Alice follows the white rabbit down his hole into Wonderland and the adventure begins.

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Archive listings for Alice in Wonderland

Work type: Kids show.


Presented byBoxtree Productions.
15 Aug 21Dorchester Arts Centre, Dorchester :: V1068
listing details L899577111


This fresh adaptation of Lewis Carroll's beloved story follows Alice and her little brother Lewis as they tumble into an alternative world full of magic and mayhem as Manchester turns to Madchester...Suitable for all ages, share an unforgettable theatrical experience with family and friends this summer.Presented byHOME. Adapted by Stockroom. Director Lekan Lawal (in association with Stockroom Productions). Design Grace Smart. Musical Director Tayo Akinbode. Lighting Chris Davey. Sound Kate Harvey.
16 Jul 21 to 7 Aug 21Home Theatre, Manchester :: V1858052535
listing details L1129099893


Follow Alice down the rabbit hole as a cast of over 80 performers lead you on a magical adventure around the town of Easingwold. This brand new version of the much loved story will come to life as part of Easingwold's Little Fest weekend and will transport audiences to the nonsensical world of wonderland. You'll join Hatters and Hares for tea, converse with Cats and Caterpillars and avoid the fearsome Queen of Hearts along a journey that just gets curiouser and curiouser.Corporate Sponsor E Kendall & Sons. Adapted by David Jarman. Director Phil Grainger.
2 Oct 15 to 4 Oct 15Theatre Royal, York :: V954
listing details L1081913887


After the success of their 2009 tour of Hans Christian Anderson's 'The Little Mermaid', Uncontained Arts return with this new production of another much-loved classic children's tale. Alice's adventures begin as she abandons her grassy bank one blissful summer's afternoon to follow a white rabbit underground, where she meets all kinds of strange and wonderful characters, taking tea with The Mad Hatter and playing croquet with The Queen of Hearts. Expect the unexpected in this delightful and imaginative version of 'Alice', using a magical mix of music, a burst of energy and an explosion of colour to bring to life the original story of Alice's extraordinary adventures.Company Uncontained Arts.
4 Aug 10 to 29 Aug 10Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh :: V1394079992
listing details L76021161


Company Centre Stage.
17 Jul 10Empire Theatre, Sunderland :: V577
listing details L1824722687


Company Huddersfield Theatretrain.
26 Jun 10Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield :: V972
listing details L1655691643


A play with music, for the whole family, based on the book by Lewis Carroll. Alice’s adventures begin as she abandons her grassy bank one blissful summer’s afternoon to follow a white rabbit down a rabbit hole, where she meets all kinds of strange and wonderful characters, taking tea with The Mad Hatter and playing croquet with The Queen of Hearts. Expect the unexpected in this delightful and imaginative version of Alice, using physical theatre, puppetry, live music, audience interaction and an explosion of colour to bring to life the original story. Recommended age 4+Producer Uncontained Art. Producer Buxton Opera House.
20 Jun 10The Southbank, Inner London :: V0324280152
listing details L0104302734
12 Jun 10 to 13 Jun 10The Lowry, Salford :: V0655996499
listing details L0631107000
16 May 10Arts Depot, Outer London :: V320
listing details L344064578
15 May 10Torch Theatre, Milford Haven :: V820
listing details L0637573271
17 Apr 10Gulbenkian Arts Centre, Canterbury :: V673
listing details L626681706
10 Apr 10Darlington Arts Centre, Darlington :: V563
listing details L01293354205
2 Apr 10 to 3 Apr 10Derby Theatre, Derby :: V1830193620
listing details L01029390687


Amid the madness underground, meet the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, the Walrus and the Carpenter, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, and a cast of quirky characters! Enter a surreal and fantastical world of colour, song and riddles, ruled by a Queen with a very short temper. The further you journey with Alice, the stranger and funnier this world becomes... Don’t be late, don’t lose your head, and watch out for a cat with a big fat grin!Producer Nuffield Theatre Southampton. Adapted by Russ Tunney. Director Russ Tunney. Design Helen Stewart. Lighting Mark Dymock. Sound Rob Jones. Music Matt Baker. Musical Director Richard Reeday. Performer Anne-Marie Piazza (Alice). Performer Simon Lipkin (Mare Hare). Performer Michele Moran (The Queen). Performer Kieran Buckeridge (Mad Hatter). Performer Matthew Woodyatt (White Rabbit).
13 Apr 10 to 17 Apr 10Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke :: V764
listing details L0915670354
6 Apr 10 to 10 Apr 10Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford :: V702
listing details L103946780
25 Mar 10 to 3 Apr 10NST Campus, Southampton :: V776
listing details L1955150707


Company SA15.
25 Feb 10 to 27 Feb 10Theatr Elli, Llanelli :: V819
listing details L144697518


Company Acting Up Theatre Group.
19 Feb 10 to 20 Feb 10Brentwood Theatre, Brentwood :: V1024
listing details L061880149


Producer New Theatre Royal Portsmouth. Adapted by Mike Carter. Director Caroline Sharman. Design Simon Higlett. Lighting Paul Need. Performer Elizabeth Rowden (Queen of Hearts). Performer Christopher Barlow (King of Hearts). Performer Kylan Kennedy (White Rabbit/Cheshire Cat). Performer Craig Storrod (March Hare/Tweedledee). Performer Catrin Livsey (French Mouse/Dormouse).
17 Dec 09 to 2 Jan 10New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth :: V769
listing details L0946483011

The Big Showdown III - T666288946

The Big Act return with this exciting and unique theatrical challenge - to produce this entire production in just 48 hours! Following the sell-out success of last year's The Jungle Book hosted by Justin Lee Collins, this brand new musical production bursts onto stage after just 48 hours rehearsal. With celebrity host. Join Alice on this roller-coaster ride and be tossed and turned through Wonderland encountering all manner of characters from the surreal to the nonsensical including a furiously blood-thirsty queen, a caterpillar who really ought to know better and a hatter who is rather partial to a cup of tea. With a magnificent cast of over 100 including the 'Showdown Chorus', this adrenaline fuelled performance will not only raise the roof but also raise thousands of pounds for charity. Guaranteed fun for the whole family. Charity Performance in aid of Cancer Research UK.Producer The Big Act.
23 Aug 09Bristol Hippodrome, Bristol :: V856
listing details L1304811413


Company Cambridge Touring Theatre. Director Milly Finch. Musical Director Leon Trayman. Performer Lisa Holliman. Performer Karen Kennedy. Performer Cheryl Felgate. Performer Barry Evans.
2 Aug 09Hatfield House, Hatfield :: V691899999
listing details L01123906370
31 Jul 09 to 1 Aug 09The Stables Theatre and Arts Centre, Hastings :: V669
listing details L482289680
26 Jul 09Broadway Theatre, Outer London :: V298
listing details L01144475758
12 Jul 09Hylands Park, Chelmsford :: V901839044
listing details L1690768324
5 Jul 09Blackfriars Arts Centre, Boston :: V440
listing details L01358777741
28 Jun 09Woburn Abbey, Woburn :: V0631094333
listing details L300871974


Company Andover College.
9 Dec 08 to 10 Dec 08The Lights, Andover :: V01975093207
listing details L1959059638


Company BMOS Youth Theatre.
30 Oct 08 to 1 Nov 08Old Rep, Birmingham :: V147
listing details L0563932209


Producer Oldham Theatre Workshop.
22 Jul 08 to 26 Jul 08Coliseum Theatre, Oldham :: V497
listing details L1173338801


Performed by a cast of 40 and utilising puppetry, live music and song, transforming the park into a magical wonderland. Families are encourgaed to bring the children, bring a picnic, bring a rug or low-backed seating and maybe an umbrella! Alice in Wonderland is a partnership project between the Liverpool Culture Company and Halton Borough Council.
28 Jun 08 to 29 Jun 08General, General :: V1263
listing details L02135999931


Join the Mad Hatter for tea, and discover the delights of Alice in Wonderland in a magical retelling of this classic children's tale. Full to the brim with amazing puppets and hilarious songs for the whole family.Company Rough Magic Theatre.
31 May 08The Carriageworks, Leeds :: V1666392263
listing details L0259300526


Company The Storytellers. Adapted by T.J. Lince.
20 Feb 08Electric Theatre, Guildford :: V01732805351
listing details L01517943389
29 Oct 99Abbey Theatre and Arts Centre, Nuneaton :: V1009
listing details L01516385717


Company Cherwell Theatre Company. Adapted by Nasser Memarzia. Director Nasser Memarzia. Performer Karen Ford. Performer John Graham Davies.
16 Jan 08 to 26 Jan 08The Mill Arts Centre (formerly The Mill), Banbury :: V794
listing details L971524225


Producer Helix Dublin.
1 Dec 07 to 6 Jan 08The Helix, Dublin :: V842266537
listing details L399959993


Director Dylan White. Performer Kelly Kitchen (Alice). Performer Amy Norwood (White Rabbit). Performer Linda Sunners (Queen of Hearts). Performer Phil Ashby-Crowe (King of Hearts). Performer Dorothy Collins (The Cheshire Cat). Performer Mike Melville (The Dodo). Performer John Smith (The Caterpillar). Performer Adam Wade (The Mad Hatter). Performer David Norwood (The March Hare). Performer Diana Soctt (The Gryphon).
11 Dec 07 to 15 Dec 07Harlequin Theatre, Northwich :: V474
listing details L1335922241


Company PMA Productions. Adapted by George Critchley. Adapted by Arnie Breen.
22 Feb 06 to 23 Feb 06Georgian Theatre Royal, Richmond :: V944
listing details L01255677717


Adapted by Jo Creese.
9 Dec 04 to 18 Dec 04Chats Palace, Outer London :: V301
listing details L314064379


Company Westwood Performing Arts.
15 Dec 03 to 18 Dec 03General, General :: V1279
listing details L01464012144


All the fantastic characters are here - the Mad Hatter, the evil Queen of Hearts, Tweedle Dee and Dum and many more. Set against a background of 60s psychedelia and with music from The Doors, The Beatles, The Stones and more, a really crazy evening is promised! Weird and wonderful fun for all the family!Company Aberystwyth Arts Centre Castaway Community Theatre.
11 Dec 03 to 13 Dec 03Arts Centre, Aberystwyth :: V817
listing details L086474379


Company Beverley Marks Stage School.
1 Jun 03Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch :: V41
listing details L648558149


Company Cavalcade Theatre Company.
21 Jun 02 to 22 Jun 02Arts Theatre, Cambridge :: V19
listing details L01893590923


Company Mow Cop Players (Junior Section). Adapted by Cyril Bennett.
8 Mar 02 to 9 Mar 02Mitchell Arts Centre, Stoke-on-Trent :: V999
listing details L01863214489


In [Forbidden Theatre Company]'s Alice in Wonderland all of [Lewis Carroll]'s famous creations will be present, although Alice herself is an eighteen year old girl from Victorian times nervously preparing for marriage. The Wonderland this Alice visits is a manifestation of her hopes and fears as she prepares to leave childhood behind, created through her whimsical dreams on the night before her wedding.Company Forbidden Theatre Company. Adapted by Pilar Orti. Adapted by Georgia Bance. Director Georgia Bance. Music Craig Adams. Choreographer Philip Hoffman. Design Kate McDermott. Lighting Tracey Hammill.
12 Aug 01 to 26 Aug 01The Fringe Office, Edinburgh :: V1059
listing details L1823221543
14 Feb 01 to 25 Feb 01The New Diorama Theatre, Inner London :: V258
listing details L0750869337


Company Denys Edwards Players.
31 Jul 01 to 4 Aug 01Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L1932312134


Performed by children for children of all ages.Company Centre Stage Youth. Adapted by Roma Tomelty.
13 Jan 00 to 15 Jan 00Ulster Hall and Group Theatre, Belfast :: V549
listing details L01894075902


Company Progress Theatre.
29 Dec 99 to 8 Jan 00Progress Theatre, Reading :: V737
listing details L01262686506


Christmas Show for all the family.Adapted by Mike Carter. Director Mike Carter.
8 Dec 99 to 30 Dec 99Gardner Arts Centre, Brighton :: V653
listing details L1014826006


Company Ashcroft Academy.
15 Dec 99 to 18 Dec 99The Studio, Beckenham, Outer London :: V355
listing details L01714933157


Company Leicestershire Schools Theatre Company.
8 Dec 99 to 10 Dec 99Phoenix Arts, Leicester :: V432
listing details L0383334757


Original adaptation.Company Stantonbury Campus Youth Theatre.
24 Jun 99 to 26 Jun 99Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes :: V752
listing details L45566593

Other listings

25 Apr 15 to 28 Apr 15Merton Abbey Mills, Outer London :: V369
listing details L1761902677
27 Jun 10Arts Centre, Norwich :: V73
listing details L1233651333
6 Jun 10Open Air Theatre, West End :: V403
listing details L1118075661
25 Oct 08The Carriageworks, Leeds :: V1666392263
listing details L1511476070
6 Apr 01 to 7 Apr 01Pier Theatre, Bournemouth :: V907
listing details L0895206645
5 Sep 99Phoenix Arts, Leicester :: V432
listing details L339935853
5 Mar 99 to 13 Mar 99Gawsworth Hall, Gawsworth :: V1283
listing details L01331530493
30 Dec 98 to 2 Jan 99Union Theatre, Inner London :: V1167
listing details L01543956063

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