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Once upon a time a little boy finds himself lost in the jungle, in hiding from the fearsome tiger Shere Khan. He finds shelter with a wolf pack who name him 'Mowgli the Frog' and raise him like one of their own cubs. Baloo, the fun-seeking bear, and Bagheera, the serious panther, try to teach him the law of the jungle, but the more Mowgli the learns, the more confusing all these rules become. He's stolen by the Bandar-log monkeys, but his friends will always rescue him, even when Shere Khan tries to banish him from the jungle forever. Mowgli's adventures are far from over.... A coming of age story about the desire for freedom that beats in the heart of every child.Presented byChichester Festival Youth Theatre. Book by Rudyard Kipling. Adapted by Sonali Bhattacharyya.
16 Dec 23 to 31 Dec 23Chichester Festival Theatre, Chichester :: V719
listing details L1238877018

Summer Play in the Park - T523510721

Promenade performance - With the enchanting park as their backdrop, this epic setting for the story of Mowgli, Baloo and the fearsome villains Shere Kahn & Kaa is told as you follow the drama by moving from one wonderful jungle location to another.Producer The Dukes. Adapted by Andrew Pollard. Director Sarah Punshon. Performer Pushpinder Chani (Bagheera). Performer Lisa Howard (Shere Khan). Performer Helen Longworth (Baloo). Performer Purvi Parma (Akela). Performer Jason Patel (Mowgli).
22 Jul 22 to 28 Aug 22The Dukes, Lancaster :: V523
listing details L01786197312


Join Mowgli as Bagheera and Baloo help him on his journey through the jungle back to the man- village . Watch as they encounter the monkeys, run from Shere Khan the tiger and get hypnotised by Kaa the snake. A fun family show that takes you on a rollercoaster adventure! Brought to the stage by a cast of 5 actors, this production is sure to entertain the smallest to the eldest of your wolf pack.Presented byDOT Productions.
28 Jul 22Brentwood Theatre, Brentwood :: V1024
listing details L1324532600


Beware Shere Khan the tiger as he prowls through the undergrowth in hunt of the man cub. Listen and learn from Baloo the bear as he teaches the Laws of the Jungle. Stay away from the ruined city of Cold Lairs, where wild figs grow from palace towers. Here lurks the Cobra, guardian of the King's treasure. And remember, never ever play with the Bandarlog monkeys! Join Mowgli the man cub, raised by the Seeone wolf pack, as he learns the ways of the jungle, the ways of man, and seeks out what all in the jungle fear most, the secret of the red flower.Corporate Sponsor Horsey Lightly. Book by Rudyard Kipling. Director Tom Jackson Greaves. Choreographer Tom Jackson Greaves. Lyrics Sanah Ahsan (and poet). Director Annie Southall (assistant). DramaturgPriya Patel. Music Dom Coyote. Design Jasmine Swan. Lighting Andrew Exeter. Performer Peter Ashmore (Shere Khan). Performer Alexander Bean (Bagheera). Performer Guido Garcia Lueches (Tabaqui). Performer Rowena Lennon (Baloo). Performer Karishma Ypung (Mowgli).
18 Nov 21 to 31 Dec 21The Watermill Theatre, Newbury :: V733
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I'm gone, man, solid gone. Not yet Baloo! Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera are the coolest cats in our ever-changing world. Two loving Dads, nothing to worry about except the bare necessities; yet the jungle is shrinking and there's deadly danger in the trees. Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre's loving adaptation of the film and book, with plenty in there for big and little swingers alike. Take a glance at the fancy ants. Oh Baloo, I want to stay here with you How will he survive? How will he survive? Why, it's easy! All you need are the bare necessities, right, everybody?
24 Jul 21 to 29 Aug 21Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre, Chester :: V1214984677
listing details L835945326


Based on the popular children's book by Rudyard Kipling, this fast-paced retelling will keep audiences on the edge of their seats in this crazy adventure through the deep, dark depths of the jungle. You'll be laughing and singing along to this live action family adventure as Bagheera watches over Mowgli and Baloo, ensuring they don't come into too much trouble by the powerful jungle leader Sheer Khan and his sidekick Kaa... Who knows what other creatures we'll meet along the way?
18 Feb 20Broadway Theatre, Letchworth :: V01514782357
listing details L1486972381


Mowgli swings from one wild adventure to another with his friends Baloo the Bear and Bagheera the panther. As he learns the law of the Jungle danger is never far away; Shere Khan the Tiger is on the prowl? Picnics welcome but beware those pesky monkeys!Company JW Productions.
29 May 19 to 2 Jun 19BOAT (Brighton Open Air Theatre), Brighton :: V1621432169
listing details L604073452


From the production team behind last year's production of Alice In Wonderland comes a brand-new hilarious family production. See this classic story brought to life with brand new songs, creative staging and bags of fun. See the story of the boy Mowgli, raised in the jungle by wolves. When Shere Khan swears to kill the child, Baloo and Bagheera take the boy to the man village for safety. But there's danger and surprises for them all in this hilarious adventure of a lifetime!
1 Jun 19 to 2 Jun 19Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne :: V665
listing details L01943745807


Award-winning writer Neil Duffield's new adaptation of The Jungle Book is inspired by Rudyard Kipling's magical stories, and is brought to life with brand new songs. Whilst growing up in the jungle and facing battles with the ruthless Shere Khan, Mowgli learns what it truly means to belong thanks to friends Baloo and Bagheera. The Jungle Book will have fully integrated BSL interpretation and Captioning, and will also be Audio Described.Author Neil Duffield. Director Sarah Brigham.
5 Apr 19 to 20 Apr 19Derby Theatre, Derby :: V1830193620
listing details L1298981466


When the young Mowgli appears in the jungle, and Baloo the bear, Bagheera the panther and Akela the wolf surround him to protect him from the attack of the tiger Shere Khan, none of them can possibly anticipate the series of adventures that lies ahead. Endlessly pursued by the monkeys who want Mowgli to make them human, finding an uneasy alliance with the hypnotic snake Kaa and learning the devastating power of fire from the villages that surround the jungle, Mowgli will have to learn the law of the jungle to survive, before ultimately choosing his place in the world. The perfect summer treat for all the family, we proudly present the UK premiere of this dynamic adaptation of The Jungle Book, bringing Rudyard Kipling's classic tale to the stage with thrilling percussion, vibrant puppetry and Kipling's unforgettable, larger-than-life characters.Book by Rudyard Kipling. Adapted by Tracey Power. Director James Haddrell. Director Sabina Netherclift (movement director). Producer Greenwich Theatre. Performer Joseph Black. Performer Antonia Elson. Performer David Hubball. Performer Serin Ibrahim. Performer Kandaka Moore.
28 Aug 18 to 1 Sep 18Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes :: V752
listing details L171068596


An abandoned child raised by wolves, has his peaceful existence threatened by the return of the man-eating tiger Shere Khan. Facing certain death, Mowgli must overcome his reluctance to leave his wolf family. But he is not alone on his quest: Aided by Bagheera the panther and by the carefree bear Baloo , he braves the jungle's many perils.Company Jellyfish Theatre.
31 May 18 to 2 Jun 18Theatre at the Tabard, Outer London :: V334
listing details L684718927
14 Feb 18 to 17 Feb 18Theatre at the Tabard, Outer London :: V334
listing details L0229321824


We are delighted to be creating a vivid new adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's family classic for the Royal stage this Christmas. A wild and funny tale of family, belonging and identity, this production is packed with memorable characters, new songs and brilliant storytelling. Mowgli the man cub battles for survival in this heartwarming coming-of-age story about a boy raised by wolves in the jungle. With the help of his animal friends, including Bagheera the panther, Baloo the bear and Kaa the python, Mowgli outwits the cruel and powerful tiger, Shere Khan, and learns the law of the jungle.Producer Children's Touring Partnership. Producer Royal and Derngate. Adapted by Jessica Swale. Director Max Webster. Music Joe Stilgoe. Design Peter McKintosh. Costume Peter McKintosh. Music Paul Herbert (musical supervision / orchestration). Choreographer Lizzi Gee. Lighting Charles Balfour. Design Nick Barnes (puppets). Director Nick Barnes (puppets). Director Kate Waters (fight director). Sound Matt McKenzie. Performer Rachel Dawson (Kaa Grey). Performer Lloyd Gorman (Shere Khan). Performer TJ Holmes (Hiran). Performer Avita Jay (Raksha). Performer Keziah Joseph (Mowgli). Performer Dyfrig Morris (Balloo). Performer Deborah Oyelade (Bagheera). Performer Tripti Tripuraneni (Akala). Performer Ruri James (ensemble). Performer Chipo Kureya (ensemble).
8 May 18 to 12 May 18Blackpool Grand Theatre, Blackpool :: V518
listing details L1931795773
3 Apr 18 to 7 Apr 18Theatre Royal Plymouth, Plymouth :: V895
listing details L0360145922
20 Mar 18 to 24 Mar 18Arts Theatre, Cambridge :: V19
listing details L01450886493
13 Mar 18 to 17 Mar 18Malvern Theatres, Malvern :: V01718852442
listing details L01625207892
13 Feb 18 to 17 Feb 18Everyman & Playhouse, Liverpool :: V535
listing details L229055052
7 Feb 18 to 10 Feb 18Richmond Theatre, Outer London :: V327
listing details L1922169794
25 Jan 18 to 3 Feb 18Chichester Festival Theatre, Chichester :: V719
listing details L1918110670
28 Nov 17 to 31 Dec 17Royal & Derngate, Northampton :: V449
listing details L1924454591


Featuring a young cast filled with plenty of local talent, this magical retelling of the classic story makes a perfect family treat. Mowgli grows up thinking that he's as fierce as a wolf, but when he learns that he's actually human, he must discover how to reconcile two very different worlds. Will he remain with the pack or return to the human world? The Man In The Moon provides locally based drama workshops for children aged five to eighteen years old. They offer young people the opportunity to be part of a theatre company that produces and performs classic productions in a real life theatre.Company The Man in the Moon.
5 Apr 18 to 7 Apr 18Electric Theatre, Guildford :: V01732805351
listing details L037259326


An exciting new adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's family classic comes to life in this colourful new show from the team behind Goodnight Mister Tom and Michael Morpurgo's Running Wild. Loved as a wild and fun tale of family, belonging and identity, this production is packed with memorable characters, new songs and brilliant storytelling. Mowgli the man cub battles for survival in this heart-warming coming-of-age story about a boy raised by wolves in the jungle. With the help of his animal friends, including Bagheera the panther, Baloo the bear and Kaa the python, Mowgli outwits the cruel and powerful tiger, Shere Khan, and learns the law of the jungle.
27 Mar 18 to 31 Mar 18Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V570
listing details L0989333499


This Christmas time our fun festive treat for ages 5+ will be an imaginative, all new re-telling of Rudyard Kipling's classic tale The Jungle Book. Filled with music, dance and song make sure that you join us for a whole host of jungle fun. Don't forget to practice your ROAR! Continuing Unity's successful partnership with acclaimed children's theatre company Action Transport Theatre, don't miss this theatrical family festive feast!Company Action Transport Theatre.
11 Jan 18 to 14 Jan 18Theatre Porto (formerly Action Transport Theatre), Ellesmere Port :: V01372729980
listing details L816971773
11 Jan 18 to 14 Jan 18Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L136298683
1 Dec 17 to 6 Jan 18Unity Theatre, Liverpool :: V539
listing details L0275593670


Lost and alone in the jungle, how will the infant Mowgli survive in this terrifying but wonderful new world? And how will he escape the claws of the vengeful tiger, Shere Khan? Only the help and guidance of Baloo the bear, Bagheera the panther and Akela the wolf can protect him from the mischievous monkeys, the powerful python Kaa, and ultimately from himself. Rudyard Kipling's classic tales of the Indian jungle, animals, humans, friendship, love and the natural laws that bind us all together, are brilliantly brought to the stage in BB Cooper's musical, written by Toby Hulse. A spell-binding, edge-of-your-seat adventure of song, dance, music and laughter that evokes the brilliance of Kipling's original stories.Music BB Cooper. Author Toby Hulse. Director Martin Berry. Lighting Richard Statham.
12 Jul 17 to 23 Jul 17Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham :: V0165922284
listing details L648976063


Le Navet Bete return to Barbican Theatre this Christmas with their fun and energetic take on The Jungle Book. Join us to see Mowgli, Bagheera, Baloo, Shere Khan, Kaa and probably an ape or two for an unforgettable fools' retelling of the classic tale. A really accessible show, suitable for the whole family!Presented byBarbican Theatre. Company Le Navet Bete. Director Mark Laville. Choreographer Jules Laville.
13 Dec 16 to 15 Jan 17Barbican Theatre, Plymouth :: V894
listing details L01325220432


A timeless story brought to life for the stage, The Jungle Book, highlights the struggle of good versus evil, the worth of friendship, the importance of loyalty and other values required for surviving the 'laws of the jungle'. Faithful to Rudyard Kipling's original beloved story, this musical adaptation has provwn a hit with theatres both in the United Kingdom and abroad.Presented byTheatre Royal Youth Theatre.
7 Jul 16 to 9 Jul 16Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds :: V76
listing details L1047767693


The Savoy Youth Theatre Academy presents a special stage version of the 1967 Disney classic adapted entirely for young people to perform. Hear all the favourite numbers from the film - "I'm the King of the Swingers" and "I Wanna Be Like You" and many more.Presented bySavoy Youth Theatre Academy.
4 Jun 16 to 5 Jun 16Savoy Theatre, Monmouth :: V443781892
listing details L0788840955


In the magical Indian jungle, a new arrival changes the animal kingdom forever. In this beautiful adaptation by award winning writer Laura Turner, all your favourite animal characters are brought to life to create an enchanting and fun-filled musical show for children of all ages. Join Mowgli on his wonderful adventures with the loveable and wise Baloo the Bear, the powerful panther Bagheera, not to mention mischievous monkeys and the terrifying tiger Shere Khan! A guaranteed summer hit for all the family at some of the most beautiful gardens of the UK and Ireland.Producer Richard Main. Company Chapterhouse Theatre Company. Director Philip Stevens. Director Jessica Reilly. Performer Eva Savage (Amira / Nisha / Kaa / Paneesh). Performer Ben Darlington (Mowgli). Performer Hannah Douglas (Bagheera). Performer Sarah Xanthe (Shere Kahn / Raksha / Visha). Performer Aaron Charles (Baloo). Performer Chris Huntly-Turner (Taj / Shararti / Akela / Pang).
12 Aug 14Villa Marina and Gaiety Theatre, Douglas :: V915
listing details L01370593043


Set in the vibrant tropical jungle of India and adapted from the original Rudyard Kipling story, this production dramatises the journey to maturity of Mowgli the man cub. Set in the vibrant tropical jungle of India and adapted from the original Rudyard Kipling story, this production dramatises the journey to maturity of Mowgli the man cub. With loving care from his adopted wolf family and much advice from Bagheera the panther and Baloo the bear, Mowgli stands firm against the manipulation of Shere Khan the tiger. During the light hearted half hour rehearsal, some children are chosen and rehearsed into their parts while the rest of the audience is taught the choruses of four songs. During the interval the actors and children are costumed and the show, lasting 1 hour, runs seamlessly with everyone taking part as rehearsed. Running time: 1hrCompany Image Theatre Company.
8 Jun 14Waterside Arts Centre, Sale :: V0383692381
listing details L01434319305
26 May 14Buxton Opera House, Buxton :: V424
listing details L01093106950
3 May 14The Harlequin, Redhill :: V707
listing details L361381619
11 Apr 14Otley Courthouse, Otley :: V688880113
listing details L01273712736
5 Apr 14Millfield Theatre, Outer London :: V316
listing details L1671740426


You may think you know Jungle Book, but Indigo Moon Theatre brings you a surprisingly good story that harkens back to the poetry & spirit of Rudyard Kipling's original books. Fearless and free, Mowgli the ?man-cub,' finds fun and friendship as he learns to live by the Law of the Jungle. Mowgli's wild adventures in the dangerous world he inhabits are brought to life with inventive shadow theatre, powerful original music and colourful digital projections. A contemporary tale: it offers us wisdom in our eternal quest for love, identity and belonging. Age 4+. Running time 50minsCompany Indigo Moon Theatre.
12 Apr 14Savoy Theatre, Monmouth :: V443781892
listing details L1088927346
16 Nov 13Norwich Puppet Theatre, Norwich :: V70
listing details L90590223


We are delighted to announce that our Christmas show for 2013 will be Stuart Paterson's successful stage version of The Jungle Book. The sights and sounds of the Indian jungle come alive in this tropical quest where fun and friendship are mixed with heart-stopping dangers and surprises, true to the spirit of Kipling's original stories. Recommended for all 6 years +Corporate Sponsor Mitchells Hire Drive. Adapted by Stuart Paterson. Director Nikolai Foster. Design Takis. Music BB Cooper. Lyrics Rudyard Kipling. Lyrics Barb Jungr. Lighting James Whiteside. Choreographer Cressida Carre. Music Sarah Travis (orchestrator). Design Justin Wilson (puppet maker and designer). Performer Henry Bauckham (Tabaqui). Performer Jorell Coiffic-Kamall (Bagheera). Performer Jake Davies (Mowgli). Performer Chris Donald (Ensemble). Performer Jack Lord (Akela). Performer Lanre Malaolu (Shere Khan). Performer Loren O'Dair (Raksha). Performer Obioma Ugoala (Baloo). Performer Elexi Walker (Kaa).
30 Nov 13 to 5 Jan 14Citizens Theatre, Glasgow :: V611
listing details L416602621


Meet Mowgli, the man cub. Baloo the bear thinks he ll make a good student. Shere Khan the tiger thinks he ll make a good meal. Join little lost boy Mowgli in the jungle in a story that has touched the hearts of generations. The Jungle Book transports audiences to a colourful and spectacular land with fire dancers, cheeky monkeys, wolves and awe-inspiring creatures including The Queen of Cobras and Chil the eagle. The fiercest predator of them all, Shere Khan the tiger, has sworn to kill Mowgli. Helped by his loyal friends Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther, Mowgli sets off on an adventure to discover the secret of man s red flower and fight off his arch enemy, only to find he no longer fits in with jungle or village life. Faithful to Kipling s original beloved story, this beautifully staged musical adaptation will feature brand new songs.Producer Lyric Theatre Belfast. Music Conor Mitchell. Director Richard Croxford. Musical Director Conor Mitchell. Performer Pete Ashmore (Shere Khan / Sergent Major / Monkey). Performer Tony Hasnath (Mowgli / Villager). Performer Gerard McCabe (Baloo / Father Wolf / Villager). Performer Charlotte McCurry (Raksha / Villager / Cobra / Monkey / Chil). Performer Karen Rush (Messua / Akela / Monkey / Wolf). Performer Sioned Saunders (Bagheera).
19 Jul 11 to 14 Aug 11Lyric Theatre, Belfast :: V552
listing details L1341392036

Other listings

20 Aug 23The Festival Theatre at Hever Castle, Hever :: V682
listing details L189035826
15 Aug 18 to 26 Aug 18Greenwich Theatre, Outer London :: V308
listing details L923708774
25 Nov 17 to 26 Nov 17Backwell Playhouse, Backwell :: V0804100176
listing details L0920735794
7 Feb 15 to 12 Apr 15Merton Abbey Mills, Outer London :: V369
listing details L0572790236


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