Sweet Charity archiveCharity Hope Valentine - with her heart not only on her sleeve but tattooed on her arm - is a New York dance hostess at the Fandango Ballroom. She's a disaster zone when it comes to relationships - first she gets involved with an Italian movie star, quickly followed by the charming Oscar Lindquist who asks Charity to be his wife. But things are not quite as straight forward as they many seem.... Includes "Hey Big Spender", "If My Friends Could See Me Now" and "Rhythm of Life".

Book by Neil Simon. Music Cy Coleman. Lyrics Dorothy Fields. Choreographer Bob Fosse (original).

Archive listings for Sweet Charity

Work type: Musical. There are performances of this work in the listings (current and future) database, see Sweet Charity

T1176144997 (CECILHEPWORTH19)

Company Molesey Musical Theatre.
19 Jun 19 to 22 Jun 19Cecil Hepworth Playhouse, Walton-on-Thames :: V01781275227
listing details L02027732876

T1583313705 (DONMAR19)

Producer Donmar Warehouse. Director Josie Rourke. Choreographer Wayne McGregor. Design Robert Jones. Music Gareth Valentine (musical supervisor). Lighting Mark Henderson (Lighting). Sound Nick Lidster (for Autograph). Music Larry Blank (orchestration). Music Mark Cumberland (orchestration). Music Ralph Burns (original orchestration). Design Finn Ross (video). Director David Grindrod (CDG - casting director). Performer Arthur Darvill. Performer Anne-Marie Duff (Charity Hope Valentine). Performer Lizzy Connolly. Performer Lauren Drew. Performer Jo Eaton-Kent. Performer Will Haswell. Performer Charlotte Jaconelli. Performer Stephen Kennedy. Performer Debbie Kurup. Performer Martin Marquez. Performer Ryan Reid. Performer Amy Ellen Richardson. Performer Danielle Steers. Performer Shaq Taylor (Daddy Brubeck Apr 6-13). Performer Adrian Lester (Daddy Brubeck - dates to be confirmed). Performer Beverley Knight (Daddy Brubeck w/c May 6). Performer Clive Rowe (Daddy Brubeck w/c May 13). Performer Le Gateau Chocolat (Daddy Brubeck w/c Apr 29).
6 Apr 19 to 8 Jun 19Donmar Warehouse, West End :: V389
listing details L406724808

T879932757 (FORUM18)

Presented byNorthallerton Musical Theatre Company.
29 Oct 18 to 3 Nov 18The Forum, Northallerton :: V573056527
listing details L1649480484

T01807159933 (NOTTSPLAY18)

Company Nottingham Playhouse Theatre. Director Bill Buckhurst. Design takis. Lighting Joshua Carr. Sound Emma Laxton. Choreographer Alistair David. Sound Emma Laxton. Musical Director Caroline Humphris. Performer Rebecca Trehearn (Charity). Performer Marc Elliott (Oscar). Performer Cindy Belliot (Carmen). Performer Jessica Buckby (Elaine). Performer Danny Collins (Charlie). Performer Louis Gaunt (Manfred). Performer Emily Goodenough (Suzanne). Performer Carly Mercedes Dyer (Helene). Performer Sinead Long (Rosie). Performer Emanuelle N'zuzi). Performer Amy Ellen Richardson (Nickie). Performer Carl Sanderson (Herman). Performer Shaq Taylor (Daddy Brubeck). Performer Leah West (Ursula).
31 Aug 18 to 22 Sep 18Playhouse, Nottingham :: V457
listing details L630146762

T423721259 (WATERMILL18)

Producer The Watermill. Director Paul Hart. Music Sarah Travis (Co-orchestrator/Musical Supervision). Choreographer Tom Jackson Greaves. Design Diego Pitarch. Lighting Malcolm Rippeth. Sound Tom Marshall. Performer Gemma Sutton (Charity). Performer Nicola Bryan (Carmen). Performer Alex Cardall (Oscar). Performer Vivien Carter (Nicky). Performer Stacey Ghent (Rosie). Performer Elliot Harper (Vittoria Vidal). Performer Matthew James Hinchcliffe (Daddy's Assistant). Performer Samuel Morgan-Grahame (Herman). Performer Emma-Jane Morton (Helene). Performer Tomi Ogbaro (Daddy). Performer Thomas Ping (Daddy's Assistant). Performer Tom Self (On-stage Musical Director). Performer Laura Sillett (Ursula).
26 Jul 18 to 15 Sep 18The Watermill Theatre, Newbury :: V733
listing details L0419515886

T01163327575 (U18)

Company Urdang Academy.
2 Mar 18 to 3 Mar 18Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Outer London :: V01396607277
listing details L1314577438

T101250374 (OXPLAY18)

Company Halfwit Theatre (University of Oxford Student Company).
31 Jan 18 to 3 Feb 18The Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L100733561

T543056692 (TRBATH17)

Presented byBath Operatic and Dramatics Society.
2 May 17 to 6 May 17Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L1802283743

T513578982 (QUESTORS17)

Producer Questors.
21 Apr 17 to 6 May 17Questor's Theatre, Outer London :: V326
listing details L0613252199

T1914480456 (LBT17)

Company Huddersfield Light Opera Company.
24 Apr 17 to 29 Apr 17Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield :: V972
listing details L0158236733

T521483325 (ROYALEXCHANGE26)

Producer Royal Exchange Theatre. Director Derek Bond. Choreographer Aletta Collins. Design James Perkins. Performer Kaisa Hammarlund (Charity Valentine). Performer Lucy Jane Adcock. Performer Christine Allado. Performer Michelle Andrews. Performer Josie Benson. Performer Olly Christopher. Performer Michelle Cornelius. Performer Daniel Crossley. Performer Bob Harms. Performer Natalie Hope. Performer Cat Simmons. Performer Holly Dale Spencer. Performer Sevan Stephan. Performer Alex Thomas-Smith.
3 Dec 16 to 21 Jan 17Royal Exchange, Manchester :: V491
listing details L01185184084

T0515969969 (RIVERFRONT16)

Company Applause Productions. Presented byImpact.
17 Sep 16The Riverfront, Newport :: V088145899
listing details L1511615558

T0917315168 (YVONNE16)

Director Lewis Butler. Director Lucy Stewart. Musical Director Mary McAdam.
18 May 16 to 21 May 16Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford :: V702
listing details L0702696837

T782761973 (HARROGATE16)

Company Deanery Players.
4 Feb 16 to 6 Feb 16Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate :: V942
listing details L02007249852

T01775110078 (NEWWOLSEY15)

Producer New Wolsey Theatre. Director Peter Rowe. Design Libby Watson. Sound Drew Baumohl. Lighting Nick Richings. Choreographer Francesca Jaynes. Musical Director Greg Palmer. Performer Katie Birtill. Performer Sophie Byrne. Performer Katia Sartini. Performer Nicola Bryan. Performer Giovanna Ryan. Performer Elisa Boyd. Performer James Haggie.
3 Sep 15 to 26 Sep 15New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich :: V81
listing details L656899347

T0841435618 (CADOGAN15)

Concert VersionCompany Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. Company Arts Ed Ensemble. Musical Director Richard Balcombe. Director Paul Foster. Choreographer Matt Flint. Performer Denise Van Outen (Charity). Performer Michael Xavier (Charlie/Vittorio Vidal/Oscar Lindquist). Performer Kimberley Walsh (Nickie). Performer Kerry Ellis (Helene). Performer Michael Simkins (Herman). Performer Rodney Earl Clarke (Big Daddy).
20 Aug 15 to 22 Aug 15Cadogan Hall, Inner London :: V1516962103
listing details L458639601

T577383316 (CAPITOL15)

Presented byUniversity of Chichester Touring Company.
22 Mar 15Capitol Horsham (formerly Horsham Arts Centre), Horsham :: V723
listing details L0722587457

T01667950659 (COCKPIT14)

3 Dec 14 to 6 Dec 14Cockpit Theatre, Inner London :: V182
listing details L01948211156

T1592966756 (PERTH14)

17 Apr 14 to 19 Apr 14Perth Theatre, Perth :: V637
listing details L0429973297

T01242652848 (TRBURY14)

Company Bury St Edmunds Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society.
25 Mar 14 to 29 Mar 14Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds :: V76
listing details L135341291

T02113701015 (KEYPETER14)

Company Westwood Musical Society.
25 Mar 14 to 29 Mar 14Key Theatre, Peterborough :: V27
listing details L1733669384

T02141736344 (DUNDEEREP13)

Company Dundee Schools Music Theatre's Back to Back Company.
14 Aug 13 to 17 Aug 13Dundee Repertory Theatre, Dundee :: V596
listing details L1128123235

T01300319960 (OUTERGEN13)

Company Quay Players.
11 Jul 13 to 13 Jul 13General, Outer London :: V1087
listing details L1198570787

T1373951525 (MERCURY12)

Company Colchester Operatic Society.
23 Jan 13 to 2 Feb 13Mercury Theatre, Colchester :: V37
listing details L02136438476

T02071731109 (GSA12)

Producer GSA. Director Nicholas Tudor. Musical Director Ross Leadbetter. Choreographer Stuart Winter.
5 Jul 12 to 7 Jul 12Ivy Arts Centre, Guildford :: V953010782
listing details L01850640382

T0600751379 (CA12)

Company City Academy.
23 Jun 12The Shaw Theatre, Inner London :: V01704341023
listing details L0936628708

T1723200935 (THEMAC12)

Producer The Mac. Company Bruiser Theatre Company. Director Lisa May. Musical Director Matthew Reeve.
29 May 12 to 17 Jun 12The Mac (Metropolitan Arts Centre), Belfast :: V2073141420
listing details L1935804926

T1781313105 (LANDMARK12)

Company Theatre Petroc.
28 Mar 12 to 30 Mar 12The Landmark, Ilfracombe :: V1177
listing details L01832506992

T489570752 (CREWELY12)

Company Crewe Amateur Musicals Society.
20 Mar 12 to 24 Mar 12Lyceum Theatre, Crewe :: V470
listing details L01766996197

T0577574807 (WHITLEYBAY11)

Company Whitley Bay Operatic Society.
13 Mar 12 to 17 Mar 12Whitley Bay Playhouse, Whitley Bay :: V580
listing details L0307498232

T1850146896 (ARENAWOLVES11)

Company Impulse Productions.
16 Apr 11 to 19 Apr 11Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton :: V160
listing details L1354803691

T1891507777 (TRHAYMARKET10)

Producer David Babani (for Chocolate Facotry Productions). Producer David Ian Productions. Producer Theatre Royal Haymarket Productions. Producer David Mirvish. Producer Michael Watt. Choreographer Stephen Mears. Director Matthew White. Design Tim Shortall. Costume Matthew Wright. Musical Director Nigel Lilley. Music Chris Walker (orchestration). Lighting David Howe. Sound Gareth Owen. Performer Tamzin Outhwaite (Charity Hope Valentine). Performer Mark Umbers. Performer Josefina Gabrielle. Performer Tiffany Graves. Performer Paul J Medford. Performer Jack Edwards. Performer Ebony Molina. Performer Rachael Archer. Performer Richard Jones. Performer Gemma Maclean. Performer Zak Namorin. Performer Richard Roe. Performer Annalisa Rossi. Performer Jez Unwin. Performer Kenneth Avery-Clark. Performer Matthew Barrow. Performer Joanna Goodwin. Performer Alexis Owen Hobbs. Performer Laura Scott.
23 Apr 10 to 6 Nov 10Theatre Royal Haymarket, West End :: V396
listing details L0426918080

T1790349481 (BYRE10)

Company Anstruther & District Amateur Operatic Society.
14 Sep 10 to 18 Sep 10Byre Theatre, St Andrews :: V640
listing details L1520804936

T01229482851 (THELLI10)

Company Academy Theatre Group.
9 Sep 10 to 11 Sep 10Theatr Elli, Llanelli :: V819
listing details L01211825012

T01374781343 (BRENTWOOD10)

Company Shenfield Operatic Society.
8 Jun 10 to 12 Jun 10Brentwood Theatre, Brentwood :: V1024
listing details L0918938144

T1949104244 (OXPLAY10)

Company Musical Youth Company of Oxford. Director Guy Brigg. Choreographer Guy Brigg. Musical Director Julie Todd.
7 Apr 10 to 10 Apr 10The Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L0151642849

T982313978 (MENIER09)

Producer The Menier. Choreographer Stephen Mears. Director Matthew White. Design Tim Shortall. Costume Matthew Wright. Musical Director Nigel Lilley. Music Chris Walker (orchestration). Lighting David Howe. Sound Gareth Owen. Performer Tamzin Outhwaite (Charity Hope Valentine). Performer Josefina Gabrielle. Performer Mark Umbers. Performer Tiffany Graves. Performer Paul J Medford. Performer Ebony Molina. Performer Rachael Archer. Performer Jack Edwards. Performer Richard Jones. Performer Gemma Maclean. Performer Zak Nemorin. Performer Richard Roe. Performer Annalisa Rossi. Performer Carl Sanderson. Performer Jez Unwin. Performer Jayde Westaby.
21 Nov 09 to 7 Mar 10Menier Theatre, Outer London :: V341546307
listing details L7055485

T699665091 (STRODE10)

Company Strode College Centre for Performing Arts. Director Charmaine Bray. Musical Director Matt Holmes. Musical Director James Phippen. Choreographer Becky Evans.
23 Feb 10 to 26 Feb 10Strode Theatre, Street :: V917
listing details L1447321866

T0286938157 (SOUTHHILL09)

Company East Berkshire Operatic Society.
3 Nov 09 to 7 Nov 09South Hill Park Arts Centre, Wilde Theatre, Bracknell :: V731
listing details L02044739494

T0358354006 (LEATHERHEAD09)

Company Leatherhead Operatic Society.
16 Jun 09 to 20 Jun 09The Theatre, Leatherhead :: V704
listing details L2039467245

T1516985452 (ADC09)

Company Pied Piper.
29 Apr 09 to 2 May 09ADC Theatre, Cambridge :: V18
listing details L0100809737

T0723275632 (BERWICK09)

Company Berwick Operatic Society.
1 Apr 09 to 4 Apr 09The Maltings, Berwick-on-Tweed :: V986
listing details L0326859989

T01227120062 (NORTHCOTT09)

Producer vicky Stickland. Producer Caroline Milsom. Company Exeter University Footlights. Director Lizzie Franks.
27 Jan 09 to 31 Jan 09Northcott Theatre, Exeter :: V886
listing details L01141494555

T01178680754 (MUMFORD08)

Company Perse Girls.
4 Dec 08 to 6 Dec 08Mumford Theatre, Cambridge :: V22
listing details L1080426657

T263213910 (HARROGATE07)

Company Ripon Amateur Operatic Society.
16 Apr 08 to 19 Apr 08Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate :: V942
listing details L1249133257

T213894853 (WMCC08)

Company Wolverhampton Musical Comedy Company.
4 Mar 08 to 8 Mar 08Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton :: V161
listing details L472727636

T059915326 (EPSOMPLAY08)

Company DAPA Productions (in association with Epson Playhouse).
10 Jan 08 to 12 Jan 08Epsom Playhouse, Epsom :: V699
listing details L1573602405

T01646146169 (SWANBANK07)

Company Swanbank Music.
5 Nov 07 to 11 Nov 07Putney Arts Theatre, Outer London :: V363
listing details L1626410334

T0512931651 (GHOSTS07)

Company Ghosts.
10 Oct 07 to 13 Oct 07Electric Theatre, Guildford :: V01732805351
listing details L843136300

T0695779012 (YAP07)

Company Yap Theatre Company.
28 Jun 07 to 30 Jun 07The Albany, Outer London :: V294
listing details L01729851897

T2026012666 (EASTBOURNE07)

Company The Rattonians.
11 Apr 07 to 14 Apr 07Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne :: V665
listing details L01855452035

Showtime Challenge 2 - T745374832

[Gail Porter] is hosting a one-night-only gala production of the classic musical Sweet Charity with celebrity front of house team including [Barbara Windsor]. The challenge is to rehearse and produce the show in only 48 hours. All profits to The British Heart Foundation.Producer Eyebrow Productions. Performer Gail Porter (host).
10 Dec 06Theatre Royal Drury Lane, West End :: V390
listing details L1799549579

T01939910634 (SOUTH06)

Company Southey Musical Theatre Company.
7 Nov 06 to 11 Nov 06Montgomery Theatre, Sheffield :: V1804222198
listing details L01550062967

T02025317981 (OLDHAMCOLI06)

Producer Coliseum Oldham. Director Kevin Shaw. Design Giuseppe Belli. Design Emma Barrington-Binns.
8 Sep 06 to 30 Sep 06Coliseum Theatre, Oldham :: V497
listing details L1377687402

T01991683744 (SEVENOAKS06)

Company Petts Wood Operatic Society.
3 May 06 to 6 May 06Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks :: V688
listing details L045254341

T01495105427 (DARLINGTON06)

Company Darlington Operatic Society. Director Martyn Knight. Director Michael Trotter (music).
26 Apr 06 to 6 May 06Darlington Hippodrome (formerly Civic Theatre), Darlington :: V562
listing details L0808824420

T0777004928 (HAWTH06)

Company Crawley Operatic Society.
25 Apr 06 to 29 Apr 06The Hawth, Crawley :: V720
listing details L0300109605

T289005082 (GORDONCR05)

Company Letchworth Arcadians.
7 Nov 05 to 12 Nov 05Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage :: V53
listing details L0909060323

T0339871745 (HARLEQUIN05)

Company Opera Club of Reigate and Redhill.
8 Nov 05 to 12 Nov 05The Harlequin, Redhill :: V707
listing details L967582902

T0447683396 (CHARTERPRPES05)

Company Cast Call Productions.
8 Sep 05 to 10 Sep 05Guild Hall and Charter Theatre, Preston :: V524
listing details L01253810456

T0643250754 (TRBURY05)

Company Suffolk Young People's Theatre.
2 Aug 05 to 6 Aug 05Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds :: V76
listing details L0829675567

T207117292 (YVONNE05)

Company GSA Conservatoire.
8 Jul 05 to 16 Jul 05Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford :: V702
listing details L1301410167

T1317880350 (CAMPUS04)

Company Welwyn Thalians.
24 Nov 04 to 27 Nov 04Hawthorne Theatre, Welwyn :: V57
listing details L743289265

T01545640474 (SEDOS04)

Company SEDOS. Director Roger Harwood. Director Philip Colman (music). Choreographer Jane Saunders.
17 Nov 04 to 20 Nov 04Pleasance, Inner London :: V276
listing details L1562331545

T1035291332 (ARCADIANS04)

Company The Arcadians.
26 Oct 04 to 30 Oct 04Crescent Theatre, Birmingham :: V144
listing details L01815020881

T600062437 (KEY04)

Company Key Youth Theatre.
23 Aug 04 to 28 Aug 04Key Theatre, Peterborough :: V27
listing details L1204917236

T1678458203 (KIDZRUS04)

Company Kidz R Us.
26 Jul 04 to 31 Jul 04St Ives Theatre, St Ives :: V01044848473
listing details L2145309954

T01241044949 (WAKEFIELD04)

Company Crigglestone Theatre Company.
15 Jun 04 to 19 Jun 04Theatre Royal and Opera House, Wakefield :: V979
listing details L0834700014

T01798779075 (FARNHAM04)

Company Farnham Amateur Operatic Society.
15 Jun 04 to 19 Jun 04The Maltings, Farnham :: V701
listing details L1359048108

T1528611648 (CHIN04)

Company Chinnor Musical Theatre.
12 Apr 04 to 17 Apr 04General, General :: V1281
listing details L01452491109

T2139971243 (MOUNTVIEW04)

Company Mountview Theatre School. Director Debbie Seymour. Design Amy Jones. Lighting Chris Martin. Choreographer David Lee.
1 Apr 04 to 10 Apr 04The Shaw Theatre, Inner London :: V01704341023
listing details L1701173384

T01012885113 (STRODE04)

Company Glastonbury and Street Musical Comedy Society. Director Brian Epps. Director Nick Lawrence (music). Choreographer Carol Applegate. Lighting Peter Blackmore. Sound James Hartland.
29 Mar 04 to 3 Apr 04Strode Theatre, Street :: V917
listing details L1909885278

T02135398481 (WIMB03)

Company Wimbledon Light Opera Society.
3 Dec 03 to 6 Dec 03General, Outer London :: V1087
listing details L2022330662

T01350931518 (BRENT03)

Company Brentwood Operatic Society. Director Jimmy Hooper. Director Adrian Ure (music). Choreographer Sarah O'Sullivan.
11 Nov 03 to 15 Nov 03Brentwood Theatre, Brentwood :: V1024
listing details L0614757275

T1861483112 (MITCHELL03)

Producer Theatre Guild - Amateur Musicals.
20 Oct 03 to 25 Oct 03Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow :: V614
listing details L0754961565

T805415969 (NEWPENN03)

Company New Penny Theatre Company.
17 Sep 03 to 20 Sep 03Wycombe Swan, High Wycombe :: V749
listing details L1571492000

T01241651381 (NORFOLK03)

Company Norfolk and Norwich Threshold Theatre Group.
28 May 03 to 31 May 03Playhouse, Norwich :: V69
listing details L01032139598

T01378365424 (CITYVAR03)

Company Potato Room Players. Director Stuart Woolf. Director Dean McDermott. Choreographer Louise Denison.
13 May 03 to 17 May 03City Varieties Music Hall, Leeds :: V973
listing details L01580183381

T01982699182 (HOTBATH03)

Company Hotbath Productions (from the City of Bath College).
7 May 03 to 10 May 03The Rondo, Bath :: V855
listing details L169413173

T1706939851 (SQCHAP03)

Company Sandra Whiteley's Dance and Stage School.
16 Apr 03 to 17 Apr 03Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax :: V1098014226
listing details L01508244174

T2140879281 (CRUCIBLE02)

Producer Sheffield Theatres. Director Timothy Sheader. Design Robert Jones. Lighting Tim Mitchell. Performer Anna-Jane Casey. Performer Nina French. Performer Nikki Belsher. Performer Kevin Rooney. Performer Mark Inscoe. Performer John Marquez. Performer David Bedella.
12 Dec 02 to 25 Jan 03Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L0893755792

T01672229925 (HEREFORD02)

Company Hereford Amateur Operatic Society.
1 Nov 02 to 9 Nov 02Courtyard, Hereford :: V101
listing details L01557320318

T1095449068 (LYTTON02)

Company Stevenage Lytton Players.
3 Oct 02 to 5 Oct 02Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage :: V53
listing details L558434167

T0585082846 (LIBERTY02)

Company Liberty Theatre Company.
24 Sep 02 to 28 Sep 02Mitchell Arts Centre, Stoke-on-Trent :: V999
listing details L01380301243

T01315806985 (SOUTH02)

Company Southampton Musical Society.
10 Jun 02 to 15 Jun 02NST Campus, Southampton :: V776
listing details L0165542770

T1264779059 (KELTY02)

Company Kelty Musical Assocation.
6 May 02 to 11 May 02Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline :: V1112
listing details L505601338

T820056619 (HORSHAM02)

Company Horsham Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society (HAODS).
16 Apr 02 to 20 Apr 02Christ's Hospital Theatre, Horsham :: V724
listing details L0351449326

T01749509222 (ALLSAINT02)

Company All Saints Musical Productions.
19 Mar 02 to 23 Mar 02The Lowry, Salford :: V0655996499
listing details L1315076765

T622776473 (SEVON01)

Company Sevenoaks Players.
13 Mar 02 to 16 Mar 02Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks :: V688
listing details L01506719240

T1176788332 (CENTRE01)

Company Centre Stage. Director Peter Mills. Choreographer Cara Turlington. Performer Eileen Donnely. Performer Adam Lilley. Performer David Walker-Smith. Performer Paula Maidens. Performer Linda Poole. Performer Jimi Taylor. Performer Gemma Abercrombie. Performer Alan Duncan.
14 Nov 01 to 17 Nov 01Rudolf Steiner House, Inner London :: V223
listing details L01215010569

T02018528587 (RHYLPAV01)

Company Rhyl and District Amateur Operatic Society.
6 Nov 01 to 10 Nov 01Pavilion Theatre, Rhyl :: V813
listing details L1375126020

T1219209163 (FOREST01)

Company Forest Musical Productions.
2 Oct 01 to 6 Oct 01Kenneth More Theatre, Outer London :: V313
listing details L0211525838

T424352052 (NEWCE01)

Company Newbury Nomads.
4 Oct 01 to 6 Oct 01Corn Exchange, Newbury :: V732
listing details L01153173281

T197984130 (YAL01)

Company Youth Arts Leicestershire.
2 Sep 01Phoenix Arts, Leicester :: V432
listing details L01972205787

T030929516 (SLOUGH01)

Company Slough Musical Theatre Company.
1 May 01Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead :: V1294444431
listing details L01243424065

T933059440 (UNIVYORK01)

Company University of York Drama / Music Societies.
8 Feb 01 to 10 Feb 01General, York :: V01314402172
listing details L349668747

T01500733518 (REDD00)

Company Redditch Operatic Society.
21 Nov 00 to 25 Nov 00Palace Theatre, Redditch :: V104
listing details L01968566556

T446399660 (SMAOS00)

Company South Manchester Amateur Operatic Society.
23 Oct 00 to 28 Oct 00Forum Theatre, Wythenshawe :: V506
listing details L1578587984

T1229675021 (YEO00)

Company Yeovil Amateur Operatic Society. Director Terry Mitchell. Choreographer Alan Spencer. Director Lynne Merrifield.
2 Oct 00 to 7 Oct 00Octagon Theatre, Yeovil :: V919
listing details L01379453508

T2000757855 (COL00)

Company Colchester Operatic Society.
14 Jun 00 to 24 Jun 00Mercury Theatre, Colchester :: V37
listing details L0152756586

T0267357290 (CENTRE00)

Company Centre Stage. Choreographer Barbara-Anne Murray (adapted from Bob Fosse).
9 May 00 to 13 May 00The Playhouse, Harlow :: V40
listing details L1931430921

T1339063054 (LBT00)

Company Woodhouse Operatic Society.
29 Mar 00 to 1 Apr 00Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield :: V972
listing details L0779299743

T105071343 (WCMD00)

Director Chris Monks. Director Jonathan Gill (music). Choreographer Bob Fosse (originally).
22 Mar 00 to 1 Apr 00Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (WCMD)/Raymond Edwards Building/Anthony Hopkins Centre, Cardiff :: V01146970443
listing details L087891610

T1499676131 (MOUNT00)

Company Mountview Theatre School. Director Matthew White. Director Phil Bateman (music). Choreographer Sam Spence-Lane.
16 Feb 00 to 19 Feb 00Mountview Theatre School, Outer London :: V317
listing details L1152808106

T505658260 (EXE00)

Sponsored by The Imperial, JD Wetherspoons plc.Company University of Exeter Footlights.
8 Feb 00 to 12 Feb 00Northcott Theatre, Exeter :: V886
listing details L1989673151

T01605421563 (VPL98)

Bob Fosse's original choreography recreated. Email.Choreographer Bob Fosse. Performer Bonnie Langford. Performer Mark Wynter. Director Carol Metcalfe. Design Terry Parsons. Lighting Mark Jonathan. Choreographer Chet Walker.
27 Apr 99 to 27 May 99Theatre Royal, Plymouth :: V895
listing details L409215162
13 Apr 99 to 24 Apr 99Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V570
listing details L0425891339
9 May 98 to 15 Aug 98Victoria Palace Theatre, West End :: V418
listing details L443378906

T1760390334 (MK98)

Company Company MK. Director Mike Walker. Director David Knight (music). Choreographer Christine Reynolds.
22 Sep 98 to 26 Sep 98Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes :: V752
listing details L1050456059

T0168126206 (SW98)

Director Martin Connor. Choreographer Jenny Arnold. Design Saul Radomsky. Director David Beer (music).
1 Jul 98 to 6 Jul 98Barbican Centre, West End :: V371
listing details L1294682208

T778196080 (TAD98)

Company Tadlop.
21 Apr 98 to 25 Apr 98Oakengates Theatre at The Place, Telford :: V110
listing details L01636810110

T686653321 (QUE97)

Company Queen's Theatre / English Theatre Frankfurt.
26 Mar 97 to 19 Apr 97Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch :: V41
listing details L752078800

Other listings

7 May 19 to 11 May 19Playhouse, Erith :: V186
listing details L1243406073
10 Oct 17 to 14 Oct 17Civic Theatre, Doncaster :: V964
listing details L01665829695
23 Jun 16 to 25 Jun 16Old Rep, Birmingham :: V147
listing details L01219875712
9 Apr 14 to 12 Apr 14Uppingham Theatre, Uppingham :: V438
listing details L0302009008
30 Jul 08 to 3 Aug 08Rugby Theatre, Rugby :: V133
listing details L0147997664
15 Apr 08 to 19 Apr 08Millfield Theatre, Outer London :: V316
listing details L721319808
18 Oct 05 to 22 Oct 05Bridewell Theatre, Inner London :: V171
listing details L56444485
8 Mar 05 to 12 Mar 05Arts Centre Theatre (ACT) - formerly Aberdeen Arts Centre, Aberdeen :: V586
listing details L0138618005
4 Aug 04 to 1 Sep 04St Ives Theatre, St Ives :: V01044848473
listing details L2132766465
30 Oct 01 to 3 Nov 01Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield :: V425
listing details L01934634015
24 Apr 01 to 28 Apr 01Key Theatre, Peterborough :: V27
listing details L963140858
20 Mar 00 to 25 Mar 00The Concordia Theatre, Hinckley :: V1180
listing details L72452539
7 Feb 00 to 12 Feb 00Compass Theatre, Outer London :: V1166
listing details L1678055454
25 Feb 99 to 27 Feb 99Crawfurd Theatre, Glasgow :: V506062988
listing details L874820609
25 Feb 99 to 27 Feb 99Crawfurd Theatre, Glasgow :: V506062988
listing details L02052490153
18 Jun 98 to 20 Jun 98Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate :: V942
listing details L0221267668

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