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Frankenstein archiveRescued near the North Pole, a dying Victor Frankenstein tells a British explorer Captain Robert Walton, an incredible tale of his cursed life. The eldest son of a wealthy Swiss family, Frankenstein is sent to University in Ingolstadt, where his brilliance and thirst for knowledge are soon clear to all. He develops an obsessive quest to create life and bestow it on an inanimate being, which he has constructed from the corpses of many experiments; something which horrifies even himself. When he succeeds in animating his creature, he is appalled by what he's done and hides from him; the creature disappears, only gradually does it become apparent that in creating this being, then rejecting him, Frankenstein has brought about the doom of all those who are dear to him.

Book by Mary Shelley.

Archive listings for Frankenstein

Work type: Play.


Enter a world of feverish dreaming, as storyteller Ben Haggarty, and musician Sianed Jones, embark on an intense monster's-lib interpretation of Mary Shelley's modern myth
7 Nov 19Northern Stage, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V568
listing details L36097440


Adapted by April De Angelis. Director Matthew Xia. Design Ben Stones. Lighting Johanna Town. Music Mark Melville. Sound Mark Melville. Director Angela Gasparetto (movement director). Performer Harry Attwell (The Creature). Performer Ryan Gage (Captain Walton). Performer Esther McAuley (Justine/Prof Krempe/Agatha/Kirwin). Performer Gerard McDermott (Father/Old Man/Lieutenant). Performer Shanaya Rafaat (Elizabeth/Safie). Performer Colin Ryan (Henry Clerval/Felix/Prosecutor). Performer Nicola Sloane (Mother/Prof Waldman/Witness). Performer Shane Zaza (Victor Frankenstein).
9 Mar 18 to 14 Apr 18Royal Exchange, Manchester :: V491
listing details L1835661207


Company Forest Forge Youth Theatre. Adapted by Helen Newall.
26 Apr 17 to 29 Apr 17Forest Forge, Ringwood :: V1103
listing details L01353091928


Presented byThe Watermill Theatre. Adapted by Tristan Bernays. Producer The Watermill. Director Eleanor Rhode. Director Tom Jackson (movement director). Sound David Gregory. Lighting Lawrence T. Doyle. Performer George Fletcher (Frankenstein/The Creature). Performer Rowena Lennon (Chorus).
7 Mar 17 to 18 Mar 17Wilton's Music Hall, Inner London :: V1165
listing details L0437261711


Presented byQuarter Too Ensemble. Presented byRose Bruford School.
11 Feb 17 to 12 Feb 17Churchill Theatre, Bromley :: V302
listing details L0710724081


Geneva, Switzerland, 1823. Deeply affected by his mother's untimely passing and the death of Greg, his pet hamster, undergraduate Victor Frankenstein, comes up with a plan. Using all of his best science-y skills, he endeavours to conquer death, once and for all - by creating life itself! But will his creation be to his liking? Or has Victor unwittingly made a huge mistake? With a four-piece band pumping out original music, preposterous puppets, grotesque gags and diabolically desperate dance-moves, this rib-tickingly raucous monster of a show will leave you in stitches. Don't say we didn't warn you...Adapted by Howard Coggins. Adapted by Stu McLoughlin.
20 Oct 16 to 5 Nov 16Playhouse, Salisbury :: V923
listing details L02118273934


Presented byThe Watermill Theatre. Adapted by Tristan Bernays. Producer The Watermill. Director Eleanor Rhode. Performer George Fletcher (Frankenstein/The Creature). Performer Lucy Keirl (Chorus).
31 Oct 16 to 4 Nov 16The Watermill Theatre, Newbury :: V733
listing details L1417191306


Producer Young Everyman Playhouse (in association with the University of Liverpool). Adapted by Philip Pullman. Director Ellie Hurt.
28 Oct 16 to 29 Oct 16Everyman & Playhouse, Liverpool :: V535
listing details L01114464020


Company Canny Creatures. Presented byFringe Management. Director Susannah Cavill. Music Roi Robertson.
3 Aug 16 to 29 Aug 16Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh :: V1394079992
listing details L1448555530


Adapted by Ed Hartland. Company Butterfly.
26 Oct 15 to 29 Oct 15The Other Palace, Inner London :: V806511856
listing details L01342586327


This new stage adaptation brings audiences front and centre of the life of Shelley's mythical creature (played by Lindel Hart). The multi-layered reinterpretation of this iconic novel brings a fresh new focus on the emotional relationship between Victor Frankenstein and the Creature he creates. The play dramatically unpacks the Creature's birth, his rejection by his father, his abuse and mounting rage; movingly exploring his superhuman travel around the world in his unrelenting quest to seek connection with his father, Victor Frankenstein.Adapted by Lindel Hart. Performer Lindel Hart (the creature). Director Linda McInerney. Performer Jane Williams. Performer Colin J Allen. Design Florian Canga (projection). Company Old Deerfield Productions.
7 Aug 15 to 22 Aug 15The Fringe Office, Edinburgh :: V1059
listing details L0426939418


Producer Arts Theatre.
14 Jul 15 to 31 Jul 15Arts Theatre, West End :: V167
listing details L1345406788


Presented byIntermediate Youth Theatre. Adapted by Philip Pullman. Director Sarah Stephenson. Design Eleanor Field. Lighting Steph Bartle.
25 Apr 14Playhouse, Nottingham :: V457
listing details L306397805


Director Cameron Jack.
26 Feb 14 to 23 Mar 14The Broadway Theatre, Outer London :: V314
listing details L1354182436

The Modern Prometheus - T1274356708

Running time: 2hrs with a 15 min interval. Age guidance: 12+Producer Evcol Entertainment. Producer Clockwork Digital Studios. Producer The Lion and Unicorn Theatre. Producer Simon James Collier. Adapted by Adam Dechanel. Director Simon James Collier. Design Cory Roberts. Costume Cory Roberts. Sound James Corner. Performer Sam Curry. Performer Rory Fairbairn. Performer Christopher Foran. Performer Richard Rowden. Performer Dmitry Ser. Performer Sophie Tanza. Performer George Vafakis. Performer Jenny Wills.
18 Feb 14 to 15 Mar 14The Lion and Unicorn Theatre, Inner London :: V219
listing details L0214692785


Company Miracle Theatre Company.
21 Dec 12Plough Arts Centre, Great Torrington :: V903
listing details L01843972575


Join the Revellers on Hallow's Eve as they re-create the classic tale of Dr. Frankenstein and his creature. This monstrous story is brought to life in the style of a live radio show.Presented byTheatre Royal Newcastle. Company Radio Revellers.
31 Oct 12 to 2 Nov 12Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V570
listing details L246646088


WorkSpace Productions proudly present Frankenstein, a modern interpretation of Mary Shelley's classic novel. Newly adapted for stage by Adam Hemming, Artistic Director at the Space, this modern day retelling sets out to explore the fantasies, desires and dangers we all live out in creating 'life' - within ourselves, our environments, our friends, enemies, the media and beyond - partaking in acts of fiction, falsehoods and the makings of our own modern day monsters. Set inside the Big Brother house, expect to meet Victor, in all his forms, and relish in his ascent and downfall from inside this claustrophobic 21st Century science labCompany WorkSpace Productions.
11 Oct 12 to 13 Oct 12The Space Arts Centre, Outer London :: V1199
listing details L0897398111


Adapted by Tim Kelly.
13 Aug 12 to 18 Aug 12Theatre Royal, Nottingham :: V462
listing details L0619362717


A story told, a life ignited, the legend created... A nightmare begins. 1816, the year without a summer, a volcanic ash cloud fills the European skies and during a lost weekend on the dark shores of Lake Geneva stories of fear and horror are told by candlelight. One of the stories born that dark weekend was Frankenstein. Following Proteus re-imagining of Bram Stoker s Dracula for the stage, comes their version of Mary Shelley s classic gothic tale of the ultimate act of creation spiralling out of control. This version blends the novel with the story of the book s creation during the infamous weekend shared by Mary Shelley, Percy Shelley and Lord Byron. Created in Proteus unique style, fusing physical performance, circus, film and music, this is a Frankenstein that holds the mirror up to our modern anxieties concerning human genetics, cloning and the revenge of nature. Age 12+Company Proteus Theatre. Adapted by Mary Swan. Director Mary Swan. Design Sam Pine. Music Paul Wild. Performer Lee Garrett. Performer Mary Rose (Mary Shelley). Performer Elizabeth Lavenza. Performer Paul Huntley-Thomas (Lord Byron/The Monster). Performer Steven Jaan Pilman (John Polidori/Henry Clerval).
5 Nov 11Phoenix Theatre, Bordon :: V1147
listing details L0120624895
1 Nov 11Middlesbrough Theatre, Middlesbrough :: V0895700786
listing details L01855903909
31 Oct 11Buxton Opera House, Buxton :: V424
listing details L721934285
28 Oct 11 to 29 Oct 11The Met, Bury :: V476
listing details L1817865830
27 Oct 11Blackfriars Arts Centre, Boston :: V440
listing details L435223717
19 Oct 11West End Centre, Aldershot :: V762
listing details L1084255
12 Oct 11 to 13 Oct 11Mumford Theatre, Cambridge :: V22
listing details L1580945929
6 Oct 11 to 9 Oct 11Waterloo East Theatre, Inner London :: V01284685503
listing details L77603542
4 Oct 11King's Lynn Arts Centre, Kings Lynn :: V67
listing details L254429987
29 Sep 11 to 1 Oct 11Central Studio, Basingstoke :: V1653972821
listing details L677809453


Based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, this new solo show traces one man’s journey from joy to madness in a physically dynamic reworking of a classic tale. Speaking to the core of human experience -­ passion, love, grief, isolation and identity -­ Frankenstein monsters within us all.
23 May 11 to 30 May 11Marlborough Theatre, Brighton :: V662
listing details L01724499262


A bold new adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic novel.Company Love and Madness. Adapted by Catriona Craig. Director Neil Sheppeck.
28 Mar 08 to 5 Apr 08Greenwich Theatre, Outer London :: V308
listing details L1964360310
11 Mar 08 to 27 Mar 08Riverside Studios, Outer London :: V331
listing details L0284494519
7 Nov 07 to 9 Nov 07New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich :: V81
listing details L160059365
24 Oct 07Oakengates Theatre at The Place, Telford :: V110
listing details L1842626510
22 Oct 07Crescent Theatre, Birmingham :: V144
listing details L01097953398
17 Oct 07Mumford Theatre, Cambridge :: V22
listing details L860084418
28 Sep 07Theatr Elli, Llanelli :: V819
listing details L01128463797
20 Sep 07 to 22 Sep 07Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L1503833586
13 Sep 07 to 14 Sep 07Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury :: V99
listing details L1718650267
15 Jun 07The Hawth, Crawley :: V720
listing details L0531348969


Producer Royal and Derngate. Producer Frantic Assembly. Director Laurie Sansom. Design Jessica Curtis. Sound Adam Cork. Lighting Andy Purves. Performer Richard Winsor. Performer Saskia Butler. Performer Ifan Meredith. Performer Georgina Lamb. Performer Rob Hastie. Performer Caroline Faber. Performer Stephen Ventura.
22 Feb 08 to 15 Mar 08Royal & Derngate, Northampton :: V449
listing details L188920777


Three clowns arrive onstage to tell the story of Frankenstein. Challenging costumes, poor lighting, difficult language and an ornery table prevent them from properly telling Mary Shelley's classic tale. The result is the creation of an unexpected horror.Company 500 Clown.
24 Jun 06mac birmingham - Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham :: V146
listing details L01937371817


Company Wanstead Players.
25 May 06 to 27 May 06Kenneth More Theatre, Outer London :: V313
listing details L0457329762


Company Good Company.
21 Mar 06 to 25 Mar 06Grand Opera House, York :: V957
listing details L01418382745
28 Feb 06 to 4 Mar 06Civic Theatre, Chelmsford :: V32
listing details L1693925219
7 Feb 06 to 11 Feb 06Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham :: V140
listing details L0752102418
31 Jan 06 to 4 Feb 06Palace Theatre, Manchester :: V490
listing details L0448597570


Performer Chloe Newsome.
14 Feb 06 to 18 Feb 06Hull New Theatre, Hull :: V934
listing details L0969023716


Performed in Spanish. This adaptation is an adventure story whose ingredients are mystery, magic, humour and sadness. A fast rhythm, alternating lyrical moments with moments of suspense, and sprinkled liberally with songs, dances, frights, surprises and laughter, lead the spectator inexorably to the final scene.Company Firewalk Theatre.
30 Sep 05Mumford Theatre, Cambridge :: V22
listing details L0588212774
27 Sep 00Redgrave Theatre, Bristol :: V858
listing details L127445234


With live music, silent comedy, magic and circus skills, this production is a must for the whole family.Company Bash Street Theatre.
10 Aug 05Sterts Arts Centre, Liskeard :: V878
listing details L0445753708


Company Guildburys. Adapted by Ian Nichols.
20 Apr 05 to 23 Apr 05Electric Theatre, Guildford :: V01732805351
listing details L85324782


Producer Derby Playhouse. Adapted by Stephen Edwards. Director Uzma Hameed. Design Jon Bausor. Choreographer Arthur Pita. Lighting Lucy Carter. Music Kelvin Towse. Sound Matt McKenzie. Other Kit Lane (video). Performer Jane Cameron. Performer Andrew Watson. Performer Robert Whelan. Performer Sarah Wildor. Performer Guy Williams. Performer Julia Winwood. Performer Robin Bowerman. Performer Alun Raglan. Performer Ferdy Roberts.
2 Oct 04 to 30 Oct 04Derby Theatre, Derby :: V1830193620
listing details L985051536


Producer Nuffield Theatre Company. Director Patrick Sandford.
23 Sep 04 to 16 Oct 04NST Campus, Southampton :: V776
listing details L0862270618


Company Cheshire County Youth Theatre. Adapted by Helen Newall. Director Russ Tunney. Director Sue Welshman. Design Cathy Cross.
17 Sep 03 to 20 Sep 03Forum Studio Theatre (formerly the Chester Gateway), Chester :: V468
listing details L1201615385


Company Dramatis Personae. Author Nick Scovell.
25 Oct 02 to 26 Oct 02Theatre Royal, Margate :: V685
listing details L616296828
16 Oct 02 to 19 Oct 02New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth :: V769
listing details L900520392


A spooky comedy that'll have you in stitches! A new creation is born, the like of which has never been seen ungodly creation known only as the Monster! A new adaptation of [Mary Shelley]'s gothic masterpiece. With special effects and stage trickery, this comic production's human cast will be joined by special guests from Looking Glass Theatre's magical workshop. Suitable for families with children aged 9 and up.Company Looking Glass Theatre Company.
23 Oct 02Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead :: V1294444431
listing details L1654773429


Company Alnwick Theatre Club. Adapted by Tim Kelly. Director Chris Howey.
14 Aug 02 to 17 Aug 02Playhouse, Alnwick :: V1176
listing details L959335049


In this hideously unhinged reworking of [Mary Shelley]'s literary monsterpiece, the doors are closed on the outside world and matters of life and death come under the microscope. But what's going on in there? Amidst the bottled faces and the wriggling limbs? And what's just slithered out of the Petri dish and into the audience. This classic Gothic tale is brought to life of stage and screen, propelling creator against creature in an hilarious, horror-filled adventure that brings Forkbeard Fantasy's renowned mix of eye-goggling cine-magic, cartoon animation and wild mechanical sets.Producer Bristol Old Vic. Producer Lyric Theatre Hammersmith. Company Forkbeard Fantasy. Director Andy Hay. Design Penny Saunders. Other Robin Thorburn (cinematography).
5 Oct 01 to 27 Oct 01Bristol Old Vic, Bristol :: V857
listing details L1589436914


Company King Edward VII School.
27 Jun 01 to 28 Jun 01Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L1789826509


A new adaptation for young people. Recommended for age 10+.Company Catherine Wheels Theatre Company. Adapted by Tom McGrath.
4 Jun 01Eden Court Theatre, Inverness :: V626
listing details L095738667
16 May 01Lemon Tree, Aberdeen :: V587
listing details L697304083
5 May 01 to 12 May 01Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh :: V633
listing details L0728127627


This hard hitting adaptation blends Gothic horror and awesome passion, in this world famous story with a topical edge. In this experimental age of genetic engineering, the eerie tale of Frankenstein rings out a powerful warning to us all...Company Hull Truck Theatre. Adapted by Nick Lane. Director John Godber.
2 Jun 01Merlin Theatre, Frome :: V916
listing details L13323810
1 Jun 01The Poly Falmouth, Falmouth :: V875
listing details L0536334668
26 May 01Beaufort Theatre, Ebbw Vale :: V844
listing details L0174336110
24 May 01The Hexagon, Reading :: V734
listing details L2123858349
16 May 01The Hawth, Crawley :: V720
listing details L0851433460
3 May 01Palace Theatre, Mansfield :: V453
listing details L466953189
27 Apr 01Blackfriars Arts Centre, Boston :: V440
listing details L1138556227
20 Apr 01The Forum, Barrow-in-Furness :: V1
listing details L1172610559
5 Apr 01 to 6 Apr 01Camberley Theatre (previously Artslink), Camberley :: V698
listing details L1774303827


Company Loose Cannons.
29 May 01Canolfan Ucheldre Centre, Holyhead :: V068529436
listing details L1006762502


This hard hitting adaptation blends Gothic horror and awesome passion, in this world famous story with a topical edge. In this experimental age of genetic engineering, the eerie tale of Frankenstein rings out a powerful warning to us all...Company Hull Truck Theatre Company. Adapted by Nick Lane. Director Nick Lane. Performer Stuart Wade.
23 May 01Regal Centre, Worksop :: V466
listing details L01060699605
25 Apr 01 to 26 Apr 01Theatr Clwyd, Mold :: V810
listing details L1337334030
3 Apr 01Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury :: V99
listing details L661787373
31 Mar 01Brewhouse, Burton-on-Trent :: V126
listing details L01205583975
28 Mar 01Old Town Hall Arts Centre, Hemel Hempstead :: V45
listing details L01538603459
23 Mar 01 to 24 Mar 01Arc Theatre, Trowbridge :: V881281219
listing details L1554598983
22 Mar 01The Landmark, Ilfracombe :: V1177
listing details L01538665135
16 Mar 01 to 17 Mar 01Plowright Theatre, Scunthorpe :: V952
listing details L295796585
10 Mar 01Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury :: V673
listing details L568257609
7 Mar 01Wakefield Arts Centre, Wakefield :: V980
listing details L01334859153
9 May 00 to 20 May 00Hull Truck Theatre, Hull :: V935
listing details L1764130173


Adapted by Nick Lane. Director Nick Lane.
29 Mar 01Corn Exchange, Bedford :: V15
listing details L01133393103


Company Company Collisions.
1 Feb 01 to 3 Feb 01Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford :: V702
listing details L1485136378
28 Oct 00Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead :: V1294444431
listing details L1156864334
13 Feb 00 to 14 Feb 00Brighton Komedia, Brighton :: V654
listing details L2032869613


Company Marlowe Players. Adapted by Tim Kelly.
31 Oct 00 to 4 Nov 00Derby Theatre, Derby :: V1830193620
listing details L179961452


The gothic classic recreated with an eitht-foot animated creature.Company Doo Cot.
8 Oct 99 to 9 Oct 99Hoxton Hall, Inner London :: V204
listing details L917024030


Adapted by Philip Graham. Adapted by Rob Crouch. Director Philip Graham. Director Rob Crouch. Design Julie Watson. Company Brute Farce. Performer George Burkinshaw. Performer Louise Seddon. Performer Neil Edmond. Performer Tristan Maguire.
6 May 99Maltings Arts Centre, St Albans :: V52
listing details L01196781920
28 Apr 99 to 29 Apr 99Miskin Theatre, Dartford :: V1055
listing details L680931747
6 Apr 99 to 24 Apr 99New Wimbledon Theatre, Outer London :: V341
listing details L02091358856


Company Brute Farce.
24 Mar 99Tamworth Arts Centre and Assembly Rooms, Tamworth :: V125
listing details L01288588148


Adapted by Richard Hurford. Director Damian Cruden. Design Liam Doona. Performer George Dillon. Performer Richard Ashton. Performer Juliet Prague. Performer Nigel Betts. Performer Pandora Clifford. Performer Andrea Goscoigne.
13 Nov 97 to 29 Nov 97Theatre Royal, York :: V954
listing details L757986133


Company Wheelhouse.
13 Aug 97 to 30 Aug 97Merton Abbey Mills, Outer London :: V369
listing details L01927261546
13 Aug 97 to 30 Aug 97Merton Abbey Mills, Outer London :: V369
listing details L274810975


On the 200th anniversary of Shelley's birth, Questors collaborate with scientists, film-makers and conjurors to produce a sensitive look at the lumbering, be-bolted, misunderstood monster.Adapted by Julia Bardsley. Director Tanya Leigh.
15 Feb 97 to 1 Mar 97Questor's Theatre, Outer London :: V326
listing details L01356349179

Other listings

9 May 01 to 10 May 01Lighthouse (previously known as Poole Arts Centre), Poole :: V910
listing details L1921383035
10 Jun 97 to 11 Jun 97Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage :: V53
listing details L35237988
30 Jul 96 to 11 Aug 96Canal Cafe Theatre, Bridge House Pub, Inner London :: V177
listing details L01136800515

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