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The Dumb Waiter archiveWhen will the target appear? An Ormitha what? Who is Wilson? Gus and Ben wait for their

Author Harold Pinter.

Archive listings for The Dumb Waiter

Work type: Play.


Company Schoolhouse.
24 Sep 19 to 28 Sep 19Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol :: V0707367604
listing details L01504770604


Company Drop Of A Hat Theatre Company.
23 Jun 17 to 24 Jun 17Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham :: V90
listing details L0684249480


Company Forgotten Moose Theatre Companym. Performer Sam Stay. Performer Lewis Lilley.
21 Sep 16Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre, Taunton :: V01603938282
listing details L124851912


Company The Pigeon Collective.
26 Aug 16 to 27 Aug 16Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol :: V0707367604
listing details L1931638805


Company Taking The Mick Theatre Company.
3 Feb 15 to 7 Feb 15Courtyard Theatre, Inner London :: V184
listing details L151582923


Company Cross Cut Theatre. Director Adam Slepowronski. Stage ManagerJen Ellis. Lighting Mike Hurley. Sound Mike Hurley. Performer Jonny Collis (Ben). Performer Henry Regan (Gus).
2 Nov 14The Subscription Rooms, Stroud :: V01070455530
listing details L1443788022
23 Oct 14Cranleigh Arts Centre, Cranleigh :: V1775459343
listing details L275684426
22 Oct 14Merlin Theatre, Frome :: V916
listing details L01953460503


Company Dippermouth. Director Jack Gamble.
18 Feb 14 to 27 Feb 14General, Outer London :: V1087
listing details L0250268306


Presented byThe Print Room. Director Jamie Glover. Design Andrew D Edwards. Lighting James Whiteside. Sound Peter Rice. Performer Joe Armstrong (Gus). Performer Clive Wood (Ben).
23 Oct 13 to 23 Nov 13The Coronet (formerly Print Room at the Coronet), Outer London :: V1163069430
listing details L363815575


Part of the Emerging Artists SeasonPresented byAXIS Arts. Director Jason Warren.
16 Apr 13 to 21 Apr 13White Bear, Inner London :: V256
listing details L1182936206


The second half of the evening will be made up from published sketches and monologues from various playwrights, including original work from PenToPaper Productions - who specialise in original writing and devising new material. Some highlights will include a sketch from PenToPaper's original dramedy Stubble, a segment from a play by young playwright Jake Urry, Waiting for Nico, and a scene from an upcoming tour of PenToPaper's first original stage show due to debut in the UK in Summer 2013.Company PenToPaper. Company What's the Script.
23 Jan 13 to 24 Jan 13The Met, Bury :: V476
listing details L0777347162


Company The European Arts Company.
15 May 12Key Theatre, Peterborough :: V27
listing details L01852607661
25 Apr 12Artrix, Bromsgrove :: V073680848
listing details L733925015
18 Apr 12The Lights, Andover :: V01975093207
listing details L1341773942
4 Apr 12 to 5 Apr 12Theatre Royal, York :: V954
listing details L1987046066
28 Mar 12The Maltings, Berwick-on-Tweed :: V986
listing details L1729627540
27 Mar 12Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh :: V633
listing details L0255986944
20 Mar 12 to 21 Mar 12Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton :: V160
listing details L397250440
13 Mar 12 to 14 Mar 12Millfield Theatre, Outer London :: V316
listing details L1771394686
9 Mar 12 to 10 Mar 12Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone :: V683
listing details L0659250034


Company The Bike Shed Theatre Company. Director David Lockwood. Design Ruth Webb. Sound Ben Goldstone. Costume Laurel Coxon. Performer Tom Hackney. Performer Benjamin Warren.
19 Apr 11 to 7 May 11The Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter :: V1892701352
listing details L1367252306

A Pair of Pinters - T244355669

Producer Derby Live. Director Esther Richardson. Design Dawn Allsopp. Sound Adam McCready. Lighting Richard Jones. Performer Joe Tucker. Performer James Holmes.
4 Feb 10 to 27 Feb 10Guildhall Theatre, Derby :: V994
listing details L526746660


Producer New Wolsey Young Company.
19 Oct 09 to 31 Oct 09New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich :: V81
listing details L778261458


Producer Leeds Arts Centre.
14 Oct 09 to 17 Oct 09The Carriageworks, Leeds :: V1666392263
listing details L047940272


Producer Sterts Theatre. Producer Fast Forward Theatre.
6 Mar 09 to 7 Mar 09Sterts Arts Centre, Liskeard :: V878
listing details L118629314


Company Welsh Fargo Stage Company. Director Sarah Argent. Performer Alex Harries. Performer Dean Rehman.
16 Dec 08 to 20 Dec 08Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff :: V827
listing details L0380170323


Director Ross Livingston. Performer Peter Pawan. Performer James Sanderson.
4 Feb 08 to 9 Feb 08OSO Arts Centre (formerly the Old Sorting Office), Outer London :: V0964976130
listing details L0845110063


Company Compass Theatre Company.
8 Nov 07 to 10 Nov 07Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L2047540129


Producer York Theatre Royal. Director Damian Cruden. Performer Eamonn Fleming (Gus). Performer Robert Pickavance (Ben).
31 May 07 to 16 Jun 07Theatre Royal, York :: V954
listing details L1252667015


Producer Sonia Friedman Productions. Director Harry Burton. Design Peter McKintosh. Performer Lee Evans (Gus). Performer Jason Isaacs (Ben).
2 Feb 07 to 24 Mar 07Trafalgar Theatre (formerly Trafalgar Studios), West End :: V420
listing details L1839834329


Producer Nottingham Playhouse Roundabout. Director Andrew Breakwell. Design Laura McEwen. Music Matt Marks. Director Matt Marks (music). Performer Gareth Cooper. Performer Joanna JcLeod.
11 Nov 06Playhouse, Nottingham :: V457
listing details L01604515687
4 Oct 06 to 7 Oct 06Playhouse, Nottingham :: V457
listing details L2064909636


Director Simon Reade. Design Garry Ferguson. Lighting Tim Streader. Sound Jason Barnes. Performer Jonathan Broadbent. Performer Ferdy Roberts.
12 Apr 06 to 29 Apr 06Bristol Old Vic, Bristol :: V857
listing details L01879439594


Producer Stables Theatre and Arts Centre. Director Dominic Campbell.
11 Apr 06 to 15 Apr 06The Stables Theatre and Arts Centre, Hastings :: V669
listing details L1643011535


Rehearsed reading
20 Jan 06Royal Court - Jerwood Theatre, West End :: V411
listing details L01165648617


Company Wick Theatre Company.
5 Oct 05 to 8 Oct 05Barn Theatre, Southwick :: V0937418074
listing details L1301058113


Producer Adam Samuel. Performer Sam Ball. Performer Adam Samuel.
17 Sep 04 to 18 Sep 04Brentwood Theatre, Brentwood :: V1024
listing details L221243872


Performer Andy Smart. Performer Steve Steen.
5 Aug 04 to 29 Aug 04Pod Deco, Edinburgh :: V1761505785
listing details L1862239751

Plus Victoria Station & Other Pieces - T1862660229

Producer Oxford Playhouse. Director Douglas Hodge. Design Miriam Buether. Performer Toby Jones. Performer Jason Watkins.
1 Mar 04 to 6 Mar 04Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford :: V702
listing details L368918540
12 Feb 04 to 28 Feb 04The Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L610920724


Company Antic Mind.
7 May 03 to 8 May 03Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax :: V1098014226
listing details L1230300685


Company Fuego's Men.
31 Jul 02 to 3 Aug 02mac birmingham - Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham :: V146
listing details L930194515


For their debut feature the North London Theatre Company attempt a fresh interpretation of the Pinter classic, expanding upon the plays comic and adsurdist themes.Company North London Theatre Company.
28 May 02 to 9 Jul 02Etcetera Theatre, Inner London :: V198
listing details L424349908


Company Cockney Elvis Theatre Company. Director Jonathan Gilbert.
30 Apr 02 to 5 May 02The Rosemary Branch, Inner London :: V333
listing details L1801539284


Company Northern Stage. Director Richard Gregory.
4 Apr 02 to 13 Apr 02Northern Stage, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V568
listing details L1244458739
13 Sep 01 to 6 Oct 01Northern Stage, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V568
listing details L368006284


Company Vital Stages Theatre Company. Director Keith Homer. Director Michael Woodwood.
11 Sep 01 to 30 Sep 01Barons Court Theatre, Inner London :: V169
listing details L01863552867


Director Jonathan Kaufman.
17 Jul 01 to 4 Aug 01Jack Studio Theatre (previously Brockley Studio Theatre), Outer London :: V299
listing details L01037891185


Company The Bancroft Players. Director Jon Brown.
19 Jul 01 to 21 Jul 01Queen Mother Theatre, Hitchin :: V46
listing details L02023398154


Company Fast Forward Theatre.
27 Apr 01 to 28 Apr 01Barbican Theatre, Plymouth :: V894
listing details L93712728


Company BUTG.
20 Nov 00Theatre in the Mill, Bradford :: V968
listing details L535315441


Company Barn Theatre Company. Director Roy Archer.
16 Oct 00 to 21 Oct 00The Barn Theatre Club, Welwyn :: V58
listing details L053125695


Company The Rep. Company Rotherham Arts Centre.
22 Jun 00 to 24 Jun 00Arts Centre, Rotherham :: V960
listing details L762286677


Company Acme Theatre Company.
3 Mar 00 to 4 Mar 00Queen's Hall, Widnes :: V473
listing details L0669210119


Company The Wilde Theatre Company. Director Tim Brinkman.
10 Nov 99 to 13 Nov 99South Hill Park Arts Centre, Wilde Theatre, Bracknell :: V731
listing details L01901142842


Company aCCentuate Theatre Company. Performer Scott Murtaugh. Performer Paul McNeilly. Performer Andy Capie. Performer Gerard Gilroy. Performer andy Henderson. Director Rae McKen.
15 Jun 99 to 3 Jul 99Man in the Moon, Inner London :: V213
listing details L02051617929
15 Jun 99 to 3 Jul 99Man in the Moon, Inner London :: V213
listing details L1375514327


Performer David Kantounas. Performer Tim Axford.
30 Apr 98 to 2 May 98Kenneth More Theatre, Outer London :: V313
listing details L1199317910


Company Bread and Roses. Director Susannah Elliott Knight. Performer Dominc Carter. Performer Mark Gillis.
10 Mar 98 to 28 Mar 98Camden People's Theatre, Inner London :: V176
listing details L01191653774


Company Really Useless Theatre Company. Director Alexander McConnell.
15 Oct 97 to 25 Oct 97LJ's, Kingston :: V1026
listing details L01620078765


Company Rear Window. Director Richard Redman. Performer Mark Blythe. Performer Adam Smith.
25 Mar 97 to 12 Apr 97Arts Theatre Club, Inner London :: V1056
listing details L0458927822


Performance by a new theatre company working with ex-offendersCompany Escape Artists.
28 Mar 97 to 29 Mar 97The Rondo, Bath :: V855
listing details L0581212389
21 Mar 97Palace Theatre, Westcliff-on-Sea :: V43
listing details L151831214
1 Mar 97MacRobert Arts Centre, Stirling :: V642
listing details L575999522


Company Apollo Theatre Company. Performer Karl Jenkinson. Performer Mark Richmond.
5 Mar 97 to 8 Mar 97New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth :: V769
listing details L01660306545


Company Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC).
to 3 Mar 97The King's Head Theatre, Inner London :: V235
listing details L01666223299


Director Allistair McClure.
12 Dec 96Tristan Bates Theatre (TBT), Inner London :: V251
listing details L0719178138
9 Dec 96 to 10 Dec 96Tristan Bates Theatre (TBT), Inner London :: V251
listing details L1837403450

Other listings

2 Jun 17Gloucester Guildhall, Gloucester :: V97
listing details L01414194552
23 May 12 to 24 May 12Guildhall Theatre, Derby :: V994
listing details L1658177781
5 May 11 to 7 May 11Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford :: V702
listing details L1393621990
25 Nov 10 to 4 Dec 10General, Outer London :: V1087
listing details L01988207576
23 Sep 10Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, Lincoln :: V0251629711
listing details L0518665910
28 May 08 to 31 May 08Grand Opera House, Belfast :: V548
listing details L02061482091
4 Aug 05 to 6 Aug 05Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate :: V942
listing details L1760045833
11 Nov 98Tamworth Arts Centre and Assembly Rooms, Tamworth :: V125
listing details L02112996223
14 Oct 98Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury :: V673
listing details L1180338675
31 Oct 96Union Chapel, Inner London :: V253
listing details L967991611
9 Sep 96 to 28 Sep 96Barons Court Theatre, Inner London :: V169
listing details L0309160243

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