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A Touch of Magick
Consultant: A Touch of Magick - Laura Jane Sessions, Make-Up Artist: Stage, Film, Television, Special Effects, Bridal and Photographic work undertaken. Fax: 01379-651052. Mobile: 07714-659029
Updated: 9th Apr 2000 (edit)
Acoustic Consultants
Updated: 17th Nov 1999 (edit)
Adrian James Acoustics
Updated: 17th Nov 1999 (edit)
AFF: Arts Fund-Finders
Consultant: Specialist advice for companies wishing to move forward projects that need financial support. Grant-writing, lottery applications, sponsorship, friends schemes etc
Updated: 25th Nov 2000 (edit)
Alan Orme
Consultant: Experienced Professional Creative Administrator. Undertakes various theatre consultancy work and Local Authority Arts Planning Consultancy. Also training, particularly in public speaking,incorporating role play if appropriate. Business training utilising actors with role play training and experience.
Updated: 17th Mar 2003 (edit)
Andrew Botha Designs
Consultant: Designs for stage productions and floorshows.
Updated: 2nd Apr 2000 (edit)
Architecture for the Arts
Updated: 17th Nov 1999 (edit)
Arts Australia
Consultant: Arts Australia provides services for marketing research, analysis, audience development and ticketing consultancy to cultural, entertainment and arts organisations internationally
Updated: 31st Mar 2000 (edit)
Arts Intelligence Ltd
Consultant: Research and data / database analysis for arts and cultural organisations. Also marketing and management training. Former editors and co-publishers of ArtsBusiness magazine which closed in April 2001. Now publishing ArtsProfessional magazine. Tel 01954 250600 Fax 01954 252600
Updated: 30th May 2001 (edit)
Arts Services
Consultant: Led by Fiona Mason, Arts Services provides management, producing, fundraising and consultancy services to the arts, with a particular focus on contemporary dance. Clients include Maresa von Stockert's Tilted Productions and Jean Abreu.
Updated: 3rd May 2006 (edit)
Consultant: Artsadmin has been in existence for eighteen years and is the only organisation of its kind in Britain promoting and developing new theatre, dance, live art and music by providing companies with a continuous and comprehensive management service.
Updated: 27th Dec 1999 (edit)
Arup Associates
Consultant: Arup Associates, architectural consultancy
Updated: 17th Nov 1999 (edit)
Ash Sakula Architects
Consultant: Website with a sense of humour.
Updated: 17th Nov 1999 (edit)
Bill Chew Associates
Consultant: Bill Chew Associates, architectural consultancy
Updated: 17th Nov 1999 (edit)
Bill Moultrie
Consultant: Lighting and set design, manufacture and installation for theatre, ballet, stage, film and television
Updated: 12th Jul 2001 (edit)
Bob Massey Associates
Consultant: Consulting Engineers specialising in theatre and performing arts projects.Specialists in Arts Centres and small scale projects
Updated: 26th Mar 2001 (edit)
Bronwyn Robertson, The Arts VA
Consultant: I provide support services and research services for creative individuals and production companies.
Updated: 24th Sep 2003 (edit)
Bronwyn Robertson, The Arts VA
Consultant: I provide support services and research services for creative individuals and production companies.
Updated: 24th Sep 2003 (edit)
C&M Lighting & Sound
Consultant: A relatively new Lighting & Sound company specialising in exactly what the name suggests. With well over thirty years of experience in the industry. Please contact either Colin or Martin via E-mail listed below.
Updated: 28th Nov 1999 (edit)
Caring 4 Kids
Consultant: Professional child performer chaperones
Updated: 25th Jan 2000 (edit)
Carr and Angier
Consultant: Carr and Angier, feasibility, planning, equipment and management consultants
Updated: 25th Jan 2000 (edit)
Charles Cryer Workshop
Consultant: Charles Cryer Scenery Workshop, Surrey
Updated: 25th Jan 2000 (edit)
Chris Noden
Consultant: Professional sound engineer and entertainment web design through [Solution Productions].
Updated: 5th Apr 2000 (edit)
Curtain Call
Consultant: Visual and Vocal Dynamics and script consultancy
Updated: 7th Apr 2000 (edit)
David Dixon Associates
Consultant: For performing arts funding advice and support
Updated: 6th Apr 2000 (edit)
Drama by Design Ltd
Consultant: Consultant specialising in the entertainment industry. We provide consultancy services for theatre, TV studios, education and any leisure venues. From feasibility studies to design and specification through to commissioning and training.
Updated: 4th Nov 2004 (edit)
dynamic fx
Consultant: dynamic fx limited, consultancy for magicians and magic acts
Updated: 6th Apr 2000 (edit)
Fine Design
Consultant: Fine Design, that blends the skills of a Chartered Accountant with the technical expertise of a Microsoft Certified Professional and knowledge of the theatre industry.
Updated: 6th Apr 2000 (edit)
Fiona Mason
Consultant: Arts Management consultant and producer. Established Arts Services in 2005 to provide management, producing, fundraising and consultancy services for the arts, with a focus on contemporary dance. Clients include Maresa von Stockert's Tilted Productions and Jean Abreu.
Updated: 3rd May 2006 (edit)
Flamenco Corporate Entertainment and Team Building
Consultant: Flamenco Team Building, Ice Breaking and Corporate Events across the UK and Europe. Go for something unique and different, with HR Director turned professional flamenco dancer Sandra La Espuelita!
Updated: 4th Oct 2007 (edit)
Gary Sanderson
Consultant: Gary Sanderson is an experienced professional who specialises in Production Management and Lighting. He has toured extensively around Europe and N.Africa and is very personable in tricky situations. "I don't have problems, I have a beer after the show!"
Updated: 5th Apr 2000 (edit)
Harvard Public Relations
Consultant: Harvard Public Relations, West Drayton.
Updated: 6th Apr 2000 (edit)
John Brooker
Consultant: Fan Maker. Maker and Hirer of Period Fans to the Theatre, Film and Television Industries
Updated: 6th Apr 2000 (edit)
Joy Sapieka Associates
Consultant: Promotions.
Updated: 6th Apr 2000 (edit)
Kal Ross
Consultant: Sound Designer& Engineer. Extensive experience in a diverse range of theatre, design & music. Background in Acoustics. Favorite piece of kit - BSS SoundWeb. Tel: +44 (0)385 951293
Updated: 8th Apr 2000 (edit)
Kean Lanyon
Consultant: Iain Lanyon, Theatre Graphics and Sharon Kean, Press Relations. Over 20 years experience in the Arts 020 7354 3362
Updated: 19th Sep 2000 (edit)
Ken Dibble Acoustics
Updated: 6th Apr 2000 (edit)
Keough Consulting Services
Consultant: Keough Consulting Services (KCS) specializes in providing quality solutions for organizations seeking excellence in their ticketing operation. KCS is an industry leader in independent Ticketing Consulting services.
Updated: 6th Apr 2000 (edit)
Consultant: KSLD - Innovative architectural lighting design
Updated: 12th Jan 2017 (edit)
Law and Dunbar-Smith
Consultant: Law and Dunbar-Smith architectural consultants
Updated: 6th Apr 2000 (edit)
Lee Associates
Consultant: Architectural consultants
Updated: 24th Nov 1999 (edit)
Levitt Bernstein Associates
Consultant: Levitt Bernstein Associates Ltd architectural consultants
Updated: 6th Apr 2000 (edit)
Lighting Design Partnership
Consultant: Lighting Design Partnership Ltd
Updated: 15th Jul 1998 (edit)
Mainline PR
Consultant: PR for shows and artistes.
Updated: 31st Dec 1999 (edit)
Martek Contracts Limited
Consultant: Martek offer inclusive consultancy services as part of their specialist turnkey contracting package to the theatre sector. We have over 20 years experience in designing, manufacturing and installing theatre and cinema interiors throught the world. Please contact us for an initial discussion. Telephone 020 8687 8687 or E-Mail for an immediate response.
Updated: 23rd Aug 2002 (edit)
Mary Scott
Consultant: Certified Coach in 'who do you think you are' using SIMA (System for Identifying Motivated Abilities). You want to work in the arts, but are not sure what your real abilities are, the direction you should take. Personal one on one coaching, and an individual profile produced. No personality tests or multiple choice, type-casting! SIMA is a registered Company in the UK and is used for individuals and in companies all over the world.
Updated: 6th Sep 2007 (edit)
Consultant: For Artistic web design and bespoke Computer programming. Contact the I.T. specialists.Cambridge based 01223 528147
Updated: 18th Apr 2001 (edit)
Consultant: ModelBox CADCAM services, 3D walkthroughs and animations
Updated: 15th Jul 1998 (edit)
N.M.Designs Ltd.
Consultant: N.M.Designs Ltd. Structural & Mechanical Design Engineers to Theatre & Stage. We specialise in the structural and mechanical design of theatre equipment and stage sets, including, stress analysis, mechanical design calculations, design layouts and detail drawings; that put your ideas into a reality.
Updated: 21st Dec 1999 (edit)
Natalie Brook-Reynolds
Consultant: Freelance Stage Manager
Updated: 20th May 2002 (edit)
Next Stage
Consultant: Next Stage theatre consultancy
Updated: 15th Jul 1998 (edit)
Nick Jones
Consultant: Arts Project Management
Updated: 7th Apr 2000 (edit)
Northern Light
Consultant: Northern Light is one of the leading UK companies specialising in the design, supply and installation of technical equipment for theatres, conference centres and places of entertainment.
Updated: 7th Apr 2000 (edit)
Nyman Libson Paul
Consultant: Chartered Accountants specialising in performing arts areas.
Updated: 7th Apr 2000 (edit)
Open Eye Productions
Consultant: Production company.
Updated: 4th Feb 2000 (edit)
Pauls Stage Page
Consultant: Professional Actor offering advice to amateur companies.
Updated: 8th Nov 1999 (edit)
personal injury protection in texas
Updated: 22nd Aug 2007 (edit)
Peter Byard
Consultant: Peter Byard Computer Consultant to the Theatre Industry. Ex-National Theatre technical manager with many years experience in the theatre
Updated: 7th Apr 2000 (edit)
Positive Solutions
Consultant: UK and Australia-based cultural research and management consulting practice.
Updated: 7th Apr 2000 (edit)
Pritchard Public Relations
Consultant: PPR - public relations company.
Updated: 7th Apr 2000 (edit)
Richard Evans Casting
Consultant: Richard Evans CDG is a Casting Director with 12 years' experience in all media and extensive knowledge of UK and worldwide talent.
Updated: 20th Aug 2002 (edit)
Richard Evans CDG
Consultant: Richard Evans is a Casting Director with 12 years' experience in all media and extensive knowledge of UK and worldwide talent.
Updated: 20th Aug 2002 (edit)
Richard Lord
Consultant: Consultant.
Updated: 19th Jan 2000 (edit)
Robert C Kelly Limited
Consultant: Scotland's principal independent producer of Theatre and Variety shows.
Updated: 19th Jan 2000 (edit)
Sarah Mitchell Partnership
Consultant: Promotions.
Updated: 19th Jan 2000 (edit)
Sue Hyman Associates
Consultant: Promotions company.
Updated: 29th Aug 1998 (edit)
The Magic Key Partnership
Consultant: I help actors move away from their frustrations with the industry. This may be increased self belief, focus on getting more paid work or choice of direction. My method is to use Life Coaching either one to one over the telephone or by email. Please call Lyn on 0845 1297401 or apply online for a FREE consultation Interactive workshops available on a monthly basis. View details on the website
Updated: 24th Jun 2003 (edit)
Theatre Projects Consultants
Updated: 10th Apr 2000 (edit)
Consultant: Specialist through AFF: Arts Fund-Finders for fundraising advice, grant-writing, sponsorship etc.
Updated: 25th Nov 2000 (edit)
Things Theatrical
Consultant: Things Theatrical, training on all aspects of theatre
Updated: 10th Apr 2000 (edit)
tony loveless
Consultant: Specialist fund finding for arts projects and project management. Also agency for new plays/playwrights
Updated: 19th Sep 2002 (edit)
tony loveless
Consultant: Specialist fund finding for arts projects and project management. Also agency for new plays/playwrights
Updated: 19th Sep 2002 (edit)
Unusual Rigging Limited
Consultant: Specialists in rigging systems.
Updated: 29th Mar 2000 (edit)
Vocal Technique for Vocal Confidence
Consultant: Taught by professional Vocal Coach. 20 years experience as actress/singer/writer/director with credits in film,television and West End. Seminars/workshops and Private lessons available and tailored to suit your individual requirements. All vocal problems attended. Fast, accessible, fun method taught to give you fast, longlasting results.Call 07958450382
Updated: 18th Nov 2002 (edit)
William Trotter
Consultant: London-based theatre voice and speech teacher.
Updated: 25th Sep 2000 (edit)
Woolfson Entertainment Group
Consultant: The Company was founded in 1996, to provide marketing services and representation for the theatrical works and recordings of composer Eric Woolfson.
Updated: 27th Dec 1999 (edit)

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