Traditional British pantomime about a woman whose greed gets the better of her.

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Author Helen Bradshaw.
10 Feb 24Medway Little Theatre, Rochester :: V0721343788
listing details L1935508393


Tweedy is back taking on his biggest challenge ever... playing Mother Goose! Don't miss Tweedy as a panto dame for the first time ever when he returns along with the rest of the team behind Dick Whittington and His Cat Tweedy, Jack and the Beanstalk and Cinderella! Get your tickets while you still can!
24 Nov 23 to 7 Jan 24Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham :: V90
listing details L0216682164


The team behind smash-hit Derby Arena Pantomimes are hatching a plan to make Mother Goose an action-packed adventure guaranteed to have the whole family honking with laughter. Mother Goose has a loving family who drive her quackers, a bird sanctuary for peaky poultry in the village of Squalkstone and even a magical goose that lays golden eggs. She has everything anyone could possibly wish for, except the one thing she really wants, to be beautiful. When she makes a deal with Demon Vanity a little fowl play means she gets a lot more than she bargained for. Join us on this flight of fancy as the Egg-selent Morgan Brind returns for this egg-stra special show packed full of hilarious yokes! It's going to be cracking! With s-peck-tacular sets, breath-taking special effects, egg-squisite costumes and mountains of mayhem, the team behind previous smash-hit Derby Arena Pantomimes are hatching a plan to make this the perfect action-packed adventure guaranteed to have the whole family honking with laughter.Producer Little Wolf Entertainment. Performer Todd Boyce.
8 Dec 23 to 31 Dec 23Derby Arena, Derby :: V1291609102
listing details L0559988346

Adult Panto - T01614308874

Will Mother Goose get glamour, fame, and fortune? Will Demon Vanity rule the world? And will Billy finally get to shag the Princess! Find out in our fun and filthy adult panto for all you BIG boys & girls, so leave the kids at home and grab your tickets for this filthy night out!Performer Liam Mellor (Billy Goose). Performer Jimmy Burton-Iles (Mother Goose).
5 May 23Darlington Hippodrome (formerly Civic Theatre), Darlington :: V562
listing details L01149030532
5 May 22Darlington Hippodrome (formerly Civic Theatre), Darlington :: V562
listing details L01547540503


Mother Goose and her husband run an Animal Sanctuary for waifs and strays and live a wholesome life inside an abandoned Debenhams. But when a goose flies in, will fame and fortune get the better of them?! Will Ma's feathers be seriously ruffled? Will Pa tell everyone to get stuffed?! And is their fair life about to turn fowl?Producer Ambassador Theatre Group Productions. Author Jonathan Harvey. Director Cal Crystal. Design Liz Ascroft. Choreographer Lizzi Gee. Lighting Prema Mehta. Sound Ben Harrison. Conductor Chris Barlow (puppet design and creation). Performer Ian McKellen (Mother Goose). Performer John Bishop (Vic). Performer Anna-Jane Casey (Cilla the Goose). Performer Oscar Conlon-Morrey (Jack). Performer Simbi Akande (Jill). Performer Sharon Ballard (Good Fairy Encanta). Performer Karen Mavundukure (Evil Fairy Malignia). Performer Adam Brown (Ensemble). Performer Gabriel Fleary (Ensemble). Performer Richard Leeming (Ensemble). Performer Genevieve Nicole (Ensemble). Performer Mairi Barclay (Ensemble). Performer Laura Tyrer (Ensemble). Performer Shailan Gohil (Swing). Performer Becca Francis (Swing).
11 Apr 23 to 15 Apr 23Bristol Hippodrome, Bristol :: V856
listing details L1205292624
5 Apr 23 to 9 Apr 23The Lowry, Salford :: V0655996499
listing details L434171883
28 Mar 23 to 1 Apr 23Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff :: V1984858935
listing details L0230204461
22 Mar 23 to 26 Mar 23Bord Gais Energy Theatre (formerly Grand Canal Theatre), Dublin :: V020759267
listing details L1246113882
7 Mar 23 to 11 Mar 23New Theatre, Oxford :: V802
listing details L01831200163
28 Feb 23 to 4 Mar 23Liverpool Empire Theatre, Liverpool :: V534
listing details L788855116
22 Feb 23 to 26 Feb 23Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton :: V161
listing details L2127151191
14 Feb 23 to 18 Feb 23Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L0868557458
7 Feb 23 to 11 Feb 23Chichester Festival Theatre, Chichester :: V719
listing details L02079484353
15 Dec 22 to 29 Jan 23Duke of York's Theatre, West End :: V392
listing details L01314130624
3 Dec 22 to 11 Dec 22Theatre Royal, Brighton :: V657
listing details L1906228197


Liam Mellor & Hot Rock Productions are delighted to present Mother Goose... The #Cracking Panto for all the family. It's full of all your favourite traditions - a fabulous fairy, a brut of a baddie and of course, a fella in a frock! Everyone loves Mother Goose but she's not happy as she wants to be beautiful! It just so happens that the evil, self-obsessed Demon Vanity can offer her everything her heart desires but there's a price... she must give up the thing she loves the most: her prized goose! Starring, the #cracking Liam Mellor as Billy Goose, the fabulous Jimmy Burton-Iles in the title role of Mother Goose and The Devilishly Wicked Robert Squire as Demon Vanity. Will fame, fortune, and beauty change Mother Goose? Find out and book your tickets now for this fun-filled pantomime for all ages!Presented byHot Rock Productions.
12 Apr 23Questor's Theatre, Outer London :: V326
listing details L0134821661


The Mother of all pantomimes is back in Hackney this festive season, starring Clive Rowe as Mother Goose. First created in 1902 for Music Hall legend and Hackney Empire regular Dan Leno, we're thrilled to be able to celebrate 120 years of this iconic pantomime in our 120th birthday year! What would you do if you found a magical goose who lays golden eggs?! That's exactly what's in store for Mother Goose and she soon discovers that this priceless talent isn't all it's CRACKED up to be! Packed full of all of your favourite pantomime ingredients, this reimagining of the classic rags-to-riches tale is the perfect festive treat. Expect larger than life characters, gloriously outrageous costumes, incredible live music, uncontrollable laughter and loads of audience participation... oh yes, there definitely is.Author Will Brenton. Director Clive Rose. Music Steven Edis (original songs). Costume Cleo Pettitt. Musical Director Renell Shaw (and orchestration / arrangement). Choreographer Andre Fabien Francis. Lighting David W Kidd. Sound Yvonne Gilbert. Performer Clive Rowe (Mother Goose). Performer Gemma Wardle (Fairy Fame). Performer Rebecca Parker (Demon Queen). Performer Tony Marshall (Squire Purchase). Performer Holly Mallett (Jill Purchase). Performer Ope Sowande (Jack Goose). Performer Kat B (Billy Goose). Performer Ruth Lynch (Priscilla the Goose). Performer Hollie Dorman (Ensemble). Performer Tom Kalek (Ensemble). Performer Elliott Lee (Ensemble). Performer Imogen Opie (Ensemble). Performer Marina Tavolieri (Ensemble). Performer Adam Tench (Ensemble). Performer Dawn Williams (Ensemble).
19 Nov 22 to 31 Dec 22Hackney Empire, Outer London :: V309
listing details L0200323430


Producer Evolution Productions.
3 Dec 21 to 2 Jan 22Octagon Theatre, Yeovil :: V919
listing details L316119852

our Socially Distant Potted Panto - T077931859

Company Kick in the Head.
16 Jan 21 to 17 Jan 21Barn Theatre, Oxted :: V0245713532
listing details L01002652452


The story tells of how Mother Goose is about to be thrown off her land because she cannot pay the Squire and his Bailiffs the rent. Along comes Priscilla the goose. Mother Goose loves her as a friend and doesn't know the good fairy has sent her to help Mother Goose. Priscilla lays golden eggs, and Mother Goose is rich. Along comes the Demon King. He has a bet with the fairy. He claims there is no-one on earth who is happy with what they have got- no one is content. They want more. The fairy Disagrees, and uses Mother Goose as an example of goodness. The Demon King tempts Mother Goose with the one thing she doesn't have- youth and beauty. He persuades her to give him Priscilla in exchange for a visit to the Company OhYesitiz Productions.
9 Dec 20 to 3 Jan 21Gorleston Pavilion, Great Yarmouth :: V63
listing details L0294286861


8 Dec 19 to 2 Jan 20Lamproom Theatre, Barnsley :: V1840944305
listing details L0994979998


Will Mother Goose manage to find the goose that lays the golden egg? Will the wicked Demon Vanity succeed in taking over the entire kingdom? Will beauty rule over evil?Producer Tom Rolfe Productions.
16 Apr 19 to 18 Apr 19The Forum, Northallerton :: V573056527
listing details L0135257663


Producer Evolution Productions. Performer Brad Fitt. Performer Lisa Davina Phillip. Performer Eric Smith. Performer Matt Dallen. Performer Matt Daines.
28 Nov 18 to 6 Jan 19Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury :: V0465778148
listing details L877452708


Author John Bale. Director John Bale. Musical Director Paul Timms. Choreographer Caroline Walsh.
14 Dec 18 to 6 Jan 19Little Theatre, Leicester :: V433
listing details L1960726577


Producer Paignton Pantomime Productions.
20 Dec 18 to 2 Jan 19Palace Theatre, Paignton :: V892
listing details L0712956599


Mother Goose and her two children, Jill and Silly-Billy, are poor but happy. When the greedy Squire doubles everyone's rent, the villagers of Goosingham are eggs-traordinarily lucky to find Priscilla, the Goose who lays the Golden Eggs! Suddenly everyone is eggs-ceedingly rich, but are they really happy with their new-found wealth? Maybe not, if the wicked Demona Discontent has her way... Boo, hiss, cheer and have an eggs-cellent time at this grand family pantomime!Producer Backwell Playhouse. Company AliCaT. Author Alan Frayn.
19 Jan 18 to 27 Jan 18Backwell Playhouse, Backwell :: V0804100176
listing details L01595374571


When an old woman meets a magical goose that lays golden eggs, her life is transformed. She is rich beyond her wildest dreams and has everything she wants, apart from one thing ? beauty and youth. Will she be tempted by the offer of both, in exchange for her prized feathered friend? Find out in this hilarious new production of Mother Goose.Corporate Sponsor City Taxis. Producer Sheffield Theatres. Producer Evolution Productions. Author Paul Hendy. Director Paul Hendy. Performer Damian Williams. Performer Jack Canuso (Demon Vanity). Performer Andy Day (Billy Goose). Performer Lisa Devine. Performer Cara Divine Phillip. Performer Cara Dudgeon.
8 Dec 17 to 7 Jan 18Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L0379328233


The traditional story of Mother Goose will be brought to life with vibrant costumes, breathtaking scenery, music and song, all topped up with a little bit of silliness!
2 Dec 17 to 29 Dec 17Bedworth Civic Hall, Bedworth :: V127
listing details L017589835


First created in 1902 for music hall legend Dan Leno, modern day Master of the music hall Roy Hudd has taken the classic tale of Mother Goose and specially adapted it for this unique venue, telling the story of a poor, ugly Dame who befriends a magical goose hoping its ability to lay golden eggs will make her rich and happy. Of course, nothing is ever simple, and chaos ensues as Mother Goose rises from rags to riches and right back again as good battles evil, with Virtue versus Vanity in an enchanting tale with a strong moral core - beauty and wealth cannot bring you happiness.Author Roy Hudd. Director Debbie Flitcroft.
2 Dec 16 to 31 Dec 16Wilton's Music Hall, Inner London :: V1165
listing details L01645094268


Mother Goose contains all the traditional elements of a great pantomime: a handsome principal boy who meets a beautiful girl, a comedy dame and her bumbling son who cause havoc, and a central battle of good and evil between the Demon King and the Fairy Happiness.Presented byHull Culutre and Leisure. Presented byHull City Council. Presented byOne Off Productions. Performer Gemma Oaten (Fairy Happiness). Performer Martin Daniels.
21 Dec 16 to 29 Dec 16Hull City Hall, Hull :: V02123462242
listing details L1125535512


Producer Imagine Theatre. Performer Liam Dolan (Jimmy Goose). Performer Jimmy Chisholm (Mother Goose). Performer Gayle Telfer Stevens (Fairy). Performer James McAnerney (Demon King). Performer Lindsay Ashworth (Jack Goose). Performer Douglas Sannachan (Squire McSkinner). Performer Amber Howland (Jill McSkinner). Performer Lauren Kerr (Ensemble). Performer Clark Wallace (Ensemble). Performer Claudia Russell (Ensemble).
27 Nov 15 to 30 Dec 15Palace Theatre, Kilmarnock :: V628
listing details L1644667621


What would you give to be rich and beautiful? Mother Goose is the kindest, loveliest, friendliest lady in all the land. Times are hard, but surely she would never give into temptation, never abandon her friends and family just for good looks or would she? This classic panto tale is transported to a sparkling Arctic adventure through the Scandinavian snows, crammed full of trolls, snowmen, woolly jumpers and even the occasional moose. Stunning scenery and costumes, gobsmaking songs from a TONY award winning composer and an avalanche of laughter. Come to one of the nation's favourite pantos for a tale told under the northern lights. Running time: 2hrs inclu. interval.Corporate Sponsor Kingham Hill School. Presented byThe Theatre Chipping Norton. Author Ben Crocker. Music Sarah Travis. Director John Terry. Design Russell Craig. Choreographer Janice Dunn. Performer Evelyn Adams (Snow Goose Heidi). Performer Martyn Dempsey (Smorg). Performer J.J. Henry (Mother Goose). Performer Dominic Hodson (Sven). Performer Robert Maskell (Baron Von Rumpensmakka). Performer Luanna Priestman (Gonk / Aurora the Fairy). Performer Emilia Williams (Freya).
18 Nov 14 to 11 Jan 15Chipping Norton Theatre, Chipping Norton :: V795
listing details L0627649634


Poor Mother Goose dreams of being rich and beautiful. But the village Squire is threatening to throw her out of the cottage she shares with her son Billy if she can't pay the rent. Just when all hope is lost, Priscilla, a magical goose arrives, and when she starts laying golden eggs Mother Goose's dreams may just come true (Hooray!) unless the evil Demonica Badegg gets her way (Boo!). Packed with plenty of laughs and silly yolks, eggcelent music and audience participation, Mother Goose will be eggceptional entertainment for all ages.Producer Salisbury Playhouse. Performer Kieran Buckeridge (Mother Goose).
3 Dec 14 to 10 Jan 15Playhouse, Salisbury :: V923
listing details L0329871040


Packed with the usual sparkle, spectacle, mayhem, comedy and incredible original music performed by a live band, Hackney Empire's must-see pantomime is officially open for bookings! Is beauty really only skin deep? One fateful day two magical sisters decide to find out who is the most powerful witch... and so our tale begins... Mother Goose is given the gift of Princess Pricilla, a magic golden-egg-laying goose... Expect a wonderful moral tale for all the family - the perfect Christmas treat!Corporate Sponsor CMS Cameron McKenna. Producer Hackney Empire. Author Susie McKenna. Director Susie McKenna. Music Steven Edis. Design Lotte Collett. Musical Director Mark Dickman. Choreographer Frank Thompson. Director Frank Thompson (assistant). Lighting David W Kidd. Sound Avgoustos Psillas. Director Tony Whittle (assistant). Design Scott Brooker (creature). Performer Clive Rowe (Mother Goose). Performer Sharon D Clarke (Charity). Performer Susie McKenna (Vanity). Performer Kat B (Billy Goose). Performer Matt Dempsey (Prince Jack). Performer Abigail Rosser (Princess Jill). Performer Tony Timberlake (Baron Barmy). Performer Darren Hart (Frightening Freddie). Performer Alix Ross (Priscilla the Golden Goose). Performer Samara Casteallo. Performer Jack Greaves. Performer Nicky Griffiths. Performer Arthur Kyeyune. Performer Kirstie Skivington. Performer Andrew Waldron.
22 Nov 14 to 4 Jan 15Hackney Empire, Outer London :: V309
listing details L01245493409


Company All & Sundry.
18 Dec 13 to 22 Dec 13Artrix, Bromsgrove :: V073680848
listing details L1280614862


Company Phoenix Theatre Group.
23 Jan 13 to 27 Jan 13The Henrician Evesham - Arts Centre, Evesham :: V1116
listing details L1566021851


Presented byPyramid & Parr Hall (in association with Tony Peers Productions).
4 Jan 13 to 13 Jan 13Parr Hall, Warrington :: V472
listing details L0712901995


Producer Key Theatre. Author Michael Cross. Director Michael Cross.
6 Dec 12 to 6 Jan 13Key Theatre, Peterborough :: V27
listing details L202403521


The panto with the Eggs-Factor brings you heroes and villains, booing and cheering, slapstick, silliness and sing-along fun aplenty. Book your seats in Perth's beautiful, historic theatre for one of the very best traditional family pantomimes and start looking forward to a cracking Christmas outing for the whole family.Producer Horsecross Arts. Author Alan McHugh. Director Rachel O'Riordan. Performer Barrie Hunter (Mother Goose).
7 Dec 12 to 5 Jan 13Perth Theatre, Perth :: V637
listing details L1419762491

A Golden Pantomime in Diamond Jubilee Year! - T01745736139

Mother Goose hits the jackpot when her feathered friend Priscilla starts laying golden eggs. But it's not enough for her to feather her own nest. Soon there's egg on her face as she confronts the dangers of the Demon King. Packed with heroes and villains, boo-ing and cheering, plenty of panto mischief, not to mention one very magical, super fabulous goose. This is one golden egg of a show!
29 Nov 12 to 5 Jan 13Millfield Theatre, Outer London :: V316
listing details L851434372


Set in ?Watfordia', complete with its very own ?Watfordia Palace Goosic Hall Theatre', Mother Goose features a cast of talented theatre actors, a live onstage band, and a ballet-dancing Goose, bringing this classic pantomime to life in Vaudeville style, with a contemporary twist.Producer Watford Palace. Author Andrew Pollard. Director Brigid Larmour. Design Cleo Pettitt. Lighting Charlie Lucas. Musical Director Andy Ralls. Choreographer Kate Flatt. Performer Terence Frisch (Mother Goose). Performer Donovan Blackwood. Performer Sheena Patel. Performer Philip Cox. Performer Amy Drew. Performer Jill McAusland. Performer Robert Rees.
7 Dec 12 to 29 Dec 12Watford Palace Theatre, Watford :: V55
listing details L1132894750


Producer Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Author Clive Hayward. Director Clive Hayward. Music John Telfer.
2 Dec 12 to 21 Dec 12Redgrave Theatre, Bristol :: V858
listing details L01019839972


Author Peter Duncan. Director Peter Duncan.
2 Dec 11 to 15 Jan 12Oxford Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L01142810991


Producer Belgrade Theatre (in association with Imagine Theatre). Author Iain Lauchlan. Author Will Brenton. Performer Andy Hockley (Mother Goose).
29 Nov 11 to 7 Jan 12Belgrade Theatre, Coventry :: V153
listing details L02003231216


Performer Leslie Grantham.
12 Dec 11 to 1 Jan 12Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks :: V688
listing details L01732674364


Company Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.. Author Clive Hayward. Director Clive Hayward. Music John Telfer.
2 Dec 11 to 21 Dec 11Redgrave Theatre, Bristol :: V858
listing details L0852170274


Take a gander at the only panto in Nottingham with the Eggs-Factor this Christmas. Mother Goose is an unbeatable cavalcade of fairytale fun, with eggstraordinary song and dance, eggs-quisite sets and costumes - and eggs-cruciating jokes by the dozen! Mother Goose hits the jackpot when her feathered friend Priscilla starts laying golden eggs. But it’s not enough for her to feather her own nest. Soon there’s egg on her face as she confronts the dangers of Dame and Fortune... John Elkington has become a comic legend in his own right over twelve years of Nottingham Playhouse Pantos. Now see him play the mother of all Dames in the 27th fairytale fiesta from pantomime genius Kenneth Alan Taylor. It’s eggs-treme entertainment for all the family!Company Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company. Author Kenneth Alan Taylor. Director Kenneth Alan Taylor. Design Tim Meacock. Lighting Jason Taylor. Sound Ciaron McKenna. Choreographer Adele Parry. Performer Adam Barlow (Billy Goose). Performer Danielle Corlass (Rosemary). Performer John Elkington (Mother Goose). Performer Miriam Elwell-Sutton (Colin Goose). Performer Anthony Hoggard (Squire Squelch). Performer Alexandra James (Wicked Witch Bane). Performer Rebecca Little (The Golden Fairy). Performer Jonathan Race (Evil Eric). Performer Nicole Webb (Priscilla the Goose).
26 Nov 10 to 22 Jan 11Playhouse, Nottingham :: V457
listing details L964064619


Book before Monday 16 August to receive an Early Bird discount! An eggscellent Pantomime with eggstra jokes and a gaggle of tap dancing goslings!! Based on the tale of the Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs, Mother Goose is a panto classic, full of jokes, japes and mayhem for all the family. Poor old Geraldine Goose isn’t a bad woman at all. She’s worked hard all her life to look after her geese. But times are hard and her geese have got old and stopped laying eggs. What to do? What to do? Her future is taken out of her own hands as she finds herself at the centre of a struggle between Fairy Fortuna and Demon Discordo, the good and evil forces of Gooseland. Will she prove Discordo right and be a greedy, grasping cheat? Or will she be strong, loyal and courageous? Will she resist the Lure of Gold and the Seduction of Beauty? And will she ever find her favourite lost goose Priscilla? GALA PERFORMANCE Sunday 12 December at 1pm Don’t miss our Gala performance of the pantomime - all the usual pantomime fun plus a party! Ticket price includes face painting, goodie bags, ice-creams, drinks and snacks!Corporate Sponsor Kester Cunnimgham John. Corporate Sponsor Premier Printers. Author Daniel O'Brien. Music Peter White. Lyrics Peter White. Director Abigail Andersen. Design Will Hargreaves. Lighting Peter Higton.
3 Dec 10 to 16 Jan 11Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds :: V76
listing details L0155209207


A brand new pantomime for all the family featuring audience favourites Arron Usher in his tenth Musselburgh panto, and Craig Glover as the Dame! When the wicked demon Vainglorious falls in love with Jill, the loveliest lass in Musselburgh, he is furious to discover that she is already smitten with Prince Jack who lives in Carberry Tower with his cook Mother Goose and his jester Muddles. So Vainglorious casts a spell on Mother Goose and enlists her help to split up the lovely couple. A fun filled celebration with hilarious gags, glittering costumes, catchy songs and all things daft!Producer Brunton Theatre Productions. Author Liam Rudden. Director Liam Rudden. Performer Aaron Usher. Performer Craig Glover.
23 Nov 10 to 31 Dec 10Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh :: V633
listing details L01789877525


Company Shaldon Theatre Company.
25 Jan 10 to 31 Jan 10Pavilions (formely Carlton Theatre), Teignmouth :: V898
listing details L1771869838


Producer Coliseum Oldham. Author Eric Potts. Director Kevin Shaw. Design Celia Perkins. Performer Fine Time Fontayne (Dame). Performer Andonis Anthony (Demon of Discontent). Performer Patrick Bridgman (King of Gooseland). Performer Nicole Evans (Jill). Performer Richard J Fetcher (Billy Goose). Performer Linzi Matthews (Fairy Feathers). Performer Amy Rhiannon Worth (Colin Goose).
21 Nov 09 to 9 Jan 10Coliseum Theatre, Oldham :: V497
listing details L1526750986


Producer Greenwich Theatre. Author Andrew Pollard. Director Kieron Smith. Musical Director Steven Markwick. Performer Andrew Pollard.
1 Dec 09 to 3 Jan 10Greenwich Theatre, Outer London :: V308
listing details L0737329813


Author Johnny McKnight. Producer Byre Theatre. Director Lawrie McNicol. Design Karen Tennent. Musical Director Alan Penman. Music Alan Penman. Choreographer Chris Stuart Wilson. Sound Alastair Phillips. Performer Kim Deerin (Fairy Liqui Tap). Performer David Ashwood (Gary). Performer Jordan McCurrach (Jack). Performer Hannah Donaldson (Jill). Performer Stephen Docherty (Mother Goose). Performer Nicola Auld (Narcissa).
2 Dec 09 to 2 Jan 10Byre Theatre, St Andrews :: V640
listing details L1813332020


All performances will be British Sign Language interpreted.Company Gatwick Airport Pantomime Society.
4 Feb 09 to 7 Feb 09The Hawth, Crawley :: V720
listing details L1235216722

the Rock 'n' Roll Panto - T0915172678

In a magical land far far away T’was Birkenhead so the rumours say There lived a woman named old Mother goose Who had the heart of an ox but the face of a moose. She fell in love with Mighty King Bling And when he strut his stuff they soon had a thing. But they fell out terribly all those years ago And ever since then Ma let herself go Then a golden goose came to stay And all Mas’ troubles did fade away For the bird held the key to eternal beauty And could turn Ma Goose into a right old cutie… Ma Goose is hot it’s really smoking!!! Bring you brollys for a right good soaking But we’ll need your help to right the wrongs Shout, boo and cheer and join in the songs. Shake your bootie and swing your maracas If you miss out on this... your just plain quackers!Producer Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse. Author Sarah Nixon. Author Mark Chatterton. Director Mark Chatterton. Musical Director Tayo Akinbode. Design Dinah England. Lighting Douglas Kuhrt. Sound Jason Barnes.
8 Dec 08 to 31 Jan 09Everyman & Playhouse, Liverpool :: V535
listing details L495837757


Company D E Caversmill Theatre Company.
11 Jan 09 to 18 Jan 09Mitchell Arts Centre, Stoke-on-Trent :: V999
listing details L02047166321


Corporate Sponsor Victoria Square. Producer Qdos Pantomimes. Producer Grand Opera House Belfast. Performer May McFettridge. Performer Olivia Nash. Performer Paddy Jenkins. Performer Aidan O'Neill. Performer Shinead Byrne. Group/Band BT4.
29 Nov 08 to 17 Jan 09Grand Opera House, Belfast :: V548
listing details L01857604277


10th Anniversary. Once upon a time there lived a kindly storyteller called Mother Goose. She lived in Hackneytopia with her son Billy and all the other fairytale folk. One fateful day two magical sisters, Charity (the good one) and Vanity (the evil one) decide to find out who is the most powerful witch… and so our tale begins… Charity sends poor Mother Goose a magical golden-egg-laying goose called Princess Priscilla. Suddenly Mother Goose is richer than she ever thought possible, her home is safe and her family is happy. But is this enough? What happens when all you wish for is offered to you on a plate? Could Vanity tempt her to turn against everyone she loves to gain her hearts desire? Will she give away the prized goose she has grown to love… for beauty?Producer Hackney Empire. Author Susie McKenna. Director Susie McKenna. Music Steve Edis. Design Lotte Colette. Lighting David W Kidd. Choreographer Carl Parris. Costume Lotte Colette. Sound Paul Gavin. Performer Clive Rowe (Mother Goose). Performer Sharon D Clarke. Performer Tameka Empson. Performer Kat B. Performer Anthony Whittle. Performer Susie McKenna. Performer Matt Dempsey. Performer Carl Parris. Performer Abigail Rosser. Performer Alex Ross.
29 Nov 08 to 10 Jan 09Hackney Empire, Outer London :: V309
listing details L1556320005


Producer Promenade Productions.
16 Jan 08 to 20 Jan 08Bacon Theatre, Cheltenham :: V89
listing details L0366360570


Company Sale Nomads.
11 Jan 08 to 19 Jan 08Waterside Arts Centre, Sale :: V0383692381
listing details L2099079107


Mother Goose tells the rags to riches tale of the Gander family as they struggle to keep up with the back of England's dastardly mortgage rate increases. Run time 1 hour 30 minutesProducer Aberystwyth Arts Centre. Director Richard Cheshire. Musical Director Elinor Powell. Choreographer Rachel West.
5 Jan 08 to 19 Jan 08Arts Centre, Aberystwyth :: V817
listing details L0918644321


Producer First Family Entertainment. Performer Stephen Mulhern. Performer Jeff Hordley. Performer Freya Copeland.
1 Dec 06 to 14 Jan 07Churchill Theatre, Bromley :: V302
listing details L1847476287


Corporate Sponsor Living Homes. Producer Strode Productions. Producer Eric Lukins. Author Mike Linham. Director Wendy Linham. Musical Director Martin Emslie. Choreographer Gemma Benham.
30 Dec 06 to 6 Jan 07Strode Theatre, Street :: V917
listing details L0598314109


Producer Theatre Royal Bath. Author Chris Harris. Director Chris Harris. Performer Chris Harris. Performer Anne Charleston. Performer Mark Buffery. Company Dorothy Coleborn School of Dance.
15 Dec 05 to 22 Jan 06Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L01064958005


[Jonathan Wilkes] has roped best pals [Robbie Williams] and [Ant] and [Dec] into recording scenes for his panto. The footage will be included in Mother Goose.Producer First Family Entertainment. Producer Regent Theatre. Performer Jonathan Wilkes. Performer Kym Marsh. Performer Eric Potts. Performer Shane Connor. Performer Andy Goulding.
15 Dec 05 to 15 Jan 06Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent :: V124
listing details L1711659550


Producer Qdos. Performer Allan Stewart. Performer Andy Gray. Performer Grant Stott.
26 Nov 05 to 15 Jan 06King's Theatre, Edinburgh :: V601
listing details L2106227167


Producer Bruce James Productions Ltd. Producer Big Dod Productions Ltd. Performer Patric Kearns (Mother Goose). Performer James Campbell (Billy Goose). Performer George Telfer (Demon Discontent).
15 Dec 05 to 8 Jan 06Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield :: V425
listing details L1884391905


Producer Thurrock Council. Producer Bruce James Productions. Performer Damian Williams. Performer Benjamin Roddy. Performer Darren Maddison. Performer Jo Leigh-Williams.
13 Dec 04 to 16 Jan 05Thameside Theatre, Grays :: V39
listing details L01098230736

3 Weddings and a Golden Egg - T554844471

3 Dec 04 to 9 Jan 05Watford Palace Theatre, Watford :: V55
listing details L0402403890


Producer Harrogate Theatre. Author Nicholas Pegg. Director Lennox Greaves.
26 Nov 04 to 8 Jan 05Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate :: V942
listing details L01355993775


Performer Bonnie Langford. Performer Mark Speight. Performer Christopher Lillicrap.
8 Dec 04 to 3 Jan 05The Hexagon, Reading :: V734
listing details L1099939435


The story joins the quaint old village of Liverdale on the eve of the celebrations for Luminations day. Newcomers Ma Goose and her son Archie are having a whale of a time preparing for the festivities. But alas...this is no ordinary place, for the village holds a dark and terrible secret. As the clock strikes an event unfolds that will change their lives forever. Mother Goose only has 24 hours to save the Universe and with the audience's help, she might just do it!Producer Dawsons Music. Author Sarah Nixon. Author Mark Chatterton. Director Mark Chatterton. Director Tayo Akinbode (music). Design Jocelyn Meall. Lighting Douglas Kuhrt. Performer Oliver Beamish (Ma Goose). Performer Christopher Redmond (Archie). Performer Loreto Murray (Fairy Lights). Performer Andy Nicol (Weasel Vanity). Performer Kevin Tucker (Easel Vanity). Performer Kate Pinell (Princess Cat). Performer Adam Keast (King Cole). Performer Clarie Storey (Toots the Goose).
28 Nov 03 to 24 Jan 04Everyman & Playhouse, Liverpool :: V535
listing details L517576480


Author David Maun. Director Michael Bate.
3 Jan 04 to 17 Jan 04Playhouse, Erith :: V186
listing details L01781898404


A circus themed panto.Director Gordon Cree (music). Performer Gwyneth Guthrie (Fairy of Good Health). Performer Rodd Christensen (Vanity). Performer Keith Warwick (Silly Billy). Performer Graham MacGregor (Mother Goose). Performer James McAnerney (Squire Frugal / Ringmaster). Performer Alina. Performer Shizzy Mizzy. Performer Ryan Murray (Goose). Company Trends Scottish Dancers. Company Gaiety Babes.
28 Nov 03 to 10 Jan 04Gaiety Theatre, Ayr :: V591
listing details L1263650706


This much-loved pantomime tells the colourful story of good old Mother Goose and her daffy son, Gary Gander. They're poor and the local Squire's keen to get shot of the pair. However, as luck would have it Mother Goose is granted the ownership of Lucy the Goosey who lays those famous golden eggs. Thus far all seems well...but something wicked this way comes - the evil Dragonara! She's got her beady eye on Lucy and Goosey and will stop at nothing to get her hands on that fabulous fowl! So, knowing how keen Mother Goose is to recover her lost youth, she hatches a diabolical plan...Producer Carnegie Hall. Producer Take Two Productions. Author Stuart Thomas. Author Alyson Orr. Director Tony Roper. Performer Ross Stenhouse (Mother Goose). Performer Sandra McNeely (Dragonara). Performer Johnny McNight (Gary Gosling). Performer Iain Mossman (Colin Goose). Performer Stevie Hannan (Squire). Performer Jo Freer (Gwen). Performer Alyson Orr (Fairy). Performer Karen Martin (Lucy Goosy).
5 Dec 03 to 27 Dec 03Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline :: V1112
listing details L755415048


Author Cyril Bennett.
5 Dec 03 to 13 Dec 03Mitchell Arts Centre, Stoke-on-Trent :: V999
listing details L1507358964


Company Mow Cop Players.
5 Dec 03 to 13 Dec 03Mitchell Arts Centre, Stoke-on-Trent :: V999
listing details L1153491726


Company Pendle Productions.
8 Dec 03 to 9 Dec 03Beaufort Theatre, Ebbw Vale :: V844
listing details L0798678532


Company Gatwick Airport Pantomime Society. Author Chris Denys. Author Chris Harris.
5 Feb 03 to 9 Feb 03The Hawth, Crawley :: V720
listing details L0118190683


Company Watson Players. Author Malcolm Sircom.
24 Jan 03 to 1 Feb 03Guildhall Theatre, Derby :: V994
listing details L84384337


Company Northcott Theatre Company. Author John Crocker. Director Ben Crocker. Performer Steve Bennett (Mother Goose). Performer Mike Burnside (The Demon Discontent). Performer Ann Blake (Jill). Performer Joanna Brookes. Performer Peter Jonfield (Squire O'Sovile). Performer Caroline Head. Performer Andrew Lovern. Performer Ian Sanders. Performer Adrienne Lane (Priscilla the Goose).
12 Dec 02 to 18 Jan 03Northcott Theatre, Exeter :: V886
listing details L01954782260


Performer Barry Bethell. Performer Lloyd Hollett.
12 Dec 02 to 15 Jan 03Theatre Royal, Margate :: V685
listing details L01859648776


Producer Duggie Chapman.
8 Jan 03 to 12 Jan 03Majestic Theatre, Retford :: V0394730292
listing details L0819557322


Performer Frazer Hines. Performer Emma Wray. Performer Nick Wilton (Mother Goose).
7 Dec 02 to 12 Jan 03Connaught Theatre, Worthing :: V725
listing details L20789591


Producer Mike Clark Entertainment.
4 Dec 02 to 11 Jan 03Palace Theatre, Kilmarnock :: V628
listing details L0411263872


Producer Extravaganza Productions. Author David Vickers. Author Richard Chandler. Director David Vickers. Director Richard Chandler. Performer Trevor Bannister (Mother Goose). Performer Sue Sweendy (Fairy Modesty). Performer Robert Laughlin (Demon Vanity). Performer David Wainwright (Billy Goose). Performer Karen Henson (Colin). Performer Paul Beech (Squire Fidget). Performer Naomi Slater (Jill). Company Thornton Dancers and Juveniles. Choreographer Sue Thornton.
5 Dec 02 to 5 Jan 03Middlesbrough Theatre, Middlesbrough :: V560
listing details L0336069516


Performer Desmond Barrit (Mother Goose). Performer Rikki Jay. Performer Jilly Johnson. Performer Helen McDermott. Performer Richard Gauntlett. Performer Matt Rawle. Performer Sarah-Jane Bourne.
20 Dec 01 to 20 Jan 02Theatre Royal, Norwich :: V72
listing details L1707180100


Producer Oxford Playhouse. Author Paul Knight. Director Michele Hardy. Performer Russell Dixon (Mother Goose). Performer Cheryl Blaize. Performer Marilyn Cutts. Performer Crispin Harris. Performer Andrew Norris. Performer Lloyd Notice. Performer Christopher Scott. Performer Alison Senior.
7 Dec 01 to 13 Jan 02Oxford Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L0751043513


Director Matt Smith (music). Performer Jeffery Longmore. Performer Darren Ali. Performer Rachel Grimshaw. Performer Stuart Woolfenden. Performer Debbie Margolis. Performer Matt Healy. Performer Jay Gaskill. Performer Linda Jane Holmes.
6 Dec 01 to 12 Jan 02Forum Theatre, Wythenshawe :: V506
listing details L191660189


Author Colin Wakefield. Author Kate Edgar. Director Kate Edgar. Lighting Peter Hunter. Design Simon Higlett. Other The Great Kovari (magic advisor).
8 Dec 01 to 12 Jan 02Playhouse, Salisbury :: V923
listing details L01062109735


Performer Keith Chegwin. Performer Christopher Lillicrap. Performer Waltzing Waters.
15 Dec 01 to 6 Jan 02Anvil Arts, Basingstoke :: V765
listing details L0681185046


Book by John Spillers. Director John Spillers. Choreographer Lisa Jayn Gordon. Director Jezz Weatherall (Music). Performer David Rumelle (Mother Goose). Performer Andy Pelos (Muddles the Minstrel). Performer Helen Snow (Jill Goose). Performer Philip Clayton-Smith (Squire Stoneybroke and Demon Discontent). Performer Crossley and Gee (Mucky Mick and Dirty Dick). Performer Katie Ashby (Fairy Fanackerpan and Queen of Gooseland).
6 Dec 01 to 6 Jan 02Theatre Royal Wakefield, Wakefield :: V979
listing details L171643882


Producer Extravaganza Productions. Performer Carley Stenson. Performer Eileen Pollock. Performer Richard Chandler. Performer Stevie Bee. Performer Robert Laughlin. Performer John Atterbury. Performer Craig Squance.
13 Dec 01 to 6 Jan 02Newark Palace, Newark :: V455
listing details L1359039885


Company Milton Keynes Amateur Operatic Society.
29 Dec 01 to 5 Jan 02Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes :: V752
listing details L0896156067


Lots of Nursery Rhyme characters appear in this pantomime to delight audiences of all ages. Goose Ermytrude, the goose that lays the golden eggs, is captured by Cathem and Skinnem, working for the evil Jobberwock and taken to the moon. Can Mother Goose rescue her and will the Man in the moon, the Knave of Hearts, Idle Jack and a famous Nursery Rhyme be able to help?Author Jim Sperinck. Company Belvoir Players.
26 Dec 01 to 5 Jan 02Ulster Hall and Group Theatre, Belfast :: V549
listing details L01526891952


Company Durrington Theatrical Society.
12 Dec 01 to 16 Dec 01Northbrook Theatre, Worthing :: V727
listing details L01715335636


Author Kenneth Alan Taylor. Director Kenneth Alan Taylor. Design Gary Underwood. Lighting Jason Taylor. Choreographer Sheila Carter. Director John Morton (music). Director Garry Robson (assistant director). Performer Kenneth Alan Taylor (Mr Pantomime). Performer Jeremy Stroughair (Squire Squelch). Performer John Elkington (Evil Eric). Performer Sarah Hadland (Colin). Performer Paul Gabriel (Wicked Witch Bane). Performer Rebecca Little (Rosemary). Performer Adrienne Laine (Priscilla the Goose). Performer Jill Burrington (Fairy). Performer Lewis Phillips (Silly Billy).
1 Dec 00 to 20 Jan 01Playhouse, Nottingham :: V457
listing details L01369090763


Author Bob Eaton. Author Sayan Kent. Music Sayan Kent. Director Bob Eaton. Director Nick Lacey (music). Design Cathy Ryan. Lighting David Howe. Performer Malcolm Boyden (Mother Goose). Performer Jim Low. Performer Katy Stephens. Performer Natasha Springer. Performer Derek Elroy. Performer Tupele Dorgu. Performer John Wild. Performer Louise Fullerton.
5 Dec 00 to 20 Jan 01Belgrade Theatre, Coventry :: V153
listing details L981157624


Company Little Theatre Club. Author GJ Wharton. Author K Wharton.
16 Jan 01 to 20 Jan 01Plowright Theatre, Scunthorpe :: V952
listing details L1027022977


WebsiteCompany Applause Productions.
13 Jan 01The Coliseum, Aberdare :: V821
listing details L01240804952
4 Jan 01 to 5 Jan 01Woughton Centre, Milton Keynes :: V755
listing details L1817095054


Author Susie McKenna. Director Susie McKenna. Lighting Francis Stephenson. Choreographer Frank Thomson. Performer Clive Rowe (Mother Goose). Performer Troy Titus-Adams (Antonio). Performer Tony Whittle (Baron Bonkers). Performer Susie McKennia (Vanity). Performer Alison Jiear (Charity). Performer Kat. Performer Stephen Matthews (Frightening Fred). Performer Joanna Sinnott (Sally). Performer Kat (Billy Goose).
8 Dec 00 to 6 Jan 01Hackney Empire, Outer London :: V309
listing details L02126548643


A Martin Patrick Pantomime.Director Martin Patrick (Artistic Director). Director Michael Burbidge (Musical Director). Choreographer Andrea Allen. Director Richard Burchall. Producer Lesley Lowy. Producer Michael Lowy.
22 Dec 00 to 1 Jan 01Chequer Mead, East Grinstead :: V1101
listing details L0933009295


WebsiteCompany M.A.D..
25 Feb 00 to 26 Feb 00Bohunt Community School, Liphook :: V1967241004
listing details L0570093331


A Derby Playhouse Production. With special guest star Pricilla the Goose.Author Mark Chatterton. Author Sarah Nixon. Author Mark Clements. Director Mark Clements. Director Mark Chatterton. Design Chris Crossell. Costume Colin Mayes. Director Wendy Gadian (music). Lighting Alexandra Stafford. Performer Mark Chatterton (Mother Goose). Performer Claude Close (Old King Cole). Performer Sarah Nixon (Fairy Meringue). Performer Nikki Ankara (Antonio). Performer Helen Anker (Princess Katherine). Performer Pete Dunwell (Simple Simon). Performer Gary Sharkey (Vanity.).
30 Nov 99 to 22 Jan 00Derby Theatre, Derby :: V1830193620
listing details L827153511


Author Stewart Permutt. Director Christopher Biggins. Performer Christopher Biggins.
17 Dec 99 to 16 Jan 00ADC Theatre, Cambridge :: V18
listing details L1128851152


The gang are all back for yet another fun filed, family eggstravaganza. Mother Goose is our millennium experience and Peter Shorey, the Mercury's resident dame is once more on hand. Tim Treslove and Roger Delves-Broughton also return to create comedy mayhem as double act Snitch and Snatch. Bryony Pritchard (Dandini in Cinderella) returns to play Jill, the wicked Squire's daughter.Author Roy Hudd. Company Mercury Theatre Company. Director Gerry Tebbutt. Choreographer Gerry Tebbutt. Design Jill Amos. Director Graeme Du Fesne (music). Performer Peter Shorey. Performer Tim Treslove. Performer Roger Delves-Broughton. Performer Bryony Pritchard.
10 Dec 99 to 16 Jan 00Mercury Theatre, Colchester :: V37
listing details L486326068


Director Christopher Biggins. Performer Christopher Biggins. Author Stewart Permutt. Performer Jessica Martin. Performer Kirk England.
17 Dec 99 to 16 Jan 00Arts Theatre, Cambridge :: V19
listing details L520951377


Mother Goose, a kind but rather foolish old woman, owns a goose who, under a magic spell, starts to lay golden eggs. Tricked by the evil Mephisto, she gives the goose away in return for a dip in the Waterfall of Youth and Beauty and a glance into the Grotto of Gorgeousness. A mad chase ensues as Jack and Jill, aided by Fairy Goosefeather, try to get the goose back, pursuing her all the way to the land of King Gander. So gather your goslings and take a gander at our traditional family pantomime - Gloucestershire's biggest eggstravaganza of fun, festivities and feathers!Author Chris Denys. Author Chris Harris.
2 Dec 99 to 15 Jan 00Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham :: V90
listing details L01973455606


Performer Chris Fox (Mother Goose). Performer Mark Baylin (Billy Goose). Performer Debi and Co (magic).
4 Dec 99 to 8 Jan 00Civic Theatre, Leeds :: V974
listing details L221283240


Performer Don Reid (Mother Goose). Performer Graham Jarvis (The Baron). Performer Janette Rose (Jack). Performer Kip Barrs (Billy Goose). Performer Lindsay Durie (Jill). Director Janette Rose. Director Robert Baker (music). Company Joan Pierpoint Dancers.
23 Dec 99 to 30 Dec 99Civic Hall, Winsford :: V471
listing details L1507671856


Company Anglia Academy Productions.
13 Dec 99 to 23 Dec 99Playhouse, Norwich :: V69
listing details L1878386339


Company Nuneaton Pantomime and Revue Society.
16 Feb 99 to 20 Feb 99Bedworth Civic Hall, Bedworth :: V127
listing details L845313306
16 Feb 99 to 20 Feb 99Bedworth Civic Hall, Bedworth :: V127
listing details L1837719471


Company Friendship Theatre Group. Performer Denny Twp.
7 Jan 99 to 17 Jan 99Penyrheol Theatre, Swansea :: V832
listing details L019025493


Director Nic Myers. Director Mary McAdam (music). Author Karl Myers.
23 Dec 98 to 2 Jan 99G-Live, Guildford :: V0839845247
listing details L0638312909


Performer Eileen McCallum. Performer Jan Wilson. Performer Maria Miller. Performer John Anderson. Performer Jamie Adair. Performer Johnnie Adam. Performer Jamie Fraser. Performer Clalrk Stewart. Performer Stephen Craige. Performer Iain Wothespoon. Performer Suzanne Marice. Performer Ashley Hale. Performer Emma Bateman. Performer Christine Bowtle. Director Anne Fields. Lighting Jim Woodley. Choreographer Angela Forsyth. Director Gordon Cree (music).
to 26 Dec 98Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline :: V1112
listing details L036036573

Other listings

4 Feb 24The Playhouse, Whitstable :: V694
listing details L1760568842
1 Feb 24 to 4 Feb 24Cornbow Hall, Halesowen :: V0168503775
listing details L46336357
18 Jan 24 to 20 Jan 24The King's Theatre, Gloucester :: V029413031
listing details L765993852
12 Jan 24 to 3 Feb 24Oasthouse Theatre, Rainham :: V695
listing details L0885087929
5 Jan 24 to 13 Jan 24Shaftesbury Theatre, Dawlish :: V885
listing details L01989172019
22 Dec 23Theatr Colwyn, Colwyn Bay :: V809
listing details L01364309568
5 Dec 23 to 9 Dec 23Volunteer Hall, Galashiels :: V0285512561
listing details L1273653630
30 Nov 23 to 3 Dec 23Conquest Theatre, Bromyard :: V1186
listing details L01250619975
29 May 23Palace Theatre, Paignton :: V892
listing details L694452869
1 May 23Cornbow Hall, Halesowen :: V0168503775
listing details L0909265120
18 Mar 23Blackfriars Arts Centre, Boston :: V440
listing details L01182614329
26 Feb 23Bolton Town Hall, Bolton :: V479
listing details L01604978436
7 Jan 23 to 21 Jan 23Playhouse, Erith :: V186
listing details L1654082069
9 Dec 22 to 20 Dec 22Playhouse Theatre, Preston :: V01322424695
listing details L2097940
21 Apr 22 to 23 Apr 22Little Theatre, Gateshead :: V565
listing details L609780126
15 Apr 22 to 18 Apr 22Plaza Theatre, Stockport :: V0766695186
listing details L1785416957
6 Jan 22 to 21 Jan 23Arts Centre, Aberystwyth :: V817
listing details L0445429810
23 Dec 21Junction Theatre & Cinema, Goole :: V01212513143
listing details L01604263150
7 Jan 21 to 22 Jan 22Arts Centre, Aberystwyth :: V817
listing details L01336658903
20 Dec 20Bolton Little Theatre, Bolton :: V482
listing details L200155861
9 Dec 20 to 12 Dec 20Duchess Theatre, Long Eaton :: V0865379748
listing details L1281697955
12 Apr 20 to 16 Apr 20Plaza Theatre, Stockport :: V0766695186
listing details L02078881367
17 Jan 20 to 26 Jan 20Players Theatre, Hurstpierpoint :: V1824737909
listing details L0622799
13 Jan 20 to 18 Jan 20Whitby Pavilion Theatre, Whitby :: V953
listing details L1599499989
7 Jan 20 to 11 Jan 20Plowright Theatre, Scunthorpe :: V952
listing details L691465413
28 Nov 19 to 12 Jan 20Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury :: V674
listing details L0815812730
13 Dec 17 to 20 Dec 17Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Outer London :: V01396607277
listing details L1899373869
9 Dec 16 to 29 Dec 16Alhambra, Dunfermline :: V282499872
listing details L1305016987
27 Jan 16 to 30 Jan 16Montgomery Theatre, Sheffield :: V1804222198
listing details L0993045661
16 Jan 16Town Hall, Chipping Sodbury :: V867
listing details L02132244189
8 Jan 16 to 24 Jan 16Barn Theatre, Oxted :: V0245713532
listing details L1581855978
14 Nov 15 to 9 Jan 16Coliseum Theatre, Oldham :: V497
listing details L2029374764
21 Dec 13 to 4 Jan 14Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes :: V752
listing details L0955717959
12 Dec 13 to 22 Dec 13Playhouse Theatre, Preston :: V01322424695
listing details L1009296879
17 Dec 11 to 2 Jan 12Spa Pavilion Theatre, Felixstowe :: V78
listing details L0350392648
8 Jan 09 to 25 Jan 09Norbury Theatre, Droitwich :: V01807609456
listing details L0467701714
17 Dec 08 to 3 Jan 09Palace Theatre, Kilmarnock :: V628
listing details L893912122
3 Dec 04 to 11 Jan 05Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury :: V99
listing details L1191555847
5 Dec 03 to 3 Jan 04Perth Theatre, Perth :: V637
listing details L01925129733
5 Dec 02 to 11 Jan 03The Customs House, South Shields :: V575
listing details L1843645579
22 Dec 01 to 6 Jan 02General, General :: V01096788520
listing details L0878791166
30 May 01Pavilion Theatre, Rhyl :: V813
listing details L01902262888
23 Dec 00 to 6 Jan 01Palace Theatre, Paignton :: V892
listing details L2061736225
8 Dec 00 to 30 Dec 00Grand Theatre, Lancaster :: V521
listing details L1417901773
21 Feb 00 to 25 Feb 00The Coliseum, Aberdare :: V821
listing details L568503162
20 Dec 99 to 29 Dec 99Marsden Theatre, Leyland :: V0532212787
listing details L02088550975
3 Dec 99 to 22 Jan 00King's Theatre, Glasgow :: V613
listing details L01408623135
29 Nov 99 to 31 Dec 99Motherwell Theatre, Motherwell :: V632
listing details L01324629674
19 Jan 99 to 23 Jan 99Screen At The Square, Witney :: V835551105
listing details L1910596839
25 Dec 98 to 9 Jan 99Spa Pavilion Theatre, Felixstowe :: V78
listing details L01703429097
18 Dec 98 to 10 Jan 99Palace Theatre, Redditch :: V104
listing details L1476704102
16 Dec 98 to 9 Jan 99Thameside Theatre, Grays :: V39
listing details L1470684578
11 Dec 98 to 3 Jan 99Watermans Arts Centre, Outer London :: V339
listing details L1499837141
11 Dec 98 to 30 Jan 99Bristol Old Vic, Bristol :: V857
listing details L0966513015
10 Dec 98 to 9 Jan 99Theatre Royal, Brighton :: V657
listing details L01553787300
26 Jan 98 to 31 Jan 98The Coliseum, Aberdare :: V821
listing details L1995238042
27 Dec 97 to 10 Jan 98Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham :: V447
listing details L1331875710
20 Dec 97 to 4 Jan 98Eye Theatre, Eye :: V77
listing details L01294573779
18 Dec 97 to 3 Jan 98Kings Theatre Portsmouth, Southsea :: V780
listing details L308112847
18 Dec 97 to 17 Jan 98Chichester Festival Theatre, Chichester :: V719
listing details L149619171
16 Dec 97 to 18 Dec 97Westminster Theatre, West End :: V419
listing details L1417949148
15 Dec 97 to 10 Jan 98Palace Theatre, Mansfield :: V453
listing details L620409542
12 Dec 97 to 10 Jan 98Perth Theatre, Perth :: V637
listing details L2010254652
10 Dec 97 to 18 Jan 98Key Theatre, Peterborough :: V27
listing details L0995441085
9 Dec 97 to 13 Dec 97Abbey Theatre and Arts Centre, Nuneaton :: V1009
listing details L0284661805
2 Dec 97 to 3 Jan 98Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh :: V633
listing details L649936745
15 Jan 97 to 25 Jan 97Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre, Taunton :: V918
listing details L1213049028
28 Dec 96 to 4 Jan 97Strode Theatre, Street :: V917
listing details L01798953187
27 Dec 96 to 4 Jan 97Olympus Theatre, Gloucester :: V98
listing details L0301055710
21 Dec 96 to 5 Jan 97Gracie Fields Theatre, Rochdale :: V500
listing details L90368383
19 Dec 96 to 12 Jan 97Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne :: V665
listing details L84346412
19 Dec 96 to 15 Feb 97Birmingham Hippodrome, Birmingham :: V145
listing details L0250372951
13 Dec 96 to 18 Jan 97Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy :: V629
listing details L0591137393
12 Dec 96 to 19 Jan 97Churchill Theatre, Bromley :: V302
listing details L0734563150
10 Dec 96 to 25 Jan 97Theatre Royal, York :: V954
listing details L1877295086
9 Dec 96 to 25 Jan 97Royal & Derngate, Northampton :: V449
listing details L1652903041
6 Dec 96 to 18 Jan 97Grand Opera House, Belfast :: V548
listing details L01425561899
CORONAVIRUS: All UK venues closed on 16th March 2020, restrictions were lifted on 19th July 2021. Please note that iUKTDb archive listings between March 2020 and July 2021 may not be accurate as we did not receive details of all rescheduled and cancelled shows.

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