All My Sons archiveThree years since the report of his disappearance in action, the Kellers are still waiting, hoping against hope for news of their son's return. Three years of waiting, and their younger son struggles to break the news to his mother and father that he is in love with the girl his brother left behind. Three lives are on hold, until they can finally accept that Laurie may never return. Events come to a head one evening, when Annie returns to her home town and forces the Keller family to confront their hidden past, their own culpability and the awful part they may have played in their son's demise. Powerful, passionate and frighteningly relevant, All My Sons, brought Arthur Miller his first major success as a playwright. This moving, tragic drama is a compelling tale of the ideological conflict between father and son, a merciless exposure of wartime profiteering and the American Dream.


Author: Arthur Miller
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Archive listings for All My Sons

Work type: Play.


Producer Queen's Theatre Hornchurch. Director Douglas Rintoul. Design Amy Jane Cook. Lighting Stephen Pemble. Sound Helen Atkinson. Other Joel Trill (accent coach). Director Haruka Kuroda (intimacy/fight). Performer David Hounslow (Joe). Performer Eve Matheson (Kate). Performer David Donnick Jr (Jim). Performer Oliver Hembrough (Chris). Performer Nathan Ives-Moiba (George). Performer Natasha Lewis (Sue). Performer Tilly-Mae Millbrook (Lydia/Bert). Performer Graeme Rooney (Frank). Performer Kibong Tanji (Ann).
8 Mar 22 to 12 Mar 22New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich :: V81
listing details L0986799119
10 Feb 22 to 5 Mar 22Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch :: V41
listing details L1146365031


Producer Old Vic. Producer Headlong. Director Jeremy Herrin. Design Max Jones. Lighting Richard Howell. Sound Carolyn Downing. Performer Sally Field (Kate Keller). Performer Bill PullmanI (Joe Keller). Performer Jenna Coleman (Ann Deever). Performer Colin Morgan (Chris Keller). Performer Bessie Carter (Lydia Lubey). Performer Oliver Johnstone (George Deever). Performer Kayla Meikle (Sue Bayliss).
15 Apr 19 to 8 Jun 19Old Vic Theatre, West End :: V402
listing details L1800227780


Presented byDundee Rep Ensemble. Director Jemima Levick. Design Alex Lowde. Lighting Chris Davey. Music David Paul Jones. Sound David Paul Jones.
19 Feb 19 to 9 Mar 19Dundee Repertory Theatre, Dundee :: V596
listing details L0568003392


Company Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company. Director Fiona Buffini. Performer Cary Crankson (Chris). Performer Sean Chapman (Joe Keller). Performer Caroline Loncq (Kate Keller). Performer Shauna Shim (Sue Bayliss). Performer Kammy Darweish (Dr Jim Bayhliss). Performer Eva-Jane Willis (Ann Deever). Performer Sasha Frost (Lydia Lubey). Performer Patrick Osborne (Frank Lubey). Performer Ben Lee (George Deever).
6 Oct 17 to 21 Oct 17Playhouse, Nottingham :: V457
listing details L1858423230


Presented byOxford Theatre Guild.
6 Dec 16 to 10 Dec 16OFS Studio (previously known as Old Fire Station Theatre), Oxford :: V800
listing details L01893906424


Director Michael Rudman. Design Michael Taylor. Lighting David Howe. Sound Martin Hodgson. Music Matthew Scott. Director Eleanor Taylor (assistant director). Other Penny Dyer (voice coach). Director Carol Dudley (casting director). Performer Grace Carter. Performer Penny Downie. Performer Edward Harrison. Performer David Horovitch. Performer William Meredith. Performer Alison Pargeter. Performer David Partridge. Performer Alex Waldmann. Performer Francesca Zoutewelle.
28 Oct 16 to 19 Nov 16Rose Theatre Kingston, Kingston :: V051452426
listing details L1443410986


Producer Clwyd Theatre. Director Kate Wasserberg. Design Mark Bailey. Music Dyfan Jones. Lighting Nick Beadle.
24 Sep 15 to 17 Oct 15Theatr Clwyd, Mold :: V810
listing details L934512359


To celebrate the centenary of Arthur Miller's birth, Rapture Theatre - in association with The Beacon in Greenock - present an exciting new production of this multi-award winning American masterpiece.Company Rapture Theatre Company. Performer Trudien Goodwin. Performer Robbie Jack. Performer Paul Shelley. Performer Michael Moreland. Performer Bryony Afferson. Performer David Tarkenter. Performer Lyn McAndrew. Performer Steven Scott-Fitzgerald. Performer Pauline Turner.
22 Sep 15 to 26 Sep 15King's Theatre, Edinburgh :: V601
listing details L01896524103
1 Sep 15 to 5 Sep 15Theatre Royal, Glasgow :: V623
listing details L1501779310


Presented byQuestors.
2 May 15 to 9 May 15Questor's Theatre, Outer London :: V326
listing details L957541543


Company Talawa Theatre Company. Director Michael Buffong. Design Ellen Cairns. Lighting Johanna Town. Sound Emma Laxton. Performer Ray Shell (Joe). Performer Dona Croll (Kate Keller). Performer Kemi Bo-Jacobs.
21 Apr 15 to 25 Apr 15Malvern Theatres, Malvern :: V01718852442
listing details L01658886419
14 Apr 15 to 18 Apr 15Mercury Theatre, Colchester :: V37
listing details L01540529636
31 Mar 15 to 4 Apr 15Richmond Theatre, Outer London :: V327
listing details L0495461397
24 Mar 15 to 28 Mar 15Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Birmingham :: V143
listing details L0223772377
17 Mar 15 to 21 Mar 15The Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L0494811149
10 Mar 15 to 14 Mar 15Watford Palace Theatre, Watford :: V55
listing details L0190472601
3 Mar 15 to 7 Mar 15Playhouse, Salisbury :: V923
listing details L251956670
24 Feb 15 to 28 Feb 15Arts Theatre, Cambridge :: V19
listing details L01958998063
12 Feb 15 to 21 Feb 15New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich :: V81
listing details L0869793010


Company Street Theatre. Director Phil Turley. Producer Di Dean.
20 Nov 14 to 22 Nov 14Strode Theatre, Street :: V917
listing details L1214481110


Producer Open Air Theatre. Director Timothy Sheader. Design Lizzie Clachan. Costume Lizzie Clachan. Sound Ian Dickson (for Autograph). Lighting Guy Hoare. Music Nick Powell. Performer Tom Mannion (Joe Keller). Performer Brid Brennan (Kate Keller). Performer Charles Aitkin (Chris Keller). Performer Amy Nuttall (Ann Deever). Performer Andy McKeane (George Deever). Performer Simon Wilson (Dr Jim Bayliss). Performer Tilly Blackwood (Sue Bayliss). Performer Maddie Rice (Lydia Lubey). Performer Matt Cross (Frank Lubey). Performer Charles Maddox. Performer Ewan Harris. Performer Johnny Peat (Bert).
15 May 14 to 7 Jun 14Open Air Theatre, West End :: V403
listing details L344242771


Presented byThe Watermill. Director Douglas Rintoul. Design Hayley Grindle. Lighting Joshua Carr. Sound Helen Atkinson. Director Suzy Ward (assistant). Performer Paul Brendan (Jim Bayliss). Performer Pascale Burgess (Sue Bayliss). Performer Adam Burton (Chris Keller). Performer Neil Ditt (Frank Lubey). Performer Lizzie Lewis (Lydia Lubey). Performer Siobhan O'Kelly (Ann Deever). Performer Thomas Padden (Thomas Padden (George Deever). Performer Michael Thomas (Joe Keller). Performer Jessica Turner (Kate Keller). Performer Alexander McQuillan (Young Bert). Performer Daniel Pinnock (Young Bert). Performer Rhydian Watson (Young Bert). Performer George McBratney (Young Bert).
20 Feb 14 to 22 Mar 14The Watermill Theatre, Newbury :: V733
listing details L968733931


Producer Royal Exchange Theatre. Company Talawa Theatre Company. Director Michael Buffong. Design Ellen Cairns. Lighting Johanna Town. Sound Emma Laxton. Performer Don Warrington (Joe). Performer Dona Croll (Kate Keller). Performer Delroy Atkinson. Performer Simon Coombs. Performer Andrea Davy. Performer Roger Griffiths. Performer Kemi-Bo Jacobs. Performer Bethan Mary-James. Performer Chike Okonkwo.
25 Sep 13 to 26 Oct 13Royal Exchange, Manchester :: V491
listing details L158758103


Producer Erith Playhouse. Performer John Hart (Joe Keller). Performer Judith Brace (Kate Keller). Performer Michael Bate (Chris Keller). Performer Helen Rowe (Ann Deever). Performer Gareth Hunt (George Deever).
3 Jun 13 to 8 Jun 13Playhouse, Erith :: V186
listing details L01106310595


Producer Progress Theatre. Director Harry Gray.
5 May 11 to 14 May 11Progress Theatre, Reading :: V737
listing details L01523534589


Producer Kim Poster. Producer Sonia Friedman. Producer Eric Falkenstein. Director Howard Davies. Design William Dudley. Lighting Mark Henderson. Music Dominic Muldowney. Sound Paul Groothius. Performer David Suchet (Keller). Performer Zoe Wanamaker (Kate). Performer Stephen Campbell Moore (Chris). Performer Daniel Lapaine (George Deever). Performer Jemima Rooper (Ann Deever).
19 May 10 to 2 Oct 10Apollo Theatre, West End :: V383
listing details L867327373


Director Walter Meierjohann. Performer Ian Redford. Performer Diana Kent. Performer Phil cheadle. Performer Lisa Jackson. Performer Alasdair Craig. Performer John Douglall. Performer Daniele Lydon. Performer David Fynn. Performer Emily Houghton.
8 Oct 09 to 14 Nov 09Curve, Leicester :: V830272338
listing details L1060489445


Corporate Sponsor University of Bolton. Producer Octagon Theatre Bolton. Director David Thacker. Performer George Irving (Joe Keller). Performer Huw Higginson. Performer Oscar Pearce. Performer Tammy Joelle. Performer Mark Letheren. Performer Patrick Poletti. Performer Francesca Ryan. Performer Margot Leicester (Kate Keller).
1 Oct 09 to 24 Oct 09Octagon Theatre, Bolton :: V480
listing details L323191873


Producer The Gate Dublin. Director Robin Lefevre. Design Liz Ascroft. Lighting Mick Hughes. Sound Denis Clohessy. Performer Barbara Brennan. Performer Len Cariou. Performer Donna Dent. Performer Peter Gaynor. Performer Mary Kelly. Performer Ronan Leahy. Performer Garrett Lombard. Performer Niamh McCann. Performer Mark O'Regan.
2 Apr 09 to 4 Jul 09The Gate Theatre, Dublin :: V1630231991
listing details L023779131


Producer Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh. Director John Dove. Design Michael Taylor. Lighting Jeanine Davies. Performer Stuart Milligan. Performer Kathryn Howden. Performer Natalie Bennett. Performer Steven Cartwright. Performer Richard Conlon. Performer Meg Fraser. Performer Robin Laing. Performer Niamh McCann. Performer Paul Thomas Hickey.
12 Jan 07 to 10 Feb 07Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh :: V604
listing details L1443828736


Producer Liverpool Playhouse and Everyman Theatres. Director Gemma Bodinetz. Design Gideon Davey.
15 Sep 06 to 7 Oct 06Liverpool Playhouse, Liverpool :: V536
listing details L1316939460


Company Cytringan Players.
22 Mar 06 to 25 Mar 06Castle Theatre, Wellingborough :: V465
listing details L929716940


Producer Garrick Theatre Stockport. Director Martin Pritchard.
12 Jun 04 to 19 Jun 04Garrick Theatre, Stockport :: V504
listing details L995728479


Company Shoestring Theatre.
16 Mar 04 to 20 Mar 04Stamford Arts Centre, Stamford :: V446
listing details L01551813324


Company Library Theatre Company. Director Chris Honer. Performer Brigit Forsyth. Performer David Fleeshman. Performer Sally Bretton. Performer Kieron Jecchinis. Performer Eamonn Riley. Performer Sophie James. Performer Kate-Lynn Hocking. Performer Jamie Lee. Performer Callum Keeley. Performer Matthew King. Performer Scot Williams.
6 Feb 04 to 13 Mar 04Home Theatre, Manchester :: V1858052535
listing details L1044123658


Company UCL Drama Society.
10 Mar 04 to 13 Mar 04Bloomsbury Theatre, Inner London :: V170
listing details L414048169


Company Congo Red (in association with OUDS). Director Prasanna Puwanarajah.
4 Feb 04 to 7 Feb 04The Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L874042418


Producer Mercury Theatre. Director David Hunt. Design Michael Vale. Performer Christine Absalom. Performer Gina Isaac. Performer Toby Longworth. Performer Andrew Maud. Performer Timothy Mitchell. Performer Paul Moriarty. Performer Philip Ralph. Performer Shuna Snow.
6 Nov 03 to 22 Nov 03Mercury Theatre, Colchester :: V37
listing details L1129017385


40th Anniversary ProductionCompany Bonington Players. Director Howard Whitehurst. Performer Tony Tomlinson. Performer Ann Elwick. Performer Mark Buckley. Performer Louise Cardwell.
15 Oct 03 to 18 Oct 03Bonington Theatre, Arnold :: V2140630019
listing details L01019784838


Company Oxford School of Drama. Director Robert Fried. Design Amy Mabire.
10 Jun 03 to 14 Jun 03Pegasus Theatre, Oxford :: V801
listing details L01201715438


Company Bancroft Players. Director Edith Pratt.
12 Mar 03 to 15 Mar 03Queen Mother Theatre, Hitchin :: V46
listing details L1426194075


Director Damian Cruden. Design Richard Foxton. Lighting Richard G Jones. Music Christopher Madin. Performer Barry Stanton. Performer Jane Wymark. Performer Beatrice Comins. Performer Sarah Miller. Performer Peter Moreton. Performer John Mackay. Performer Andrew Frame. Performer Ben Paterson. Performer Catherine Hamilton. Performer Luke Adamson.
1 Nov 02 to 23 Nov 02Theatre Royal, York :: V954
listing details L720722955


Producer Theatre by the Lake. Director Ian Forrest. Design Martin Johns. Lighting Nick Beadle. Sound Paul Bunn. Performer Janine Birkett. Performer Kieran Buckeridge. Performer Roger Delves-Broughton. Performer Andrew Norris. Performer Katie Pattinson. Performer Heather Phoenix. Performer Jonathan Voe. Performer Genevieve Walsh. Performer Robert Whelan.
19 Jul 02 to 25 Oct 02The Theatre By The Lake, Keswick :: V7
listing details L0743990165


Producer Northcott Theatre Company. Director Ben Crocker. Design Kit Surrey. Lighting Robert Ornbo. Performer Steve Blount. Performer Sandra Duncan. Performer Christopher Fox. Performer Iain Fraser. Performer Peter Jonfield. Performer Bill Nash. Performer Rebecca Santos. Performer Emma Stansfield. Performer Sara Weymouth.
3 Oct 02 to 19 Oct 02Northcott Theatre, Exeter :: V886
listing details L703505270


Running time 2 hours 20 minutes.Company Royal National Theatre. Director Howard Davies. Design William Dudley. Lighting Mark Henderson. Music Dominic Muldowney. Sound Paul Groothuis. Performer Nigel Cooke. Performer Ben Daniels. Performer Charles Edwards. Performer James Hazeldine. Performer Laurie Metcalf. Performer Madeleine Potter. Performer Harriet Thorpe. Performer Alexander Green. Performer Aaron Johnson. Performer Beverley Longhurst. Performer Adam O'Sullivan. Performer Stewart Wright.
28 Jul 01 to 6 Oct 01Lyttelton (National Theatre), West End :: V374
listing details L0293886088


Company Dundee Rep. Performer John Buick. Performer Emily Winter.
14 Feb 01 to 17 Feb 01Eden Court Theatre, Inverness :: V626
listing details L757521587


Running time 2hrs 20mins.Company Royal National Theatre. Director Howard Davies. Design William Dudley. Lighting Mark Henderson. Music Dominic Muldowney. Sound Paul Groothuis. Performer Julie Walters. Performer Catherine McCormack. Performer Paul Ritter. Performer Ben Daniels. Performer Charles Edwards. Performer James Hazeldine. Performer Beverley Longhurst. Performer Duncan Bell. Performer Rory Copus. Performer Aaron Johnson. Performer Harriet Thorpe.
30 Jun 00 to 18 Oct 00Dorfman Theatre (National Theatre), West End :: V375
listing details L02119531167


Company Dundee Rep Theatre Company. Director Richard Baron. Design Trevor Coe. Costume Phyllis Byrne. Lighting Richard Moffatt. Performer John Buck. Performer Ann-Louise Ross. Performer Richard Conlon. Performer Emily Winter. Performer Gavin Kean. Performer Alexander West. Performer Irene Macdougall. Performer Rod Young. Performer Allison McKenzie. Performer Lewis Den Hertog.
20 Sep 00 to 23 Sep 00His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen :: V585
listing details L104106431
27 Jun 00 to 21 Jul 00Dundee Repertory Theatre, Dundee :: V596
listing details L1779196129
8 Mar 00 to 11 Mar 00Dundee Repertory Theatre, Dundee :: V596
listing details L164869844
8 Mar 00 to 11 Mar 00Citizens Theatre, Glasgow :: V611
listing details L551577574


Company Dundee Rep Theatre Company. Director Richard Baron. Design Trevor Coe. Costume Phyllis Byrne. Lighting Richard Moffatt. Performer John Buck. Performer Ann-Louise Ross. Performer Richard Conlon. Performer Emily Winter. Performer Gavin Kean. Performer Alexander West. Performer Irene Macdougall. Performer Rod Young. Performer Allison McKenzie. Performer Lewis Den Hertog.
6 Nov 99 to 27 Nov 99Dundee Repertory Theatre, Dundee :: V596
listing details L2112166873


Director Jennie Darnell. Design Will Hargreaves. Lighting Jason Taylor. Performer Rosalind Bailey. Performer Vanessa Bray. Performer Nigel Hastings. Performer Eric Loren. Performer Olwen May. Performer Jeremy Peters. Performer John Stahl. Performer Lise Stevenson. Performer Jem Wall.
to 14 Mar 98Theatre Royal Plymouth, Plymouth :: V895
listing details L930447963


Company Bristol Old Vic. Director Andy Hay. Design Chris Oram. Performer John Franklyn Robbins. Performer Marlene Sidaway. Performer John Charian.
to 7 Mar 98Bristol Old Vic, Bristol :: V857
listing details L0329872731


Director James Phillips.
4 Feb 98 to 7 Feb 98The Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L02014747815


Director Adrian Reynolds.
17 Apr 97 to 3 May 97Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke :: V764
listing details L0803858794


Company Group 64.
15 Apr 97 to 19 Apr 97Putney Arts Theatre, Outer London :: V363
listing details L0471336367

Other listings

14 May 22 to 21 May 22Farnworth Little Theatre, Bolton :: V481
listing details L1376577186
10 Jun 20 to 13 Jun 20Harlequin Theatre, Northwich :: V474
listing details L1367811852
16 May 20 to 23 May 20Farnworth Little Theatre, Bolton :: V481
listing details L481631478
25 Jun 19 to 6 Jul 19Highbury Little Theatre, Sutton Coldfield :: V158
listing details L1125711127
25 Apr 19 to 27 Apr 19Beacon Arts Centre (formerly Arts Guild Theatre), Greenock :: V1047
listing details L1209662128
13 Nov 02 to 16 Nov 02Shinfield Players Theatre and Arts Centre, Reading :: V1105
listing details L0474943911
21 Jun 99 to 29 Jun 99Playhouse, Salisbury :: V923
listing details L0649018289
15 Jul 98 to 18 Jul 98The Corn Exchange Theatre, Wallingford :: V792
listing details L1482162580

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