Pantomime,when the miller dies his youngest son is disappointed to hear that all he got is a cat. But he soon discovers that this is no ordinary cat but a cat who can talk and who makes up the most amazing stories and lies.

Archive listings for Puss in Boots

Work type: Panto.

A Christmas Show for Children - T0450296585

18 Dec 21 to 2 Jan 22The Market Theatre, Hitchin :: V1152
listing details L1295890574


Things are looking pretty bleak in the village of Baggy Bottom on the Bog. An evil Ogre and his horrible henchman Victor Grabitt have control over everyone Producer Belgrade Theatre (in association with Imagine Theatre). Author Iain Lauchlan. Performer Iain Lauchlan (Dame).
27 Nov 19 to 11 Jan 20Belgrade Theatre, Coventry :: V153
listing details L1623153790


As always our fun-packed shows have music, dance, side-splitting traditional comedy, and of course, lots of audience participation, and this year a gloriously messy slapstick kitchen scene that has to be seen to be believed! With a fantastic live band, a tremendous cast of 50, dazzling costumes and incredible scenery this is a family show not to be missed! The purrrr...fect panto for your 2018 Christmas celebrations!Presented byStoke Amateur Theatre Society. Author Paul Brammer.
1 Dec 18 to 9 Dec 18Mitchell Arts Centre, Stoke-on-Trent :: V999
listing details L941466307


Join us this December for the Purr-fect Christmas Pantomime. Packed with Music, Dance, Comedy and of course audience participation, Puss in Boots will be your purr-fect accompaniment to your 2017 Christmas celebration.Author Marc Day. Director Marc Day. Music Chris Burgess.
13 Dec 17 to 28 Dec 17Hoxton Hall, Inner London :: V204
listing details L01875988967


The land of Panoptica is in peril from the evil Giant Blunderbore and his assistant Demon Moonshade and Tom has returned home to inherit his father's estate before the evil giant steals it. Could Tom's cat hold the key to solving all of Panoptica's problems? Will Harry ever find out what happened to his lost love Kitty? Could the princess Felicia ever fall in love with a commoner like Tom and will her parents Queen Euphemia and King Richard allow it? Join us this Christmas at The Britannia Panopticon ? The World's Oldest Surviving Music Hall for this Purr-fect family adventure to find out.Author Grant F Kidd. Director Grant F Kidd. Performer Grant F Kidd (Queen Euphemia).
8 Dec 17 to 22 Dec 17Panopticon, Glasgow :: V01028953002
listing details L1440305316


Producer Platform Theatre. Author Lewis Hetherington.
8 Dec 15 to 23 Dec 15Platform, Glasgow :: V1148048035
listing details L986867660


Producer Little Theatre. Author John Bale. Director John Bale. Musical Director James Harrison. Choreographer Josie Tweddle. Company The Leicester Dance Company. Choreographer Anita Norman.
12 Dec 14 to 4 Jan 15Little Theatre, Leicester :: V433
listing details L1590945816


Come and enjoy a family feast of fun with MCS Rep's production of this popular panto favourite. Boo and hiss at Crunchbones the ogre and marvel at how 'Puss in Boots' becomes the hero of the day in this laughter packed show.Company MCS Rep Company.
30 Oct 14 to 1 Nov 14Old Rep, Birmingham :: V147
listing details L222570225


Producer Greenwich Theatre. Author Andrew Pollard. Director Andrew Pollard. Musical Director Steve Markwick. Performer Andrew Pollard.
21 Nov 13 to 5 Jan 14Greenwich Theatre, Outer London :: V308
listing details L66222332


Corporate Sponsor CMS Cameron McKenna. Author Susie McKenna. Director Susie McKenna. Music Steven Edis. Choreographer Frank Thompson. Design Lotte Collett. Musical Director Mark Dickman. Lighting David W Kidd. Sound Avgoustos Psillas. Design Scott Brooker (creature design). Director Tony Whittle (assistant). Other Paul Kieve (magic consultant). Performer Bat B (Puss in Boots). Performer Sharon D Clarke (Queen Talulah the Hoo Ha). Performer Josefina Gabrielle (Evil Witch Evilena). Performer Stephen Matthews (Dame Nettie Knowall). Performer Tony Timberlake (King Konkers the Bonkers). Performer Matt Dempsey (Thomas). Performer Amy Lennox (Princess Pertunia). Performer Darren Hart (Amnesiah - the Bully Brother Bruno). Performer Allyson Ava-Brown (Celestine the Good Sourceress). Performer Tom Andrew Hargreaves (Prince Casper). Performer Leon Sweeney (the Ogre).
23 Nov 13 to 5 Jan 14Hackney Empire, Outer London :: V309
listing details L0371328730


Presented byGlastonbury and Street Musical Comedy Society. Author Keith Marsden. Author Geoffrey Rundle. Musical Director Tom Billing. Choreographer Sarah Neale.
28 Dec 13 to 4 Jan 14Strode Theatre, Street :: V917
listing details L02048455835


Puss in Boots is a truly magical show which combines the classic fairytale with all the traditional ingredients you've come to expect from our pantomimes; stunning sets and costumes, brilliant singing and dancing, side-splitting comedy, truly amazing illusions, lots of audience participation and, of course, a very happy ending! Once again, Blyth's biggest festive treat will be produced by the Phoenix Theatre Company.
7 Dec 13 to 15 Dec 13Phoenix Theatre, Blyth :: V01468339096
listing details L01469669764


Producer Brunton Theatre. Author Philip Meeks. Director Tim Licata.
27 Nov 12 to 5 Jan 13Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh :: V633
listing details L091135527


Company Crown Players.
11 Dec 12 to 15 Dec 12The King's Theatre, Gloucester :: V029413031
listing details L988363166


Performed by the 2nd years of The MTA, this is traditional panto at its best.Producer MTA.
20 Dec 11 to 23 Dec 11Waterloo East Theatre, Inner London :: V01284685503
listing details L01693680978


Company Abergavenny Pantomime Company.
21 Feb 11 to 24 Feb 11Borough Theatre, Abergavenny :: V839
listing details L376008827


Company Sale Nomads.
7 Jan 11 to 16 Jan 11Waterside Arts Centre, Sale :: V0383692381
listing details L3237401


Producer Corn Exchange Newbury. Producer Hiss & Boo. Author Phil Willmott.
4 Dec 09 to 3 Jan 10Corn Exchange, Newbury :: V732
listing details L01034728202


Many, many years ago when cats were cats and mice lived in fear of their lives, there lived a particularly wonderful cat. A magical cat who wore magical boots and made magical things happen. There also lived a miller’s son who had nothing but his poor father’s mangy old moggie to keep him company. From a distance he admired the beautiful daughter of King Charles of England. From a distance he watched the wicked rule of the all-powerful Lord Protector. And he wished that he could do something…and suddenly, as if by magic (feline magic perhaps), his wishes become true. Cheer for the wonderful Puss! Gasp at the dashing swordplay! Sigh at all-conquering love! Laugh at Nell Gwynn’s daft old mother! You are invited to the wonderful pantomime world of Roundheads and Cavaliers and an adventure story where all comes out happily in the end. Supported by media partners BBC Radio Suffolk and the Bury Free Press.Corporate Sponsor Premier Printers. Corporate Sponsor Waitrose. Corporate Sponsor HRP. Producer Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds. Producer Sharron Stowe. Author Daniel O'Brien. Director Colin Blumenau. Design Will Hargreaves. Choreographer Lee Crowley. Costume Sarina Hosking (costume superviser). Performer James Nickerson (Dame). Performer Bradley Clarkson (Jack). Performer Dennis Herdman (Hench). Performer Helena Blackman (Puss). Performer Abi Newberry (Princess Caroline). Performer Mark Stratton (Cromwell / King Charles).
5 Dec 08 to 18 Jan 09Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds :: V76
listing details L429596209


Producer Erith Playhouse. Director Mike Rand.
29 Dec 07 to 12 Jan 08Playhouse, Erith :: V186
listing details L01707523853


Producer Connaught Theatre. Author Christopher Lillicrap. Performer Leila Birch (The Princess). Performer Barnaby Edwards (The King). Performer Billy Boyle (The Dame). Performer Samantha Hughes (The Enchantress).
2 Dec 05 to 8 Jan 06Connaught Theatre, Worthing :: V725
listing details L0910562003


Company Over Players. Author Sean Baker. Author Peter Barnes (additional material). Author Rod Dundee (additional material).
7 Dec 05 to 10 Dec 05General, General :: V1262
listing details L01737158439


Company Heritage Dance Studio. Director Karen Heritage.
27 Jan 05 to 29 Jan 05ARC, Stockton-on-Tees :: V01950064742
listing details L0272642394


Producer Theatre Royal Winchester (in association with Ian Liston and the Hiss and Boo Company Ltd). Author Kate Edgar. Author Colin Wakefield.
9 Dec 04 to 3 Jan 05Theatre Royal, Winchester :: V782
listing details L962289623


Author James Barry.
15 Dec 04 to 3 Jan 05Jacksons Lane, Outer London :: V312
listing details L801095738


Company Crescent Theatre Company.
11 Jan 03 to 25 Jan 03Crescent Theatre, Birmingham :: V144
listing details L1505238341


Company ENTER.
17 Jan 03 to 18 Jan 03Middlesbrough Theatre, Middlesbrough :: V560
listing details L1416203294


Company Sanderstead Dramatic Club. Director John Desbottes.
11 Jan 03 to 18 Jan 03General, General :: V129128377
listing details L01361461117


Producer Oxford Playhouse. Author Paul Knight. Director Michele Hardy.
6 Dec 02 to 12 Jan 03Oxford Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L0796997189


Company Board Walkers Theatre Company. Author Bridget Derrett.
28 Dec 02 to 4 Jan 03Playhouse Theatre, Cheltenham :: V92
listing details L0218704638


Company George Eliot Hospital Pantomime Society.
3 Dec 02 to 7 Dec 02Abbey Theatre and Arts Centre, Nuneaton :: V1009
listing details L01311644079


Company Mow Cop Players. Author Cyril Bennett.
4 Dec 02 to 7 Dec 02Mitchell Arts Centre, Stoke-on-Trent :: V999
listing details L02010943897


Company Westfield Folkhouse.
19 Jan 02 to 26 Jan 02Palace Theatre, Mansfield :: V453
listing details L0242996080


Producer Newpalm Productions. Director John Newman. Director Sam Edwards (music). Choreographer Elisabeth Swan. Performer Sylvia Carson. Performer Zach Vanderfelt. Performer Laura Taylor. Performer Guy Chinery. Performer Bruce Mann. Performer Neil Bull. Performer James Horne. Performer Zoe Marie Vigus. Performer Lionel Chilcott.
8 Dec 01 to 6 Jan 02Chelmsford Theatre, Chelmsford :: V32
listing details L0456519528


Company Dundee Rep Resident Company. Author Stuart Paterson. Director Hamish Glen. Design Greg Smith. Lighting Richard Moffatt. Music Aiden O'Rourke. Performer Andrew Clark (Rab). Performer Susan Harrison (Cat). Performer Rodney Matthew (Conal). Performer Keith Fleming (Donal). Performer Meg Fraser. Performer Frances Thorburn. Performer John Buick. Performer Irene Macdougall.
30 Nov 01 to 5 Jan 02Dundee Repertory Theatre, Dundee :: V596
listing details L01978431242


Author Norman Robbins. Company Yeovil Amateur Pantomime Society. Director Matthew Holmes (music). Director Bryan Hallett. Director Jon Newman (assistant director). Choreographer Bryan Hallett.
23 Jan 01 to 27 Jan 01Octagon Theatre, Yeovil :: V919
listing details L197595522


Company Lidos. Director Jane Ellaway. Director Danny Gamble (music). Choreographer Kazia Gamble.
10 Jan 01 to 20 Jan 01Civic Theatre, Leeds :: V974
listing details L1823183749


Company Preston Drama Cub. Author Norman Robbins.
22 Dec 00 to 6 Jan 01Playhouse Theatre, Preston :: V01322424695
listing details L1534681581


Company Wellingborough Pantomime Society. Director Sandra Mead. Director Robert Wicks (music).
30 Dec 00 to 6 Jan 01Castle Theatre, Wellingborough :: V465
listing details L0484395676


Company Abbey Players.
7 Dec 99 to 11 Dec 99Abbey Theatre and Arts Centre, Nuneaton :: V1009
listing details L508593354


Performer Henry McGee. Performer Kate Weston. Performer Bryan Burdon. Performer Rod Hull and Emu.
9 Dec 98 to 16 Jan 99Theatre Royal Windsor, Windsor :: V742
listing details L01101153468


Company Library TC. Director Roger Haines. Author Charles Perrault. Director Roger Haines.
27 Nov 98 to 16 Jan 99Forum Theatre, Wythenshawe :: V506
listing details L783885011


Company Opera della Luna. Performer Jeff Clarke.
8 Dec 98 to 2 Jan 99Corn Exchange, Newbury :: V732
listing details L685604661


Performer Maxwell Slater. Performer Denzil Kilvington. Performer Phil Batty. Performer Sharon Scogings. Performer Tori Bragg. Performer Tanya Franks. Author Roland Paterson. Choreographer Liz McAuliffe.
14 Dec 98 to 23 Dec 98Theatr Colwyn, Colwyn Bay :: V809
listing details L565035292


Author Philip Pullman. Director Vicky Ireland. Design Alex Bunn. Music Andrew Dodge.
to 7 Feb 98Polka Theatre for Children, Outer London :: V324
listing details L01940849963


Company Abingdon Drama Club. Director Nigel Tait.
23 Jan 98 to 31 Jan 98Unicorn Theatre, Abingdon :: V793
listing details L0254356682


Author Roy Hudd. Director Richard Westcott.
11 Dec 97 to 11 Jan 98Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds :: V76
listing details L1198602608
7 Dec 96 to 11 Jan 97Watford Palace Theatre, Watford :: V55
listing details L1393994260

Other listings

13 Feb 24 to 17 Feb 24St Austell Arts Centre, St Austell :: V01090306248
listing details L01903880090
26 Jan 24 to 27 Jan 24Civic Theatre, Doncaster :: V964
listing details L01269089221
20 Jan 24 to 21 Jan 24The Players Theatre, Thame :: V807
listing details L01879452135
20 Dec 23 to 23 Dec 23Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli :: V819218539
listing details L480052261
15 Dec 23 to 16 Dec 23Penrith Playhouse Theatre, Penrith :: V01564283679
listing details L0333711501
7 Apr 23 to 10 Apr 23Plaza Theatre, Stockport :: V0766695186
listing details L01013307835
7 Jan 17 to 14 Jan 17King's Theatre, Newmarket :: V1188
listing details L0235813887
9 Dec 11 to 28 Dec 11Webster Memorial Theatre, Arbroath :: V589
listing details L562687548
9 Dec 09 to 12 Dec 09Alhambra, Dunfermline :: V282499872
listing details L01933693370
9 Jan 02 to 2 Feb 02The Concordia Theatre, Hinckley :: V1180
listing details L01840049653
26 Aug 99 to 28 Aug 99Forum Theatre, Billingham :: V557
listing details L1429774272
16 Aug 99 to 21 Aug 99ICC Belfast, Belfast :: V1053
listing details L01006984089
16 Aug 99 to 21 Aug 99ICC Belfast, Belfast :: V1053
listing details L1551036890
18 Dec 98 to 9 Jan 99Tower Theatre, Outer London :: V249
listing details L01852785735
17 Dec 98 to 20 Dec 98Northbrook Theatre, Worthing :: V727
listing details L979852405
27 Nov 98 to 16 Jan 99Home Theatre, Manchester :: V1858052535
listing details L0263419422
18 Feb 98 to 21 Feb 98Paulerspury Village Hall, Paulerspury :: V1175
listing details L507900190
9 Feb 98 to 14 Feb 98Bedworth Civic Hall, Bedworth :: V127
listing details L652815697
11 Dec 97 to 12 Dec 97Proteus Creation Space, Basingstoke :: V766
listing details L0173222954
18 Dec 96 to 4 Jan 97Fareham Live (formerly Ferneham Hall), Fareham :: V767
listing details L848920006
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