Annie Get Your Gun archiveWhen Buffalo Bill's Wild West show comes to town, it only takes one glance for sharp-shooting country girl Annie Oakley to fall head over heels for its star marksman, Frank Butler. Both have truly met their match, revealing their competitive natures as they vie for best shot - and each other's hearts. Featuring the all-time classic hits There's No Business Like Show Business, Doin' What Comes Natur'lly and Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better.

Lyrics Irving Berlin. Music Irving Berlin. Book by Dorothy Fields.

Archive listings for Annie Get Your Gun

Work type: Musical.

T01992848305 (UNIONTH17)

Director Kirk Jameson. Choreographer Ste Clough. Musical Director Alex Bellamy. Performer Gemma Maclean (Annie Oakley). Performer Blair Robertson (Frank Butler). Performer Mark Pollard (Buffalo Bill). Performer Lala Barlow (Dolly). Performer Georgia Conlan (Winnie). Performer Dominic Harbison (Tommy). Performer Dafydd Lansley. Performer Aneurin Pascoe. Performer Sarah Day. Performer Chanai Ankrah. Performer Charlotte Alloway. Performer Luke Jarvis. Performer Jack Warren. Performer Ashley Daniels. Performer Lawrence Guntert.
24 May 17 to 17 Jun 17Union Theatre, Inner London :: V1167
listing details L0856126394

T0508231541 (GORDONCRAIG17)

Company SDA.
24 Mar 17Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage :: V53
listing details L1153782514

T1557461063 (SHEFFIELD16)

Producer Sheffield Theatres. Director Paul Foster. Choreographer Alistair David. Design Laura Hopkins. Musical Director Paul Herbert. Lighting Natasha Chivers. Sound Nick Lidster. Director Charlotte Sutton (casting director). Performer Anna-Jane Casey (Annie Oakley). Performer Ben Lewis (Frank Butler). Performer Nicolas Colicos (Buffalo Bill). Performer Mike Denman (Pawnee Bill). Performer Lauren Hall (Winnie Tate). Performer Matthew Malthouse (Foster Wilson). Performer Timothy Quinlan (Charlie Davenport). Performer Cleve September (Tommy Keeler). Performer Maggie Service (Dolly Tate). Performer Karl Seth (Chief Sitting Bull). Performer Josh Andrews. Performer Ronan Burns. Performer Emma Caffrey. Performer Matthew Croke. Performer Omari Douglas. Performer Rosie Fletcher. Performer Melissa James. Performer Jasmine Kerr. Performer Natasha Mould. Performer Jak Skelly. Performer Leah West. Performer Emma Woods.
9 Dec 16 to 21 Jan 17Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L0938976482

T01366243750 (ORCHARDDART16)

Company DAODS.
5 Oct 16 to 8 Oct 16The Orchard, Dartford :: V677
listing details L0116209571

T01033724879 (LBT16)

Company Longwood Amateur Operatic Society.
4 Oct 16 to 8 Oct 16Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield :: V972
listing details L561732336

T0975346695 (GARDYNE15)

Company Broughty Opera.
25 Nov 15 to 28 Nov 15Gardyne Theatre, Dundee :: V0929973445
listing details L1803724504

T1926032580 (BRINDLEY14)

Company Centenary Theatre Company.
11 Nov 14 to 15 Nov 14Brindley Arts Centre, Runcorn :: V1448285374
listing details L01084332881

T722274925 (TOUR14)

Producer Ambassador Theatre Group. Director Ian Talbot. Performer Jason Donovan (Frank Butler). Performer Emma Williams (Annie Oakley). Performer Norman Pace (Buffalo Bill).
9 Sep 14 to 13 Sep 14New Wimbledon Theatre, Outer London :: V341
listing details L1092620748
2 Sep 14 to 6 Sep 14Theatre Royal, Glasgow :: V623
listing details L1782257573
26 Aug 14 to 30 Aug 14Theatre Royal, Brighton :: V657
listing details L680367311
19 Aug 14 to 23 Aug 14Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth :: V906
listing details L01765492133
12 Aug 14 to 16 Aug 14New Victoria Theatre, Woking :: V709
listing details L334328411
5 Aug 14 to 9 Aug 14Liverpool Empire Theatre, Liverpool :: V534
listing details L1511809882
28 Jul 14 to 1 Aug 14Malvern Theatres, Malvern :: V01718852442
listing details L01696548422
22 Jul 14 to 26 Jul 14Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury :: V1452754579
listing details L0241358901
15 Jul 14 to 19 Jul 14Churchill Theatre, Bromley :: V302
listing details L1381407411
1 Jul 14 to 5 Jul 14Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham :: V140
listing details L026257537
24 Jun 14 to 28 Jun 14New Theatre, Oxford :: V802
listing details L01357207539
17 Jun 14 to 21 Jun 14Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh :: V602
listing details L1722308923
10 Jun 14 to 14 Jun 14Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent :: V124
listing details L1932576104
3 Jun 14 to 7 Jun 14Empire Theatre, Sunderland :: V577
listing details L0196618146
16 May 14 to 24 May 14Opera House, Manchester :: V488
listing details L01255193700

T01576297264 (PRINCTORQUAY13)

Company TOADS Stage Musical Company.
25 Jun 13 to 29 Jun 13Princess Theatre, Torquay :: V900
listing details L0179773008

T1007666992 (ARTRIX12)

Company BOS (incorporating Bromsgrove Musical Productions).
14 May 12 to 19 May 12Artrix, Bromsgrove :: V073680848
listing details L02104706997

T1129529945 (YOUNGVIC09)

Director Richard Jones. Choreographer Phillipe Giraudeau. Design Ultz. Costume Nicky Gillibrand. Lighting Mimi Jordan Sherin. Music Jason Carr (musical supervision and arrangements). Performer Jane Horrocks (Annie Oakley). Performer Julian Ovenden (Frank Butler). Performer Buffy Davis. Performer John Marquez. Performer Liza Sadovy. Performer Eric Maclennan.
3 Oct 09 to 9 Jan 10The Young Vic, West End :: V245
listing details L369777336

T02028837362 (WANTAGE09)

Company Wantage Stage Musical Company.
4 Nov 09 to 7 Nov 09Civic Hall, Wantage :: V01750510729
listing details L62671713

T7807952 (GOHBELFAST09)

Company St Agnes' Choral Society.
24 Mar 09 to 28 Mar 09Grand Opera House, Belfast :: V548
listing details L1058999147

T01493000416 (LEIGHTON08)

Company Leighton Masqueraders.
25 Nov 08 to 29 Nov 08Leighton Buzzard Theatre, Leighton Buzzard :: V13
listing details L01773906437

T2055093546 (ALDERSHOT08)

Company CFAOS.
22 Sep 08 to 27 Sep 08Princes Hall, Aldershot :: V761
listing details L01043420051

T053716640 (THAMESIDE08)

Company Thurrock Thameside Musical Society.
2 Jul 08 to 5 Jul 08Thameside Theatre, Grays :: V39
listing details L0292970181

T01316031721 (KENMORE08)

Company Barking MAD.
4 Jun 08 to 7 Jun 08Kenneth More Theatre, Outer London :: V313
listing details L0830909650

T215023075 (HARROGATE07)

Company Deanery Players.
12 Mar 08 to 15 Mar 08Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate :: V942
listing details L01842137942

T1226343531 (UNION08)

Producer Union Theatre. Director Tom Southerland. Design Steve Miller. Design Robyn Wilson. Choreographer Georgina O'Brien. Musical Director Magnus Gilljam. Musical Director Alex Weatherhill. Performer Vanessa Barmby. Performer Matthew Eames. Performer William Ludwig. Performer Anna McAuley. Performer Tom Walker. Performer Claire Trusson. Performer Jacob Chapman. Performer Chris Love. Performer Matt Sudworth. Performer Emma Hauxwell. Performer Rebecca Wicking. Performer Gemma Boaden. Performer John Rogerson.
16 Jan 08 to 9 Feb 08Union Theatre, Inner London :: V1167
listing details L1881073403

T131630477 (TRBURY07)

Company Bury St Edmunds Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society.
6 Nov 07 to 10 Nov 07Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds :: V76
listing details L2078523196

T1683302624 (BRACKNELL06)

Company Crowthorne Musical Players.
23 May 06 to 27 May 06South Hill Park Arts Centre, Wilde Theatre, Bracknell :: V731
listing details L0623190341

T1920020969 (POOLE06)

Producer Poole and Parkstone Productions.
17 May 06 to 20 May 06Lighthouse (previously known as Poole Arts Centre), Poole :: V910
listing details L0713108856

T0972386978 (WIMB05)

Producer Mark Goucher Limited. Producer Adam Kenwright Productions. Producer Milton Keynes Theatre. Director Tim Sheader. Performer Steven Houghton. Performer Rebecca Thornhill. Performer Charles Lawson.
5 Dec 05 to 10 Dec 05Theatre Royal, Plymouth :: V895
listing details L527661675
28 Nov 05 to 3 Dec 05Festival Theatre, Edinburgh :: V600
listing details L623427666
21 Nov 05 to 26 Nov 05Theatre Royal, Nottingham :: V462
listing details L016900811
14 Nov 05 to 19 Nov 05New Wimbledon Theatre, Outer London :: V341
listing details L146305521
7 Nov 05 to 12 Nov 05Liverpool Empire Theatre, Liverpool :: V534
listing details L1703405188
24 Oct 05 to 29 Oct 05Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent :: V124
listing details L0550167185
10 Oct 05 to 15 Oct 05New Victoria Theatre, Woking :: V709
listing details L0291818010
3 Oct 05 to 8 Oct 05Milton Keynes Theatre, Milton Keynes :: V754
listing details L863787417
26 Sep 05 to 1 Oct 05Mayflower Theatre, Southampton :: V774
listing details L0618948872
19 Sep 05 to 24 Sep 05Alhambra Theatre, Bradford :: V965
listing details L1825975347
12 Sep 05 to 17 Sep 05Empire Theatre, Sunderland :: V577
listing details L0570171846
5 Sep 05 to 10 Sep 05King's Theatre, Glasgow :: V613
listing details L835587005
26 Aug 05 to 3 Sep 05Churchill Theatre, Bromley :: V302
listing details L1242498433

T0161366469 (MAGNUS05)

Company Magnus Family of Schools.
25 Jan 05 to 29 Jan 05Newark Palace, Newark :: V455
listing details L850249058

T01916391909 (YORK04)

Company York Musical Theatre Company. Director Paul Laidlaw.
10 Oct 04 to 16 Oct 04Grand Opera House, York :: V957
listing details L01584480062

T1927703540 (ABBEY03)

Company Abbey Players.
18 Nov 03 to 22 Nov 03Grand Theatre, Swansea :: V831
listing details L0156954977

T290379983 (CHASE03)

Producer Chase Day Services.
9 Sep 03 to 10 Sep 03Prince of Wales Centre, Cannock :: V115
listing details L0996844858

T283355110 (WAKE03)

Company Wakefield West Riding Operatic Society.
13 May 03 to 17 May 03Theatre Royal and Opera House, Wakefield :: V979
listing details L01747987559

T1442361426 (CROFT03)

Company Croft House Operatic Society.
18 Mar 03 to 22 Mar 03Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L0546058955

T1892878036 (EDEN03)

Company Inverness Opera Company.
19 Mar 03 to 22 Mar 03Eden Court Theatre, Inverness :: V626
listing details L1488933250

T1936846601 (SOUTH03)

Company Southampton Operatic Society.
28 Jan 03 to 1 Feb 03NST Campus, Southampton :: V776
listing details L0226961368

T01756271818 (CROY02)

Company Croydon Stagers.
26 Nov 02 to 30 Nov 02Fairfield Halls, Outer London :: V295
listing details L1456834089

T0581474075 (LONG02)

Company Longwood Amateur Operatic Society.
30 Sep 02 to 5 Oct 02Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield :: V972
listing details L822468340

T1697293656 (JOY02)

Company Joy School of Dancing. Director Joy Tinney. Director Helen Forsey (music).
5 Apr 02 to 7 Apr 02Strode Theatre, Street :: V917
listing details L399101971

T02129066144 (KYLE02)

Company Kyle Academy.
19 Mar 02 to 21 Mar 02Gaiety Theatre, Ayr :: V591
listing details L02139896005

T896674240 (ALNWICK02)

Company Alnwick Stage Musical Society.
4 Mar 02 to 9 Mar 02Playhouse, Alnwick :: V1176
listing details L102387483

T01130244289 (HESSLE02)

Company Hessle Operatic and Dramatic Society.
5 Mar 02 to 9 Mar 02Hull New Theatre, Hull :: V934
listing details L916998390

T01209699753 (GLAS01)

Company Glasgow Light Opera Club.
13 Nov 01 to 17 Nov 01King's Theatre, Glasgow :: V613
listing details L0671705234

T0997265698 (BRISTOL01)

Company Bristol Musical Comedy Club.
17 Jul 01 to 21 Jul 01Redgrave Theatre, Bristol :: V858
listing details L01762604687

T1494004938 (ROLLS01)

Company Rolls Royce Operatic Society.
3 Jul 01 to 7 Jul 01Derby Theatre, Derby :: V1830193620
listing details L1006134925

T02023006167 (HAST01)

Company The Hastleons.
26 May 01 to 2 Jun 01White Rock Theatre, Hastings :: V670
listing details L1481826760

T1214206491 (KESWICK01)

Company Keswick Amateur Operatic Society.
8 May 01 to 12 May 01The Theatre By The Lake, Keswick :: V7
listing details L0607718206

T01118668719 (RIPON01)

Company Ripon Amateur Operatic Society.
24 Apr 01 to 28 Apr 01Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate :: V942
listing details L01185195120

T258877249 (HAFREN01)

Company Newtown Musical Theatre Company.
4 Apr 01 to 7 Apr 01Hafren (formerly Theatre Hafren), Newtown :: V852
listing details L0819688384

T01951534154 (TELFORD01)

Company Youth Theatre Millennium Awards (Telford Project 2001).
16 Feb 01 to 17 Feb 01Oakengates Theatre at The Place, Telford :: V110
listing details L01326579543

T1007605565 (BATS00)

Company BATS.
15 Nov 00 to 25 Nov 00Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke :: V764
listing details L1777112492

T01202467390 (CHAD00)

Company Chadsmoor Shoral Society.
18 Oct 00 to 21 Oct 00Prince of Wales Centre, Cannock :: V115
listing details L1586083429

T0474658989 (OCT00)

Company The Young Octagon Theatre Company.
24 May 00 to 27 May 00Octagon Theatre, Yeovil :: V919
listing details L02046920230

T1896811902 (RED99)

Company Redditch Operatic Society.
22 Nov 99 to 27 Nov 99Palace Theatre, Redditch :: V104
listing details L48899729

T1252019024 (SAIN99)

Company Sainsbury Singers. Producer Wendy Carne. Director Michael Sharman (music). Choreographer Kim Hughes. Choreographer Isobel Stebbings.
2 Nov 99 to 6 Nov 99The Hexagon, Reading :: V734
listing details L1264648427

T1286924214 (ELS99)

Company Elstree and Borehamwood Light Operatic Society.
26 Oct 99 to 30 Oct 99The Radlett Centre, Radlett :: V1098
listing details L01656929111

T1603791145 (QUEEN98)

Company Ilfracombe Pantomime Society and Studio Theatre.
9 Dec 98 to 12 Dec 98Queen's Theatre, Barnstaple :: V883
listing details L01186751820

T0903098731 (WS97)

See website website.
13 May 97 to 17 May 97Wycombe Swan, High Wycombe :: V749
listing details L1542887835

Other listings

16 May 18 to 19 May 18Nomad Theatre, East Horsley :: V714
listing details L01093654701
13 Mar 18 to 17 Mar 18Plaza Theatre, Stockport :: V0766695186
listing details L133607848
2 Jun 16 to 4 Jun 16Hampton Hill Theatre, Outer London :: V360
listing details L972362351
18 Mar 16 to 19 Mar 16Mowlem Theatre, Swanage :: V911
listing details L534872839
14 Oct 15 to 17 Oct 15Winston Churchill Theatre, Ruislip :: V01834193328
listing details L0367183363
18 Feb 03 to 22 Feb 03The Playhouse, Halifax :: V971
listing details L911372662
23 Apr 02 to 27 Apr 02The Hawth, Crawley :: V720
listing details L756438664
16 Jun 01 to 23 Jun 01Rugby Theatre, Rugby :: V133
listing details L01319962867
10 Apr 00 to 15 Apr 00Amey Hall, Abingdon :: V0520231013
listing details L117832324
3 Apr 00 to 8 Apr 00Newark Palace, Newark :: V455
listing details L39053390
13 Apr 98 to 17 Apr 98Regency Hall, Cardiff :: V1066
listing details L619855484
30 Mar 98 to 4 Apr 98Garrick Playhouse, Altrincham :: V477
listing details L01338044932
17 Nov 97 to 22 Nov 97Forum Studio Theatre (formerly the Chester Gateway), Chester :: V468
listing details L1063960645
15 Oct 96 to 19 Oct 96Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L01189173756

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