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The Merry Wives of Windsor archiveFalstaff gets him come-uppance (three times) in this rather confused but at times immensely funny Shakespeare comedy - his only one about the middle classes. The story, almost certainly false, goes that Queen Elizabeth I so enjoyed the character of Falstaff that she asked to see him again in another play - in love. Shakespeare is supposed to have obliged with this delightful romp.

Author Shakespeare.

Archive listings for The Merry Wives of Windsor

Work type: Play.


Presented byThe Globe. Director Nicole Charles. Director Elle While. Design Charlie Cridlan. Performer Bryony Hannah (Mistress Ford). Performer Richard Katz (Doctor Caius/Pistol). Performer Joshua Lacey (Abraham Slender/Robin). Performer Forbes Masson (George Page). Performer Anne Odeke (Host/Peter Simple). Performer Jude Owusu (Frank Ford). Performer Anita Reynolds (Mistress Quickly). Performer Boadicea Ricketts (Anne Page/John Rugby). Performer Dickon Tyrrell (Robert Shallow). Performer Zach Wyatt (Fenton/Bardolph). Performer Hedydd Dylan. Performer Sarah Finigan. Performer Pearce Quigley.
17 May 19 to 12 Oct 19Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, West End :: V165
listing details L1265890227


Company Guildford Shakespeare Company. Director Caroline Devlin. Design Neil Irish. Design Anett Black (assistant). Sound Matt Eaton. Lighting Mark Dymock. Producer Sarah Gobran. Producer Matt Pinches.
13 Jul 19 to 27 Jul 19General, General :: V129128377
listing details L01788175475


Company Company of Ten.
17 Jul 19 to 20 Jul 19Abbey Theatre, St Albans :: V50
listing details L01113385695


Company Cygnet Theatre. Director Amanda Knott.
8 Jul 19Palace Theatre, Paignton :: V892
listing details L01660254446


Director Rob Ellis. Design Max Batty. Costume Lynda Twidale. Lighting Chris Mason. Sound Anna Kovacs. Stage ManagerRichard Pedersen. Performer Jill Davy (Mistress Ford). Performer Helen McCormack (Mistress Page). Performer John Chapman (John Falstaff). Performer Sangita Modgil (Ford). Performer Samantha Wright (Page). Performer Maddie Gordon (Mistress Quickly/Justice Shallow). Performer Aimee Morris (Anne Page/Host of the Garter Inn). Performer Daniel Watson (Sir Hugh Evans). Performer James Van Langenberg (Fenton/Nym). Performer Flavia Corina Di Saverio (Pistol/Simple). Performer Carlos Fain-Binda (Slender).
15 May 19 to 25 May 19Tower Theatre, Inner London :: V249
listing details L01374471379


Company Royal Shakespeare Company. Director Fiona Laird. Design Lez Brotherston. Lighting Tim Mitchell. Performer David Troughton (Falstaff). Performer Beth Cordingly (Mistress Ford). Performer Rebecca Lacey (Mistress Page). Performer David Acton (Sir Hugh Evans). Performer Afolabi Alli (Pistol). Performer Stevie Basaula (company). Performer Ishia Bennison (Mistress Quickly). Performer Katy Brittain (The Hostess of the Garter). Performer Jonathan Cullen (Dr Caius). Performer Paul Dodds (George Page). Performer Josh Finan (Nym). Performer Karen Fishwick (Anne Page). Performer Charlotte Josephine (Bardolph). Performer Vince Leigh (Frank Ford). Performer John Macaulay (Simple). Performer Luke Newberry (Fenton). Performer Tom Padley (Slender). Performer Sakuntala Ramanee (company). Performer Tim Samuels (Shallow). Performer Nima Taleghani (company).
7 Dec 18 to 5 Jan 19Barbican Centre, West End :: V371
listing details L537241281
4 Aug 18 to 22 Sep 18Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon :: V135
listing details L1793981788


Company Festival Players.
10 Aug 17Penlee Park Open Air Theatre, Penzance :: V0280946259
listing details L217908653


Company Guildburys Theatre Company.
22 Aug 16 to 26 Aug 16Minack Theatre, Penzance :: V872
listing details L0559474640


Producer Chester Performs. Director Rebecca Gatward. Design Jessica Curtis. Lighting Will Evans. Choreographer Sian Williams. Musical Director Adam Keast. Music Olly Fox. Performer Louise Kempton. Performer Ellie Burrow. Performer James Holmes. Performer Graham O'Mara. Performer Daniel Goode. Performer Emilio Doorgasingh. Performer Adam Harley. Performer Thomas Richardson. Performer Louise Shuttleworth. Performer Sarah Quist. Performer Tom Connor. Performer Alix Ross. Performer Danielle Henry. Performer Jessica Clark.
24 Jul 15 to 23 Aug 15Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre, Chester :: V1214984677
listing details L218389413


Company Progress Theatre.
15 Jul 15 to 25 Jul 15General, Reading :: V01145520693
listing details L1662931979


Company Creative Cow (in association with Guildford's Yvonne Arnaud Theatre).
3 Nov 13Regal Theatre, Minehead :: V578943310
listing details L01826141756
31 Oct 13 to 2 Nov 13Cygnet Theatre (formerly New Theatre), Exeter :: V0135900169
listing details L01728465114
29 Oct 13Buxton Opera House, Buxton :: V424
listing details L01920814609
24 Oct 13 to 26 Oct 13Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne :: V665
listing details L0743551247
17 Oct 13 to 19 Oct 13Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford :: V702
listing details L0287067709
15 Oct 13The Rosemary Branch, Inner London :: V333
listing details L256854086
4 Oct 13 to 5 Oct 13Dulverton Town Hall, Dulverton :: V1384
listing details L606307896
2 Oct 13Key Theatre, Peterborough :: V27
listing details L0490024487
20 Sep 13 to 21 Sep 13Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield :: V425
listing details L02090136710
18 Sep 13 to 19 Sep 13Fairfield Halls, Outer London :: V295
listing details L1442623208
13 Sep 13 to 14 Sep 13Tiverton Community Arts Theatre, Tiverton :: V01747949986
listing details L1115729800


Company Oxford Shakespere Company. Director Gemma Fairlie. Costume Adrian Lillie. Musical Director James D Reid. Musical Director Nick Lloyd Webber. Music Nick Lloyd Webber. Performer David Alwyn. Performer Katharine Bennett-Fox. Performer Sarah Goddard. Performer Heather Johnson. Performer David McKechnie. Performer Jack Taylor. Performer Rachel Waring. Performer Rob Witcomb.
8 Jul 13 to 16 Aug 13Wadham College, Oxford :: V804
listing details L01915937109


Adapted by Peter Scofield.
11 May 13 to 18 May 13Bolton Little Theatre, Bolton :: V482
listing details L2017072152


Company Royal Shakespeare Company. Director Phillip Breen. Design Max Jones. Sound Simon Baker. Lighting Tina MacHugh. Music Paddy Cunneen. Performer Desmond Barrit (Falstaff). Performer Anita Dobson (Mistress Quickly). Performer Alexandra Gilbreath. Performer Sylvestra Le Touzel. Performer John Ramm. Performer David Charles. Performer Bart Soroczynski. Performer Paapa Essiedu. Performer Calum Finlay. Performer Stephen Harper. Performer Martin Hyder. Performer Julia Innocenti. Performer Carla Mendonca. Performer Thomas Pickles. Performer Naomi Sheldon. Performer Ged Simmons. Performer David Sterne. Performer Simeon Truby. Performer Obioma Ugoala.
25 Oct 12 to 12 Jan 13Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon :: V135
listing details L650642853


Company Guildford Shakespeare Company. Director Caroline Devlin. Design Sarah Bacon. Lighting Matt Eaton. Performer Jack Bannell. Performer Johanne Murdock. Performer Louise Best. Performer Morgan Philpott. Performer Alex Scott Fairley. Performer Katy Phipps. Performer Michael Geary. Performer Matt Pinches. Performer Sarah Gobran. Performer Chris Porter. Performer David Marken.
14 Jun 12 to 30 Jun 12General, General :: V129128377
listing details L1131193842


From Nairobi, Kenya. An exuberant, urban and African take on Shakespeare s comedy of failed courtship, Bitter Pill bring their version of The Merry Wives of Windsor from Nairobi to London. Full of laughter and fun, this production, celebrating the wit and independence of rural African women, first played at the Harare International Festival of Arts in Zimbabwe, before travelling north to engage with the sun-soaked joys of the Swahili language. Performed in Swahili.Company Bitter Pill Productions.
25 Apr 12 to 26 Apr 12Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, West End :: V165
listing details L01690563212


There's a right raucous rumbustious romp going on in jolly old Windsor town and no mistake! Hold on to your 1950 style hats Oddsocks fans, as two merry wives give that lovable "naughty Knight", that most famous of Shakespearean characters ....... yes, you've guessed it: Fatty Falstaff, a shock he'll never forget, in return for his unwanted amorous attentions. Laughter, surprises and fun for all the family guaranteed, so hurry along now do and purchase those lovely tickets for an exciting evening of infectious frivolity!Company Oddsocks.
18 Jan 12Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax :: V1098014226
listing details L518323629
7 Jan 12The Lights, Andover :: V01975093207
listing details L0115526635
16 Dec 11 to 17 Dec 11New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth :: V769
listing details L53823610
13 Dec 11 to 14 Dec 11Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton :: V160
listing details L340543391
6 Dec 11Borough Theatre, Abergavenny :: V839
listing details L0420064244


Producer LAMDA (The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art). Director Deborah Paige. Design Nancy Surman. Performer Alex Vlahov (Sir John Falstaff|). Performer Chris Leask (Pistol/Rugby/Servant 1). Performer Claudia Grant (Mistress Quickly). Performer Dani Heron (Mistress Page). Performer David Perry (Bardolph/Fenton). Performer Teddy Nicholas (Nym/Doctor Caius). Performer Jonathan Akingba (Page). Performer Jordan King (Mistress Anne Page/William Page). Performer Loren O'Brien (Hostess of the Garter Inn). Performer Matthew Cavendish (Robin/Simple/Servant 2). Performer Nathan Ives-Moiba (Slender Nathan). Performer Niamh Walsh (Mistress Alice Ford). Performer Samuel Truman (Ford). Performer Sean Rigby (Shallow). Performer Tom Avlon (Sir Hugh Evans).
30 Nov 11 to 7 Dec 11RADA Studios (formely Drill Hall Arts Centre), Inner London :: V197
listing details L1512264254


Company Bournemouth Shakespeare Players.
19 Jul 11 to 30 Jul 11General, General :: V1268
listing details L01254725706


Come along and enjoy a promenade performance around the Arts Centre and the Arts Centre Gardens.Company Darlington Green Theatre.
16 Jun 11 to 18 Jun 11Darlington Arts Centre, Darlington :: V563
listing details L1125472375


Producer Globe Theatre. Director Christopher Luscombe. Design Janet Bird. Music Nigel Hess. Choreographer Jenny Arnold. Performer Nathan Amzi. Performer Gareth Armstrong. Performer William Belchambers. Performer Christopher Benjamin (Falstaff). Performer Philip Bird. Performer Ceri-Lyn Cissone (Anne Page). Performer Barnaby Edwards (Rugby). Performer Serena Evans (Mistress Page). Performer Peter Gale. Performer Michael Garner. Performer Gergory Gudgeon. Performer Andrew Havill (Frank Ford). Performer Gerard McCarthy (Fenton). Performer Jonty Stephens. Performer Sue Wallace. Performer Paul Woodson. Performer Sarah Woodward (Mistress Ford).
6 Dec 10 to 11 Dec 10Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L209722643
30 Nov 10 to 4 Dec 10Richmond Theatre, Outer London :: V327
listing details L1482780164
23 Nov 10 to 27 Nov 10Theatre Royal, Norwich :: V72
listing details L371666327
16 Nov 10 to 20 Nov 10Milton Keynes Theatre, Milton Keynes :: V754
listing details L275355521
14 Aug 10 to 2 Oct 10Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, West End :: V165
listing details L274223640


Set in 1958 the year of the first Carry On film, this brilliantly constructed farce is placed in an era of you’ve never had it so good consumerism, teddy boys and glamorous girls.Producer Stafford Festival Shakespeare. Director Peter Rowe. Design Rodney Ford. Musical Director Greg Palmer. Choreographer Francesca Jaynes. Performer Eric Potts (Sir John Falstaff).
24 Jun 10 to 10 Jul 10General, General :: V0983839876
listing details L1314627866


Company Shakespeare Institute Players. Director Cait Fannin. Director Emily Oliver (assistant). Performer Richard Nunn (Sir John Falstaff). Performer Micah Coston (Fenton). Performer Jose A. Perez Diez (Robert Shallow). Performer Katie Coston (Abraham Slender). Performer Gareth Bernard (Francis Ford/Bardolph). Performer Harry Newman (George Page). Performer Steffi Brenzel (William Page/Pistol). Performer John Conod (Parson Hugh Evans). Performer Emily Oliver (Doctor Caius). Performer Red Smucker (Host of the Garter Inn/Robin). Performer Michell Morton (Nym/John Rugby). Performer Liz McNamara (Peter Simple). Performer Elizabeth Sharrett (Mistress Alice Ford). Performer Cat Clifford (Mistress Margaret Page). Performer Cecilia Kendall White (Mistress Anne Page). Performer Yolana Wassersug (Mistress Quickly).
18 Mar 10 to 20 Mar 10The Shakespeare Institute, Stratford-Upon-Avon :: V01040860086
listing details L993775957


Cardiff Shakespeare Readers get together every month to experience all the great playwright’s works spoken aloud! Anyone is welcome to attend and read, no matter what theatrical or literary experience you have.Company Cardiff Shakespeare Readers.
8 Feb 09Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff :: V827
listing details L01940458667


Producer Globe Theatre. Director Christopher Luscombe. Design Janet Bird. Music Nigel Hess. Performer Christopher Benjamin (Falstaff). Performer Serena Evans (Mistress Page). Performer Sarah Woodward (Mistress Ford). Performer Sue Wallace (Mistress Quickly).
8 Jun 08 to 5 Oct 08Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, West End :: V165
listing details L01047495756


Company Illyria.
7 Aug 08Acorn Arts Centre, Penzance :: V1747286290
listing details L01045651838
25 Jul 08Theatr Mwldan, Cardigan :: V1004
listing details L1003362769
1 Jul 08The Hawth, Crawley :: V720
listing details L01599088906


Company The Actor Works. Director Helen Alexander.
27 Jun 07 to 30 Jun 07Jack Studio Theatre (previously Brockley Studio Theatre), Outer London :: V299
listing details L1763741479


Company Chapterhouse Theatre Company.
2 Sep 06Lincoln Castle, Lincoln :: V01797797736
listing details L0410329844


Company South Hill Park Community Theatre. Director Alastair Whatley.
20 Jul 06 to 29 Jul 06South Hill Park Arts Centre, Wilde Theatre, Bracknell :: V731
listing details L1331011250


Producer South Hill Park.
20 Jul 06 to 29 Jul 06South Hill Park Arts Centre, Wilde Theatre, Bracknell :: V731
listing details L01538339501


Company Didcot Pheonix Drama Group.
25 May 06 to 27 May 06Didcot Civic Hall, Didcot :: V1102
listing details L01109890886


Company Oxford Shakespeare Company. Director Chris Pickles.
20 Aug 05 to 28 Aug 05Kew Gardens, Outer London :: V484230323
listing details L1444685058
4 Jul 05 to 19 Aug 05Wadham College, Oxford :: V804
listing details L1653904680


Company Rain or Shine Theatre Company.
29 Jul 05Bacon Theatre, Cheltenham :: V89
listing details L1457865138


Producer Wild Thyme Productions Ltd. Director Stephen Jameson. Design Lydia Hardiman. Lighting Rob Hallidahy. Costume Stewart Charlesworth. Performer Paul Bigley (Sir John Falstaff).
7 Jul 05 to 17 Jul 05Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Inner London :: V1170
listing details L0254451078


Company Bancroft Players.
29 Jun 05 to 3 Jul 05General, General :: V1275
listing details L636236274


Company Bancroft Players. Director Rosemary Bianchi.
29 Jun 05 to 3 Jul 05Queen Mother Theatre, Hitchin :: V46
listing details L01881441618


Company Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.
28 May 05Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea :: V833
listing details L01936136841
18 May 05Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury :: V99
listing details L1807634067


Company Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.
4 May 05 to 7 May 05Redgrave Theatre, Bristol :: V858
listing details L01291009110


Company Theatre Setup.
13 Jul 04Millfield Theatre, Outer London :: V316
listing details L1613151721


Bring a picnic, a low backed seat or blanket and wrap up warm!Company International Theatre Set-Up.
4 Jul 04Bowhill Theatre, Selkirk :: V01726262774
listing details L462030686


Rainbows charity performance Sat 23 AugProducer De Montfort Hall.
15 Aug 03 to 23 Aug 03De Montfort Hall, Leicester :: V430
listing details L538880792


Producer Royal Shakespeare Company. Director Rachel Kavanaugh. Design Peter McKintosh. Lighting Hartley TA Kemp. Music Terry Davies. Sound Gregory Clarke. Choreographer Scarlett Mackmin. Performer Greg Hicks. Performer Richard Cordery. Performer Kate Best. Performer Claire Carrie. Performer Simon Coates. Performer Richard Copestake. Performer Lindsey Fawcett. Performer Alison Fiske. Performer Michael Gardiner. Performer Chuk Iwuji. Performer Kieron Jecchnis. Performer Adam Kay. Performer David Killick. Performer Tom Mannion. Performer Ciaran McIntyre. Performer Karl Morgan. Performer James O'Donnell. Performer Patrick Romer. Performer Lucy Tregear. Performer Hannah Young.
6 Jun 03 to 2 Aug 03Old Vic Theatre, West End :: V402
listing details L0478282284
28 May 03 to 31 May 03Hall for Cornwall, Truro :: V1183
listing details L838780862
20 May 03 to 24 May 03General, Kendal :: V1210
listing details L0176031865
13 May 03 to 17 May 03General, General :: V1263791574
listing details L0664335157
6 May 03 to 10 May 03General, General :: V617861838
listing details L832317903
29 Apr 03 to 3 May 03General, General :: V0983839876
listing details L588190355
23 Apr 03 to 25 Apr 03Third Floor Arts Centre, Portsmouth :: V772
listing details L02017637211
24 Mar 03 to 29 Mar 03Dorchester Arts Centre, Dorchester :: V1068
listing details L0805524650
12 Feb 03 to 14 Feb 03Parr Hall, Warrington :: V472
listing details L1761160788
23 Oct 02 to 25 Jan 03Swan Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon :: V136
listing details L468892208


Company Heartbreak Productions. Director Peter Mimmack. Design Emma Thompson. Costume Sylvia Tai. Costume Margaret Shepherd. Music Robin Jarvis.
28 Jun 03Kenwood Lakeside, Inner London :: V398746117
listing details L2091016846
18 Jun 03 to 19 Jun 03General, General :: V1281
listing details L2120966662


Director Gerry Tuff.
2 Jun 03 to 7 Jun 03Chesil Theatre, Winchester :: V784
listing details L1051926309


Company Oddsocks Theatre.
27 Jan 03 to 29 Jan 03mac birmingham - Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham :: V146
listing details L846254861
10 Jan 03 to 11 Jan 03Jacksons Lane, Outer London :: V312
listing details L187217287
9 Jan 03The Castle, Wellingborough :: V465
listing details L2014288369
2 Jan 03 to 4 Jan 03New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth :: V769
listing details L1311907222
30 Dec 02Assembly Rooms, Ludlow :: V113
listing details L680782539
28 Dec 02 to 29 Dec 02Wyeside Arts Centre, Builth Wells :: V850
listing details L0719639328
20 Dec 02 to 23 Dec 02Queen's Hall Arts Centre, Hexham :: V984
listing details L01458393451
18 Dec 02 to 19 Dec 02Rosehill Theatre, Whitehaven :: V9
listing details L2057440934
17 Dec 02The Joseph Rowntree Theatre Ltd, York :: V1247303862
listing details L01563613233
22 Nov 02 to 23 Nov 02Cricklade Theatre, Andover :: V763
listing details L0344504879
20 Nov 02Oakengates Theatre at The Place, Telford :: V110
listing details L01563593479
19 Nov 02Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal :: V6
listing details L01643589393
16 Nov 02Playhouse, Alnwick :: V1176
listing details L1270536532
14 Nov 02 to 15 Nov 02Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton :: V160
listing details L0876998885


Company Key Youth Theatre.
22 Aug 02 to 31 Aug 02Key Theatre, Peterborough :: V27
listing details L01022801767


Company Dream Theatre Company.
24 Jul 02 to 27 Jul 02General, General :: V1269
listing details L1825496394


Sponsored by Halifax plc and supported by the Arts Council of England.Company Northern Broadsides. Director Barrie Rutter. Director Conrad Nelson. Design Jessica Worrall. Performer Barrie Rutter (Falstaff). Performer Fine Time Fontayne. Performer Conrad Nelson. Performer Adam Sunderland. Performer Roy North. Performer Gerard McDermott. Performer Andrew Pollard. Performer Matthew Booth. Performer Joanna Swain. Performer Michelle Hardwick. Performer Maggie Ollerenshaw. Performer Tom Silburn. Performer Marie Louise O'Donnell. Performer Andrew Vincent.
22 May 01 to 26 May 01South Hill Park Arts Centre, Wilde Theatre, Bracknell :: V731
listing details L1172737315
14 May 01 to 18 May 01New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme :: V119
listing details L1226932013
8 May 01 to 12 May 01Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds :: V76
listing details L02134307673
30 Apr 01 to 5 May 01Coliseum Theatre, Oldham :: V497
listing details L01827773423
24 Apr 01 to 28 Apr 01The Forum, Barrow-in-Furness :: V1
listing details L01342381641
23 Apr 01 to 28 Apr 01General, General :: V1265
listing details L2039787499
9 Apr 01 to 21 Apr 01Leeds Playhouse (formerly West Yorkshire Playhouse), Leeds :: V977
listing details L0133187915
5 Apr 01 to 7 Apr 01Low Level Station, Nottingham :: V459
listing details L669612783
2 Apr 01 to 3 Apr 01Rheged Discovery Centre, Penrith :: V02084122279
listing details L1331092249
26 Mar 01 to 31 Mar 01Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough :: V949
listing details L0259539283
23 Mar 01 to 24 Mar 01The Point, Eastleigh :: V1114
listing details L709095728
20 Mar 01 to 21 Mar 01Corn Exchange, Newbury :: V732
listing details L0727546511
12 Mar 01 to 17 Mar 01Forum Studio Theatre (formerly the Chester Gateway), Chester :: V468
listing details L01221201426
1 Mar 01 to 10 Mar 01Viaduct Theatre, Halifax :: V1025
listing details L121304381


Company Open Hand Productions. Director David Rowan. Performer Livy Armstrong. Performer Terry Jermyn. Performer Andrew Stephen. Performer Jeanette Rourke. Performer Sarah-Jane Brindley. Performer Jacqueline Redgewell. Performer Catherine Lambert. Performer Robert Thorburn. Performer Mark Grady. Performer Simon Edwards.
10 Jul 00 to 29 Jul 00General, Cambridge :: V1230
listing details L0437864707


Company St Albans Chamber Opera. Adapted by Otto Nicolai.
7 Mar 00 to 11 Mar 00Abbey Theatre, St Albans :: V50
listing details L1586781918


Company New Shakespeare Company. Director Alan Strachan. Design Paul Farnsworth. Music Catherine Jayes. Choreographer Lisa Kent. Performer Susie Blake (Mistress Ford). Performer Robert Lang (Falstaff). Performer Paul Raffield (Ford). Performer Susan Jane Tanner (Mistres Quickly). Performer Liz Crowther. Performer Richard Addison. Performer Natasha Bain. Performer Michael Tudor Barnes. Performer John Berlyne. Performer Harry Burton. Performer Daniel Crowder. Performer Christopher Goodwin. Performer Emily Hamilton. Performer Ben Hicks. Performer Sara Hillier. Performer Simon McCoy. Performer Vincent Penfold. Performer Rhashan Stone. Performer Giles Taylor. Performer Tony Whittle. Performer Ken Wynne.
24 May 99 to 4 Sep 99Open Air Theatre, West End :: V403
listing details L319732174


Company Questors Theatre.
12 Jul 99 to 16 Jul 99Minack Theatre, Penzance :: V872
listing details L0180580439


Company Pitchy Breath Theatre.
4 Mar 99 to 6 Mar 99The Hawth, Crawley :: V720
listing details L0751612859
4 Mar 99 to 6 Mar 99The Hawth, Crawley :: V720
listing details L728555948


Company Fast and Loose Theatre Company.
18 Jun 98 to 21 Jun 98Bishop's Waltham Palace, Bishops Waltham :: V1228
listing details L0679007168
4 Jun 98 to 7 Jun 98Farnham Library Gardens, Farnham :: V1079
listing details L495004485


Company KDC. Director Kay Dobby.
1 Apr 98 to 4 Apr 98The Ramshorn Theatre, Glasgow :: V620
listing details L01108403771
1 Apr 98 to 4 Apr 98Chiswick Playhouse (formerly The Tabard Theatre), Outer London :: V334
listing details L224633694


Director Ian Judge. Design Tim Goodchild. Company Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC). Performer Leslie Philips. Performer Susannah York. Performer Edward Petherbridge.
11 Dec 97 to 7 Feb 98Barbican Centre, West End :: V371
listing details L1097914266
11 Nov 97 to 15 Nov 97Theatre Royal, Plymouth :: V895
listing details L0666905599
26 Sep 97 to 4 Oct 97Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V570
listing details L1160494672
12 Dec 96 to 23 Aug 97Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon :: V135
listing details L146985360

Other listings

27 Mar 19 to 6 Apr 19Cygnet Theatre (formerly New Theatre), Exeter :: V0135900169
listing details L1228402020
28 Mar 18 to 31 Mar 18Lyric Theatre, Carmarthen :: V1274041426
listing details L01680492596
15 Nov 17 to 25 Nov 17The Lantern Theatre, Sheffield :: V963
listing details L437358894
4 Jul 17 to 5 Jul 17Seckford Theatre, Woodbridge :: V0396171917
listing details L029058765
27 May 04 to 28 May 04Christ's Hospital Theatre, Horsham :: V724
listing details L7201665
22 Apr 00Blackwood Miners' Institute, Caerphilly :: V1424
listing details L733662701
11 Feb 98 to 14 Feb 98Thameside Theatre, Grays :: V39
listing details L01964949954
6 Aug 96 to 7 Sep 96Courtyard Theatre, Inner London :: V184
listing details L1835582330
to 7 Sep 96The Courtyard Theatre, Outer London :: V370
listing details L2108394409

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