One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest archiveChief Bromden, half American-Indian, whom the authorities believe is deaf and dumb, tells the story of a mental institution ruled by Big Nurse on behalf of the all-powerful Combine. Into the terrifying grey world comes McMurphy, a brawling gambling man, who wages total war on behalf of his cowed fellow inmates. What follows is at once hilarious and heroic, tragic and ultimately liberating. Ken Kesey's first novel was published in 1962 and was adapted for the state in 1963 by Dale Wasserman. It was produced successfully on Broadway starring Kirk Douglas and subsequently became an Oscar winning film directed by Milos Forman, starring Jack Nicholson.


Book by: Ken Kesey
Author: Dale Wasserman
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Archive listings for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Work type: Play.


Joel Gillman has withdrawn from the production due to ill health.Producer Sheffield Theatres. Director Javaad Alipoor. Design Lucy Osborne. Lighting Johanna Town. Sound Lewis Gibson. Director Deb Pugh (movement director). Director Polly Jerrold (casting director). Director Renny Krupinski (fight director). Other Rick Lipton (dialect coach). Director Tess Monro (assistant). Performer Nathan Amzi. Performer Andrew Dennis. Performer Harry Egan (McMurphy). Performer Clive Hayward. Performer Tom Hodgkins. Performer Arthur Hughes. Performer Melissa Johns. Performer Jenny Livsey. Performer Mohammed Mansaray. Performer Shaun Mason. Performer Jeremy Proulx. Performer Jack Tarlton. Performer Shelley Williams. Performer Paul Tinto (Aide Warren).
8 Jun 18 to 23 Jun 18Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L578538505


Producer Chickenshed. Director Lou Stein. Director Michael Bossisse (assistant). Design Robin Don. Director Tiia Makinen (movement director). Other Andrew Caddies (production manager). Stage ManagerMalcolm Gorrie. Performer Bradley Davis (Chief Bromden). Performer Paul Harris (Harding). Performer Finn Walters (Billy). Performer Ashley Driver (Chiswick). Performer Jack Hoskins (Martini). Performer George Gavas (Ruckley). Performer Olivier Leclair (McMurphy). Performer Chris Perifimou (Aide Warren). Performer Sebastian Ross (Aide Williams). Performer Joseph Morton (Dr Spivey). Performer Belinda McGuirk (Nurse Ratched). Performer Louise Connolly (Nurse Flinn). Performer Lauren Cambridge (Candy). Performer Chelsea Crowder (Sandra).
18 Apr 18 to 12 May 18ChickenShed, Outer London :: V349
listing details L193837580


Presented byYoung Theatre Royal.
21 Jul 15Theatre Royal, Winchester :: V782
listing details L255123536


A new adaptation of this iconic novel and play.Company Theatre Collection.
16 Apr 14 to 11 May 14General, Outer London :: V1087
listing details L0765691455


Company Rouge Theatre. Performer Scott Godfrey (Billy). Performer Nigel Taylor (Dr Spivey). Performer Michael Bate (R.P. McMurphy). Performer Emma Stewart (Nurse Ratched). Performer Peter Sapi (Mr Harding). Performer Simon Elie (Mr Martini). Performer Gary Nightingale (Aide Williams). Performer Pat McNamee (Mr Cheswick).
10 Mar 14 to 15 Mar 14Playhouse, Erith :: V186
listing details L1644922703


Director Brenda Brackley. Performer Jenni Allen Clarke (Sandra). Performer Peter Beadle (Randle P McMurphy). Performer Michael Brackley (Matthews). Performer Ian Brown (Dale Harding). Performer Phil Clarke (Chief Bromden). Performer Martin File (Cheswick). Performer John Gadd (Seefelt). Performer Russell Gillary (Aide Warren). Performer John Grogan (Ruckly). Performer Scott Harris (Scanlon). Performer Jacqui Lodge (Nurse Ratched). Performer Spencer Mills (Martini). Performer Jonathan Sanders (Billy Bibbit). Performer Joanne Shore (Nurse Flinn). Performer Martin Smith (Aide Williams). Performer Katie Waller (Candy Starr). Performer Derek Wellard (Dr Spivey).
27 Feb 14 to 1 Mar 14Kenneth More Theatre, Outer London :: V313
listing details L1205625870


Running time: 85minsCompany Fourth Monkey.
2 Aug 13 to 24 Aug 13The Fringe Office, Edinburgh :: V1059
listing details L255703004


Company New Wolsey Young Company.
11 Apr 13 to 20 Apr 13New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich :: V81
listing details L0511485455


Company Tower Theatre. Director Despina Sellar. Design Alan Root. Design Keith Syrett. Costume Niel Martin. Costume Sheila Burbidge. Lighting Stephen Ley. Other Ann Watchorn (stage manager). Performer Jack Loy (Chief Bromden). Performer Keir Shiels (Aide Warren). Performer Michael Allaway (Aide Williams). Performer Rosalind Moore (Nurse Ratched). Performer Lisa Camm (Nurse Flynn). Performer David Sellar (Dale Harding). Performer Craig Carruthers (Billy Bibbitt). Performer Leon Chambers (Cheswick). Performer Michael Mayne (Scanlon). Performer Richard Willis (Martini). Performer Lindsay Fletcher (Ruckly). Performer Stuart Denman (Randle Patrick McMurphy). Performer Martin Mulgrew (Doctor Spivey). Performer Henry Chester (Aide Turkle). Performer Liz Page (Candy). Performer Courtney Farrow (Sandy).
23 Oct 12 to 27 Oct 12Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Inner London :: V1170
listing details L712542945


Producer Paul Taylor Mills (in association with Stage One). Presented byLost Theatre (London Oratory School-Theatre). Director Paul Taylor-Millis. Design David Shields. Lighting Howard Hudson. Performer Dwayne Washington. Performer Damien Tracey. Performer James Unsworth. Performer Annabel Capper. Performer Stephanie Feeney. Performer Bradley Williams. Performer Lee Colley. Performer Richard Vorster. Performer Paul Cleveland. Performer James Murphy. Performer Bobby Bulloch. Performer Sean Buchanan. Performer Francis Adams. Performer Thomas Barron. Performer Amy Bell. Performer Anita Gollschewsky. Performer Tara Quinn. Performer Hannah Lederer.
14 Mar 12 to 31 Mar 12Lost Theatre, Outer London :: V211
listing details L370906787


Company Early Doors. Director Amy Clayton.
1 Feb 12 to 4 Feb 12Brentwood Theatre, Brentwood :: V1024
listing details L0206351783


Director Jeff Graves. Company Carlton Dramatic Society.
15 Nov 11 to 19 Nov 11New Wimbledon Theatre, Outer London :: V341
listing details L01202516442


Producer The Curve. Director Michael Buffong. Design Ellen Cairns. Sound Jack Arnold. Lighting Mark Howland. Performer Rebecca Bainbridge. Performer Michael Beckley. Performer Michael Bertenshaw. Performer Alesxander Campbell. Performer Grace Carter. Performer Wayne Cater. Performer Tony Guilfoyle. Performer Paul Joseph. Performer Catherine Russell. Performer Thomas Renshaw. Performer Howard Saddler. Performer Sydney Smith. Performer Jonathan Tafler. Performer Miltos Yerelemou.
14 Oct 11 to 5 Nov 11Curve, Leicester :: V830272338
listing details L477096383


Producer WTS Productions. Producer Kevin Thwaites. Director Shirley Lewis. Performer Matthew Craig Wilson (Chief Bromden). Performer Kirk Collens (R.P. McMurphy). Performer Jaz Jameson (Dale Harding). Performer Alex Moran (Billy Bibbit). Performer Yaron Shavit (Scanlon). Performer Frank Ditchburn (Cheswick). Performer Mike Lockley (Martini). Performer Hayley Marie-Axe (Nurse Ratched). Performer Rachel Adamson (Norse Flinn/Candy Starr). Performer Kate Wynn (Aide Warren). Performer Alana Doherty (Aide Williams). Performer Steven Langley (Dr Spivey). Performer Michaela Devenport (Sandra). Performer Christopher Strain (Aide Turkle).
15 Sep 11Buxton Opera House, Buxton :: V424
listing details L827875072
13 Oct 10 to 15 Oct 10The Customs House, South Shields :: V575
listing details L1522070615


Company EmpathEyes Theatre Company.
1 Mar 11 to 12 Mar 11Theatro Technis, Inner London :: V248
listing details L1147283675


Company Troppo Theatre Company. Director Laura Dowdall.
30 Jun 10 to 11 Jul 10The Helix, Dublin :: V842266537
listing details L01247715932


Producer Street Theatre. Producer Karen Trevis. Director Peter Wintle. Director Nicki Hunt-Davison (assistant).
19 Nov 09 to 21 Nov 09Strode Theatre, Street :: V917
listing details L029554392


Producer SEDOS. Director Rebecca Smith. Performer Lisa Jedan (Nurse Ratched). Performer Liam Byrne (Randle P McMurphy). Performer Ben Fuiava (Chief Bromden). Performer Mark Macey (Harding). Performer Ben Hale (Billy). Performer Darren Hannant (Cheswick). Performer Theodore John Forsi (Scanlon). Performer Barry Clarke (Martini). Performer Jon Wade (Ruckly). Performer Charles Golding (Dr Spivey). Performer Bernard Doogan (Turkle). Performer Carolina Main (Nurse Flinn). Performer Robina Stewart (Candy). Performer Jemma George (Sandra). Performer Paul Watson (Williams). Performer Pete Picton (Warren).
8 Sep 09 to 12 Sep 09Bridewell Theatre, Inner London :: V171
listing details L0856313746


Running time: 2 hours 30 minutesCompany Black Ram Theatre Company.
9 Sep 09 to 10 Sep 09Playhouse, Norwich :: V69
listing details L0652291291


Producer Kiran Gill. Producer Aliya Abidi. Company Zazu's Theatre Company (in association with City and Hackney Mind). Director Tahsin Gemikonakli. Director Imogen Lewis. Performer George Fisher (Chief Bromden). Performer Daniel Addis (Randle P McMurphy). Performer Robert Rowe (Dale Harding). Performer Chris Eastwood (Billy Bibbit). Performer Phil Mann (Scanlon). Performer Gul Davis (Cheswick). Performer Marco Aponte (Martini). Performer Mbuguah Goro (Ruckley). Performer Colonel Matterson (Ellis). Performer Ozan Gemikonakli (Sefelt). Performer Beth Eyre (Nurse Ratched). Performer Kiki Lawrance (Nurse Flynn). Performer Sean Bye (Dr Spivey). Performer Nigel Bernard (Aide Warren). Performer Terence Anderson (Anthony Abuah). Performer Kristina Epenetos (Candy Starr).
26 Jul 09Arcola, Inner London :: V1422226940
listing details L0937177490


Company Strathclyde Theatre Group. Director James Keenan.
9 Oct 08 to 18 Oct 08The Ramshorn Theatre, Glasgow :: V620
listing details L01234879202


Producer Bolton Little Theatre. Director Barry Hall. Performer John O'Connell (McMurphy). Performer Stephanie Shipley (Nurse Ratched).
3 May 08 to 10 May 08Bolton Little Theatre, Bolton :: V482
listing details L01427854847


Company Playing Up.
5 Dec 07 to 8 Dec 07The Rondo, Bath :: V855
listing details L01866855626


Performer Shane Richine (Randle P McMurphy).
4 Jun 07 to 9 Jun 07Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea :: V42
listing details L0744428874
28 May 07 to 2 Jun 07Theatre Royal, Nottingham :: V462
listing details L0528174264
21 May 07 to 26 May 07Palace Theatre, Manchester :: V490
listing details L01198918134
14 May 07 to 19 May 07Milton Keynes Theatre, Milton Keynes :: V754
listing details L2069984124
7 May 07 to 12 May 07Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham :: V140
listing details L0258992098
30 Apr 07 to 5 May 07Alhambra Theatre, Bradford :: V965
listing details L0829547408
16 Apr 07 to 21 Apr 07Mayflower Theatre, Southampton :: V774
listing details L0719772430
9 Apr 07 to 14 Apr 07New Wimbledon Theatre, Outer London :: V341
listing details L02143198684
4 Apr 07 to 7 Apr 07Theatre Royal Plymouth, Plymouth :: V895
listing details L01421671751


Producer Nica Burns. Producer Max Weitzenhoffer (for Nimax Theatres and Ian Lenegan). Director Terry Johnson. Design Katy Tuxford. Costume Dagmar Morrell. Performer Christian Slater (RP McMurphy). Performer Alex Kingston (Nurse Ratched). Performer Brendan Dempsey (Chief Bromden). Performer Ian Coppinger (Martini). Performer Owen O'Neill (Dale Harding). Performer Gavin Robertson (Scanlon). Performer Lizzie Roper (Candy). Performer Katherine Jakeways (Sandra). Performer Paul Ready (Billy Bibbet). Performer Alex Giannini (Cheswick). Performer Rebecca Grant. Performer Cornelius Macarthy. Performer Felix Dexter. Performer Simon Chandler.
21 Mar 06 to 3 Jun 06Garrick Theatre, West End :: V394
listing details L01583110639


Producer University of Oxford.
31 May 06 to 3 Jun 06The Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L1457054750


Company UKC Dramatics.
24 May 06 to 26 May 06Gulbenkian Arts Centre, Canterbury :: V673
listing details L1774864409


Director Cameron Jack.
14 Mar 06 to 8 Apr 06The Broadway Theatre, Outer London :: V314
listing details L168912331


Producer Nica Burns (for Theatreshare). Producer Max Weitzenhoffer. Producer Ian Lenagan. Design Katy Tuxford. Costume Dagmar Morrell. Performer Christian Slater (RP McMurphy). Performer Frances Barber (Nurse Ratched). Performer Mackenzie Crook (Billy Bibbitt). Performer Adrian Hope (Chief Bromden). Performer Owen O'Neill. Performer Ian Coppinger. Performer Dave Johns. Performer Gavin Robertson. Performer Phil Nichol. Performer Felix Dexter. Performer Lucy Porter. Performer Lizzie Roper. Performer Katherine Jakeways. Performer Stephen K Amos. Performer Tim Ahern. Performer Dave Johns. Performer Gavin Robertson. Performer Phil Nichol. Performer Felix Dexter. Performer Lucy Porter.
3 Sep 04 to 22 Jan 05Gielgud Theatre, West End :: V395
listing details L01245318976
10 Aug 04 to 30 Aug 04Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh :: V01847651945
listing details L0334740311


Corporate Sponsor Warwick International Group. Producer Clwyd Theatr Cymru. Director Terry Hands. Design Mark Bailey.
9 Mar 04 to 13 Mar 04New Theatre, Cardiff :: V823
listing details L01588026395
12 Feb 04 to 6 Mar 04Theatr Clwyd, Mold :: V810
listing details L1472388195


Company Southsea Shakespeare Actors.
4 Jun 03 to 7 Jun 03Third Floor Arts Centre, Portsmouth :: V772
listing details L1384610428


Company Torch Theatre Company. Director Peter Doran. Design Sean Crowley. Costume Peter Doran. Lighting Beegan and Lewis. Performer Tim Perrin. Performer Paul Maddaford. Performer Andrew Earl. Performer Kyra Williams. Performer Lisa Zahar. Performer Keith Woodason. Performer Gareth Pierce. Performer George Waring. Performer Michael Webber. Performer Michael Neary. Performer Dave Ainsworth. Performer Richard Nichols. Performer Laura Cairns.
16 Oct 02 to 2 Nov 02Torch Theatre, Milford Haven :: V820
listing details L692315359


Company Grange Art and Drama.
18 Apr 02 to 19 Apr 02Gulbenkian Arts Centre, Canterbury :: V673
listing details L01092837370


Company Playhouse Theatre Company. Director Stuart Miller.
12 Mar 02 to 16 Mar 02The Playhouse, Harlow :: V40
listing details L0181186100


Company Central Youth Theatre.
10 Jul 01 to 11 Jul 01Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton :: V160
listing details L0310689033


Run time 2hrs 30minsCompany Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Director Terry Kinney. Performer Gary Sinise. Performer Amy Morton.
27 Jul 00 to 5 Aug 00Barbican Centre, West End :: V371
listing details L02032169860


Company Harlequin Players.
16 Feb 00 to 19 Feb 00Harlequin Theatre, Northwich :: V474
listing details L1185028006


Supported by Barclays Stage Partners and The Arts Council of England.Company The Touring Consortium. Performer Mike McShane. Performer Danny Webb. Performer Isla Blair.
6 Dec 99 to 11 Dec 99Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L0663309477
30 Nov 99 to 4 Dec 99New Theatre, Cardiff :: V823
listing details L0114826494
23 Nov 99 to 27 Nov 99Theatre Royal, Norwich :: V72
listing details L086030599
16 Nov 99 to 20 Nov 99Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton :: V161
listing details L01386008071
8 Nov 99 to 13 Nov 99Darlington Hippodrome (formerly Civic Theatre), Darlington :: V562
listing details L01742821211
1 Nov 99 to 6 Nov 99Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L0115624524
26 Oct 99 to 30 Oct 99King's Theatre, Edinburgh :: V601
listing details L169957215
18 Oct 99 to 23 Oct 99Arts Theatre, Cambridge :: V19
listing details L6317026
12 Oct 99 to 16 Oct 99Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury :: V674
listing details L01390346858
5 Oct 99 to 9 Oct 99Theatre Royal, Nottingham :: V462
listing details L087933431
28 Sep 99 to 2 Oct 99New Victoria Theatre, Woking :: V709
listing details L1800378990
14 Sep 99 to 18 Sep 99Churchill Theatre, Bromley :: V302
listing details L01324817842


Director Joseph Blatchley. Design Hayden Griffin. Lighting Andy Phillips. Performer Mike McShane. Performer Isla Blair. Performer Danny Webb. Company The Touring Consortium.
21 Sep 99 to 25 Sep 99Wycombe Swan, High Wycombe :: V749
listing details L1596594900


Company Wheelhouse Productions.
10 Feb 98 to 7 Mar 98Merton Abbey Mills, Outer London :: V369
listing details L35783393

Other listings

22 Nov 21 to 27 Nov 21Titchfield Festival Theatre, Titchfield :: V01238527740
listing details L152543637
11 May 16 to 14 May 16Town Hall, Chipping Sodbury :: V867
listing details L02062743057
16 Apr 14 to 11 May 14Collection Theatre, Outer London :: V485844074
listing details L622287542
6 Feb 03 to 7 Feb 03Ulster Hall and Group Theatre, Belfast :: V549
listing details L0810646979
28 Apr 99 to 1 May 99Stafford Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford :: V120
listing details L762301979
18 Feb 97 to 22 Feb 97OFS Studio (previously known as Old Fire Station Theatre), Oxford :: V800
listing details L1955296441
7 Aug 96 to 24 Aug 96Chelsea Theatre, Inner London :: V179
listing details L0923065426

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