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T0257194737 (EPSTEIN19)

Company Tread Productions.
19 Jan 19Epstein Theatre (formerly Neptune Theatre), Liverpool :: V537
listing details L088956922

At the London Palladium - T01312630010

Producer Qdos Entertainment. Director Michael Harrison. Design Ian Westbrook. Costume Hugh Durrant. Other The Twins FX (visual special effects). Lighting Ben Cracknell. Music Gary Hind. Performer Dawn French (Wicked Queen). Performer Julian Clary (The Man in The Mirror). Performer Paul Zerdin (Muddles). Performer Nigel Havers (The Understudy). Performer Gary Wilmot (Mrs Crumble). Performer Vincent Simone (The King). Performer Flavia Cacace (The Queen). Performer Josh Bennett. Performer Simeon Dyer. Performer Craig Garner. Performer Ben Goffe. Performer Jamie John. Performer Blake Lisle. Performer Andrew Martin. Performer Charlie Stemp (Prince Charming). Performer Danielle Hope (Snow White).
8 Dec 18 to 13 Jan 19London Palladium, West End :: V398
listing details L707913529

T0790103651 (ViCTORIAHALIFAX18)

Producer Imagine Theatre. Performer Neil Hurst (Jingles the Jester). Performer Jolyon Dixon (Dame Dolly Mixture). Performer Tom Milner (Prince Michael). Performer Felicity Skiera (Wicked Queen).
13 Dec 18 to 5 Jan 19Victoria Theatre, Halifax :: V969
listing details L571678092

T01080385610 (MIDDLESBROUGH17)

Producer Extravaganza Productions. Performer Denna Payne. Performer Scott Gallagher. Performer Terry Ashe.
8 Dec 17 to 14 Jan 18Middlesbrough Theatre, Middlesbrough :: V0895700786
listing details L407166121

T01751176672 (EDENCOURT17)

Producer Imagine Theatre. Performer Steven Wren. Performer David Rankine. Performer Ross Allan. Performer Marj Hogarth. Performer Lucy Hutchinson.
5 Dec 17 to 7 Jan 18Eden Court Theatre, Inverness :: V626
listing details L02122519301

T01767853953 (KINGSPORTSMOUTH17)

Producer New Pantomime Productions. Performer Anita Harris. Performer Melinda Messenger. Performer Marcus Patrick. Performer Jack Edwards. Performer Simon Grant.
5 Dec 17 to 1 Jan 18Kings Theatre Portsmouth, Southsea :: V780
listing details L0860024904

T922744716 (CRESSET17)

Producer Premier Pantomimes.
9 Dec 17 to 30 Dec 17The Cresset, Peterborough :: V28
listing details L1232330647

T01011660168 (ALUNARM17)

Author Philip Meeks. Director Lee Brannigan. Choreographer Kathleen Knox. Performer Bella Bluebell. Performer Andrea Atkinson. Performer Lee Kyle. Performer Martin Anderson. Performer Sara Lumley. Performer Jon Dylan Brown. Performer Alun Armstrong (voice - the man in the mirror).
12 Dec 17 to 24 Dec 17Alun Armstrong Theatre (Civic Hall), Stanley :: V0106271765
listing details L0318480973

T01010404756 (BOROUGH17)

Company Abergavenny Pantomime Company.
1 Feb 00 to 25 Feb 17Borough Theatre, Abergavenny :: V839
listing details L1616441847

T01805965124 (HEXREADING16)

After the Magic Mirror declares Snow White to be the fairest in all the land, the Prince requests her hand in marriage. Sent into a jealous rage, the Wicked Queen commissions her henchman to take Snow White into the forest and to ensure she never returns.Will the dastardly deed be carried out? Will our hilarious panto Dame and Justin the Jester uncover the treacherous plot? And what about the seven dwarves living in a cottage in the Enchanted Forest? With spectacular sets and costumes, fabulous songs and dances and bags of slapstick fun Snow White is a pantomime not to be missed this festive season!Corporate Sponsor Imagine Theatre. Performer Justin Fletcher. Performer Paul Morse (Dame Dolly Mixture). Performer Karl Loxley (Prince Michael). Performer Sarah Accomando (Snow White).
10 Dec 16 to 8 Jan 17The Hexagon, Reading :: V734
listing details L250889095


Join us for a festive family adventure into an enchanted fairytale forest and meet all of your favourite characters along the way with this year's spectacular pantomime Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Will the Wicked Queen banish Snow White once and for all, or will the handsome Prince thwart her plans with some help from the dwarfs? Who's the fairest in the land, and will good triumph over evil?Producer First Family Entertainment. Producer Liverpool Empire. Performer Jorgie Porter (Snow White). Performer Leanne Campbell (Wicked Queen). Performer Liam Mellor (Muddles). Performer Stephen Fletcher.
10 Dec 16 to 31 Dec 16Liverpool Empire Theatre, Liverpool :: V534
listing details L1510478745

POSTPONED TILL 2017 - T1138161055

Fairy tale adventure like you've never seen before, we take you on a magical journey into the Forest of Illumination where laughter, fun, trickery and some familiar faces await? Let the juggler see the balls! Muddles our loveable court jester played by ?Take me Out' host Paddy McGuinness joins the cast of over 100. With ?Big Brother' and ?This Morning' favourite; Rylan as the Queen's side-splitting henchman, and Strictly Come Dancing's Vincent and Flavia joining the cast as the mysterious spirits in the mirror.Producer Mel B. Producer Jon Conway. Performer Mel B (Scary Queen). Performer Vincent Simone. Performer Flavia Cacace. Performer Paddy McGuinness (Muddles the Court Jester). Performer Ryan Clark-Neal (Fleshcreep).
28 Dec 16 to 30 Dec 16Wembley, Outer London :: V359
listing details L02128112062
19 Dec 16 to 22 Dec 16NEC (National Exhibition Centre), Birmingham :: V149
listing details L649346262

T01647229698 (GREENWOOD16)

Company Quay Players. Author Shamini Bundell. Director Shamini Bundell.
15 Dec 16 to 17 Dec 16Greenwood Theatre, Outer London :: V233524968
listing details L845376529

T01875188850 (TRNORWICH15)

Who's the fairest of them all? Join Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in one of the UK's best-loved pantomimes at the Theatre Royal this Christmas.Author Richard Gauntlett. Director Richard Gauntlett. Performer Richard Gauntlett.
15 Dec 15 to 17 Jan 16Theatre Royal, Norwich :: V72
listing details L1131851489

T634141772 (DEMONTFORD15)

Producer Imagine Theatre. Author Iain Lachlan. Author Will Brenton. Performer Sherrie Hewson. Performer Jon Clegg (Jester). Performer Martin Ballard (Dame). Performer Justin Fletcher (Magic Mirror - pre-recorded video).
12 Dec 15 to 4 Jan 16De Montfort Hall, Leicester :: V430
listing details L0847057065


Producer Imagine Theatre. Performer Howard Scott Walker (Dame Dolly Mixture). Performer Daniel Whitley (Jingles). Performer Katie Cameron (Wicked Queen). Performer Harriet Payne (Snow White). Performer James Leeman (Prince Michael). Performer Adam Ryan (Sir Richard Darling).
11 Dec 15 to 27 Dec 15The Auditorium, Grimsby :: V938
listing details L836893555

T0931813698 (ATKINSON14)

Company All Souls Dramatic Club.
8 Jan 15 to 18 Jan 15The Atkinson, Southport :: V0485350863
listing details L01328403247


Producer First Family Entertainment. Performer Jennifer Ellison. Performer Warwick Davis. Performer Shaun Dalton. Performer Kev Orkian. Performer Kate Stewart.
6 Dec 13 to 12 Jan 14Milton Keynes Theatre, Milton Keynes :: V754
listing details L0970717262


Presented byDuggie Chapman. Presented byRiverside Leisure. Performer Jimmy Cricket (Muddles). Performer Kurtis Stacey (The Henchman). Performer Adam Trembath (Prince Karl). Performer Victoria Holtom (Snow White). Performer Craig Ansell (Sarah the Cook). Performer Yvonne Patterson (Queen Cruella). Performer The Magnificent Seven.
7 Dec 13 to 5 Jan 14Forum Theatre, Billingham :: V557
listing details L0288761694

T0994022138 (GRANDPAV13)

Producer Imagine Theatre. Director Peter Richards. Choreographer Ryan Waters. Musical Director Matt Ramplin. Performer Justin Fletcher (Magic Mirror - via video). Performer Paul Tate. Performer Stefan Pejc. Performer Divine Cresswell. Performer Callum Roberts. Performer Jessica Sandry. Performer Aled Herbert.
11 Dec 13 to 5 Jan 14Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl :: V838
listing details L1801650489

T802527960 (SOUTHHILL13)

30 Nov 13 to 4 Jan 14South Hill Park Arts Centre, Wilde Theatre, Bracknell :: V731
listing details L2085850003

T01432774436 (TUNBRIDGEASSEM12)

Performer Janine Duvitski (Wicked Queen). Performer Chris Pizzy (Muddles). Performer Nick Wilton (Nursie). Performer Jenny Jones (Snow White).
14 Dec 12 to 6 Jan 13Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells :: V690
listing details L1777182759

T01992931020 (BYRE12)

Presented byByre Theatre. Author Gordon Barr. Director Gordon Barr.
29 Nov 12 to 26 Dec 12Byre Theatre, St Andrews :: V640
listing details L1099557087

T01491638129 (CREWELYCEUM11)

Company Imagine Theatre.
2 Dec 11 to 31 Dec 11Lyceum Theatre, Crewe :: V470
listing details L01990999674


Snow White will take you on a magical adventure deep into the forest where you will meet lots of amazing animals and several quirky dwarfs! Will the wicked queen become the fairest in the land? Will Snow White escape the poisonous apple and meet her Prince Charming? And will love’s kiss save the day? Runnging time: 1hr 15minsAuthor Marc Day. Director Karena Johnson. Performer Collette Fraser (Snow White). Performer Rohan Richards. Performer Jocelyn Hughes. Performer Paul L Martin. Performer Trevor A Toussaint. Performer Sam Melvin.
2 Dec 10 to 2 Jan 11Broadway Theatre, Outer London :: V298
listing details L0248864397

T01658616230 (OPERABELFAST10)

Producer PwC Pantomime.
11 Feb 10 to 13 Feb 10Grand Opera House, Belfast :: V548
listing details L1114146909

T01103418148 (CUMBERNAULD09)

Producer Cumbernauld Theatre. Performer Imogen Toner (Snow White). Performer Zoe Chatterton (Evil Queen). Performer Johnny Austin (Hamish McHamish 1). Performer James McAnerney (Hamish McHamish 2). Performer Darran Lightbody (Mirror/Woodsman/Prince).
27 Nov 09 to 24 Dec 09Cumbernauld Theatre, Cumbernauld :: V594
listing details L01705709515

T2090138375 (DEVONSHIRE08)

Corporate Sponsor Blind Design. Producer Eastbourne Theatres. Performer Martyn Knight (Dame Dolly). Performer Stefan Booth (Prince). Performer Niamh Perry (Snow White). Performer Carl Patrick (Herbie). Performer Nicole Faraday (Wicked Queen).
12 Dec 08 to 11 Jan 09Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne :: V665
listing details L440328414

T983120636 (SOUTHWICK08)

Company Southwick Players. Director Tony Bright. Musical Director Matthew Stephenson-Adams.
3 Jan 09 to 10 Jan 09Barn Theatre, Southwick :: V0937418074
listing details L80627399

T1884618501 (LYRICCARM08)

Producer Owen Mondy Theatre Company. Performer Mike Doyle (Muddles). Performer Amy Coombes (Snow White). Performer Lewis Cook (The Prince).
2 Jan 09 to 10 Jan 09Lyric Theatre, Carmarthen :: V1274041426
listing details L459850132

T01895372166 (STANTONBURY08)

A Dreams 'n; Wishes ProductionCompany Milton Keynes Amateur Operatic Society.
23 Dec 08 to 4 Jan 09Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes :: V752
listing details L01618530051

T814129660 (ARC07)

Company Trowbridge Players.
10 Jan 08 to 19 Jan 08Arc Theatre, Trowbridge :: V881281219
listing details L01046435385

T02105873861 (OPMAN06)

Producer First Family Entertainment. Performer Sranne Jones. Performer John Savident.
9 Dec 06 to 7 Jan 07Opera House, Manchester :: V488
listing details L0416079518

T1126230138 (HULLTRUCK06)

Producer Hull Truck Theatre. Adapted by Nick Lane. Director Nick Lane.
11 Dec 06 to 30 Dec 06Hull Truck Theatre, Hull :: V935
listing details L01047140611

T261264274 (CARLTON05)

Company Teignmouth Players. Author Mary Fossey. Director Mary Fossey.
27 Dec 05 to 7 Jan 06Pavilions (formely Carlton Theatre), Teignmouth :: V898
listing details L421823861

T01391404767 (WINSFORD05)

Producer Vale Royal Borough Council. Producer Civic Hall Winsford. Company Rose Productions. Director Janette Rose. Director Robert Baker (music). Performer Donna Ramsdale (Snow White). Performer Billy Maxwell (Jester). Performer Charlie Wathen (Huntsman). Company Pierpoint Dancers.
19 Dec 05 to 28 Dec 05Civic Hall, Winsford :: V471
listing details L175167088

T0976152267 (CHAT06)

Company Stage Left Chit Chat. Company Chat's Place. Author Jo Breese. Director Jo Breese. Design Kate Zinkin.
21 Dec 05 to 23 Dec 05Chats Palace, Outer London :: V301
listing details L0316648828

T0755906273 (KMT04)

Producer Kenneth More Theatre.
16 Dec 04 to 5 Feb 05Kenneth More Theatre, Outer London :: V313
listing details L1334185558

T518872321 (FARINGDON05)

Company Faringdon Dramatic Society. Director Karen Whiffen.
27 Jan 05 to 4 Feb 05Faringdon Junior School, Faringdon :: V796
listing details L978448640

T1889101180 (LEIGHTON04)

Company Leighton Buzzard Drama Group.
6 Jan 05 to 22 Jan 05Leighton Buzzard Theatre, Leighton Buzzard :: V13
listing details L1286613831

T496308399 (LEIGHTON04)

Company Leighton Buzzard Drama Group.
6 Jan 05 to 15 Jan 05Leighton Buzzard Theatre, Leighton Buzzard :: V13
listing details L2005155366

T1901131013 (PACE04)

Company PACE Theatre.
7 Dec 04 to 31 Dec 04Paisley Arts Centre, Paisley :: V582
listing details L30565481

T01902325180 (HOWDEN04)

Author Michael Richardson. Company West Lothian Youth Theatre.
15 Dec 04 to 18 Dec 04Howden Park Centre, Edinburgh :: V01301710938
listing details L1747374127

T886549489 (LOWTHER04)

Company Nogal Pear Tree Players.
7 Dec 04 to 11 Dec 04Lowther Pavilion, Lytham St Annes :: V528
listing details L01935004469

T02111392856 (AVENUE04)

Company Kent Stage School.
7 Dec 04 to 10 Dec 04Avenue Theatre, Sittingbourne :: V689
listing details L1117313443

T0325314238 (VALE04)

Company Vale Royal Junior Operatics.
19 Feb 04 to 21 Feb 04Civic Hall, Winsford :: V471
listing details L0597565467

T1589514484 (STAGE03)

Producer British Stage Productions.
16 Feb 04 to 18 Feb 04Whitby Pavilion Theatre, Whitby :: V953
listing details L654272415

T01801461024 (LIDOS03)

Company Lidos.
7 Jan 04 to 17 Jan 04Civic Theatre, Leeds :: V974
listing details L02119253829

T0290148730 (PROPER03)

Producer Proper Pantomime Company. Performer Su Pollard (Wicked Queen). Performer Christopher Lillicrap (Nurse Nora). Performer Bunny the Rabbit.
6 Dec 03 to 4 Jan 04The Hexagon, Reading :: V734
listing details L496416953

T01407970792 (CITZ03)

This version of Snow White is faithful to the original story by the Brothers Grimm and contains exciting new characters and thrilling plot lines unfamiliar to modern audiences. Age 7+Company Citizen's Theatre Company. Adapted by Robert David MacDonald. Director Kenny Miller. Design Kenny Miller.
27 Nov 03 to 27 Dec 03Citizens Theatre, Glasgow :: V611
listing details L965453779

T411344757 (FAIRFIELD02)

A [Jim Davidson]'s production.Producer Sound Business Ltd (in association with Fairfield Croydon Ltd). Producer Barrie C Stead (executive producer). Author Dennis Chritchley. Director Malcolm Goddard. Choreographer Janice Hopkins. Director Allan Rogers (music). Performer Anita Dobson (Wicked Queen). Performer Caroline Bagnall (Snow White). Performer Tucker (Muddles). Performer Bryan Burdon (Dame Donut). Performer Michael Brydon (Jason). Performer Mark Pheasant (Prince Danilo of Darah).
12 Dec 02 to 12 Jan 03Fairfield Hall, Outer London :: V295
listing details L0134080060

T0944355709 (CNEW01)

Producer Nick Thomas (Qdos Entertainment). Producer Jon Conway (Qdos Entertainement). Director Paul Madden. Director Nick Stewart (music). Performer Linda Lusardi. Performer Sam Kane. Performer Emma Hignet. Performer Vicki Lee-Taylor. Performer Sooty.
15 Dec 01 to 26 Jan 02New Theatre, Cardiff :: V823
listing details L486187978

T01498617700 (PTR01)

Performer Britt Ekland. Performer Dave Benson Phillips. Performer Danny la Rue. Performer Rhodri Williams.
7 Dec 01 to 19 Jan 02Theatre Royal, Plymouth :: V895
listing details L01717973273

T2022249959 (CATFORD01)

Performer Mark Speight. Performer Vicki Michelle. Performer Graham Richards. Performer Ward Allen.
17 Dec 01 to 13 Jan 02General, Outer London :: V1087
listing details L1982599998

T01671184880 (MADDER01)

Company Maddermarket Theatre Company. Director Clare Goddard.
16 Dec 01 to 2 Jan 02The Maddermarket, Norwich :: V71
listing details L733918891

T1578422385 (CANN01)

Producer George Critchley (PMA Productions). Director Matthew Townsend. Design Christine Osbourne. Costume Irene Whitehall. Director Malcolm Bennett (music). Performer Ann Nolan. Performer Ami Nolan.
26 Dec 01 to 31 Dec 01Prince of Wales Centre, Cannock :: V115
listing details L1728137264

T0742384804 (MCS01)

Company MCS Rep Company.
7 Nov 01 to 10 Nov 01Old Rep, Birmingham :: V147
listing details L236864679

T1376316986 (WESL00)

Company The Wesley Players.
25 Jan 01 to 27 Jan 01General, General :: V1270
listing details L01683924035

T335561633 (LEEDS00)

Company CF Productions (in association with Leeds Leisure Services). Performer Chris Fox (Dame). Performer Mark Baylin. Performer Debi and Co. Performer James English. Performer Robert Maxfield. Performer Glyn Mills. Performer Dawn Jaye (Snow White).
9 Dec 00 to 7 Jan 01Civic Theatre, Leeds :: V974
listing details L0462539232

T290043174 (STALBANS00)

Sponsored by TalentspotProducer E&B Productions. Performer Vicki Michelle. Performer Rhodri Williams. Performer Fogwell Flax.
19 Dec 00 to 7 Jan 01Alban Arena, St Albans :: V51
listing details L431070681

T01355095216 (CEN99)

Web siteCompany Forum Players. Author Norman Robbins.
15 Jan 00 to 29 Jan 00Centre Theatre, Bourne End :: V1013
listing details L01310918421

T267944738 (WEST99)

Enjoy the Westender's traditional annual pantomime - fun filled family entertainment!Company Westenders.
22 Jan 00 to 29 Jan 00Theatr Brycheiniog (Brecon Theatre), Brecon :: V1067
listing details L01006568123

T2142499181 (GOHMAN99)

Performer Joanne Louise Roberts. Performer Denise Nolan. Performer Hunter.
16 Dec 99 to 9 Jan 00Grand Opera House, York :: V957
listing details L049207652

T01511757766 (DEVON99)

Performer Lorraine Chase. Performer Rhino.
14 Dec 99 to 9 Jan 00Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne :: V665
listing details L25230781

T0928875041 (PARA99)

Travel back in time to meet Snow White herself - and the Seven Gnomes of the Misty Mountains..! Everyone will thrill to this world of 'Dreams come true', with its magic Mirror and Talking Cats, its dashing young Prince and Mighty Wizards, its gorgeous scenery, charming forest animals and Seven - (yes, Seven!) - Gnomes. The production features beautiful original music and some wonderful magical illusions created by the famous illusionist [Peter Petroff], a Gold Star Member of the Inner Magic Circle. His creactions will have you rubbing your eyes with disbelief especially since there are some wonderful opportunities for the audience to help. How can Prince Pippin escape from the cage? How can a man be turned into a crow before your very eyes? How can Snow White appear out of nowhere and how can the Wicked Queen vanish like smoke?Company Parasol Theatre. Author Richard Gill. Design Elizabeth Waghorn. Music Paul Abrahams.
29 Nov 99 to 23 Dec 99Riverside Theatre, Coleraine :: V556
listing details L0809415146

T01834304690 (PAUL98)

Company Parasol TC.
9 Dec 98 to 2 Jan 99Hounslow Arts Centre & Paul Robeson Theatre, Outer London :: V323
listing details L01700803819

T01318159817 (ART98)

Company Pace TC. Author David Wallace. Music David Ramsay. Design Donald Maclean.
to 31 Dec 98Paisley Arts Centre, Paisley :: V582
listing details L192678003

Other listings

12 Jan 19 to 19 Jan 19Daneside Theatre, Congleton :: V469
listing details L36434434
21 Dec 18 to 31 Dec 18Stratford Playhouse, Stratford-upon-Avon :: V01957102222
listing details L01009845837
17 Jan 18 to 20 Jan 18King's Theatre, Newmarket :: V1188
listing details L01446912581
11 Jan 18 to 21 Jan 18Arc Theatre, Trowbridge :: V881281219
listing details L01077893475
29 Dec 17 to 31 Dec 17Hebden Bridge Little Theatre, Hebden Bridge :: V982
listing details L0772720895
20 Dec 16 to 8 Jan 17The Lowry, Salford :: V0655996499
listing details L01119192240
18 Dec 16 to 31 Dec 16Gracie Fields Theatre, Rochdale :: V500
listing details L0855743177
9 Dec 16 to 31 Dec 16Southport Theatre at the Waterfront, Southport :: V543
listing details L01668612995
10 Dec 14 to 31 Dec 14King George's Hall, Blackburn :: V512
listing details L01495889037
7 Dec 12 to 6 Jan 13Milton Keynes Theatre, Milton Keynes :: V754
listing details L01757605929
3 Feb 11Winter Gardens and Opera House Theatre, Blackpool :: V515
listing details L0949298965
12 Dec 08 to 11 Jan 09Wycombe Swan, High Wycombe :: V749
listing details L1448852619
7 Dec 07 to 24 Dec 07Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC), Glasgow :: V1986850853
listing details L0674112291
25 Jan 01 to 27 Jan 01The Wharf, Tavistock :: V01272985309
listing details L0702315306
21 Dec 99 to 3 Jan 00The Cresset, Peterborough :: V28
listing details L074670896
18 Dec 97 to 31 Jan 98Kenneth More Theatre, Outer London :: V313
listing details L0965384989

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