
listing details L01072103347


With the likes of Twilight coming soon to DVD, and True Blood on TV there has never been a better time to bring the most famous gothic horror of them all to the stage in a heady mix of circus, physical performance, film and music. Terrifying, sensual, and exhilarating by turns this new interpretation of Bram Stoker's classic tale is created by the artistic team behind the widely acclaimed The Elephant Man and Below Zero.Company Proteus Theatre Company. Director Mary Swan. Performer Arran Glass. Performer Mary Rose. Performer Clive Holland. Performer Saul Jaffe.
29 Sep 09The Met, Bury :: V476
listing details L2090554700


Company Sphere. Adapted by Martin Drury.
19 Feb 08mac birmingham - Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham :: V146
listing details L243259251


Company Isosceles.
16 Dec 06Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead :: V1294444431
listing details L473612733


Ullaloom bid you welcome to the subconscious mind of Bram Stoker, enter freely, and of your own will. Experience Dracula as never before, a twisted anxiety dream in a cruel world of domination, desire and bitter emasculation! Ullaloom have reworked [dare we say 'revamped'] Dracula! with Tanushka Marah from Co.Collisions. At turns surreal, poetic and dreamlike, a production that will haunt you to your grave, and beyond!Company Ullaboom.
16 Mar 06Darwen Library Theatre, Darwen :: V1588247755
listing details L572876626
9 Mar 06Citadel Arts (formerly The Citadel Arts Centre), St Helens :: V545
listing details L073381400
24 Feb 06Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax :: V1098014226
listing details L672970181
17 Feb 06Parr Hall, Warrington :: V472
listing details L2120009272
16 Feb 06Unity Theatre, Liverpool :: V539
listing details L1953017316


Adapted by John Godber. Adapted by Jane Thornton. Company Tower Theatre Company. Director Allan Stronach.
27 Sep 05 to 1 Oct 05Bridewell Theatre, Inner London :: V171
listing details L552993485

The Curse of the Undead - T01683732564

Company T.A.S.T.E. Productions.
17 Jun 05 to 1 Jul 05General, Buxton :: V01581920941
listing details L0688479177
17 Jun 05 to 23 Jul 05General, Buxton :: V01581920941
listing details L222537146


This modern adaptation promises to scare, entertain and enthral, with spectacle, sound and breathtaking magic, and asks, are the seeds of lust and evil in all of us? Not suitable for under 14s or the faint hearted!Producer Jenny King (for the Touring Consortium). Producer Churchill Bromley. Adapted by Bryony Lavery. Director Rachel Kavanaugh. Other Scott Penrose (illusions). Design Ruari Murchison. Lighting Rick Fisher. Other Mick Pool (video). Performer Christopher Cazenove (Van Helsing some dates). Performer Colin Baker (Van Helsing some dates). Performer Richard Bremmer (Count Dracula). Performer Hywel Simons (Dr Seward). Performer Laura Howard. Performer Ben Keaton.
13 Jun 05 to 18 Jun 05Theatre Royal, Brighton :: V657
listing details L01218692210
17 May 05 to 21 May 05Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford :: V702
listing details L02117179037
2 May 05 to 7 May 05Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L790747631
25 Apr 05 to 30 Apr 05Theatre Royal, Plymouth :: V895
listing details L0546068821
19 Apr 05 to 23 Apr 05The Lowry, Salford :: V0655996499
listing details L01718985724
4 Apr 05 to 9 Apr 05Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham :: V90
listing details L01167094520
28 Mar 05 to 2 Apr 05Arts Theatre, Cambridge :: V19
listing details L0778391242
21 Mar 05 to 26 Mar 05Richmond Theatre, Outer London :: V327
listing details L1940179788
15 Mar 05 to 19 Mar 05Lighthouse (previously known as Poole Arts Centre), Poole :: V910
listing details L402659200
1 Mar 05 to 5 Mar 05Darlington Hippodrome (formerly Civic Theatre), Darlington :: V562
listing details L775694686
22 Feb 05 to 26 Feb 05Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury :: V674
listing details L902634416
15 Feb 05 to 19 Feb 05Theatre Royal, Nottingham :: V462
listing details L01907769064
8 Feb 05 to 12 Feb 05Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent :: V124
listing details L0839920594
27 Jan 05 to 5 Feb 05Churchill Theatre, Bromley :: V302
listing details L01474450606


An adaptation examined through the eyes of its author.Company Ullaloom Theatre Company (in collaboration with Complicite's [Clive Mendus]).
11 Apr 05 to 14 Apr 05Contact Theatre, Manchester :: V483
listing details L01677430514
3 Mar 05 to 5 Mar 05Unity Theatre, Liverpool :: V539
listing details L1504263194


Company Inner State Theatre.
19 Nov 04Arts Centre, Rotherham :: V960
listing details L01086889761
16 May 03Darwen Library Theatre, Darwen :: V1588247755
listing details L01690237032


Company Borders Youth Theatre.
9 Sep 04 to 10 Sep 04The Maltings, Berwick-on-Tweed :: V986
listing details L01642739313


Producer Colin McIntyre.
23 Aug 04 to 28 Aug 04Theatre Royal, Nottingham :: V462
listing details L2141443239


Producer Dukes Lancaster. Adapted by Jane Thornton. Adapted by John Godber. Director Ian Hastings.
31 Oct 03 to 22 Nov 03The Dukes, Lancaster :: V523
listing details L0378368835


Producer Garrick Theatre Stockport.
7 Dec 02 to 14 Dec 02Garrick Theatre, Stockport :: V504
listing details L0155862463


An adaptation of [Bram Stoker}'s enduring classic which emphasises the romance and poetry of the story. It is a tale of good against evil - but what is explored in this version is that we all have the capacity for both. Some of the characters, while outwardly examples of middle class Victorian morality, are terribly attracted by the sensual pleasures that Dracula and his vampire brides have to offer, whilst the priest-like Van Helsing, armed with Christian symbols and preaching forgiveness, must confront the powers of darkness which might lie within each of us.Company Company of Ten. Adapted by Liz Lochhead.
1 Nov 02 to 9 Nov 02Abbey Theatre, St Albans :: V50
listing details L0785390665


Producer Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse Young People's Production.
5 Jul 01 to 7 Jul 01Everyman & Playhouse, Liverpool :: V535
listing details L1683814444


Director Derek Pykett. Director Thirlwall Drew. Lighting Keith Tuttle. Performer Thirlwall Drew. Performer Ian Rochard. Performer Samantha Rowlands. Performer Ian Tyler. Performer Charlotte Jones. Performer Fabiano Martell. Performer Hugh Davis. Performer Maria Williams. Performer Megan Lancashire.
5 Jun 01 to 9 Jun 01Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield :: V425
listing details L0732455645


Company Playhouse Theatre Company. Adapted by Liz Lochhead.
18 Apr 01 to 21 Apr 01The Playhouse, Harlow :: V40
listing details L01600856943


Director James Gilbreath. Company Fullface and Profile Association (witht he Baron's Court Theatre). Performer Neil Sheffield. Performer Alison Lewis. Performer Tom Holbrook. Performer James Waters. Performer Phil Pritchard. Performer Terrica Hancock. Performer Robert Elliot. Performer Christina Anthony.
14 Dec 00 to 14 Jan 01Barons Court Theatre, Inner London :: V169
listing details L1864908283


Liz Lochhead's Dracula shrugs off all those fanged Hammer spoofs and restores real tragedy to [Bram Stoker]'s tale..In this powerful and poetic vision..Lochhead moves beyond Stoker's too. A major production from this award-winning company.Company Cornwall Youth Theatre Company. Director Liz Lochhead.
10 Mar 00 to 11 Mar 00Hall for Cornwall, Truro :: V1183
listing details L1487632749
8 Mar 00Acorn Arts Centre, Penzance :: V1747286290
listing details L640288813


Company Skulduggery Theatre Company. Performer Richard Sirot. Performer Janet Prendergast. Performer William Hutchings. Performer Francis Redmond. Performer Richard Thornton. Performer Mark Mayhem. Performer Clarisse East. Performer Lucy Eveleigh. Performer Trevor Ellis. Performer Michael Salter. Performer Alex Hall. Performer Sara O'Connor. Director Emma Douglas. Director Damien Scully.
16 Nov 99 to 27 Nov 99New Wimbledon Theatre, Outer London :: V341
listing details L429703461


While keeping close to the Stoker original, this new adaptation makes the most of its opening venue; the unique atmosphere of the 15th Century Church, St Mary's.Company Night Train Productions. Adapted by Thomas Jones.
26 Oct 99 to 30 Oct 99General, General :: V1281
listing details L643822946


DO not expect a straight dramatisation of Bram Stoker's turn-of-the-century novel, nor even the 600 year long love story of the 1990s film. This is a free and exciting interpretation of 'Dracula' where the unspoken, repressed, sexual elements of Stoker's story are mixed with more modern concepts of women and their sexuality; where the characters are far more than celluloid figures and where the language is a rich mixture of naturalism, poetry and humour.Adapted by Liz Lochead.
24 Oct 99 to 28 Oct 99Redgrave Theatre, Bristol :: V858
listing details L1296126223


Company Moon on a Stick. Adapted by Jonathan Kaufman. Performer Ben Brown. Performer Dominica Warburton. Performer Ray Howell.
4 Aug 99 to 28 Aug 99Merton Abbey Mills, Outer London :: V369
listing details L01869537922


Company The Royal Youth Theatre. Adapted by Ken Hill.
2 Jul 99 to 3 Jul 99Royal & Derngate, Northampton :: V449
listing details L01027977100
2 Jul 99 to 3 Jul 99Royal & Derngate, Northampton :: V449
listing details L1701117899


Author Liz Lochhead. Director Ade Morris. Company WYT. Design Ruth Lowry. Lighting Lawrence T Doyle.
24 Mar 99 to 27 Mar 99The Watermill Theatre, Newbury :: V733
listing details L2101142255


Adapted by Liz Lochhead. Director Robert Wolstenholme. Performer Suzannah Titley. Performer Lindsey Garwood. Performer Fleur Soper. Performer Nicola Cotter. Performer Ian Bass. Performer Russell James. Performer Karl Wozny. Performer Stephen Don. Performer Dan Skinner. Performer Philip Lawrence.
19 Feb 99 to 13 Mar 99Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke :: V764
listing details L01899968067
3 Feb 98 to 1 Mar 98Drayton Court Theatre, Outer London :: V352
listing details L669064576


Dracula as you have never seen her before.Company Firebrand Theatre Company.
12 May 98 to 31 May 98White Bear, Inner London :: V256
listing details L059972841


Company Bubble Theatre Company.
13 Mar 98Kenneth More Theatre, Outer London :: V313
listing details L1781581894


Director James Gill. Design Rosa Pascal. Performer Padraig Casey. Performer Phillip Pritchard. Performer Nick Cawdron. Performer Janina Field. Performer Joanne Nemeth. Performer Andrew Boroughs. Performer Neil Sheffield. Performer Marina Marmaras.
3 Feb 98 to 14 Feb 98Hackney Empire, Outer London :: V309
listing details L418113535


Director T J Gilbreath.
12 Nov 97 to 30 Nov 97Hackney Empire, Outer London :: V309
listing details L1718021522


Adapted by Patrick Prior. Company Brunton Theatre Company. Director Davied Mark Thomson. Performer Iain Agnew. Performer David Cole. Performer Julie McCahill. Performer Graham McTavish. Performer James Murray. Performer Aran Ronicle. Performer Chris Young.
5 Sep 97 to 20 Sep 97Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh :: V633
listing details L01762896566


Company GRiP Theatre Company. Adapted by Liz Lochead. Director Tanya Leigh. Design Max Scianna.
20 May 97 to 7 Jun 97Rose and Crown, Outer London :: V346
listing details L1044577029


A production to celebrate the bloody-toothed ghoul's 100th birthdayCompany Traffic Of The Stage.
2 May 97Cricklade Theatre, Andover :: V763
listing details L01187198874
14 Mar 97The Elgiva Theatre, Chesham :: V746
listing details L395330034
21 Jan 97 to 16 Feb 97Pentameters, Inner London :: V217
listing details L708341261


Web pagesAdapted by Jane Thornton. Adapted by John Godber.
13 Nov 96 to 30 Nov 96Liverpool Playhouse, Liverpool :: V536
listing details L658208620


Or How Good's Your Blood Count?Author M O'Donoughue. Author Johnny Hanrahan. Director Alan Cohen. Performer Leslie Grantham.
18 Nov 96 to 23 Nov 96Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury :: V674
listing details L1152724937
11 Nov 96 to 16 Nov 96Lyceum Theatre, Crewe :: V470
listing details L02041812467
4 Nov 96 to 9 Nov 96Churchill Theatre, Bromley :: V302
listing details L1023628115
28 Oct 96 to 2 Nov 96Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V570
listing details L534305543
16 Oct 96 to 19 Oct 96Theatre Royal, Norwich :: V72
listing details L01151252225
7 Oct 96 to 11 Oct 96Grand Theatre, Swansea :: V831
listing details L01378884301

Other listings

27 Feb 08The Drum, Birmingham :: V397448197
listing details L516646178
3 Aug 99 to 28 Aug 99Merton Abbey Mills, Outer London :: V369
listing details L0993554871
28 Oct 97 to 1 Nov 97Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks :: V688
listing details L160286855
1 Nov 96 to 23 Nov 96Citizens Theatre, Glasgow :: V611
listing details L01959952197

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