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Pericles archivePericles is offered the chance to win the hand of King Antiochus s daughter if he can solve a riddle. However solving the riddle reveals a terrible secret about the King that puts Pericles in mortal danger and sets him off on a death-defying voyage. The story takes place in a wondrous and timeless world, on a whirlwind journey through strange kingdoms and across perilous oceans. Pericles faces ruthless tyrants and rival suitors, surviving battles and shipwrecks on the adventure of a lifetime.


Author: Shakespeare

Archive listings for Pericles

Work type: Play.

The Adventures of Pericles - T01385431193

From the Stratford Festival, Canada.Performer Evan Buliung.
9 Dec 20 to 30 Apr 21Streaming Performances, Internet :: V2094630399
listing details L0593882434


Producer Royal Shakespeare Company. Director Blanche McIntyre. Design Robert Innes Hopkins. Music Tim Sutton. Sound Emma Laxton.
15 Aug 20 to 1 Oct 20Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon :: V135
listing details L890658036


This new production brings you one of the Bard's grandest tales with irreverence, humour, and maybe just a little bit of silliness. An energetic and accessible interpretation of the play, expect remarkable Shakespearean storytelling at its most evocative!
28 Aug 19 to 31 Aug 19Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Inner London :: V1170
listing details L1387060075


Presented byThe Touring Ensemble. Director Brendan O'Hea. Music Bill Barclay. Design Andrew D Edwards. Director Isabel Marr (associate director). Choreographer Sian Williams. Performer Colin Campbell (Pericles). Performer Mark Desebrock (Cleon/Simonides). Performer Andrius Gaucas (Pander). Performer Mogali Masukui. Performer Beau Holland (Dionyza). Performer Natasha Magigi (Gower). Performer Magali Masuku (Thasia/Thaliard). Performer Evelyn Miller (Marina). Performer Eric Sirakian (Helicanus).
2 Jul 19Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre, Taunton :: V918
listing details L01226039782
24 Jun 19 to 28 Jun 19Minack Theatre, Penzance :: V872
listing details L01348786768
5 May 19 to 24 Aug 19Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, West End :: V165
listing details L1099336901


Producer National Theatre. Producer Public Acts. Adapted by Chris Bush. Director Emily Lim. Design Fly Dais. Choreographer Robby Graham. Lighting Paule Constable. Sound Paul Arditti. Musical Director Tarek Merchant. Music James Fortune.
26 Aug 18 to 28 Aug 18Olivier (National Theatre), West End :: V373
listing details L1666301716


Author George Wilkins. Producer Shakespeare's Globe. Director Dominic Dromgoole. Design Jonathan Fensom. Music Claire van Kampen. Choreographer Sian Williams. Performer Simon Armstrong (Antiochus/Pandar). Performer Jessica Baglow (Marina). Performer Tia Bannon (Daugher). Performer Sam Cox (Escanes/Cerimon). Performer Steffan Donnelly (Lysimachus). Performer James Garnon (Pericles). Performer Dennis Herdman (Bolt). Performer Tom Kanji (Thaliard). Performer Kevork Malikyan (Simonides). Performer Fergal McElherron (Helicanus). Performer Ryan McKen (Leonine). Performer Dorothea Myer-Bennett (Thaisa/Dionyza). Performer Daniel Rabin (Cleon). Performer Sheila Reid (Gower). Performer Kirsty Woodward (Bawd/Lychorida).
19 Nov 15 to 21 Apr 16Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, West End :: V165
listing details L0570071819


Presented byLiverpool Institute of Performing Arts.
27 Nov 14 to 29 Nov 14The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), Liverpool :: V02095680176
listing details L915616544

Prince of Tyre - T01309774551

This stylised ensemble version packs energy and fun into this old classic tale.
9 Oct 13 to 12 Oct 13South Hill Park Arts Centre, Wilde Theatre, Bracknell :: V731
listing details L01269873976


Producer Pistachio Choice. Director Drew Mulligan. Design Valentina Ricci. Musical Director Jamie Reid. Choreographer Gemma Fairlie. Design Valentina Ricci. Performer Emma Carroll. Performer Stephen Connery-Brown. Performer Ruth Rogers. Performer Tim Wyatt.
5 Feb 13 to 2 Mar 13Drayton Arms Theatre, Inner London :: V0952168700
listing details L1237925509


Company Vox Humana Theatre Company. Director David Weeinberg.
2 Oct 12 to 28 Oct 12The Rose Playhouse, Inner London :: V0290483190
listing details L01023888080


The RSC Amateur Ensemble is an exciting new collaboration between the RSC's professional creative and production teams, and amateur performers from across the region. Pericles will see a cast of amateur performers working with RSC directors, designers, stage managers and technicians to create an exhilarating new production of Shakespeare's tragic romance.Producer RSC Amateur Ensemble. Director James Farrell. Director Jamie Rocha Allan. Design Georgia Lowe.
5 Oct 12 to 7 Oct 12Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon :: V643776775
listing details L266462688


From Athens, Greece. Performed in Greek.Company National Theatre of Greece.
26 Apr 12 to 27 Apr 12Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, West End :: V165
listing details L764714176


Storytelling theatre by Jan Blake for ages 11+Company Company of Common Sense.
26 Feb 10Tara Theatre, Outer London :: V292
listing details L368768437


Company York Theatre Royal Youth Theatre. Director Julian Ollive. Adapted by Juliet Forster.
16 Apr 09 to 18 Apr 09Theatre Royal, York :: V954
listing details L0110912162


Company Blotto Theatre. Director Benjamin Henson. Design Sorrell Anna Moore. Performer Ben Hadley. Performer Amy Loughton. Performer Philippa Palmer.
24 Feb 09 to 22 Mar 09Greenwich Playhouse, Outer London :: V1286
listing details L01298967457

Prince of Tyre - T088112866

Producer London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). Director Rodney Cottier. Design Douglas Heap.
6 Dec 07 to 13 Dec 07MacOwan Theatre (LAMDA), Inner London :: V212
listing details L01567142735


RSC Company Complete Works.Producer Royal Shakespeare Company. Director Dominic Cooke. Design Mike Britton. Lighting Chris Davey. Sound Carolyn Downing. Music Gary Yershon. Director Terry King (fight). Choreographer Liz Ranken. Performer Frances Ashman (Dionyza). Performer Jason Barnett (Antiochus' Follower). Performer Linda Bassett (Bawd). Performer Nigel Cooke (Lysimachus). Performer Daniel Dalton (Athenian King). Performer Amanda Daniels (Lychorida). Performer Maynard Eziashi (1st Tyre Lord). Performer Kate Fleetwood (Thaisa). Performer Trystan Gravelle (2nd Fisherman). Performer Nyasha Hatendi (Antiochus' Follower). Performer Richard Katz (Boult). Performer Robin Lawrence (Master Fisherman). Performer Richard Moore (Simonides). Performer Lucian Msamati (Pericles). Performer Joseph Mydell (Gower). Performer Ben Onwukwe (Helicanus). Performer Ashley Rolfe (Spartan Lord). Performer Clarence Smith (Antiochus). Performer Michelle Terry (Philemon). Performer Mark Theodore (Antiochus' Follower). Performer Ony Uhiara (Marina).
2 Nov 06 to 6 Jan 07Swan Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon :: V136
listing details L01498931301


Modern staging. June 9th - Corin Redgrave has been ill. For the nights of June 9th and 10th the part of Pericles the Elder will be performed by Mark Rylance. Please check with Box Office about performances over the following weekend.Producer The Globe. Director Kathryn Hunter. Design Liz Cooke. Performer Jude Akuwudike (Lysimachus/Antiochus). Performer Matt Costain (Aerialist/Chorus leader and Co). Performer Harry Gostelow (Cleon/Pandar/Fisherman). Performer Iisa Ilona Jantti (Aerialist/Chorus). Performer Matalda Leyser (Aerialist/Chorus/Diana and Co). Performer Robert Luckay (Pericles the Younger). Performer Marcello Magni (Simonides/Boult/Helicanus). Performer Victoria McManus (Aerialist/Chorus). Performer Jules Melvin (Bawd/Lychorida). Performer Patrice Naiambana (Gower/Cerimon). Performer Alex Poulter (Aerialist/Chorus). Performer Corin Redgrave (Pericles the Elder). Performer Laura Rees (Marina). Performer Hilary Tones (Thaisa/Dionyza). Performer Aaron Walker (Aerialist/Chorus).
20 May 05 to 1 Oct 05Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, West End :: V165
listing details L825618929


Producer Tobacco Factory. Director Andrew Hilton.
10 Feb 05 to 19 Mar 05The Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol :: V1384579886
listing details L2034398635


Company Theatre Nomad.
18 Oct 04Theatre Royal, Margate :: V685
listing details L0458714330


Company Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. Director Mark Saunders.
24 Jun 04 to 26 Jun 04The Arches, Glasgow :: V618
listing details L1059885278


Director Neil Bartlett. Design Neil Bartlett. Performer Will Keen (Pericles). Performer Bette Bourne (Gower). Performer Adjoa Andoh (Dionyza). Performer Bruce Alexander. Performer Pascale Burgess. Performer Angela Down. Performer Neil Dsouza. Performer Giles Fagan. Performer Michael Gould. Performer Martin Hyder. Performer Sarah Malin. Performer Martin Turner. Performer Roger Watkins.
18 Sep 03 to 18 Oct 03Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, Outer London :: V315
listing details L43692363


Producer Royal Shakespeare Company. Company Cardboard Citizens. Director Adrian Jackson. Design Fred Meller. Sound David Baird. Music David Baird. Performer Kevork Malikyan (older Pericles). Performer Christopher Simpson (younger Pericles). Performer Dele Adagunodo. Performer Kammy Darweish. Performer Jo Galbraith. Performer Jake Goode. Performer Andy Haase. Performer Jasmine Hyde. Performer David Mara. Performer Nick Payne. Performer Dave Rodgers. Performer Adna Sablic.
22 Jul 03 to 9 Aug 03General, Outer London :: V1087
listing details L2082394021

Prince of Tyre - T01094921159

Company Sheffield Youth Theatre.
4 Jul 03 to 5 Jul 03Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L17580056


Performed in Japanese with English surtitles.Producer Thelma Holt Ltd (in association with Horipro Inc and Saitama Arts Centre). Translation Kazuko Matsuoka. Director Yukio Ninagawa. Design Tsukasa Nakagoshi. Costume Lily Komine. Lighting Tamotsu Harada. Sound Masahiro Inoue. Performer Masaaki Uchino. Performer Yuko Tanaka. Performer Kayoko Shiraishi. Performer Tetsuro Sagawa. Performer Masachika Ichimura.
28 Mar 03 to 5 Apr 03Olivier (National Theatre), West End :: V373
listing details L114654862


Producer Royal Shakespeare Company. Director Adrian Noble. Design Peter McKintosh. Lighting Jean Kalman. Music Shaun Davey. Sound Mic Pool. Choreographer Sue Lefton. Performer Jude Akuwudike (Cerimon). Performer Keith Bartlett (Cleon). Performer Tom Beard (Lysimachus). Performer Dylan Charles (Fisherman). Performer Felix Dexter (Fisherman). Performer Geff Francis (Antiochus/Pander). Performer Roger Frost (Helicanus). Performer Kananu Kirimi (Marina). Performer Olwen May (Bawd). Performer Sirine Saba (Antiochus' daughter). Performer Rolf Saxon (Simonides). Performer Myra Lucretia Taylor (Dionyza). Performer James Telfer (Leonine). Performer Lauren Ward (Thaisa). Performer Jerome Willis (Fisherman). Performer Dan Crute. Performer James Garnon. Performer Gracy G Goldman. Performer Simon Gregor. Performer Anastasia Hille. Performer James Hyland. Performer Fiona Lait. Performer Jami Quarrell. Performer James Staddon. Performer Malcolm Storry. Performer Alan Turkington.
12 Aug 02 to 2 Nov 02Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon :: V135
listing details L790010890
28 Jun 02 to 13 Jul 02Roundhouse, West End :: V242
listing details L0135497400


Producer London Bubble. Director Johathan Petherbirdge. Design Janis Hart. Lighting Neil Gavin. Performer Sam Adam. Performer Jane Allighan. Performer Jonathan Kemp. Performer Eric MacLennan. Performer Sara Moody. Performer Polly Nayler. Performer Richard Oldham. Performer Simon Startin. Performer Luke Stoneham. Performer Richard Youman.
20 Aug 02 to 24 Aug 02General, Outer London :: V1087
listing details L01400115909
13 Aug 02 to 17 Aug 02Three Mills Island Studio, Inner London :: V1091
listing details L518700988
6 Aug 02 to 10 Aug 02General, Outer London :: V1087
listing details L1973634949
30 Jul 02 to 1 Aug 02General, Outer London :: V1087
listing details L0376171713
23 Jul 02 to 27 Jul 02General, Outer London :: V1087
listing details L01844375831
16 Jul 02 to 20 Jul 02General, General :: V1270
listing details L01190628093


Director Sheila Foster. Director Rachel Davidson. Performer Gene David Kirk.
13 Feb 02 to 16 Feb 02Lakeside Theatre, Colchester :: V36
listing details L1568037611


Company Studio Theatre Company.
19 Jul 01 to 21 Jul 01Theatre Royal, Norwich :: V72
listing details L1475014674


Company The Loft Theatre Company. Director David Bennett. Director David Hankins. Design David Bennett. Lighting Don Sykes. Costume Sam Webb. Music Phil Reynolds. Performer Paul Atkins. Performer Amanda Glanville. Performer Tracey James. Performer Tom O'Connor. Performer David Perriman. Performer Molly Putnam. Performer Phil Quinn. Performer Matty Sutherland. Performer Helen Wall. Performer Jo Wollington. Performer Ann Wood. Performer Becky Robson.
11 Oct 00 to 21 Oct 00Loft Theatre, Leamington Spa :: V130
listing details L0766876323


Company AandBC Theatre Company. Director Gregory Thompson. Performer Sarah Baxter. Performer Rachel Clarke. Performer John Fairfoul. Performer Paul Gunn. Performer Paul Lacoux. Performer Morris Penny. Performer Tanya Ronder.
1 Aug 00 to 26 Aug 00Lincoln's Inn, Inner London :: V1404
listing details L01441422996
1 Aug 00 to 26 Aug 00General, Inner London :: V1231
listing details L01558965542


Performer Stephen Beckett (Pericles). Director James Roose-Evans. Performer Patrice Naiambana (Gower). Performer Emily Pithon (Marina). Performer Catherine Harvey (Thaisa). Performer Rula Lenska (Dionyza). Performer Jeffery Dench (Lord Helicanus). Performer Terence Knapp (King of Antioch).
24 Jun 00 to 9 Jul 00General, Ludlow :: V0787321510
listing details L566424377


Company Derby Playhouse Youth Theatre. Adapted by Pete Meakin. Music Tony Coffey. Director Pete Meakin. Director Tony Coffey (music). Choreographer Fiona Shelton. Design Andy Miller. Lighting Alexandra Stafford.
19 Apr 00 to 22 Apr 00Derby Theatre, Derby :: V1830193620
listing details L107881421


This production is in Japanese. There will be no simultaneous translation; however a full plot synopsis will be available.Company Sam Shammas Productions. Director Sam Shammas. Design Liz Cooke. Lighting Matt England. Performer Andy Blacksmith. Performer Barry Cooper. Performer Susan Duerden. Performer Owen Massey. Performer Luke Morris Barnett. Performer Jessica Radcliffe. Performer Craig Sargent. Performer David Sargent. Performer Kate Terence. Performer Matthew Watkin.
12 Jan 98 to 17 Jan 98Cochrane Theatre, Inner London :: V181
listing details L0272064640

Other listings

15 Sep 17 to 20 Sep 17LAMDA, Inner London :: V838624816
listing details L1908771893
26 Aug 99 to 30 Aug 99Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L2068467162
1 Jun 98 to 4 Jun 98MacOwan Theatre (LAMDA), Inner London :: V212
listing details L1249295470

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