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Below are details of five randomly chosen play scripts currently available through our sister site ScriptCircle (Full Catalogue of nearly 500 plays - html, large!)

Never Judge a Bookie

NeverJudge a Bookie is a comedy set in a High Street Bookmakers. When bookie Stan lets slip his true feelings for his unhappily married co-worker Cheryl he immediately tries to rectify the situation but isnít quite able to before the dayís regulars start to arrive in the shop. The regulars include Fiddler, a die hard gambler who insists that he has an invisible dog called Jessie. Sam, who suffers many misfortunes in life, including having a very high speaking voice. A lollypop lady, who hat ... read more

Author: BEDFORD, Ian
Cast (at least 10): 6 men 4 women - Full-Length.

The October Surprise.

A disaster has hit the Angel Islington Tube Station in London. No-one knows whether terrorists have attacked, or some natural catastrophe has occurred, but deep beneath London's streets Hundreds of people lie dead, the victims of a series of cave-ins that have left a few pockets of survivors. These survivors led by Mike and his soon-to-be brother in law Jeff try to fight their way from the deadly platforms and the lethal cave-in's into the presumed calm and safety of an atrium at the foot of the ... read more

Author: SMITH, Phil
Cast (at least 10): 8 m 2 f - Full-Length.
Files available for downloadOn-line performing licences


Edith and Selina are sisters. They were both VADs in World War 1 but have not seen each other for many years. They have lived very different lives and there is unfinished business between them relating to a young war poet, Edith's fiancee, who died during the conflict ...

Author: HOPKINS, Ned
Cast: 2F - One-Act.
Files available for downloadHistorical

The Sword of Anathema

Set in the 11th century the play is a fiction based on the Investiture Dispute between Pope Gregory 7th and Henry 4th, king of Germany. It covers the period from Easter 1076 to the following January. It begins with the excommunication of Gregory, engineered by Henry at Utrecht Cathedral. This was in response to his own earlier excommunication by Gregory. At the time Henry was at the height of his powers, having recently seen off a challenge by the German Barons. Gregory however was isolated a ... read more

Author: MANKTELOW, Roger
Cast (at least 8): 10M 4F - Full-Length.
Files available for downloadBased on real people/events


On a guided tour of an art gallery, Beatrice notices a lone man, Jon, crying in front of a painting. She knows the tragic story behind the painting: the apinter;s wife killed herself because he was unfaithful, and in remorse he painted her in a heavenly repose. Beatrice offers help, and it transpires that, for Jon, whose wife died of leukaemia while he was with another woman, the painting tells his own story. His guilt makes life no longer worth living. Beatrice, though, has her own haunting sec ... read more

Author: PLOWMAN, Gillian
Cast (at least 4): 1M, 1F plus 5. - One-Act.

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RMJI Scripts

Three plays available through StagePlays. All three of these plays have won Best New Play awards.

The Chip Van Plays Dixie by Robert IlesThe Chip Van Plays Dixie
an one-act play for 1M/1F. A poignant slice of life comedy set on a bench by a cemetery where two strangers find that they have more in common than they thought, more even than a love of chips, real chips.
Head case by Robert IlesHead Case
An all female three hander one-act play script. A blind sculptress models a head on an unknown skull for her police detective sister. An award-winning ghost story.
Towpath by Robert IlesTowpath
Four strangers meet on a canal bank, each has a story to tell and a history to share.

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