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Kiss Me Kate
Production Availability: The award winning Bounville Musical Theatre Company (BMTC) are proud to present our exciting new production of the classic Cole Porter musical, ‘Kiss me Kate’ based on Shakespeare’s much loved play ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ performed between Tuesday 12th May and Saturday 16th May 2015 at The Crescent Theatre, Sheepcote Street, Birmingham B16 8AE. Box Office: 0121 643 5858. The show follows the antics of a travelling theatre company, cleverly blending elements from the play with musical numbers resplendent with Porter’s witty lyrics and catchy tunes, such as ‘Another Op’nin’, Another Show’ and ‘Too Darn’ Hot’ to name but two, as the main characters battle both onstage and off. It’s a show that brilliantly showcases Porter’s genius at marrying show stopping melodies with lyrics that make you laugh and cry (sometimes in the same number!). see for more info.
Posted: 2nd Jan 2015 by (Production Availability)
The TRials and Tribulations of Mr.Pickwick
Production Availability: This play can be seen at The Brighton Fringe Festival - may 10th,25th & 26th & at The Edinburgh Fringe August 1st - 25th. It is a comic, one man tour de force looking at how Mr.Pickwick through variuous misundestandings is tried for breach of promise of marriage and finds himself incarcerated in The Fleet Debtors' Prison. Here having mingled with some of the most deprived citizens of early Victorian England he changes his philosophy on life. As he puts it "Nearly the whole of my previous life having been devoted to business and the pursuit of wealth, numerous scenes of which I had no previous conception have dawned upon me". On his travels Mr.Pickwick ecounters some of the most vivid and eccentric characters That Charles Dickens ever created.
Posted: 10th Apr 2013 by Nigel Nevinson (Production Availability)
Burly~Esque - The Comedy Show - ADULTS ONLY!!
Production Availability: LAST FRONT ROW TABLE NOW SOLD - BOOK YOURS NOW TO SECURE YOUR NAUGHTY NIGHT OUT* Manchester's newest comedy cabaret group present an hilarious night out at The Willows Variety Centre, Salford, Manchester on Friday 20th January 2012. Based on the movie "Burlesque" with Christina Aguilera & Cher, Cabarade, pokes more than just fun at the story and the characters. Storyline Stress MeOut a retired dancer and owner of her Burly~Esque Lounge unwittingly hires Flick Mabeen (a simple girl from Lower Broughton) who in time reveals her big talent, but will it be enough to save the venue and it's rag tag cast ?
Posted: 1st Dec 2011 by Paul Judge (Production Availability)
Kingdom of Earth
Production Availability: 28 April - 28 May KINGDOM OF EARTH by Tennessee Williams Directed by Lucy Bailey Designed by Ruth Sutcliffe Lighting by Oliver Fenwick Sound Design by Tim Adnitt Starring: Joseph Drake, Fiona Glascott and David Sturzaker To celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth, we are presenting one of Tennessee Williams' rarely performed plays: Kingdom of Earth. The play takes place in a decrepit farm house on the edge of the Mississippi Delta, a few hours before the valley is due to be flooded. Everyone has fled the area, except Chicken, a powerful young man of mixed race, who claims he can sit out the flood on the roof top. Lot, his younger half-brother arrives with his new wife Myrtle, ten years his senior, ex-stripper and sometime whore, to claim back his mother's house from Chicken. A sibling rivalry for possession of Myrtle takes place, whilst the flood waters rise and threaten to consume them. This savage, sexy and comic play has been widely overlooked since its inaugural performance on Broadway in 1968. We hope you can come and discover for yourselves this neglected masterpiece, last performed in London in 1984. Tickets on Sale Now Special events: A Post-Show Q&A will take place on Thursday 19th May, with the company A Pre-Show Talk on Tennessee Williams will take place from 7pm each Monday, free to ticket holders (2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd May)
Posted: 8th Apr 2011 by Emily Vaughn Barratt (Production Availability)
Stage Struck
Production Availability: It's about time we had a REALLY funny comedy on stage. This has been performed by 11 amdram groups, all to great revues. Now I want a professional group to show how it should be done. 01903 490099
Posted: 12th Jan 2010 by (Production Availability)
Production Electrician
Production Availability: Lighting And sound production services available for your event or tour. Contact Richard on 07739039817 to discuss your requirements.
Posted: 13th Oct 2007 by Richard Kasica (Production Availability)
Location Recording Services
Production Availability: Mobile Digital Audio event/music recording and mixing services available. Contact me for details. 07817137316
Posted: 8th Mar 2007 by Richard Kasica (Production Availability)
Production Staff .
Production Availability: We are an electrical engineering company specialising in stage and event services. We supply full production and technical support from initial design, get in, get out and touring crew, for the stage and festival circuit.for more information on how we can help your production contact us by email or phone :07739039817
Posted: 9th May 2006 by Richard Kasica (Production Availability)

Production Availability: I am the marketing Assistant at Millfield Theatre and was wondering how to go about advertising on your website
Posted: 24th Mar 2006 by Anna Andreou (Production Availability)
Lighting Designer & Programmer
Production Availability: London based lighting designer and programmer, available internationally
Posted: 3rd Mar 2006 by David Sadler (Production Availability)
Show /production Staff Available
Production Availability: General /box office and technical/sound and lighting staff available for your production .Richard on 07739039817 or Bruce on 07769732240
Posted: 15th Oct 2005 by Richard Kasica (Production Availability)
Production/Set designer
Production Availability: Hi, I am a Production Designer from Dublin. I have a degree in Production design for Theatre and Film. Currently I am looking for work in London, my website is I am available for work immediately.
Posted: 18th Jul 2005 by Victor Grennan (Production Availability)
Short term student placement
Production Availability: Searching for: Assistance in a dance,opera or drama production in any corner of Great Britain! Term between 6 weeks and 5 months.
Posted: 6th Jul 2005 by Julia Schröder (Production Availability)
Looking for Success at the Edinburgh Festival?
Production Availability: The Edinburgh Festival is all about venue, press and advertising. Without these you have little or no chance of succeeding. From 1998 to 2003 I worked on several different shows at the festival with good audience numbers and strong reviews at venues like rocket, C and hill street. With extensive experience in pre-festival producing offering services in putting together punchy, effective venue application packs, press packs and organising advertising campaigns I can guarantee a greater chance of success. Contact Andreas on a.beltzer@btopenworld .com. Fee subject to negotiation.
Posted: 12th Jan 2005 by Andreas Beltzer (Production Availability)
Writer - Leon Fleming
Production Availability: has a new website featuring work available for licensing, as well as commission details.
Posted: 30th Dec 2004 by leon Fleming (Production Availability)
Starting Voice Theatre Productions
Production Availability: hold the rights to several complete and semi-complete/semi-commisionable plays (full length and one-act) which may be suitable for other production companies. Please get in touch for more details.
Posted: 5th Dec 2004 by Leon Fleming (Production Availability)
Sound, Lighting & General Staff.
Production Availability: We can supply staff for your event theatre or festival .for more details ,phone Richard + 44 (0)7739039817. or email
Posted: 27th Jul 2004 by Richard Kasica (Production Availability)
Production Availability: We are an electrical engineering company , specialising in stage and event services. we can supply your lighting ,sound, generators and staging requirements, including technicians and crew for your building,event, theatre and festival. Electrical inspections including certification to council regulations. Sound systems for hire are from 20 to 80K. Equipment servicing .We can advise on all technical aspects of event services, power requirements staging and touring. Controlengineering supplies engineers for lighting and sound. We aslo supply get in ,get out crew for the stage and festival circuit. Full electrical inspections and planned maintainance for all your equipment including generators,distribution systems,stage lighting and sound systems. Please contact us for details of sound system Specifications and hire details we can supply sound rigs up to 80K. NEED SOMEONE NOW! .We have technicians and crew on standby. For further details Call me on 0044 (0)7817137316 or email:
Posted: 19th Jul 2003 by Richard Kasica (Production Availability)
Crew Wanted
Production Availability: Crew wanted for various contracts,from light theatre to heavy rock and roll.Knowledge preffered.pleaase send c.v.
Posted: 28th Jun 2003 by Richard Kasica (Production Availability)
Help import a US artist to London!
Production Availability: Are you looking for fresh talent with a new perspective for your production? I'm a young artist in the US looking for a way to get a job in the UK. I have a degree in graphic design and have a solid beginning in theatre prod. mgmt. I recently finished a season with the SF Opera as the asst. prod. mgr. I'm open to many different jobs, but mainly interested in theatre production and design. To learn more about my skills and background, write to me for info and my CV.
Posted: 19th Jan 2003 by Nick Venegoni (Production Availability)
Sound and light
Production Availability: Stage lighting designers , lighting board and sound and spotlight operators available. We can design and advise on power requirements for your events. Inspection and testing for electrical systems. Generator servicing. Cable management and Planned maintainance and servicing for your equipment . Sound , lighting operators and send me your c.v.'s for our database.
Posted: 13th Nov 2002 by Richard Kasica (Production Availability)
Voice recording to cd while you wait
Production Availability: Come and spend a morning or afternoon with us in Edinburgh and we'll make a quality recording of your reading and burn it to CD while you wait for only £55.00 + v.a.t. We're theatre friendly and our objective is to make you sound your best. Call 07801 442139 for more details.
Posted: 28th Oct 2002 by Max Blinkhorn (Production Availability)
Work Experience
Production Availability: Graduate of theatre design degree based in south west looking for the opportunity to gain knowledge of set construction for theatre, tv or film. Would be interested in other areas of work, e.g production runner, design assistant. Contact me through E-mail. Cheers.
Posted: 21st Oct 2002 by Philip Wilding (Production Availability)
Production Availability: Three wonderful panto scripts by Roy Barraclough and John Jardine now released for amateur and professional use! Call Volcano Associates on 0115 962 0904
Posted: 10th Jul 2002 by Mark Llewellin (Production Availability)
Work Experience
Production Availability: Hello to anyone and everyone in the media industry! Im currently an undergraduate in Performance Design (set) and I am interested in looking for work experience behind stage, watching and helping constructing sets, for tv/film or theatre, I am interested in how a production progesses. (Yes Ill even do this for free!!) If anyone has any info or you are in the profession looking for runners, could you please contact me via email. Thank You.
Posted: 27th Jun 2002 by Sarah G (Production Availability)
Production Availability: I am 15 and want acting/singing/dancing/modeling job please email me @ if u cn help me because i want to become and actress or phone me on 07763727113 or txt me about jobs at the moment or in the future thank u
Posted: 27th Apr 2002 by Jilna Shukla (Production Availability)
Post-Edinburgh Transfers
Production Availability: Benet Catty is currently looking for possible theatres to transfer one or other of his up-coming Edinburgh Festival productions - Manuel Puig's classic KISS OF THE SPIDERWOMAN and the first Edinburgh Festival revival of Mark Ravenhill's SHOPPING AND F***ING. Information on these and previous shows, reviews etc can be found on Guarentees, first calls and box office splits all considered.
Posted: 26th Apr 2002 by Benet Catty (Production Availability)
New Musical
Production Availability: I am a composer with an already proven track record having had a CD published. However, my true passion lies in the theatre and I have just completed a musical set in post-war Berlin during the Cold War. I am now looking for a theatre company to bring it to life and stage it. I can supply a synopsis, written score, full script and/or audio CD. Can anyone help?
Posted: 1st Apr 2002 by Wally Cartwright (Production Availability)
Production Availability: I am currently writing a new version of the exciting and spectacular pantomime 'Sleeping Beauty'. I hope that I might be able to get it produced professionally for the 2002/2003 Panto season. It has all the hallmarks of a traditional panto, with a cast of 7 characters and a chorus of courtiers and fairies. The script will contain several set-pieces, but could be adjusted by the director, if felt neccesary. I f anyone/any company is interested don't hesitate to send me an email and I shall give you further details!
Posted: 27th Jan 2002 by Robert Pearce (Production Availability)
Set Designer
Production Availability: My name is Howard Lloyd and I am a 29 year old degree qualified set and costume designer seeking rep work with established theatres. Linbury Stage Design Finalist 2001. Much experience in small and large budget shows. Email me at
Posted: 17th Jan 2002 by Howard Lloyd (Production Availability)
Puppet production for sale
Production Availability: PUPPETS FOR SALE - Full 'cast' of Lincolnshire Puppet Theatre production of 'Sleeping Beauty'. 60 rod puppets size 71cm (28 inch)high, all in very good condition. Also some pieces of scenery. Lack of storage space forces sale. All reasonable offers considered. For details and photographs, contact Debbie Waters at
Posted: 14th Jan 2002 by Debbie Waters (Production Availability)
Stage Management/Technician
Production Availability: Have done Drama GCSE and Drama A'Level. Currently studying degree. Love theatre, and would love to get involved as part of the 'crew'. Only experience is working for local community. I would love any offers and would appreciate any experience. Thank you!
Posted: 17th Dec 2001 by Sapna Chavda (Production Availability)
lighting Design and stage electrics
Production Availability: Lighting designer available . 10 years experience of touring shows and circus ,UK and abroad . Stage electrics ,generated power and distribution systems.Control Systems and electronic servicing. Tel. + 44 781 165 6759 .
Posted: 5th Dec 2001 by Richard Kasica (Production Availability)
Theatre companies throughout Great Britain
Production Availability: I represent a very successful lyricist and playwirght who has written a timeless and moving musical adaptation of a wonderful American play. I simply do not know how to contact British Theater companies so that I could send them a CD of the score and other vital information. The play was done very successfully in the U.S. this past September and I think that the British public will find it just as intriguing as have American audiences.
Posted: 30th Nov 2001 by Jeffery Haller (Production Availability)
Lighting Designer and show electrician
Production Availability: Lighting designer and show electrician availabe for all shows and events available for work in the UK and abroad contact me for C.V.and further details
Posted: 1st Oct 2001 by Richard Kasica (Production Availability)
Production Availability: NEW E-MAIL address
Posted: 24th Sep 2001 by MEL ADAMS (Production Availability)
Mel Adams
Production Availability: New Play Needs a producer, That's the Way to do it! first seen at the Puntney Art's Theatre in July Needs a producer. This play has been discribed as '..a controversial and confrontational piece of theatre where Punch and Judy and political correctness finally collide.....must be seen's an award winner.E-mail
Posted: 24th Sep 2001 by MEL ADAMS (Production Availability)
Production Availability: Awkward Pauses is a two-act play with a running time of 90 minutes, set in London during a bout of inclement weather. There are but three characters, Judah, a London marketing executive; Emily, Judah's wife, a professional woman and mother; and Cecil, her assistant at work, a young man twenty years her junior with whom she is having an affair. We meet the three just as she is about to walk out on her husband at Cecil's prompting, and the play deals with what happens when Judah confronts Emily and Cecil on the very evening when they mean to become a couple. For further details see the author's website:
Posted: 24th Aug 2001 by J. BOYER (Production Availability)
Production Availability: A three act play with a running time of any house and forty-five minutes, A Select Few is an exploration of love and betrayal at midlife. Set in the countryside of England, the play is a dinner party. Its hosts are Bertrand and his wife May. Bertrand is a senior faculty member at public school, one, alas, much like Betrand himself, a good cut or two below the best England has to offer, and this is true once again of their guests. At curtain's rise, the party is over. Bertrand confesses to May that he has been having an affair with one of their guests, Melissa Pritchard. In the second act we move to the desert course to witness what has prompted that confession. And in the third act, during the main course, we see the bonds that have held May and Bertrand together lo their many years, as well as the tensions that have kept them at odds. Contact the author's website for further details:
Posted: 24th Aug 2001 by J. BOYER (Production Availability)
21st century character cabaret
Production Availability: PLANET TAK PRESENTS, FROM GRACE-IN SPACE-LAND "ELVIS ON ACID" (the love child of elvis presley and eartha kitt!) FOR QUEER ALINE CABARET VISIT
Posted: 18th Jul 2001 by A.D. Vance (Production Availability)
Production Availability: The higlhy acclaimed musical adaptation by Jonathan Rhodes and Mitch Jenkins is available for performance...'This must be one of the most remarkable achievements on the Fringe...' THE SCOTSMAN 1998....Go to website for more reviews, news, current productions and performing righs
Posted: 8th Jun 2001 by mitch jenkins (Production Availability)
An Evening with Charles Dickens - The Sparkler of Albion
Production Availability: Award winning monoplay from the life letters and works of Charles Dickens
Posted: 18th May 2001 by John Greco (Production Availability)
impact Dancers
Production Availability: Dancers for all occasions.Themes-Theatres-Cabaret-Cruises. Seasons.
Posted: 16th May 2001 by Josephine Slaymaker (Production Availability)

Production Availability:
Posted: 16th May 2001 by Orsolya Kónya (Production Availability)
Sweetie Pie
Production Availability: A contemporary version of Hansel and Gretel for four to seven year olds and their families. The 'ever innovative' (Time Out) Dynamic New Animation (DNA)have created a playful and child-centred approach using contemporary puppetry and physical/visual theatre.
Posted: 13th May 2001 by Adam Bennett (Production Availability)
Sweetie Pie
Production Availability: A contemporary version of Hansel and Gretel for four to seven year olds and their families. The 'ever innovative' (Time Out) Dynamic New Animation (DNA)have created a playful and child-centred approach using contemporary puppetry and physical/visual theatre.
Posted: 13th May 2001 by Adam Bennett (Production Availability)
"Mrs. Moses"
Production Availability: Three act - one woman play as seen at Edinburgh'98 - now avaialble to be performed in small scale venues, schools and churches. The Exodus scenario as told by Moses wife as she is packing for the last leg of their journey to The Promised Land.
Posted: 7th May 2001 by John Slater (Production Availability)
My Fair Lady
Production Availability: Amateur Performance - The Court Theatre, Tring, Hertfordshire June 18th to 23rd 2001
Posted: 3rd May 2001 by Nick Stevens (Production Availability)
Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo
Production Availability: UK tour dates 2002 November 1 - 20
Posted: 22nd Apr 2001 by Gillian Newson (Production Availability)

Production Availability:
Posted: 10th Apr 2001 by Laura Tarantino (Production Availability)

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