The tale of the sleeping beauty - sleeping under the spell of a wicked witch until her Prince Charming comes to wake her up.

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T01339644714 (NORTHERNSTAGE19)

Once upon a time, a beautiful Princess was placed under a terrible curse by the most vile and wicked Fairy in all of Geordieland. Just one prick of her finger and Princess Beauty would fall into a cursed sleep for 100 years only to be woken by true love's kiss. With the help of Queen Patsy and the hapless court jester, Muddles, will the handsome Prince Philip of Fenham be able to break the spell?Company Glendo Entertainment. Producer Liam Glendinning. Choreographer Danni Dee.
27 Aug 19 to 31 Aug 19Northern Stage, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V568
listing details L1980516937

T1856581983 (GARDYNE19)

Producer Joseph Purdy Productions. Performer Jamie Jones (Carabosse).
12 Jul 19 to 13 Jul 19Gardyne Theatre, Dundee :: V0929973445
listing details L08749162

T0849161645 (EVESHAM18)

Company Phoenix Theatre Group.
23 Jan 19 to 27 Jan 19Evesham Arts Centre, Evesham :: V1116
listing details L0500428582

T053442083 (GRANDWOLVES18)

Producer Qdos Entertainment. Performer Debbie McGee. Performer Richard Cadell. Performer Sooty. Performer Doreen Tipton. Performer Ian Adams.
8 Dec 18 to 13 Jan 19Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton :: V161
listing details L02002889012

T02013749367 (TRSTRATFODEAST18)

Book by Sarah A Nixon. Book by Mark Chatterton. Music Robert Hyman. Lyrics Robert Hyman. Director Matthew Xia.
1 Dec 18 to 12 Jan 19Theatre Royal, Stratford East, Outer London :: V337
listing details L1604655784

T23609844 (RIVERFRONT18)

4 Dec 18 to 6 Jan 19The Riverfront, Newport :: V088145899
listing details L1203371167


Director Simon Barry. Choreographer Ashley Johnson. Performer Melinda Messenger. Performer Luke Friend.
14 Dec 18 to 6 Jan 19Princess Theatre, Torquay :: V900
listing details L1764193078


Producer Imagine Theatre. Performer Vern Griffiths (Dame Dolly Dumpling). Performer Kyle Tovey (Happy Harri). Performer Cerys Nelmes (Fairy Marina). Performer Laura Mansell (Carabosse). Performer Aled Herbert (King Frogmore). Performer Trixie Waggott (Princess Rose). Performer Jack Malin (Prince).
14 Dec 18 to 6 Jan 19Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl :: V838
listing details L0104844641

T02117264077 (BELGRADE18)

Sleeping Beauty is the tale of a beautiful Princess who is cursed at her Christening by the wicked Fairy Carabosse, which means that on her 18th birthday she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die. The good Fairy Azuriel offers some hope, she changes the spell to ensure that the Princess won't die, merely fall into an enchanted sleep for 100 years from which she will wake if kissed by the one she loves. Join Nurse Nanny Nora, Josh the Jester and the dashing Prince Valiant as they battle with dragons and time machines to ensure that the Prince is ready to wake the sleeping Princess on time!Producer Belgrade Theatre. Producer Imagine Theatre. Author Iain Lauchlan. Performer Iain Lauchlan (Iain Lauchlan (Nanny McWheeze). Performer Craig Hollingsworth (Muddles the Jester). Performer Joanna Thorne (Prince). Performer Melissa Brown-Taylor (Princess Belle). Performer Anna Mitcham (Good Fairy). Performer Laura Judge (Carabosse). Performer Vicky Field (Queen). Performer Declan Wilson (King). Performer Katy Anna Southgate. Performer Ivano Turco.
21 Nov 18 to 5 Jan 19Belgrade Theatre, Coventry :: V153
listing details L0654953670

T1932395370 (GREENOCKBEACON18)

Producer Imagine Theatre. Performer Jane McCarry (Carabosse). Performer Mark Cox (Cludgie the Henchman). Performer Jimmy Chisholm (Dame). Performer Lee Samuel (Comic). Performer Martine McMenemy (Queen Matilda). Performer Nikki Horsburgh (Princess Beauty).
7 Dec 18 to 31 Dec 18Beacon Arts Centre (formerly Arts Guild Theatre), Greenock :: V1047
listing details L994659392

T889657565 (QUESTORS18)

Presented byThe Questors. Author Ben Crocker.
14 Dec 18 to 31 Dec 18Questor's Theatre, Outer London :: V326
listing details L494895564


Producer Imagine Theatre.
24 Nov 18 to 29 Dec 18Palace Theatre, Kilmarnock :: V628
listing details L917560117


oin us this Easter for the most enchanting pantomime of all - 'Sleeping Beauty'. Our brand new production will include sensational singing, beautiful costomes, and enough comedy to leave you rolling with laughter for weeks. Will the wicked fairy Carabosse manage to set her curse on Princess Beauty? Will Prince Asa wake his one true love?
4 Apr 18 to 7 Apr 18The Forum, Northallerton :: V573056527
listing details L1433688696

T0654234373 (CLWYD17)

Author Peter Rowe. Director Zoe Waterman. Choreographer Lucy Hind. Performer Greg Coulson. Performer Lynwen Haf Roberts. Performer David Heywood. Performer James Ifan. Performer Sean McKenzie. Performer Emma Stonelake. Performer Rowan Talbot. Performer Luke Thornton. Performer Elian West. Performer Zoe West.
24 Nov 17 to 20 Jan 18Theatr Clwyd, Mold :: V810
listing details L0210704606

T1443272358 (BRINDLEY17)

Producer Polka Dot Pantomimes. Performer Chrissy Rock. Performer Robert Square. Performer Rebecca Lake. Performer Christopher Pym. Performer Andrew Curphey.
11 Dec 17 to 14 Jan 18Brindley Arts Centre, Runcorn :: V1448285374
listing details L01898678951

T02062645576 (TRNORWICH17)

Producer Norwich Theatre Royal. Author Richard Gauntlett. Director Richard Gauntlett. Performer Gillian Wright (The Baddie). Performer Richard Gauntlett. Performer Ben Langley.
13 Dec 17 to 14 Jan 18Theatre Royal, Norwich :: V72
listing details L742683379

T02116742498 (PLOWRIGHT18)

Company Scunthorpe Little Theatre Club.
9 Jan 18 to 13 Jan 18Plowright Theatre, Scunthorpe :: V952
listing details L1343460401

T1594305883 (TRWINDSOR17)

Performer Jenny Ryan. Performer Basil Brush. Performer Mike Read. Performer Steven Blakeley. Performer Tom Baker. Performer Denise Pearson. Performer Kevin Cruise.
29 Nov 17 to 7 Jan 18Theatre Royal, Windsor :: V742
listing details L0532204358

T0510922989 (KEY17)

Producer Vivacity Peterborough Culture and Leisure.
7 Dec 17 to 7 Jan 18Key Theatre, Peterborough :: V27
listing details L304765082

T0226356254 (PAVRHYL17)

Producer UK Productions. Performer Vicky Entwistle (Carabosse). Performer Amy Thompson (Princedss Briar Rose). Performer Sarah Jane Buckley (The Good Fairy). Performer Charles Burden (Nanny Glucose). Performer Sean Jones (Silly Billy). Performer Chris Warner Drake (The Prince). Company The Gay Harris Dancers. Company North Wales School of Dancing.
14 Dec 17 to 7 Jan 18Pavilion Theatre, Rhyl :: V813
listing details L01736570619

T01798635368 (KINGSGLASGOW17)

Producer Qdos Entertainment. Author Alan McHugh. Performer Elaine C Smith (Fairy Bella Houston). Performer Johnny Mac (Muddles). Performer Juliet Cadzow (Carabosse). Performer Paul-James Corrigan (Slimeball).
1 Dec 17 to 7 Jan 18King's Theatre, Glasgow :: V613
listing details L0456265973

T571803933 (SWANWORCS17)

Company Worcester Repertory Company. Author Chris Jaeger. Author Ben Humphrey. Performer Ben Humphrey.
4 Dec 17 to 7 Jan 18Swan Theatre, Worcester :: V107
listing details L1065458444


Performer Phylip Harries.
25 Nov 17 to 6 Jan 18Courtyard, Hereford :: V101
listing details L1773510436


Producer Evolution Productions. Performer John Partridge. Performer Sally Lindsay. Performer Rebecca Keatley. Performer Ieuan Rhys.
8 Dec 17 to 2 Jan 18Grove Theatre, Dunstable :: V1616570102
listing details L01510722856

T1265119489 (WEYMOUTHPAV17)

Producer Made-to-Measure Productions. Performer Lee Redwood (Queen Thelma). Performer Gwynfryn West (Muddles the Court Jester).
9 Dec 17 to 1 Jan 18Weymouth Pavilion Complex, Weymouth :: V912
listing details L0248474368

T025588720 (WOODVILLE17)

Producer Those Magic Beans. Performer Linda Lusardi. Performer Cleopatra. Performer Ant Payne. Performer Rob Forknall. Performer Lucy Reed. Performer Rob Cummings.
9 Dec 17 to 1 Jan 18The Woodville Halls Theatre, Gravesend :: V681
listing details L1550482603

T1211088033 (GARDYNE17)

River City favourite Tom Urie ("Big Bob") will be joined by two of the cast from top BBC comedy "Scot Squad". Long suffering "Officer Karen" will be playing wicked queen Maleficent and her on-screen nemesis will be playing Maleficent's halfwit son, "Boaby". This fabulous show with amazing sets will be the biggest pantomime ever staged in the city, bursting with serious celebs, lots of laughs, hopping hits and crazy costumes.Producer Robert C Kelly. Performer Karen Bartke (Officer Karen Scot Squad). Performer Tom Urie (Big Bog River City). Performer James Mackenzie (Raven). Performer Darren Connell (Bobby Scot Squad).
9 Dec 17 to 31 Dec 17Gardyne Theatre, Dundee :: V0929973445
listing details L01776798944

T0863610016 (SANDSCARLISLE17)

Producer Enchanted Entertainment. Performer Lee Brennan. Performer Cheryl Fergison.
11 Dec 17 to 31 Dec 17Sands Centre, Carlisle :: V2
listing details L0950354696

T0383691889 (WHROCK17)

Producer Qdos Entertainment. Performer Honey G. Performer Ben Watson. Performer Tm McArthur.
15 Dec 17 to 31 Dec 17White Rock Theatre, Hastings :: V670
listing details L912996486

T0432439457 (HALLFORCORN17)

Performer Edward Kernow King Rowe. Performer Granville Saxton.
5 Dec 17 to 31 Dec 17Hall for Cornwall, Truro :: V1183
listing details L01634024042

T664740620 (ROSES17)

Author Ben Crocker. Director Ben Crocker.
2 Dec 17 to 31 Dec 17Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury :: V99
listing details L01624610537


Producer Jordan Productions. Performer Claire Sweeney (Carabosse). Performer Andy Moss (Prince Valiant). Performer Joe Tracini (Chester the Jester). Performer Ian Good (Dame Nellie Night Nurse). Performer Carol Heffernan (Princess Belle).
7 Dec 17 to 31 Dec 17The Central Theatre, Chatham :: V675
listing details L0503919149

T0803903079 (ROYALSPA17)

Producer Imagine Theatre. Director Janice Dunn. Performer JP McCue. Performer Sean Dodds. Performer Sally Peerless. Performer Denise Pitter. Performer Chloe Fay. Performer Glyn Dilley. Performer James Leeman. Performer Teddy Moynihan.
2 Dec 17 to 31 Dec 17Royal Spa Centre, Leamington Spa :: V131
listing details L0531437832

T0549831358 (BUXTONOPERA17)

Producer CTP Pantomimes. Producer Buxton Opera House. Performer James Holmes. Performer Jessica Revell.
9 Dec 17 to 31 Dec 17Buxton Opera House, Buxton :: V424
listing details L0288156699

T412080856 (DORKINGHALLS17)

Producer Jezz Weatherall. Performer Christopher Maloney (Prince). Performer Gemma Oaten (Wicked Fairy).
16 Dec 17 to 28 Dec 17Dorking Halls, Dorking :: V1030
listing details L01130443885

T2064819412 (MIDDLETON17)

Producer Shone Productions Ltd. Performer Kerry Katona. Performer Wink Taylor. Performer Theo The Mouse. Performer Wendy Abrahams. Performer Richard Aucott. Performer Keri Rae. Performer Miles Walker. Performer Carl Dutfield.
1 Dec 17 to 27 Dec 17Middleton Arena, Middleton :: V01913084837
listing details L103118190


Author Matt Beames. Presented byThe Point Youth Theatre.
19 Dec 17 to 24 Dec 17The Point, Southampton :: V1114
listing details L01252651902

T1823119693 (TRSTHELEN17)

Performer Claire Sweeney (Carabosse). Performer Tam Ryan (Chester the Jester). Performer Laura Gregory (Sleeping Beauty). Performer Corey Rumble (Prince). Performer Roy Brandon (Dame Queenie).
21 Oct 17 to 29 Oct 17Theatre Royal, St Helens :: V546
listing details L0169599994

T1337018689 (EPSTEIN17)

Presented byLHK Productions. Producer Lee Kelly. Performer Tina Malone (Carabosse). Performer Lee Brennan (Prince). Performer Michael Chapman (Dame Nurse Nellie). Performer Lucy Edge (Sleeping Beauty).
7 Apr 17 to 23 Apr 17Epstein Theatre (formerly Neptune Theatre), Liverpool :: V537
listing details L0385966526

T0559166440 (ATKINSON16)

Company All Souls Dramatic Company.
12 Jan 17 to 22 Jan 17The Atkinson, Southport :: V0485350863
listing details L553683411

T54560061 (HACKNEYEM16)

In a brand new pantomime created by the award-winning team at Hackney Empire, Susie McKenna and Steve Edis bring this traditional fairytale bang up to date. Welcome to enchanted Hackneytopia; a land of fairies, unicorns and dragons where once upon a time, a princess is born. Spurned at the celebration party, malevolent wicked fairy Carabosse casts an evil spell which changes the Princess's life forever. Will Princess Aurora take charge of her own destiny?Producer Hackney Empire. Author Susie McKenna. Author Steve Edis. Author Susie McKenna. Music Steven Edis. Design Lotte Collett. Musical Director Mark Dickman. Choreographer Carl Parris. Lighting David W Kidd. Sound Avgoustos Psillas. Director Tony Whittle (assistant). Design Scott Brooker (creature design). Performer Alexia Khadime (Princess Tahilia). Performer Sharon D Clarke (Carabosse). Performer Gavin Spokes (Dame Nanny Nora). Performer Kat B (Denzil the Dragon). Performer Tony Whittle (King Eric the Undecided). Performer Darren Hart (Servant to Carabosse). Performer Wayne Perrey (Prince Gabriel of Westminsteria). Performer Kiruna Stamell (Willowsnap). Performer Georgia Oldman (Shimmerpop). Performer Sharon Ballard (Blisstip). Performer Leon Sweeney. Performer Katie Shearman. Performer Gleanne Purcell-Brown. Performer Laura Bryars. Performer Dylan Holdsworth. Performer Nathan Louis Fernand. Performer Matthew Daw.
26 Nov 16 to 8 Jan 17Hackney Empire, Outer London :: V309
listing details L01234191444

T698494286 (LITTLELEIC16)

Director John Bale. Musical Director Stephen Waterhouse. Choreographer Alison Bacon.
16 Dec 16 to 8 Jan 17Little Theatre, Leicester :: V433
listing details L405600161

T923366620 (RICHMOND16)

Producer First Family Entertainment. Performer Maureen Lipman (Wicked Fairy). Performer Chris Jarvis (Chester the Jester).
2 Dec 16 to 8 Jan 17Richmond Theatre, Outer London :: V327
listing details L0407306282

T096057954 (MALVERNTH16)

Producer Martin Dodd (for UK Productions). Performer Gillian Wright (Carabosse). Performer Amy Thompson (Princess Briar Rose). Performer Chris Pizzey (Silly Billy). Performer Quinn Patrick (Nurse Nelly). Performer Rebecca Wheatley (Good Fairy). Performer David Barratt (The Prince). Company The Cecilia Hall Dance Centre.
15 Dec 16 to 8 Jan 17Malvern Theatres, Malvern :: V01718852442
listing details L1707373361

T0122121484 (SWANSEAGRAND16)

Producer Qdos Entertainment. Producer Jonathan Kiley (executive producer). Director Michael Vivian. Choreographer Matthew Cole. Music Olly Ashmore (musical supervision). Lighting Chris Barrett. Other The Twins FX (visual special effects). Performer Richard Jones. Performer Brendan Sheerin. Performer Kevin Johns. Performer Niki Evans. Performer Matt Edwards.
9 Dec 16 to 8 Jan 17Grand Theatre, Swansea :: V831
listing details L2024223135

T01601388106 (OLDHAMCOLI16)

Given the (in)famous Coliseum treatment, Sleeping Beauty has glitz and glamour, silliness and slapstick and hit songs to sing along to. It's a traditional pantomime appealing to ALL the family, from kids to not-so-grown-up grown-ups.Producer Oldham Coliseum. Director Kevin Shaw. Design Celia Perkins. Author Fine Time Fontayne. Author Kevin Shaw. Performer Justine Elizabeth Bailey (Nancy Nutty/Prince Valliant). Performer Liz Carney (Carabosse). Performer Richard J Fletcher (Norman Nutty). Performer Fine Time Fontayne (Nanny Nutty). Performer Demi Goodman (Nicky Nutty/Briar Rose). Performer Sara Sadeghi (Spinning Jenny/The Good Fairy/Queen Hermione). Performer Simeon Truby (King Cuthbert).
12 Nov 16 to 7 Jan 17Coliseum Theatre, Oldham :: V497
listing details L031013207


Performer Sue Holderness. Performer Katrina Bryan. Performer Sarah-Jane Buckley.
8 Dec 16 to 2 Jan 17Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke :: V764
listing details L01778213435

T0635050146 (ANVIL16)

Producer Martin Dodd (for UK Productions). Author Wendy Payn. Performer Sue Holderness (Carabosse). Performer Katrina Bryan (Princess Briar Rose). Performer Mark James (Silly Billy). Performer Ben Harlow (Prince). Performer Phil Cole (King). Performer Sarah-Jane Buckley.
8 Dec 16 to 2 Jan 17Anvil Arts, Basingstoke :: V765
listing details L0861703183

T1256744901 (WATERMILL16)

A quirky, comic re-telling of the classic fairy story through the eyes of the mischievous Fairy Goody. Having condemned the beautiful princess to an enchanted sleep in a fit of anger, she then has to seek out a suitably brave and handsome prince to break the spell. But the dashing prince doesn't match up to expectations and Beauty's happy ever after doesn't quite go to plan. An enchanted forest, fantastical creatures and a mother-in-law who turns out to be an ogre combine to create an entertaining story that will be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Expect a touch of Roald Dahl in this acclaimed version by Rufus Norris with plenty of original music. Directed by Bill Buckhurst, with design by Simon Kenny, lighting by Jack Knowles and music by Tarek Merchant.Author Rufus Norris. Director Bill Buckhurst. Design Simon Kenny. Lighting Jack Knowles. Music Tarek Merchant. Choreographer Georgina Lamb. Director Georgina Lamb (movement director). Performer Peter Bray (Prince/Minstrel). Performer Molly Logan (Goody). Performer Alex Mugnaioni (Prince of Nerves/Prince of Nerds). Performer Simon Nock (The Ogress). Performer Matthew Romain (King/Ogre). Performer Sioned Saunders (The Queen/Table Slave). Performer Rachel Winters (Beauty).
17 Nov 16 to 1 Jan 17The Watermill Theatre, Newbury :: V733
listing details L01974074028


Producer Polka Dot Pantomimes. Performer Stevi Ritchie.
10 Dec 16 to 1 Jan 17Princes Theatre, Clacton-on-Sea :: V34
listing details L2121508060

T473722553 (TROCH16)

Company Torch Theatre Company.
17 Dec 16 to 31 Dec 16Torch Theatre, Milford Haven :: V820
listing details L738284696

T43999009 (FERNEHAM16)

Producer Jordan Productions. Performer Noel Sullivan (Prince Valiant). Performer Kay Purcell (Carabosse). Performer Mark Siney (Nurse Nellie). Performer David Dobson (Chester the Jester). Performer Carol Heffernan (Belle).
9 Dec 16 to 31 Dec 16Ferneham Hall, Fareham :: V767
listing details L176844704

T064187553 (TELFORD16)

Producer Shone Productions.
7 Dec 16 to 31 Dec 16Oakengates Theatre at The Place, Telford :: V110
listing details L507160982


Producer Evolution Productions. Performer Rebecca Keatley. Performer Sam Rabone. Performer Ben Thornton. Performer Ian Billings.
1 Dec 16 to 31 Dec 16Lichfield Garrick, Lichfield :: V118
listing details L01264565540

T401961743 (TRWAKEFIELD16)

Producer Theatre Royal Wakefield.
24 Nov 16 to 31 Dec 16Theatre Royal and Opera House, Wakefield :: V979
listing details L622265862

T383053438 (BUXTONOP17)

Producer CTP Pantomimes. Producer Buxton Opera House.
9 Dec 16 to 31 Dec 16Buxton Opera House, Buxton :: V424
listing details L1689070481


Author Wendy Payn.
17 Dec 16 to 30 Dec 16The Maltings, Berwick-on-Tweed :: V986
listing details L0498772587

T1436817219 (BOV15)

Bringing the much loved fairy-tale bang up to date, roles are reversed as our male beauty is tricked into a deep sleep for 1,000 years, only to be woken by a modern day, female 'prince'. By releasing the spell, two worlds collide and both must then deal with the consequences, resulting in a rite of passage adventure that the whole family will enjoy.Producer Bristol Old Vic. Director Sally Cookson. DramaturgAdam Peck. Design Michael Vale. Costume Katie Sykes. Music Benji Bower. Musical Director Benji Bower. Lighting Aideen Malone. Sound Mike Beer. Director Marc Parrett (puppetry director). Performer David Emmings (Prince Percy). Performer Kezrena James (The Girl). Performer Stuart Goodwin (Evil Fairy). Performer Dominic Allen. Performer Joe Hall. Performer Lucy Tuck. Performer Brian Hargreaves. Performer Ewan Black. Performer Heather Williams. Performer Ruth Hammond. Performer Pat Moran.
27 Nov 15 to 17 Jan 16Bristol Old Vic, Bristol :: V857
listing details L01017843830

T01070928735 (LBT15)

Company Huddersfield Light Opera Company.
9 Jan 16 to 16 Jan 16Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield :: V972
listing details L0559013088

T0652427741 (NEWVICWOKING15)

Producer First Family Entertainment. Performer Katie Price (Wicked Fairy Dec 11-27). Performer Anita Dobson (Wicked Fairy Dec 28-Jan16 10 - not Jan16 2). Performer Ben Faulks (Prince Charming). Performer Alan Committie (Chester the Jester).
11 Dec 15 to 10 Jan 16New Victoria Theatre, Woking :: V709
listing details L01448261453

T01070799605 (HULLTRUCK15)

Don't mess with the Nannas! There's a party at the palace and you're all invited. Only, someone's been missed off the list and she's not very happy about it! Join our five magical Nannas as they spin the tale of Princess Briar Rose in this reawakening of a fairytale classic packed with music, song, dance and laughter. Has the King managed to destroy all the spinning wheels? Will the Prince be able to fight his way through the tangle of thorns? Or is the Princess set for a very long sleep? One thing's for sure - the Nannas know best and they're always in the mood for a party! From award-winning children's writer Mike Kenny and the team that brought you Cinderella, this is a visual feast for all the family.Author Mike Kenny. Director Mark Babych.
4 Dec 15 to 9 Jan 16Hull Truck Theatre, Hull :: V935
listing details L1299978610

T1360056072 (OCTAGONYEOVIL15)

Producer Evolution Productions. Performer Sam Rabone.
4 Dec 15 to 3 Jan 16Octagon Theatre, Yeovil :: V919
listing details L0599728509

T0345317464 (FLORALPAVILION15)

Producer Martin Dodd (for UK Productions). Performer Amy Thompson (Princess Briar Rose). Performer Vicky Entwistle (Carabosse). Performer Sarah-Jane Buckley (Good Fairy). Performer Adam Moss (Silly Billy). Performer Charles Burden (Nanny Glucose). Performer Marcus Knibbs (The King). Performer Richard Meek (The Prince).
9 Dec 15 to 3 Jan 16Floral Pavilion Theatre, New Brighton :: V541
listing details L1993684387

T035937884 (CAST15)

Once upon a time, in the far off land of Dozecaster lived dopey King Danum and his delightful daughter, Rose. But wicked Fairy Nightshade puts an evil curse on the Princess, saying she will prick her finger and die. Fairy Flora, with a wave of her wand, changes the spell. Rose will not die but fall into the deepest of sleeps, only to be awoken by true love's kiss... After last year's smash-hit success, our latest Christmas treat will have a huge dose of magic and sparkle. Live music, beautiful costumes and classic panto comedy combine in this refreshing take on a fairytale favourite. Fabulous festive fun for the whole family from the creative team behind last year's, Aladdin, featuring Cinderella and Aladdin's, Brett Lee Roberts, and last year's Widow Twanky, Alan French. A show that will definitely keep you wide awake and wanting more!Producer CAST.
4 Dec 15 to 3 Jan 16Cast, Doncaster :: V1545109680
listing details L1660606735

T1542317189 (SOUTHHILL16)

Down at the toyshop, business is bad. So bad that unless something miraculous happens soon, shop owner Maude Littlewood, her butler Charles and her wayward niece Aurora will be out on the street. Undaunted, the three of them agree to tell one last tale - Sleeping Beauty. Join them as they journey to the colourful kingdom of Euphoria. Will the evil Morgana Grimm and her Ugly Bug underlings triumph in their attempt to banish colour from the world? Will Princess Aurora sleep for a 100 years? Or will brave Prince Perceforest thwart the fire breathing dragon to give her a wake up call? Join us this Christmas as once more the team behind Aladdin, Snow White and Jack & the Beanstalk join creative forces to bring you this fantastic tale full of fun, laughter, colour, wonder and magic.Producer South Hill Part Arts Theatre.
29 Nov 15 to 3 Jan 16South Hill Park Arts Centre, Wilde Theatre, Bracknell :: V731
listing details L01849807596

T0154425357 (MARINA15)

Producer Paul Holman Associates. Performer Rustie Lee. Performer Asa Elliott. Performer John Lyons.
15 Dec 15 to 2 Jan 16Marina Theatre, Lowestoft :: V83
listing details L0910008070

T01807733572 (CUMBERNAULD15)

Producer Cumbernauld Theatre.
27 Nov 15 to 24 Dec 15Cumbernauld Theatre, Cumbernauld :: V594
listing details L01812736121

T1018894246 (BLAKEHAY15)

Once upon a time there lived a king and queen who were very unhappy because they had no children. But at last a little daughter was born, and their sorrow was turned to joy. And so begins the story of ?SLEEPING BEAUTY'. With the wicked Fairy, left out of the Christening celebrations she casts a spell which sees the Princess and all the palace sleep for 100 years only to be broken by the kiss from a Prince to live happily ever after! This fabulous Pantomime is brought to you by Level 3 students of WAPA with music and dance numbers and plenty of audience participation.Presented byWeston College.
2 Dec 15 to 10 Dec 15The Blakehay, Weston-super-Mare :: V01754281771
listing details L02147181991

T1897837668 (GARDYNE15)

Company Thomson - Leng Musical Society.
2 Dec 15 to 6 Dec 15Gardyne Theatre, Dundee :: V0929973445
listing details L0113594673

T01929489499 (TRSTHELENS14)

Producer Regal Entertainments Ltd. Director Chantelle Nolan. Choreographer Sarah Walker. Musical Director George Francis. Performer Leanne Campbell (Carabosse). Performer Claire Simmo. Performer Liam Mellor. Performer Simon Foster (Dame). Performer Laura Gregory (Sleeping Beauty).
3 Apr 15 to 12 Apr 15Theatre Royal, St Helens :: V546
listing details L01179128652

T1260222995 (SHEFFIELD14)

Company Handsworth and Hallam Theatre Company.
28 Jan 15 to 31 Jan 15Montgomery Theatre, Sheffield :: V1804222198
listing details L541847450

T01042142453 (YFFWRNES15)

Author Alan Frayne. Performer Denny Twp.
8 Jan 15 to 25 Jan 15Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli :: V819218539
listing details L0525846670

T1754487141 (WIGANLITTLETH14)

Family pantomime based on the classice tale of Aurora and the powerful spell that puts her and the kingdom to sleep. Come and enjoy this vibrant and fun-packed journey to set the princess and the kingdom free of their slumber through true love's kiss. Audience participation an absolute must!Director Tracey Dawson. Author Bill Collins.
9 Jan 15 to 24 Jan 15Wigan Little Theatre, Wigan :: V1038
listing details L01539022476

T1965844473 (WHITLEYBAY14)

Presented byWhitley Bay Pantomime Society.
13 Jan 15 to 18 Jan 15Whitley Bay Playhouse, Whitley Bay :: V580
listing details L0640402728

T0866875422 (ERITHPLAY14)

Author Roger Butler.
3 Jan 15 to 17 Jan 15Playhouse, Erith :: V186
listing details L0427348236

T407094115 (NOTTSPLAY14)

Company Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company. Director Kenneth Alan Taylor. Design Time Meacock. Lighting Jason Taylor. Choreographer Adele Parry. Sound Adam P McCready.
28 Nov 14 to 17 Jan 15Playhouse, Nottingham :: V457
listing details L01898577878

T01194439651 (QUEENSHORN14)

Company Cut to the Chase. Director Greg Last. Musical Director Carol Sloman. Musical Director Greg Last (assistant). Lighting Chris Howcroft. Sound Andy Smart. Choreographer Donna Berlin. Choreographer Hannah Harris (assistant). Performer Fred Broom. Performer Rachel Dawson. Performer Simon Jessop. Performer Megan Leigh Mason. Performer Sam Pay. Performer Claire Storey. Performer Thomas Sutcliffe. Performer Callum Hughes (musician). Performer Greg Last (musician). Performer Sean Needham (musician).
29 Nov 14 to 10 Jan 15Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch :: V41
listing details L0952841716

T0276114275 (HAWTH14)

Producer Paul Hendy. Producer Emily Wood (for Evolution Pantomimes in association with Parkwood Theatre). Director Ian Smith. Musical Director Rob Eckland. Choreographer Abbie Jouxson. Performer Stephen Mulhern. Performer Cat Sandion. Performer Hilary O'Neil. Performer Michael Batchelor. Performer Ian Smith. Performer Josh James. Performer Lauren Cocoracchio.
12 Dec 14 to 4 Jan 15The Hawth, Crawley :: V720
listing details L1227703436


Producer New Pantomime Productions. Performer Leah Bracknell. Performer David Heath. Performer Mark Jenkins. Performer David Sparkle. Performer Matt Dallen. Performer Helen Kent. Performer Carly Nickson.
12 Dec 14 to 4 Jan 15Princess Theatre, Torquay :: V900
listing details L1090025043

T1582001936 (LYRICBELFAST14)

Presented byLyric Belfast. Author Derek O'Connor. Director Deborah Maguire. Choreographer Deborah Maguire.
23 Nov 14 to 4 Jan 15Lyric Theatre, Belfast :: V552
listing details L0795030613


Running time: approx. 2hrs 20minsProducer Martin Dodd (for UK Productions). Performer Jennifer Ellison (Carabosse). Performer Steve Royle (Silly Billy). Performer Michael Chance (The King). Performer Lewis Bradley (The Prince). Performer Nick Wilton (Nurse Nelly).
5 Dec 14 to 4 Jan 15Blackpool Grand Theatre, Blackpool :: V518
listing details L0989814321

T01344381784 (TRWINCHESTER14)

Our dream of a pantomime tells the classic tale of a young princess who, through evil Carabosse's curse, is doomed to sleep for 100 years and can only be awakened by love's first kiss. We once again be spinning a magical tale in our own inimitable style, with fire-breathing dragons (and we don't mean Nurse Nelly), a battle between good and bad (and we don't mean the jokes), a time-travelling prince and a fearsome forest of thorns. Throw in live music, original songs and lots of audience participation and you have all the ingredients for another blockbusting family pantomime.Author James Barry. Director James Barry. Music Simon Slater.
9 Dec 14 to 4 Jan 15Theatre Royal, Winchester :: V782
listing details L01044789597

T02026569241 (MILLFIELD14)

27 Nov 14 to 4 Jan 15Millfield Theatre, Outer London :: V316
listing details L0670617794


Producer Martin Dodd (for UK Productions). Performer Vicky Entwistle (Carabosse). Performer Amy Thompson (Princess Briar Rose). Performer Sarah-Jane Buckley (The Good Fairy). Performer Adam Moss (Silly Billy). Performer Marcus Knibbs (The King). Performer Charles Burden (Nanny Glucose).
29 Nov 14 to 4 Jan 15Palace Theatre, Mansfield :: V453
listing details L0530371017


Producer Martin Dodd (for UK Productions). Director Alison Pollard. Choreographer Dean Street. Musical Director Phil Wormsey. Performer Sonia (The Good Fairy). Performer Marc Baylis (The Prince). Performer Bobby Crush (Nanny Glucose). Performer Jamie Rickers (Silly Billy). Performer Zoe Birkett (Carabosse). Performer Bruce Montague (The King). Performer Sophia Thierens (Princess Briar Rose).
28 Nov 14 to 4 Jan 15Churchill Theatre, Bromley :: V302
listing details L184713912

T326729106 (CORECORBY14)

A beautiful princess, a wicked witch and a host of colourful characters will lead you on a magical journey packed with song, dance and comedy galore. Fun for the whole family at this dream of a pantomime.Company Corby Amateur Theatrical Society.
27 Dec 14 to 30 Dec 14The Core at Corby Cube, Corby :: V0614704705
listing details L273897333

T1502032487 (POWCANNOCK14)

Producer George Critchley (for PMA). Author George Critchley. Director George Critchley. Design Matt Lloyd. Design David Walton. Costume Irene Whitehall. Choreographer Steve Chesters. Musical Director Andrew Morrison. Performer Shorelie Hepkin. Performer Darren John Langford. Performer Nikki Horsburgh. Performer Jenny Layton. Performer Ashleigh Graham. Performer Anna Knowles. Performer Karl Greenwood. Performer Keith DeWinter. Performer Samuel Pope.
21 Dec 14 to 30 Dec 14Prince of Wales Centre, Cannock :: V115
listing details L1490874814

T02074382277 (WATFORDPALACE14)

Join us at the Palace for a proper family pantomime, with live musicians onstage, stunning sets and costumes, plenty of audience participation, and song, dance and slapstick performed straight from the heart by a talented company of first-rate actors. The perfect seasonal treat for everyone ? but book now to avoid disappointment, we're anticipating sell out performances!Author Andrew Pollard.
5 Dec 14 to 27 Dec 14Watford Palace Theatre, Watford :: V55
listing details L528449378

T01146424709 (PERTH14)

We couldn't let the people of Perth miss out on our traditional family panto while we restore and redevelop our lovely theatre, oh no we couldn't! So, Perth Concert Hall has stepped in to stage the festive favourite, created by the same team which brought you last year's smash hit Cinderella. The Princess is cursed - when she turns twenty one, she will prick her finger on a spindle...and die. Luckily her fairy godmother's own spell means the Princess will only sleep until she is woken by true love's kiss. But true love is hard to find... Join us to cheer the goodies and boo the baddies for this year's roller coaster of a family panto and play your part in helping the Princess and her friends live happily ever after.Presented byPerth Theatre. Author Alan McHugh. Director Kenny Miller. Design Kenny Miller.
12 Dec 14 to 26 Dec 14Perth Theatre, Perth :: V637
listing details L0981028190

T2013552690 (SPRINGHAVANT14)

The Bench proudly present another spectacular "Grimmer Brothers" fairy tale, with a beautiful princess, a dashing handsome thigh-slapping prince, the malevolent and evil Magnifica, plus hideous trolls, good fairies and loyal love-struck servants, and the magnificent Malcolm, King of the Fairies. Fun and excitement for all the family, especially children of all ages 5 - 95!Author Mark Wakeman. Company The Bench.
4 Dec 14 to 6 Dec 14Spring Arts and Heritage Centre, Havant :: V757
listing details L1365313685

T1672361238 (LANENEWQUAY14)

After the success of last year's Pantomime, Fame Factory Spotlight are back again with the children's favourite "Sleeping Beauty"Company Fame Factory Spotlight.
6 Dec 14Lane Theatre, Newquay :: V1036804730
listing details L01928166519

T01787154038 (PARKTH13)

Join a host of characters and their trusty canine companion for a night of magic, romance and laughter. With original music this spectacular fairytale will leave you smiling whatever your age. There's a new tradition afoot in N4 - so join us on our journey for the first annual pantomime! Suitable for ages 4+Producer Park Theatre. Author Jez Bond. Author Mark Cameron. Director Jez Bond.
11 Dec 13 to 19 Jan 14Park Theatre, Inner London :: V691990888
listing details L1701350989

T1321545580 (GOH13)

Corporate Sponsor Qdos. Performer May McFettridge (Queen Mary). Performer Lorraine Chase (Carabosse - the Wicked Fairy).
30 Nov 13 to 19 Jan 14Grand Opera House, Belfast :: V548
listing details L01942109449

T2106878611 (WOLVESGRAND13)

Producer Qdos Entertainment. Performer Joe Pasquale (Muddles). Performer Ceri Dupree. Performer Lucy Evans.
7 Dec 13 to 19 Jan 14Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton :: V161
listing details L0544116198

T01175599582 (THEATRESEVERN13)

Producer Evolution Productions. Performer Brad Fitt. Performer Eric Smith. Performer Rachael Barrington. Performer Adam Moss. Performer Josh James.
5 Dec 13 to 12 Jan 14Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury :: V0465778148
listing details L01923077051

T01909246243 (HARROGATE13)

Author Phil Lowe. Author David Bown. Director Phil Lowe. Performer Chris Clarkson (Nurse Nellie of Nidderdale). Performer Katy Dean (Tom). Performer Steve Huison (King). Performer Tim Stedman (Silly Sidney). Performer Lindsay Scigliano (Carabosse). Performer Philip Stewart (Wizard Roy). Performer Amy Walsh (Beauty and Mother Shipton).
22 Nov 13 to 12 Jan 14Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate :: V942
listing details L554099790

T0140162112 (THEPOINT13)

Company Mountbatten Players.
9 Jan 14 to 12 Jan 14The Point, Southampton :: V1114
listing details L01277085413

T01249315112 (CARRIAGEWORKS13)

Producer Paul Holman Associates. Director Sue Hodge. Choreographer Clare Kennedy. Performer Jez Edwards (Dame). Performer Sarah Smith (Lilac Fairy). Performer Jez Edwards (Pickles). Performer Sarah Smith (Lilac Fairy). Performer Sean Smith (Prince Valiant). Performer Lisa Kelsey (Carabosse). Performer Peter jameison (King Crumble). Performer Rob Stevens (Nurse Kay Cough-Drop). Performer Beth Gore (Princess Aurora). Company SLP College & Junior Academy.
6 Dec 13 to 11 Jan 14The Carriageworks, Leeds :: V1666392263
listing details L1273616275

The Rock 'n' Roll Panto - T01950186809

Stafford Gatehouse Theatre is set to stage a risque late night performance of its Rock 'n' Roll panto, Sleeping Beauty, aimed at over 18s on January 9, 2014.
11 Dec 13 to 11 Jan 14Stafford Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford :: V120
listing details L1195974558

T01471397050 (MERCURY13)

Recommended for children aged 3+. Running time: approx. 2hrs 15mins including intervalPresented byMercury Theatre.
6 Dec 13 to 11 Jan 14Mercury Theatre, Colchester :: V37
listing details L1702910073

T01913775920 (AYLESBURYWATER13)

Producer First Family Entertainment. Performer Andy Collins. Performer Anita Dobson. Performer Holly Brewer. Performer Christian Lund. Performer David Whitworth. Performer Graham Kent.
13 Dec 13 to 5 Jan 14Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury :: V1452754579
listing details L1203807388

T0940662913 (EDENCIURT13)

Producer Imagine Theatre. Director Steven Wren. Choreographer Roy MacQueen. Musical Director Will Marshall. Performer Greg Powrie. Performer Arron Usher. Performer Marj Hogarth. Performer Kirsty MacLaren. Performer James Bryce. Performer Julie Cave. Performer Ross Allan. Performer Lorayne McLucas.
3 Dec 13 to 5 Jan 14Eden Court Theatre, Inverness :: V626
listing details L4430390

T02106159902 (KINGSPORTSMOUTH14)

Producer Kings Theatre Portsmouth. Performer Danniella Westbrook (Fairy Sparkle). Performer Christopher Maloney (The Prince). Performer Helen Kent (Sleeping Beauty). Performer Tony Adams (King Edbert the Oval). Performer Christoper Marlowe (Queen Gertie the Gorgeous). Performer Matt Dallen (Chester the Jester).
9 Dec 13 to 5 Jan 14Kings Theatre Portsmouth, Southsea :: V780
listing details L0316602875

T1765079356 (ROYAL&DERN13)

Corporate Sponsor Chronicle & Echo. Producer Qdos Entertainment. Performer Linda Lusardi (Wicked Queen). Performer Sam Kane (Henchman). Performer Andy Jones. Performer Shinead Byrne.
6 Dec 13 to 5 Jan 14Royal & Derngate, Northampton :: V449
listing details L399779335

T1917625961 (BRUNTON13)

26 Nov 13 to 4 Jan 14Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh :: V633
listing details L0529438456

T1903792494 (QUEENSBARN13)

No one will sleep during this wide awake pantomime ... ... apart from Sleeping Beauty herself! With a fabulous cast, all new sets and costumes and a brand new script, this magical adventure will be packed with gallant goodies and beastly baddies ... and there'll be loads of chances to join in. It's what dreams are made of! Minimum age recommendation: 3Corporate Sponsor St John's Garden Centre and Nurseries. Performer Antony Stuart-Hicks (Nurse). Performer Susan Penhaligon (Good Fairy). Performer Niki Evas (Carabosse - the bad fairy).
14 Dec 13 to 4 Jan 14Queen's Theatre, Barnstaple :: V883
listing details L01349541823

T01021249420 (BROADWAY13)

Producer Paul Holman Associates. Director Debbie Flitcorft. Musical Director Steven Geraghty. Choreographer Kevin Archbold. Performer Richard Blackwood (Muddles). Performer Jamie Steen (Nurse kate Cough-Drop). Performer Ian Parkin (King Crumble). Performer Jordan Dodd (Princess). Performer Carol Ball (Carabosse).
13 Dec 13 to 31 Dec 13The Broadway Theatre, Outer London :: V314
listing details L01371923169

T0900094131 (WATERSMEET13)

Producer Paul Holman Associates. Director Louise Travis. Musical Director Lee Freeman. Choreographer Kelly Sims. Company The Maria Anderson School of Dance. Performer Jonathan Ansell (Prince Valiant). Performer John Lyons (King Crumble). Performer Ian Jones (Muddles). Performer Helen Jeckells (Carabosse). Performer Kelly Sims (Lilac Fairy). Performer Michael Fordred (Nurse Katy Cough-Drop). Performer Trixie Waggott (Princess Aurora).
6 Dec 13 to 31 Dec 13Watersmeet Theatre, Rickmansworth :: V49
listing details L442122236

T01829441703 (CYMRULLAND13)

Producer Qdos Entertainment. Performer Vicky Entwistle. Performer Brendan Sheerin. Performer John Evans.
7 Dec 13 to 29 Dec 13Venue Cymru (formerly - North Wales Theatre), Llandudno :: V848
listing details L01000088648

T0342614235 (GRIMSBYAUD13)

Princess Belle is cursed by the wicked fairy Carabosse so that on her 18th birthday she will prick her finger upon a spinning wheel and die. Azuriel, the good fairy alters the spell that sends the princess into an enchanted sleep which will last for one hundred years. The only way she can be awoken is by a kiss from her one true love. Join Nurse Nanny Nora, Josh the Jester and the dashing Prince Valiant as they battle with dragons and time machines to ensure the Prince can wake the sleeping Princess on time! With spectacular sets and costumes, fabulous songs and dances and bags of slapstick fun Sleeping Beauty is a pantomime not to be missed!Producer Imagine Theatre. Author Iain Lauchlan. Author Will Brenton.
13 Dec 13 to 29 Dec 13The Auditorium, Grimsby :: V938
listing details L444595577

T0467746061 (BRADALHAMBRA12)

Producer Qdos Entertainment. Performer Billy Pearce (Muddles).
15 Dec 12 to 3 Feb 13Alhambra Theatre, Bradford :: V965
listing details L0290076678

The Rock 'n' Roll Panto - T436136312

Including Celebration, Don't Leave Me This Way, Wake Up Little Susie, The Shoop Shoop Song, Hey Baby, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go and many, many more, all played live by our multi-talented cast, this is the latest in our unique panto brand. King Candlestick Camelot is all of a dither. The Wicked Witch Morgana has put a curse on his little baby daughter and he needs all the help he can get. So he summons the fabulous Fairy Fanciful, her tomboy assistant Frederica, and his unlikely district nurse - the outrageous, enormous Dame Taffeta Trott. Can they foil Morgana's evil plan to make her son Mordred King? Will Princess Susie stick with her childhood sweetheart, Simon Steadfast, or fall for Mordred's smarmy charm? As the fairies face off and the rival suitors shoot it out, Dame Taffy has eyes only for the King's Crown Jewels.Author Peter Rowe. Director Rob Salmon.
22 Nov 12 to 26 Jan 13New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich :: V81
listing details L403232947

T02103658229 (MARLOWE12)

Producer Marlowe Theatre. Producer Evolution Pantomimes. Performer Gareth Gates. Performer Toyah Willcox. Performer Katrina Bryan. Performer Ben Roddy. Performer Lloyd Hollett. Performer Faye Brookes.
30 Nov 12 to 20 Jan 13Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury :: V674
listing details L0666649230

T932895319 (NEWTHCARDIFF12)

Producer Qdos Entertainment. Performer Joe Pasquale (Muddles - not Jan13 6/13/20). Performer Ceri Dupree (Queen Passionella). Performer Lucy Evans (Princess Beauty). Performer Barney Harwood (Muddles - Jan13 6/13/20).
8 Dec 12 to 20 Jan 13New Theatre, Cardiff :: V823
listing details L1762303854


Corporate Sponsor Bussey & Armstrong Homes. Producer Qdos Entertainment. Performer Linda Lusardi (Carabosse). Performer Sam Kane (Henchman). Performer Zoe Birkett. Performer Philip Meeks (Dame). Performer Andy Jones (Muddles).
8 Dec 12 to 20 Jan 13Darlington Hippodrome (formerly Civic Theatre), Darlington :: V562
listing details L0986818400

T1624956529 (DEVONSHIRE12)

Performer Bernie Nolan (Carabosse). Performer Martyn Knight (Dame Nellie Night Nurse). Performer Tucker (Chester the Jester). Performer Sasha Wareham (Princess Belle).
13 Dec 12 to 13 Jan 13Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne :: V665
listing details L0276410832

T1138085004 (RHYLPAV12)

Performer Melanie Walters. Performer Margi Clarke. Performer Sean Jones.
14 Dec 12 to 12 Jan 13Pavilion Theatre, Rhyl :: V813
listing details L01135400809

T1759680414 (HULLNEW12)

Producer Qdos Entertainment. Performer The Chuckle Brothers (Paul and Barry Elliott).
6 Dec 12 to 6 Jan 13Hull New Theatre, Hull :: V934
listing details L151729376


Corporate Sponsor Ariba. Producer Martin Dodd (for UK Productions). Director Chris Jarvis. Performer Chris Jarvis (Happy Harry). Performer Kate Weston (Good Fairy). Performer Su Pollard (Bad Fairy). Performer Colin Baker (Nurse Nelly). Performer Asa Elliott (The Prince).
8 Dec 12 to 6 Jan 13Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth :: V906
listing details L0354779406

T379004880 (CITZ12)

Producer Citizens Theatre. Author Rufus Norris. Director Dominic Hill. Design Naomi Wilkinson. Lighting Guy Hoare. Music Paddy Cunneen. Director Debbie Hannan (assistant). Director Benedicte Seierup (movement). Director Lucien MacDougall (movement). Performer Alasdair Hankinson (Minstrel/Table Slave). Performer Lucy Hollis (Beauty). Performer Kathryn Howden (Fairy Goody). Performer John Kielty (Ogre). Performer Mark McDonnell (King/Ogress). Performer Rosalind Sydney (Queen). Performer Owen Whitelaw (Prince of Nerds/Nerves).
1 Dec 12 to 6 Jan 13Citizens Theatre, Glasgow :: V611
listing details L0798494097

T0254155891 (BELGRADE12)

Corporate Sponsor Coventry Telegraph. Producer Belgrade Theatre. Company Imagine Theatre. Director Gordon Dougall. Performer Iain Lauchlan (The Dame).
28 Nov 12 to 5 Jan 13Belgrade Theatre, Coventry :: V153
listing details L1735611708

T01933860937 (CONNAUGHT12)

Performer Jon Moses (Prince Valiant). Performer Bobby Crush (Nurse Katy Cough-Drop). Performer Nikki Kelly (Fairy Carabosse). Performer Tony Rudd (Muddles). Performer Sophie Bloom (Princess Aurora).
7 Dec 12 to 5 Jan 13Connaught Theatre, Worthing :: V725
listing details L822621774

T211077099 (GALADURHAM12)

Producer Gale Durham. Author Simon Stallworthy. Director Simon Stallworthy. Performer Neil Armstrong (Scorchard). Performer Paul Hartley (Silly Billy). Performer Steve Fortune (Dame Miriam).
29 Nov 12 to 5 Jan 13Gala Theatre, Durham :: V0146218420
listing details L881931218

T01743149965 (SALISBURYPL12)

Corporate Sponsor The Design Unit. Producer Salisbury Playhouse. Author Andrew Pollard. Music Andrew Pollard (songs). Music Kieran Buckeridge (songs).
5 Dec 12 to 5 Jan 13Playhouse, Salisbury :: V923
listing details L01529962630

T1247818593 (MITCHELL12)

Company Masque Theatre.
13 Dec 12 to 14 Dec 12Mitchell Arts Centre, Stoke-on-Trent :: V999
listing details L186481888

The Rock 'n' Roll Panto - T01212674121

Producer Clwyd Theatr Cymru. Author Peter Rowe. Director Peter Rowe. Design Judith Croft.
25 Nov 11 to 28 Jan 12Theatr Clwyd, Mold :: V810
listing details L0928225714

the Pantomime of your Dreams - T0501792873

Corporate Sponsor MetroRadio. Producer Qdos Entertainment. Performer Clive Webb (The King). Performer Danny Adams (Muddles). Performer Chris Hayward (The Queen).
29 Nov 11 to 21 Jan 12Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V570
listing details L01611980370

T683314848 (TRNORWICH11)

Corporate Sponsor Almary Green. Performer Hayley Tamaddon. Performer Kevin Sacre. Performer Helen Fraser. Performer Tom Beard. Performer Andre Vincent. Performer Richard Gauntlett. Performer David Gant.
14 Dec 11 to 15 Jan 12Theatre Royal, Norwich :: V72
listing details L114822035

T0278694796 (TRNOTTS11)

Corporate Sponsor Victoria Centre Nottingham (in association with Gem106). Producer Qdos. Performer Joe Pasquale (Muddles). Performer Ceri Dupree (Queen Passionella). Performer Lucy Evans (Princess Beauty).
10 Dec 11 to 15 Jan 12Theatre Royal, Nottingham :: V462
listing details L1513097503


Author Paul Hendy. Director Paul Hendy. Performer Margi Clarke (Wicked Queen). Performer Sid Sloane (Jester). Performer Damian Williams (Nurse Nellie).
9 Dec 11 to 8 Jan 12Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L01158541039

T67069309 (TRWINDSOR11)

Performer Tony Christie (The King). Performer Britt Ekland (Wicked Fairy). Performer Anita Harris (The Queen). Performer Steven Blakeley (Nurse Norah). Performer Bradley Clarkson (The Prince). Performer Christopher Biggins (The Dragon). Performer Chloe Madeley (Beauty). Performer Kevin Cruise (Muddles). Performer Noddy (and his car).
7 Dec 11 to 8 Jan 12Theatre Royal, Windsor :: V742
listing details L148456062

T01624778568 (KP11)

When the wicked fairy casts a deadly spell on Princess Beauty the poor girl is doomed to sleep for a hundred years. Only the kiss of her one true love can break the spell. Which means that Beauty's bravest and closest friends must battle to rescue the dashing Prince before it's too late! He, and he alone, can save the Sleeping Beauty!Producer First Family Entertainment. Performer Karen Dunbar (Nanny). Performer Keith Jack (The Prince). Performer Clare Grogan (Carabosse). Performer Tony Roper (Hector the Henchman). Performer Steven McNicoll (The King). Performer Kath Howden (The Queen).
2 Dec 11 to 8 Jan 12King's Theatre, Glasgow :: V613
listing details L0970221208

T0492330841 (PITLOCHRYFEST11)

Producer Pitlochry Festival Theatre.
15 Dec 11 to 7 Jan 12Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Pitlochry :: V638
listing details L02070396674

T02040727713 (TUNBRIDGEASSEM11)

Producer UK Productions. Producer Assembly Hall Theatre. Performer Glynis Barber (Bad Fairy). Performer Derek Moran (Silly Billy). Performer Christopher Beeny (King). Performer Charles Burden (Charles Burden (Nanny Glucose). Performer Sophia Thierens (Princess Beauty).
10 Dec 11 to 2 Jan 12Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells :: V690
listing details L976166294

T01517874214 (HARLREDHILL11)

Sleeping Beauty tells the story of Princess Aurora, the girl who pricks her finger on a spinning wheel and promptly falls asleep for 100 years, but you can be assured that this will be far from a sleepy production! Join us this Christmas for a pantomime that is packed full of energy, laughter and colourful characters.Performer Vicki Michelle (Wicked Fairy Carabosse). Performer Adam Daye (Nurse Katy Cough Drop). Performer Mike Newman (Muddles).
9 Dec 11 to 2 Jan 12The Harlequin, Redhill :: V707
listing details L1620185292

T461820961 (STRODE11)

Corporate Sponsor At Your Service. Corporate Sponsor Cosyfeet. Corporate Sponsor Clarks. Company Glastonbury and Street Musical Comedy Society. Author Ben Crocker. Director Rodney Gifford. Musical Director Tom Billing. Choreographer Emma Boddy. Other Karen Squance (chorus mistress).
27 Dec 11 to 2 Jan 12Strode Theatre, Street :: V917
listing details L627431584

T01445423989 (CCT11)

Delighted with the birth of his daughter, Princess Beauty, King Stephan celebrates with a sumptuous ball. But when he forgets to invite the wicked fairy Carabosse, his happiness turns to grief. The evil sorceress proclaims that on her 18th birthday, Beauty shall prick her finger on a spindle and die. But will her friends foil Carabosse's villainous plan and rescue Sleeping Beauty to live happily ever after? Join Muddles, Beauty's Nanny and Prince Harry as they attempt to save Beauty from the evil spell and make her dreams come true. Image depicting Sleeping BeautyWith all the elements of a traditional family pantomime, Sleeping Beauty will captivate audiences of all ages - a classic fairy tale for the whole family.Company One from the Heart. Author Simon Aylin. Performer Stephen Carlile (Nuirse Nelly). Performer John Weldon (Muddles). Choreographer Richard Peakman. Performer Abigail Matthews (Sleeping Beauty). Performer Kirk Jameson (Prince).
2 Dec 11 to 2 Jan 12Civic Theatre, Chelmsford :: V32
listing details L2049423090

T01638070405 (LIVERPOOL10)

Producer Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse Production. Author Sarah Nixon. Author Mark Chatterton. Director Mark Chatterton.
26 Nov 10 to 22 Jan 11Everyman & Playhouse, Liverpool :: V535
listing details L0979838309

T232224234 (TRPLYMOUTH10)

17 Dec 10 to 22 Jan 11Theatre Royal, Plymouth :: V895
listing details L1837826093

T689768854 (RICHMOND10)

10 Dec 10 to 16 Jan 11Richmond Theatre, Outer London :: V327
listing details L220743472

T647178869 (YVONNE10)

Producer Evolution Pantomimes. Author Paul Hendy. Director Gerry Tebbutt. Choreographer Gerry Tebbutt. Choreographer Jill Francis (assistant). Musical Director Steve Hill. Design Helga Wood. Costume Helga Wood. Lighting John Harris. Sound Chris Whelan. Performer Shane Lynch (Prince Charming). Performer Sarah-Jane Honeywell. Performer Nichola McAuliffe (Wicked Fairy). Performer Peter Gordon (King Gordon). Performer Royce Mills (Nurse Nellie). Performer Lloyd Hollett (Merlin).
3 Dec 10 to 9 Jan 11Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford :: V702
listing details L2142548164

T02028414915 (MALVERN10)

Producer Martin Dodd (for UK Productions). Performer Toyah Wilcox (Bad Fairy). Performer Derek Moran (Silly Billy). Performer Charles Burden (Nurse Nelly). Performer Wendy Purdy (Good Fairy). Performer Stephen Whitson (Prince). Performer David Alcock (King).
16 Dec 10 to 9 Jan 11Malvern Theatres, Malvern :: V01718852442
listing details L01078445396

T1559161502 (HISMAJ10)

Performer Elaine C Smith (The Wicked Fairy). Performer Alan McHugh (Nurse Nancy). Performer Jordan Young (Muddles).
4 Dec 10 to 9 Jan 11His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen :: V585
listing details L327689890

T64721410 (OLDHAMCOLI10)

Producer Oldham Coliseum Theatre. Author Eric Potts. Director Kevin Shaw. Design Celia Perkins. Performer Sue Devaney (Wicked Fairy Godmother Carrabosse). Performer Fine Time Fontayne (Dame Nurse Nora). Performer Amy Rhiannon Worth (Carless Carrie). Performer Linzi Matthews (Queen Hermione). Performer Richard J Fletcher (Cheeky Chester). Performer Nicole Evans (Princess Beauty). Performer Patrick Bridgman (King Cuthbert). Performer Heledd Baskerville (Fairy Rainbow).
20 Nov 10 to 8 Jan 11Coliseum Theatre, Oldham :: V497
listing details L398816165

T0144701122 (DUNDEEREP10)

This festive season, be enchanted at Dundee Rep Ensemble‘s charming and witty re-telling of the popular fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty. Set amongst the magical forest with its strange sounds, curious characters and odd -looking creatures, Sleeping Beauty tells the tale of a King and a Queen who, at long last are blessed with a beautiful daughter. However, try as they might they cannot keep away the jealous, evil witch from the castle walls and she soon finds a way to curse the young princess with a sleepy fate. Only a kiss from her one true love will wake the princess from her slumber and leave her free from the wicked curse forever. Dundee Rep’s award-winning Christmas productions are renowned for their captivating stories, festive sparkle, laughter and fun and this year’s production of Sleeping Beauty promises all of that and more.Author Charles Way. Company Dundee Rep Ensemble.
29 Nov 10 to 8 Jan 11Dundee Repertory Theatre, Dundee :: V596
listing details L01321858187

T01889059832 (ANVIL10)

This spectacular new production features not only lavish sets and costumes, but also dazzling special effects including flying sequences and computer generated animation. See the Prince fly through time, the enchanted castle grow before your very eyes, only to be covered in thorns, and the Wicked Fairy transform herself into an enormous fire breathing dragon.Corporate Sponsor Gazette Newspapers. Producer Martin Dodd (for UK Productions). Producer Anvil Arts. Director Maurice Lane. Lighting Stephen Holroyd. Choreographer Sarah Louise Day. Musical Director Martyn Cooper. Performer Wendy Craig (Good Fairy). Performer Abi Titmuss (Bad Fairy). Performer Andrew Agnew (Silly Billy). Performer Sarah Louise Day (Sleeping Beauty). Performer Michael Chance (King). Performer Shaun Dalton (Prince). Performer Nick Wilton (Nurse Nelly). Company Kelly Hopkins Theatre Arts. Company Basingstoke Academy of Dance.
9 Dec 10 to 2 Jan 11Anvil Arts, Basingstoke :: V765
listing details L01143332989

T0457668038 (TRWAKEFIELD10)

Author Sarah Nixon. Author Mark Chatterton. Director Matt Aston. Musical Director Dean McDermott. Choreographer Louise Denison.
29 Nov 10 to 2 Jan 11Theatre Royal and Opera House, Wakefield :: V979
listing details L01636587508

T0477214724 (VICHALIFAX10)

Come and see Nurse Nanny Nora, Josh the Jester and the dashing Prince Valiant as they battle with dragons and time machines to ensure that the Prince is ready to wake the sleeping princess on time! Join us for this magical production with all the well-loved pantomime ingredients - spectacular scenery and sparkling costumes, corny jokes, hilarious slapstick and bags of audience participation.Producer Imagine Theatre. Producer Victoria Theatre. Performer Neil Hurst (Josh the Jester). Performer Tom Milner (Prince Valiant). Performer Peter Alexander. Performer Ann Micklethwaite. Performer Emily Tribicki. Performer Sameera Steward. Performer Nick Barclay.
11 Dec 10 to 1 Jan 11Victoria Theatre, Halifax :: V969
listing details L02109429817

T1786419474 (BYRE10)

Producer Byre Theatre. Author Johnny McKnight. Director Lawrie McNicol. Design Karen Tennent. Musical Director Stuart Wilson. Music Alan Penman. Choreographer Chrris J Stuart Wilson. Costume Alison Brown. Performer Stephen Docherty (Fairy Kylie). Performer Marianne McIvor (Beauty). Performer Nicola Auld (Queenic McMeanie). Performer Jennifer Bates (Queen Toshita/Prince Charming). Performer David Mullen (King Pescinold/Leanie McMeanie). Performer David Ashwood (Jester). Performer Padraig Riddle. Performer Frazer Provan. Performer Isaac Devereu. Performer Conor McGregor. Performer JackDillon. Performer Rory Bannantyne. Performer Orla White. Performer Sarah Gent. Performer Emma Sharratt. Performer Alan McKie. Performer Tilda Kennedy. Performer Briony Torrance. Performer Rebecca Forstyth. Performer Fiona Sinclair. Performer Lucy Middleton. Performer Maighsie Sutehall. Performer India Butler. Performer Nanchy Malcolm. Performer Catriona Dobby. Performer Hannah Nicholls. Performer Thomas Beecher. Performer Max Chase. Performer Nicole Stephens. Performer Annabel Sinclair. Performer Vicky Grant. Performer Rebecca Anderson. Performer Ethan Stothers. Performer Rosie Fettes. Performer Harvey Kennedy. Performer Robyn Henderson.
1 Dec 10 to 30 Dec 10Byre Theatre, St Andrews :: V640
listing details L01885761291

T1885587069 (TABERNACLE10)

Adult panto. Age 18+Producer The Tabernacle.
20 Dec 10 to 22 Dec 10The Tabernacle, Inner London :: V243
listing details L01386739220

T01689619813 (LBT10)

Company Exit 25 Theatre School.
4 Dec 10 to 5 Dec 10Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield :: V972
listing details L01969264830

T0627389471 (BIRMHIP09)

Producer Qdos Entertainment. Performer Joe Pasquale. Performer Ray Quinn. Performer Ceri Dupree. Performer Lucy Evans.
19 Dec 09 to 31 Jan 10Birmingham Hippodrome, Birmingham :: V145
listing details L0286898336

T145506462 (TRBATH09)

Corporate Sponsor Bath Chronicle. Producer Peter Frosdick. Producer Martin Dodd (for UK Productions in association with Theatre Royal Bath). Lighting Neville Milsom. Choreographer Joanna Lee Martin. Musical Director Gareth Williams. Director Chris Harris. Performer Liza Goddard. Performer Tom Owen (King). Performer Chris Harris (Nurse). Performer Gemma Bissix. Performer Jon Monie (Silly Billy). Performer Tim Bonser (Prince). Performer Natalie Marie Dignam (Sleeping Beauty). Company Dorothy Coleborn School of Dance.
17 Dec 09 to 24 Jan 10Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L01413334479

T751846416 (CARRIAGEWORKS09)

Company LIDOS.
13 Jan 10 to 23 Jan 10The Carriageworks, Leeds :: V1666392263
listing details L0263777109

T257195029 (SWANSEAGRAND09)

Producer Peter Frosdick. Producer Martin Dodd (for UK Productions in association with the City of County of Swansea). Performer Andrew Agnew (Silly Billy). Performer Helen Fraser (Bad Fairy). Performer Malandra Burrows (Good Fairy). Performer Kevin Johns (Nurse Nelly). Performer Nia Jermin (Sleeping Beauty). Performer Lewis Bradley (Prince).
16 Dec 09 to 17 Jan 10Grand Theatre, Swansea :: V831
listing details L02039550748


Once upon a time, in a land far away, lived Princess Aurora. At her blessing ceremony, the evil Fairy cursed the Princess that on her 18th birthday she would prick her finger and fall asleep for 100 years. Will the Prince of her dreams save the day? Boo the baddie, cheer your hero and laugh along with the hilarious dame, as you join the adventure to rescue the beautiful princess! Mixing traditional family entertainment with the glorious sparkle of a West End show Sleeping Beauty has everything you expect from panto and MORE! Glitter and magic, song and dance, fun and laughter, spectacular sets, colourful costumes and LOTS of audience participation.Author Nicholas Pegg. Music Carol Sloman. Lyrics Carol Sloman. Director Matt Devitt. Design Mark Walters. Musical Director Carol Sloman. Lighting Matthew Eagland. Sound Ed Clarke. Choreographer Emily Parker. Director Malcolm Ranson (fight). Performer Sarah Scowen (Princes Aurora). Performer Elliot harper (Tom Clutterbuck). Performer Chris MacDonnell (Nanny Clutterbuck). Performer Simon Jessop (Silly Billy). Performer Jane Milligan (Fairy Carabosse). Performer Lucy Thackeray (Fairy Forget-Me-Not). Performer Marcus Webb (King).
3 Dec 09 to 16 Jan 10Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch :: V41
listing details L02138293731

T1644633986 (WHITLEYBAY09)

Company Whitley Bay Pantomime Society.
12 Jan 10 to 16 Jan 10Whitley Bay Playhouse, Whitley Bay :: V580
listing details L319366949

T0727040146 (WYVERN09)

Producer Qdos Entertainment. Author Simon Aylin. Director Daryl Back. Performer Lorraine Chase (Wicked Queen). Performer Edd Post (Prince Harry). Performer Ceri-Lyn (Sleeping Beauty). Performer Alan McMahon (Nanny Fanny). Performer Michael Cantwell (The King). Performer Melanie Masson (Fairy Fortune).
12 Dec 09 to 10 Jan 10Wyvern Theatre, Swindon :: V928
listing details L778946113

T01516657772 (TRBRIGHTON09)

Corporate Sponsor Robinsons. Producer First Family Entertainment. Performer Claire Sweeney (Wicked Fairy). Performer Kev Orkian (The Jester). Performer George Wood (Prince).
4 Dec 09 to 10 Jan 10Churchill Theatre, Bromley :: V302
listing details L429640054


Performer William Elliott (Dame). Performer Zara Ramm (Morgan Le Fay). Performer Mark Hyde (Merlin). Performer Declan Wilson (King Arthur). Performer Kelli Maybank (Prince Percival Lostalot). Performer Joe Fisher (Muddles). Performer Keshini Misha (Sleeping Beauty).
27 Nov 09 to 9 Jan 10Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham :: V90
listing details L301639440

T0800666870 (CUSTOMS09)

Corporate Sponsor Hays Travel. Author Ray Spencer. Performer Ray Spencer (Tommy). Performer Bob Stott (Dame Trott). Performer Peter Darrant (Lord Chancellor). Performer Graham Overton (King of Jarra). Performer Lucy Rafton (Princess Primrose of Jarra). Performer Afnan Iftikhar (Prince Walter of Howden). Performer Helen Embleton (The Wicked Witch).
2 Dec 09 to 3 Jan 10The Customs House, South Shields :: V575
listing details L2040856013

T132463940 (CREWELYCEUM09)

Corporate Sponsor Bentley. Producer Imagine Theatre Ltd (in association with Cheshire East Council). Performer David Lonsdale (King Bumble). Performer Jane Tucker (Azuriel). Performer Kerry Newell (Prince Valiant).
2 Dec 09 to 2 Jan 10Lyceum Theatre, Crewe :: V470
listing details L1795606319

T01303963488 (MACROBERT09)

Age 5+Producer Macrobert Arts Centre.
25 Nov 09 to 31 Dec 09MacRobert Arts Centre, Stirling :: V642
listing details L0190569093

T0394983794 (SECC09)

Join Jammy and Betty Bakealot and the Beautiful Princess Aurora as they battle against the evil Carabosse, who casts a wicked spell over the princess and a spinning wheel. Thrills and spills and of course a happy always!Producer GTE Productions Ltd. Director Shaaron Graham. Musical Director Kennedy Aitchison.
10 Dec 09 to 24 Dec 09Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC), Glasgow :: V1986850853
listing details L01860551199

T92622653 (UNICORN08)

A new Sleeping Beauty, full of mischief, merriment and magic, bursts onto the Unicorn stage this Christmas. But our feisty young heroine isn’t going to lie back and wait for some boy to wake her from her hundred-year slumber. Curse or no curse, she is going out to find her own happy ending! From Victorian Southwark and its newly opened Tower Bridge to modern-day London, Beauty takes us on a race through time to meet the right prince and find the kiss that breaks the spell. This world premiere production is created by the critically acclaimed team behind previous Unicorn Christmas hits Journey to the River Sea and Duck!.Age 6+ Running time 2 hours including interval.Author Rosy Fordham.
2 Dec 08 to 24 Jan 09Unicorn Theatre, Inner London :: V103615241
listing details L02097156692

T83997906 (OXPLAY08)

Producer Oxford Playhouse.
5 Dec 08 to 18 Jan 09The Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L01982581835

T01727216876 (FLORAL08)

Producer Floral Pavilion. Performer Dave Benson Philips (Court Jester). Performer Mike Holoway (Prince). Performer Leanne Campbell (Sleeping Beauty). Performer Fifi.
22 Dec 08 to 11 Jan 09Floral Pavilion Theatre, New Brighton :: V541
listing details L0479898049

T2104203540 (HELIX08)

Producer Theatre Worx Productions Ltd. Author Karl Harpur. Director Karl Harpur. Choreographer Claire Tighe. Musical Director David Hayes.
26 Nov 08 to 4 Jan 09The Helix, Dublin :: V842266537
listing details L1626031167

T2058274538 (RIVERFRONT08)

Producer The Riverfront. Producer Hiss and Boo Company. Performer Brian Hibbard (Morgan the Bad). Performer Gillian Elisa (Fairy Blodwen). Performer Jacquelyn Kent (Princess). Performer Michael Luxton (Prince Cedric Lostalot). Performer Andrew Beavis (Muddles). Performer Phylip Harries (Dame).
4 Dec 08 to 3 Jan 09The Riverfront, Newport :: V088145899
listing details L031360052

T595736435 (BRUNTON08)

Author Liam Rudden. Director Liam Rudden.
21 Nov 08 to 3 Jan 09Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh :: V633
listing details L514748689

T0575339577 (THEDUKES08)

Briar Rose is a smart girl. She's clever, feisty and completely brilliant at puzzles and sword fighting. But she's also trapped. Cursed at birth by an evil witch, her parents wont let her leave the castle. Her only company is a half-dragon, half-human, and he has his own issues. Branwen and Modron: two witches locked in an ongoing struggle between good and evil. Briar Rose enjoys Branwen's protection until a few days before her sixteenth birthday when the battle for good is lost, sending her into a deep sleep for a hundred years. Luckily for Briar Rose, Prince Owain is on hte case...but he's not awfully smart or brilliant. With danger lurking around every corner, can the young prince find the courage to defeat the terrible Spider King and the pesky forest faries in time to save the sleeping beauty? The characters of this classic fairytale are vividly brought ot life in an enchanting adaptation that promises the whole family an extra helping of sparkle and excitement over the festive period. Age 5+Corporate Sponsor Natural (furniture at the heart of your home). Producer The Dukes. Author Charles Way. Director Kevin Dyer. Design Helen Stewart. Music Mark Melville.
21 Nov 08 to 3 Jan 09The Dukes, Lancaster :: V523
listing details L0445692770

T691183578 (MITCHELLMEM08)

Company Mow Cop Players.
5 Dec 08 to 13 Dec 08Mitchell Arts Centre, Stoke-on-Trent :: V999
listing details L0721324067

T01731457407 (BRIGHTON08)

Adult Alternative Panto
21 Feb 08 to 2 Mar 08Brighton Dome, Brighton :: V655
listing details L261085312

T01220717667 (SUTTON07)

Company Carshalton Pantomime Company. Performer Kathleen McNamara (Aurora - Sleeping Beauty). Performer Alexis Pelling (Prince Zidane). Performer Brian Turner (Florence). Performer Sarah Jane Smith (Fairy Dreamawhile). Performer James Bailey (Rupert). Performer Paul Goldsmith (Malificent).
11 Jan 08 to 26 Jan 08Secombe Theatre, Sutton :: V708
listing details L01889525876

T0969826110 (KINGSTHGLAS07)

Producer First Family Entertainment. Producer Elaine C Smith (associate producer). Author Bob Black. Director Tony Cownie. Performer Gerard Kelly (Chester the Jester). Performer Karen Dunbar (Nanny Begood). Performer Dawn Steele (Wicked Witch). Performer Gavin Mitchell (Norval). Performer Laura Donnelly. Performer Michael Howell.
30 Nov 07 to 12 Jan 08King's Theatre, Glasgow :: V613
listing details L1188935013

T0270446973 (MERCURY07)

Producer Mercury Theatre Company. Director Fine Time Fontayne. Design Sally Howard. Musical Director Graeme Du-Fresne. Choreographer Charlie Morgan. Performer Christine Absalom. Performer Ignatius Anthony. Performer Roger Delves-Broughton. Performer Charlie Morgan. Performer Tim Treslove.
6 Dec 07 to 12 Jan 08Mercury Theatre, Colchester :: V37
listing details L0427897910

T230863639 (GALADURHAM07)

Producer David Lee (for Pantoni Pantomimes).
5 Dec 07 to 6 Jan 08Gala Theatre, Durham :: V0146218420
listing details L01181478098

T01608161997 (PAVBOURNE07)

Producer UK Productions. Performer Malandra Burrows (Good Fairy). Performer Helen Fraser (Bad Fairy). Performer Christopher Pizzey (Silly Billy). Performer Andrew Ryan (Nurse Nelly). Performer Stephanie McWilliams (Sleeping Beauty). Performer Tim Bonser (Prince). Performer David Alcock (The King).
8 Dec 07 to 6 Jan 08Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth :: V906
listing details L01998283974

T0242599233 (BLACKGRAND07)

Producer Blackpool Grand. Performer Ruth Madoc (Good Fairy). Performer Steve Royle (Silly Billy). Performer Iain Rogerson (King). Performer Natalie Cleverley (Bad Fairy). Performer Shaun Dalton. Performer Jessica Punch. Performer Douglas Mounce.
7 Dec 07 to 5 Jan 08Blackpool Grand Theatre, Blackpool :: V518
listing details L01811420554

T01882413359 (AMMAN07)

Company The Panto Company.
15 Dec 07Ammanford Miners' Theatre, Ammanford :: V1007551889
listing details L1061540880

T1031270939 (COLNBROOK07)

Company Colnbrook Amateur Stage Theatre.
30 Nov 07 to 8 Dec 07General, General :: V1260
listing details L608572610

T1256335239 (DONCASTERCIVIC06)

Corporate Sponsor Asda. Producer Doncaster Metropolitan. Producer David Lee (for Pantoni Pantomimes). Performer Bobby Knutt (King Knutty). Performer Mike Holoway (Prince). Performer Lisa-Marie Bowman (Sleeping Beauty). Performer Charlotte Milchard (Carabose). Performer Peter Thorne (Queen). Performer Mike Newman (Muddles).
13 Feb 07 to 17 Feb 07Hull New Theatre, Hull :: V934
listing details L1560786940
14 Dec 06 to 7 Jan 07Civic Theatre, Doncaster :: V964
listing details L1299517278

T214249487 (SANDERSTEAD06)

Company Sanderstead Dramatic Club.
13 Jan 07 to 20 Jan 07General, General :: V129128377
listing details L766564102

T01922140608 (BACON06)

Producer Promenade Productions.
17 Jan 07 to 20 Jan 07Bacon Theatre, Cheltenham :: V89
listing details L01722802789

T02024650996 (CRUCIBLE06)

Producer Peter Frosdick. Producer Martin Dodd (for UK Productions). Adapted by Andrew Ryan. Director Andrew Ryan. Performer Andrew Ryan (Dame).
14 Dec 06 to 13 Jan 07Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L1294245143

T277983640 (HARROGATE06)

Producer Harrogate Theatre. Author Nicholas Pegg. Director Lennox Greaves.
30 Nov 06 to 7 Jan 07Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate :: V942
listing details L01409878701

T1364008798 (SALISPLAY06)

Producer Salisbury Playhouse. Author Joanna Read. Author Stuart Thomas. Director Jeremy Bond.
6 Dec 06 to 6 Jan 07Playhouse, Salisbury :: V923
listing details L0882734095

T1894297901 (GREENWICH06)

Producer Greenwich Theatre. Author Andrew Pollard. Director Phil Willmott. Design Ralph Oswick.
4 Dec 06 to 6 Jan 07Greenwich Theatre, Outer London :: V308
listing details L0348488356

T01191157966 (STANTONBURY06)

Author John Dowell. Author Mark Niel.
21 Dec 06 to 1 Jan 07Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes :: V752
listing details L1366516629

T01047631330 (HARL06)

Producer Paul Holman Associates. Producer Harlequin Theatre. Performer Peter Simon. Performer Jacqueline Boatswain. Performer Denise Nolan.
13 Dec 06 to 31 Dec 06The Harlequin, Redhill :: V707
listing details L0629105040

T2053551140 (NEWWOLSEY05)

Corporate Sponsor Private Doc Dotcom. Producer New Wolsey.
1 Dec 05 to 21 Jan 06New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich :: V81
listing details L01660140145

T1109750387 (SOUTHLON05)

Producer South London Theatre. Director Stuart Draper. Design Stuart Draper. Lighting Gavin Parker. Choreographer Lydia Watkins. Choreographer Vanessa Colls. Performer Dermot Jones. Performer Caroline Durrant. Performer Alan Buckman. Performer Steve Imrie. Performer Jumoke Oke. Performer Ronae Jolliffe. Performer David Clements. Performer Tom Butcher. Performer Penny Allen. Performer Richard Nield. Performer Tim Newey.
5 Jan 06 to 14 Jan 06South London Theatre, Outer London :: V329
listing details L01123523206

T548405388 (MIDDLE05)

Producer Middlesbrough Theatre. Producer Extravaganza Production. Director David Vickers. Director Richard Chandler. Choreographer Sue Thornton. Performer Kim Hartman (Carabosse).
8 Dec 05 to 8 Jan 06Middlesbrough Theatre, Middlesbrough :: V0895700786
listing details L01995789161

T1187360615 (BROADWAY05)

Producer Key Theatre Company. Producer Chris Moreno. Performer Alan Miller-Bunford. Costume Amy McNamara. Lighting Chris Olney. Author Michael Cross. Director Michael Cross. Sound Thames Audio. Performer Paul Daniels. Performer Vicky Michelle. Performer Debbie McGee. Performer Sue Hodge. Performer Simon Bamford.
11 Dec 05 to 8 Jan 06New Theatre Peterborough, Peterborough :: V0379499193
listing details L02120711490

T01626553920 (MILLDERRY05)

Corporate Sponsor Donnybrook. Producer Millennium Forum Derry. Performer Conal Gallen (Nanny).
2 Dec 05 to 7 Jan 06Millennium Forum, Derry :: V0404715437
listing details L01516878053

T341837347 (PERTH05)

Producer Perth Theatre. Director Ian Grieve. Design Robin Peoples. Author Jimmy Chisholm. Author Ian Grieve. Performer Jimmy Chisholm (Dame). Performer Greg Powrie (Prince Ninny). Performer Mark Cox (Duke Douglas). Performer Amanda Beveridge (Dementia). Performer Helen Logan (Lady Prudence). Performer Stephen Clyde (Rupert the Rascal). Performer Joe Gallagher (Chamberlain). Performer Gail Watson (Sleeping Beauty).
9 Dec 05 to 7 Jan 06Perth Theatre, Perth :: V637
listing details L2059519466

T423699462 (ROSES05)

Producer Roses Theatre Tewkesbury. Author Iain Lauchlan. Author Will Brenton. Director Robert Hamlin.
2 Dec 05 to 7 Jan 06Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury :: V99
listing details L01275595719

T0981059175 (PRINCES05)

Producer Princes Hall Aldershot.
9 Dec 05 to 1 Jan 06Princes Hall, Aldershot :: V761
listing details L01437010184

T01891542577 (BACC05)

In support of People and Places, Mind and local charities.Producer British Airways Cabin Crew Entetainment Society.
4 Dec 05 to 11 Dec 05Beck Theatre, Outer London :: V296
listing details L01095008314

T01046819638 (GHDERBY05)

Company Kaleidoscope Players.
1 Dec 05 to 4 Dec 05Guildhall Theatre, Derby :: V994
listing details L0706355571

T0792658342 (YORKTR04)

Producer York Theatre Royal. Author Berwick Kaler. Director Berwick Kaler. Director Damian Cruden.
8 Dec 04 to 29 Jan 05Theatre Royal, York :: V954
listing details L1436475485

T0807835618 (CLWYD04)

The Rock 'n' Roll pantoProducer Clwyd Theatr Cymru. Director Peter Rowe. Design Judith Croft. Director Greg Palmer (music). Lighting Nick Beadle. Sound Kevin Heyes. Choreographer Maggie Rawlinson.
26 Nov 04 to 22 Jan 05Theatr Clwyd, Mold :: V810
listing details L01348980815

T1499971530 (TRNOR04)

Performer Rikki Jay (Muddles). Performer Nicole Faraday (Morgan le Fay). Performer Brian Hibbard (Nanny Nicehands). Performer Shane Cortese (Prince Percival Lostalot). Performer Vicki Carr (Sleeping Beauty). Performer David Gan (Merlin).
19 Dec 04 to 22 Jan 05Theatre Royal, Norwich :: V72
listing details L02022081139

T01924410432 (STRATEAST04)

Author Hope Massiah. Author Delroy Murray. Producer Theatre Royal Stratford East.
27 Nov 04 to 22 Jan 05Theatre Royal, Stratford East, Outer London :: V337
listing details L042016485

T01040981664 (SOLIHULL04)

Company Solihull Society Arts.
19 Jan 05The Core (formerly the Library Theatre Arts Complex), Solihull :: V157
listing details L01353955013

T2116479404 (COLIOLD04)

Author Eric Potts. Author Kevin Shaw. Director Kevin Shaw. Design Dawn Allsop. Director Howard Gay (music). Choreographer Beverley Edmonds. Performer Eric Potts (Nurse Nora). Performer John Jardine (King Cuthbert).
27 Nov 04 to 15 Jan 05Coliseum Theatre, Oldham :: V497
listing details L075821513

T1449192454 (FOREST04)

Company Forest Theatre.
13 Jan 05 to 15 Jan 05The Hawth, Crawley :: V720
listing details L01770756072

T1517784301 (CHELTEN04)

Corporate Sponsor Cheltenham and Gloucester. Author Sue Colverd. Director Sue Colverd. Music Gareth Ellis. Design Sue Condie. Costume Sue Condie.
3 Dec 04 to 15 Jan 05Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham :: V90
listing details L0606107487

T01787844413 (NOTTPLAY04)

Producer Nottingham Playhouse. Author Kenneth Alan Taylor. Director Kenneth Alan Taylor. Design Terry Parsons. Lighting Jason Taylor. Choreographer Adele Parry. Director John Morton (music). Performer Kenneth Alan Taylor (Nurse Nelly Noggins). Performer John Elkington (King Hubert). Performer Francesca Ellis (Fairy Wishheart). Performer Julia Harrison-Jones (Princess Rosalind). Performer Michael Kirk (Maudlin the Mean/Bad Fairy). Performer Jeffrey Longmore (Queen Gertrude). Performer Michael Remick (King Phillippe/Crunchbones). Performer Paul Spicer (Prince Alexander).
26 Nov 04 to 15 Jan 05Playhouse, Nottingham :: V457
listing details L01004587254

Walkabout Season - T0163941346

Flatulent fairies, repressed ogres, and a prince who is more interested in hunting bears than kissing girls. What a world to wake up to!Corporate Sponsor JP Morgan. Producer Young Vic Theatre. Author Rufus Norris. Director Rufus Norris. Design Katrina Lindsay. Music Richard Chew. Director Jonathan Gill (music). Lighting Tim Mitchell. Sound Paul Arditti. Performer Lynsey Marshall (Beauty). Performer Daniel Cerqueira (Ogress). Performer Nicholas Beveney. Performer Nick Cavaliere. Performer Hazel Holder. Performer James Loye. Performer Helena Lymbery. Performer Phiannon Oliver. Performer Katie Quentin. Performer Jason Rowe. Performer Duncan Wiseby.
11 Dec 04 to 11 Jan 05Barbican Centre, West End :: V371
listing details L290515889

T1818126655 (OAKEN04)

Producer Oakengates Theatre. Producer Paul Holman Associates. Performer Peter Simon (Muddles). Performer Alison Hammond (The Lilac Fairy). Performer Russell Lucas (The King). Performer Lauren Adams (Princess Aurora). Performer Lucyelle Cliffe (Carabosse). Performer Dave Short (Nurse Tilly Lint).
16 Dec 04 to 9 Jan 05Oakengates Theatre at The Place, Telford :: V110
listing details L0436968714

T1388529439 (SOUTHHILL04)

Producer South Hill Park. Producer Freeflow Productions. Director Bart Lee.
1 Dec 04 to 4 Jan 05South Hill Park Arts Centre, Wilde Theatre, Bracknell :: V731
listing details L01973795754

T1571696958 (ROYLYCEUM04)

Author Stuart Paterson. Director Tony Cownie. Music Iain Johnstone (composer). Music James Bryce (musician). Performer Gregory Smith (musician). Performer Eric Barlow (King). Performer Eilidh Fraser (Queen). Performer Laura Donnelly (Princess). Performer Brian Laurie (Boy). Performer Shonagh Price (Good Witch Zielle). Performer Julie Austin (Talassa).
3 Dec 04 to 31 Dec 04Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh :: V604
listing details L829026641

T0327003898 (MALTINGS04)

Producer The Maltings Theatre. Producer Wendy Payn.
17 Dec 04 to 28 Dec 04The Maltings, Berwick-on-Tweed :: V986
listing details L01415645895

A Pantomime for Grown-Ups - T01257847793

With the Jennifer Haley Dancers.Director Leon Charles (musical). Performer Phil Starr. Performer Annabelle Lee. Performer Colin Maclaughlan. Performer Vincent Hayes.
9 Jan 04 to 6 Mar 04Brick Lane Music Hall, Inner London :: V264
listing details L1147747078

T0854931841 (WIGHT04)

Company Wight Strollers.
14 Feb 04 to 21 Feb 04Medina Theatre, Newport :: V01504973828
listing details L1190640950

T01775669118 (KESWICK03)

Producer Theatre by the Lake. Author Charles Way.
5 Dec 03 to 17 Jan 04The Theatre By The Lake, Keswick :: V7
listing details L2035309605

T1155439951 (METBURY03)

Producer Rocian Production Company. Producer The Met.
5 Dec 03 to 11 Jan 04The Met, Bury :: V476
listing details L848265542

T179442173 (CUSTOM03)

Performer Alexandra Gardner (Princess Beauty). Performer Stephen Rae (Prince of Clarence of Cleadon). Performer Kathy Secker (Narcissus). Performer Bob Stott (Nurse Dame Dotty). Performer Ray Spencer (Tommy the Trumpeter). Performer David Whitaker (Lord Mekon). Performer Donald McBride (King Street). Performer Jean Southern (Fairy Poinsettia). Performer Helen Russell (Fairy Petunia). Performer Gwen Doran (Fairy Pansy).
3 Dec 03 to 4 Jan 04The Customs House, South Shields :: V575
listing details L51262316

T01679857101 (CHELPL03)

Author John Crocker. Company Cheltenham Little Theatre. Director Daphne Herbert.
27 Dec 03 to 3 Jan 04Playhouse Theatre, Cheltenham :: V92
listing details L0377039814

T02047835969 (STAMART03)

Company Stamford Pantomime Players.
30 Dec 03 to 3 Jan 04Stamford Arts Centre, Stamford :: V446
listing details L1011419254

T0795094857 (NORTHBROOK03)

Company Durrington Theatrical Society. Author Doreen Moger.
17 Dec 03 to 21 Dec 03Northbrook Theatre, Worthing :: V727
listing details L07287986

T0322054890 (LTR03)

Easter Pantomime.
15 Apr 03 to 19 Apr 03New Theatre Royal, Lincoln :: V442
listing details L01391156343

T02060292870 (BREW02)

A fun filled, all singing, all dancing school pantomime, specially written for the pupils by Music and Drama teacher, Jayne Crow. The performers range from year 7 to the Sixth Form and are accompanied by live music from the school band.
27 Jan 03 to 28 Jan 03Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal :: V6
listing details L619761021

T01429523216 (RONDO03)

Author Stephen Curtis.
22 Jan 03 to 26 Jan 03The Rondo, Bath :: V855
listing details L0821938933

T975061081 (YOUNGVIC02)

Producer Young Vic. Director Rufus Norris. Design Katrina Lindsay. Lighting Tim Mitchell. Performer Danielle King (Beauty). Performer James Loye (Prince). Performer Daniel Cerqueira (The Ogress). Performer Christopher Brand (The Ogre). Performer Paul Ewing. Performer Hazel Holder. Performer Helena Lymbery. Performer Katie Quentin. Performer Duncan Wisbey. Performer Miltos Yerolemou.
22 Nov 02 to 25 Jan 03The Young Vic, West End :: V245
listing details L01121054536

T01028743065 (COURT02)

Producer Courtyard Theatre. Author Lyndsay Maples. Director Jonathan Stone. Choreographer Val Jones. Director Rab Handleigh (music).
6 Dec 02 to 11 Jan 03Courtyard, Hereford :: V101
listing details L0125511746

T0565792956 (MITCHELL02)

Company Stage School of Scotland.
7 Dec 02 to 5 Jan 03Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow :: V614
listing details L01804123857

T1531837005 (ROBESON03)

Performer Troy Titus-Adams (Prince Valiant). Performer Pooja Kumar (Sleeping Beauty).
9 Dec 02 to 5 Jan 03Hounslow Arts Centre & Paul Robeson Theatre, Outer London :: V323
listing details L1387183868

T0166559468 (EDEN02)

Producer Eden Court. Producer Team Entertainments. Director David Burrows. Choreographer Sally Coppen. Director John Cornford. Performer Gwyneth Guthrie. Performer Mark McDonnell. Performer Derek Munn. Performer Tich McCooey.
5 Dec 02 to 4 Jan 03Eden Court Theatre, Inverness :: V626
listing details L1529269311

T1296132784 (STRODE02)

Producer Strode Productions. Author David Swan. Director Rodney Gifford. Director Tom Billing (music).
28 Dec 02 to 4 Jan 03Strode Theatre, Street :: V917
listing details L0765290037

T1529895125 (OCTYEO02)

Producer David Lee (for Pantoni Pantomimes in association with The Octagon Theatre). Performer Mike Newman Jnr (Cuthbert the Court Jester). Performer Adam Daye (King Humphrey). Performer Lisamarie Bowman (Princess Beauty). Performer Lorna Ford (Wicked Fairy Carabosse). Performer Deborah Swain (Good Fairy). Performer Paul Edwards (Prince).
14 Dec 02 to 4 Jan 03Octagon Theatre, Yeovil :: V919
listing details L1765543143

T698280612 (GRIFF02)

Company Gruffin Players.
6 Dec 02 to 14 Dec 02The Library Theatre, Luton :: V02027386231
listing details L1782179343

T1135134120 (COLS02)

Company Colstars.
18 Feb 02 to 23 Feb 02The Coliseum, Aberdare :: V821
listing details L263222179

T01629155631 (WREX02)

Company Wrexham Pantomime Company.
9 Feb 02 to 15 Feb 02William Aston Hall, Wrexham :: V815
listing details L01507271664

T0214592443 (KENMORE01)

Company Kenneth More Theatre Pantomimes. Performer Andrew Ryan. Performer Loraine Porter. Performer Robert Quarry. Performer Michael Magnet. Performer Lee Bright. Performer Claire Harvey. Performer Claire Cunliffe. Performer Owen Smith.
20 Dec 01 to 2 Feb 02Kenneth More Theatre, Outer London :: V313
listing details L1066152916

T0636879491 (SODBURY01)

WebsiteCompany Sodbury Players.
19 Jan 02 to 26 Jan 02Town Hall, Chipping Sodbury :: V867
listing details L01600619284

T0319277970 (DECAV02)

Company DE Caversmill Theatre Company. Author John Morley.
6 Jan 02 to 12 Jan 02Mitchell Arts Centre, Stoke-on-Trent :: V999
listing details L01998999743

T039410594 (QUEENSBA01)

Producer The Queen's Theatre. Producer The Hiss and Boo Company. Author Roy Hudd. Performer Doctor Evadne Hinge. Performer Dame Hilda Bracket. Performer Terence Frisch. Performer Tony Gleave. Performer Nichola Lagan. Performer Ray C Davis.
16 Dec 01 to 6 Jan 02Queen's Theatre, Barnstaple :: V883
listing details L1985103089

T01343425160 (BRUNTON01)

Company Brunton Theatre Company. Other George Drennan (songs). Other James Murray (songs).
27 Nov 01 to 5 Jan 02Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh :: V633
listing details L1688376499

T1396389881 (BRIDGE02)

Company Bridge Youth Theatre.
22 Dec 01General, General :: V1409
listing details L2142259928

T608982929 (ABBEY01)

Company Abbey Players.
18 Dec 01 to 22 Dec 01Abbey Theatre and Arts Centre, Nuneaton :: V1009
listing details L411402192

T1416800274 (CAST01)

Company The Cast Theatre.
2 Feb 01 to 4 Feb 01The Hawth, Crawley :: V720
listing details L072205323

T01171746918 (WOOD00)

Company The Woodman School of Dancing. Author Malcolm Wallis.
26 Jan 01 to 28 Jan 01Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury :: V674
listing details L02074165603

T01086148160 (HARRO00)

Author Nicholas Pegg. Director Lennox Greaves. Design Dan Collins. Design Kate Stanton. Lighting Paul Colley. Director Andrew Pickering. Choreographer Beverley Edmunds. Performer Amanda Kernot. Performer Shelley Willetts. Performer Tim Steadman. Performer Edward York. Performer Alan McMahon. Performer Nicola Bolton. Performer Anna Rose.
to 13 Jan 01Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate :: V942
listing details L1221195547

T0897362820 (BUBBLE00)

Company London Bubble Theatre Company. Author Jonathan Petherbridge. Director Jonathan Petherbridge. Performer Simon Thomson. Performer Noma Dumezweni. Performer Leah Fletcher. Performer Janet Jefferies. Performer Adam Kay. Performer Eric Maclennan. Performer Manjinder Virk. Design Janis Hart. Costume Janis Hart. Lighting Anya Fox. Director David Baird (music). Choreographer Maggie Rawlinson.
12 Dec 00 to 13 Jan 01Cochrane Theatre, Inner London :: V181
listing details L915289671

T01000235465 (EMSUND00)

Performer Craig Fairbrass (The Duke of Northumberland). Performer Tracey Coleman (Sleeping Beauty). Performer Goffy (Lester the Jester). Performer Kate Copstick (Carabosse the Witch). Performer Peter Thorne (Dame Dot Com). Performer Stephen Picton (King Richard). Performer Theresa O'Malley (Queen Judy). Producer Sunderland Empire Theatre Trust. Producer Pantomime Fx.
14 Dec 00 to 7 Jan 01Empire Theatre, Sunderland :: V577
listing details L02021671218

T515911279 (WESTMIN00)

Author Barrie Stacey. Director Keith Hopkins. Director Barrie Stacey (assistant). Director David Harper (music). Choreographer Simon Bashford. Other Havana Puppets (puppets). Producer Barrie Stacey Productions (in association with Showscope Productions). Performer Claire Mace. Performer Debbie King. Performer Gail Watts. Performer Peter McCrohon. Performer Pamela Hall. Performer Michael Cochlan. Performer Daniel Hogwood. Performer Clare Cunliffe. Performer Laurence Wild. Performer Lee Wadingham. Performer Daniel Martin. Performer Emma Sterry. Performer Doris Holford Dance Academy.
18 Dec 00 to 6 Jan 01Westminster Theatre, West End :: V419
listing details L01708774682

T1478423368 (MOTH00)

Producer North Lanarkshire Council. Producer Robert C Kelly Ltd. Performer Dean Park.
4 Dec 00 to 6 Jan 01Motherwell Theatre, Motherwell :: V632
listing details L0702795166

T01263182429 (CARNHALL00)

The classic story of Sleeping Beauty is brough up-to-date by portraying the Princess as a feisty, contemporary femakle whose story continues even after she is awoken with many more exciting adventures to be faced. With an original score by the writer and directro [Stuart Thomas] there are also 2 chart-topping hits for all ages to sing along with.Company Take Two Productions. Producer Alison Orr. Director Stuart Thomas. Performer Mary Riggans (Queen). Performer Jackie Farrell (King). Performer Jan Wilson (Wicked With Maleficent). Performer Chloe Foston (Princess Beauty). Performer Derek Johnston (Derek Johnston (Prince Richard). Performer John Hannibal (Nurse Nancy). Performer Sandy Nelson (Huffty).
7 Dec 00 to 24 Dec 00Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline :: V1112
listing details L237939562

T01284303420 (WAY99)

Company Wayfarers.
13 Jan 00 to 22 Jan 00Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre, Taunton :: V918
listing details L1555550639

T254584485 (LB99)

Company Leighton Buzzard Drama Group. Adapted by Judith Willis. Adapted by Steve Ort.
6 Jan 00 to 22 Jan 00Leighton Buzzard Theatre, Leighton Buzzard :: V13
listing details L01771148364

T765241390 (OXPLAY99)

Author Paul Knight. Director Michele Hardy. Performer Christopher Scott (Dame). Performer Emma Flett. Performer Clive Hayward. Performer Neil Rutherford (Pickles). Performer Sarah Lawn (Beauty). Performer Clive Hayward (Gormless). Performer Rupert Ward-Lewis (Prince). Performer Angela Vale (Good Fairy).
3 Dec 99 to 16 Jan 00The Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L395708929

T01037659868 (ARD99)

Author Stephen Kettyles. Director Stephen Kettyles. Company Lakeside Players.
6 Jan 00 to 15 Jan 00Ardhowen Theatre, Enniskillen :: V555
listing details L1435154063

T01468367308 (TTOH099)

Performer Peter Beardsley. Performer Kate Richie.
9 Dec 99 to 9 Jan 00Tyne Theatre and Opera House, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V571
listing details L887951839

T654460591 (PLEA99)

Festive show with a Celtic spin.Director Tony Graham. Company Unicorn Theatre.
4 Dec 99 to 8 Jan 00Pleasance, Inner London :: V276
listing details L380505126

T198017029 (ROSES99)

Author Iain Lauchlan. Author Will Brenton. Director Robert Hamlin.
10 Dec 99 to 8 Jan 00Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury :: V99
listing details L01293097324

T1620354558 (UP99)

Producer Upstage Production Company. Director Judy Channing.
17 Dec 99 to 29 Dec 99The Radlett Centre, Radlett :: V1098
listing details L1695150353

T1661738203 (GREEN99)

web site Traditional Family Pantomime - Evil Carrabosse puts Beauty and Palace to sleep. Rescued by Tickles, Nurse Goodbody, Shout, Bawl and fairy Azuriel with help of time machine.Company Greenock Players.
3 Dec 99 to 18 Dec 99Beacon Arts Centre (formerly Arts Guild Theatre), Greenock :: V1047
listing details L844481124

T1845195592 (SYT99)

Company Scottish Youth Theatre.
8 Dec 99 to 12 Dec 99The Tron, Glasgow :: V622
listing details L706149315

T01180855259 (PANTO99)

The Panto Musical.Company Pantoworld Ltd.
24 Oct 99The Pavilion, Glasgow :: V619
listing details L415825716

T01452312791 (WITN97)

Director David Hill Souch. Company Witney Drama Society.
20 Jan 98 to 24 Jan 98Screen At The Square, Witney :: V835551105
listing details L01472926292

T030658609 (SB97)

Author Michael Vivian. Author Mark Clements. Performer Ian Good. Performer Michael Vivian. Performer Claude Close. Performer Kim Ismay. Performer Helen Anker. Performer Myra Sands. Performer Adam Brooks. Performer Amie Liddle. Sound Andrew Elsegood. Lighting Alexandra Stafford. Design Colin Mayes.
29 Nov 97 to 24 Jan 98Derby Theatre, Derby :: V1830193620
listing details L01229233849

T01424512285 (B98)

Author Ron Hall. Company Lamberg Players.
13 Jan 98 to 17 Jan 98Ulster Hall and Group Theatre, Belfast :: V549
listing details L112534180

Other listings

7 Feb 19 to 9 Feb 19Tyne Theatre and Opera House, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V571
listing details L1279660026
11 Jan 19 to 20 Jan 19Royal Court Theatre, Bacup :: V956797776
listing details L01723432903
15 Dec 18 to 23 Dec 18William Aston Hall, Wrexham :: V815
listing details L1544088205
9 Dec 18 to 31 Dec 18King George's Hall, Blackburn :: V512
listing details L707851541
7 Dec 18 to 29 Dec 18Alhambra, Dunfermline :: V282499872
listing details L01017077789
7 Dec 18 to 31 Dec 18Alive Corn Exchange, Kings Lynn :: V68
listing details L01263833490
7 Dec 18 to 2 Jan 19Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells :: V690
listing details L634124859
30 Nov 18 to 6 Jan 19Gracie Fields Theatre, Rochdale :: V500
listing details L873235008
30 Nov 18 to 6 Jan 19Plaza Theatre, Stockport :: V0766695186
listing details L1673753831
3 Jan 18 to 6 Jan 18Civic Theatre, Doncaster :: V964
listing details L01308476133
9 Dec 17 to 5 Jan 18Lamproom Theatre, Barnsley :: V1840944305
listing details L1709861299
8 Dec 17 to 23 Dec 17Playhouse Theatre, Preston :: V01322424695
listing details L1625667474
1 Dec 17 to 3 Feb 18Oasthouse Theatre, Rainham :: V695
listing details L1422385183
13 Dec 16 to 4 Jan 17Savoy Theatre, Monmouth :: V443781892
listing details L687696485
9 Dec 16 to 31 Dec 16Empire Theatre, Sunderland :: V577
listing details L899940966
15 Jan 16 to 30 Jan 16Archway Theatre Company, Horley :: V713
listing details L055673925
28 Dec 15 to 31 Dec 15Queens Hall Arts Centre, Cranbrook :: V995
listing details L01396644473
11 Dec 15 to 24 Dec 15Darwen Library Theatre, Darwen :: V1588247755
listing details L0738156987
3 Jan 15 to 18 Jan 15The Muni, Colne :: V514802809
listing details L0868022384
23 Dec 14 to 10 Jan 15Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone :: V680
listing details L01386723298
12 Dec 14 to 3 Jan 15Southport Theatre at the Waterfront, Southport :: V543
listing details L2115419407
10 Dec 14 to 27 Dec 14Alhambra, Dunfermline :: V282499872
listing details L0124276700
6 Dec 14 to 14 Dec 14Phoenix Theatre, Blyth :: V01468339096
listing details L01174643794
6 Dec 14 to 14 Dec 14Civic Hall, Oswaldtwistle :: V526
listing details L584368628
6 Dec 13 to 30 Dec 13Tyne Theatre and Opera House, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V571
listing details L520975736
14 Dec 12 to 6 Jan 13Grand Opera House, York :: V957
listing details L662334342
14 Dec 11 to 29 Dec 11The Maltings, Berwick-on-Tweed :: V986
listing details L1412216118
12 Dec 09 to 19 Dec 09Civic Hall, Oswaldtwistle :: V526
listing details L1215012395
5 Dec 03 to 18 Jan 04King's Theatre, Glasgow :: V613
listing details L01686896569
16 Jan 03 to 18 Jan 03Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury :: V673
listing details L1313584631
16 Jan 03 to 1 Feb 03General, General :: V1398193254
listing details L089603254
3 Dec 02 to 4 Jan 03Corn Exchange, Newbury :: V732
listing details L01781339911
5 Jan 02 to 19 Jan 02Playhouse, Erith :: V186
listing details L01750156284
8 Dec 01 to 16 Dec 01People's Theatre Arts Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V569
listing details L1442103944
21 Jan 00 to 29 Jan 00Assembly Rooms, Derby :: V427
listing details L994167600
16 Dec 99 to 9 Jan 00Newark Palace, Newark :: V455
listing details L01318693797
24 Nov 99 to 27 Nov 99Spa Pavilion Theatre, Felixstowe :: V78
listing details L1367296355
7 Jan 99 to 9 Jan 99The Library Theatre, Luton :: V02027386231
listing details L2076044976
23 Dec 98Dacorum Pavilion, Hemel Hempstead :: V321667691
listing details L0304741837
15 Dec 98 to 24 Dec 98Bird's Nest Theatre, Outer London :: V297
listing details L01039525395
26 Nov 98 to 23 Jan 99The Arts, Belfast :: V551
listing details L1792842074
20 Dec 97 to 3 Jan 98Marina Theatre, Lowestoft :: V83
listing details L361369733
15 Dec 97 to 3 Jan 98Theatre Royal, Margate :: V685
listing details L1271542689
9 Dec 97 to 3 Jan 98Corn Exchange, Newbury :: V732
listing details L35013830
28 Nov 97 to 17 Jan 98Library Theatre, Manchester :: V487
listing details L01915820288
3 May 97 to 4 May 97Grand Theatre, Lancaster :: V521
listing details L814757858
23 Jan 97 to 1 Feb 97Faringdon Junior School, Faringdon :: V796
listing details L02111988863
19 Dec 96 to 1 Feb 97Kenneth More Theatre, Outer London :: V313
listing details L0139472749
6 Dec 96 to 25 Jan 97Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage :: V53
listing details L1336895122
4 Dec 96 to 4 Jan 97South Hill Park Arts Centre, Wilde Theatre, Bracknell :: V731
listing details L306913244
2 Dec 96 to 4 Jan 97Motherwell Theatre, Motherwell :: V632
listing details L01338052620
26 Nov 96 to 7 Dec 96ADC Theatre, Cambridge :: V18
listing details L01478240342

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