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Antigone archiveTwo brothers, Polyneikes and Eteocles, fight for the crown of Thebes. They kill each other. The rule is strict and clear: whoever dares to bury Polyneikes will be punished with death. Antigone cannot accept the laws that leave one of her brothers unburied and humiliated. State against Ideals, a young woman against a monarch, the whole town, us, inside the arena. How do you get a diamond out of a stone? 'I was born to love, not hate', states Antigone. And there is always a cost for it.

Author Sophocles.

Archive listings for Antigone

Work type: Play. There are performances of this work in the listings (current and future) database, see Antigone


Translation Judith Malina. Performer Rachel Nwokoro. Performer David Annen. Performer Steve Bennet. Performer Aaron Thakar. Performer Tyrone Huggins. Adapted by Bertolt Brecht.
27 May 21 to 29 May 21Northcott Theatre, Exeter :: V886
listing details L1166904380


Presented byBath Theatre Academy.
6 Feb 20 to 8 Feb 20Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L1753685251


Lulu Raczka's searing adaptation hands the reins of Sophocles' classic text to the young people at the heart of the play creating something messy, irreverent and vital.Company Holy What. Adapted by Lulu Raczka. Director Ali Pidsley. Producer Imogen Clare-Wood. Performer Annabel Baldwin (Antigone). Performer Rachel Hosker (Ismene).
7 Jan 20 to 1 Feb 20The New Diorama Theatre, Inner London :: V258
listing details L01605952583


Company Bristol Old Vic Young Company. Director Maisie Newman. Translation Anne Carson.
8 Jan 20 to 11 Jan 20Bristol Old Vic, Bristol :: V857
listing details L0540471811


This interpretation of the play is set in 1970's Northern Ireland, shortly after the Falls Curfew, and focuses on the terrible consequences, tensions and infighting that arise within opposing groups.Presented byWUDS. Translation Don Taylor.
23 Oct 19 to 26 Oct 19Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry :: V156
listing details L1969655909


Company Aequitas Theatre Company. Director Rachael Bellis.
4 Sep 18 to 22 Sep 18Bread and Roses, Inner London :: V1142
listing details L01463135803


Company Malvern Theatres Young Company. Translation Don Taylor. Director Nic Lloyd.
8 Aug 18 to 10 Aug 18Malvern Theatres, Malvern :: V01718852442
listing details L02042336282


Jean Anouilh's version of this timeless story is one of the greatest French plays of the 20th Century - a brilliantly theatrical treatment of Antigone's passionate and fatal determination to give a proper burial to her fallen brother in defiance of state authority. Written in Nazi-occupied France in 1944, the play's rich web of political, moral and psychological themes could hardly be more pertinent today.Adapted by Jean Anouilh. Translation Barbara Bray. Company Tower Theatre. Director Ian Hoare.
5 Jun 18 to 9 Jun 18Theatro Technis, Inner London :: V248
listing details L1074490331


Adapted by the companyPresented byThe Young REP. Presented byBirmingham School of Architecture and Design (BCU).
2 May 18Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Birmingham :: V143
listing details L1317922656


Translation Anne Carson. Director Sam Chittenden.
6 Oct 17 to 14 Oct 17New Venture Theatre, Brighton :: V661
listing details L478764710


Company Actors of Dionysus.
18 Sep 17 to 19 Sep 17Playhouse, Norwich :: V69
listing details L06382850
14 Sep 17 to 15 Sep 17Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax :: V1098014226
listing details L0224273903


Presented byStage Two Youth Theatre Company.
6 Apr 17 to 18 Apr 17Theatre Royal, Norwich :: V72
listing details L1487530307


Company Theatre in Transit.
2 Nov 16 to 5 Nov 16The Place, Bedford :: V01562599522
listing details L1999603640

The Cambridge Greek Play 2016 Double Bill - T58229145

Performed in the original Greek with English surtitles.Director Helen Eastman. Music Alex Silverman. Design Neil Irish. Lighting Neill Brinkworth.
12 Oct 16 to 15 Oct 16Arts Theatre, Cambridge :: V19
listing details L1116299000


Corporate Sponsor Bath Audi. Presented byTRB Theatre School. Director Greg Banks.
25 Jun 16 to 26 Jun 16Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L01985567860


Company Tales Retold. Director Matthew Parker. Producer Amy Alexander (for Tales Retold). Design Rachael Ryan. Lighting Tom Kitney. Sound Paul Freeman. Stage ManagerJo Abram. Director Benjamin Newsome (casting director). Musical Director Maria Haik Escudero. Performer Amanda Bailey (Creon/Chorus). Performer Holly Campbell (Ismene/Messenger/Chorus). Performer Cassandra Hodges (Antigone/Chorus). Performer Hester Kent (Soldier/Teiresias/Chorus). Performer LJ Reeves (Haemon/Euridice/Chorus).
23 Feb 16 to 12 Mar 16The Hope Theatre, Inner London :: V0719079091
listing details L235597614


Co-produced by, Theatre de la Ville - Paris and Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen and Edinburgh International FestivalProducer Barbican London. Producer Les Theatres de la Ville de Luxembourg (Les Theatres de la Ville de Luxembourg (in association with Toneelgroep Amsterdam). Director Ivo van Hove. Design Jan Versweyveld. Lighting Jan Versweyveld. Costume An d'Huys. Design Tal Yarden (video). DramaturgPeter van Kraaij. Translation Anne Carson. Performer Juliette Binoche. Performer Obi Abili. Performer Kirsty Bushell. Performer Samuel Edward-Cook. Performer Finbar Lynch. Performer Patrick O'Kane. Performer Kathryn Pogson.
8 Aug 15 to 22 Aug 15King's Theatre, Edinburgh :: V601
listing details L1332716850
4 Mar 15 to 28 Mar 15Barbican Centre, West End :: V371
listing details L59627609


Company Brewery Youth Theatre.
29 May 15Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal :: V6
listing details L01489658379


Producer Pilot Theatre. Producer Derby Theatre. Producer Theatre Royal Stratford East. Adapted by Roy Williams. Director Marcus Romer. Design Joanna Scotcher. Lighting Alex Stafford Marshall. Music Sandy Nuttgens. Performer Doreen Blackstock. Performer Gamba Cole. Performer Savannah Gordon-Liburd. Performer Luke James. Performer Mark Monero. Performer Sean Sagar. Performer Freida Thiel. Performer Lloyd Thomas. Performer Oliver Wilson.
19 Feb 15 to 14 Mar 15Theatre Royal Stratford East, Outer London :: V337
listing details L1800610916
18 Nov 14 to 22 Nov 14Theatre Royal, Winchester :: V782
listing details L01585303903
4 Nov 14 to 8 Nov 14Watford Palace Theatre, Watford :: V55
listing details L01035654336
21 Oct 14 to 25 Oct 14Theatre Royal, York :: V954
listing details L0699866258
15 Oct 14 to 18 Oct 14Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield :: V972
listing details L1074638654
13 Oct 14 to 14 Oct 14Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham :: V0165922284
listing details L882448347
7 Oct 14 to 11 Oct 14Northern Stage, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V568
listing details L01505565120
19 Sep 14 to 4 Oct 14Derby Theatre, Derby :: V1830193620
listing details L01297359008


Presented byRoyal & Derngate Actors Company. Translation E.F. Watling. Director Trudy A Bell.
18 Jul 14 to 19 Jul 14Royal & Derngate, Northampton :: V449
listing details L563511717


Something Wicked Theatre present a new interpretation of Jean Anouilh's masterpiece. Audiences will probably relish this view of an Antigone rock chick with a clear sense of what's right and an unshakeable determination, while finding Cr?on's Realpolitik arguments almost entirely persuasive. Please Note: This production is in FrenchAdapted by Jean Anouilh. Company Something Wicked Theatre.
29 Apr 14 to 10 May 14Barons Court Theatre, Inner London :: V169
listing details L90533232


This production is not suitable for under 12's. Running time: 1hr 15mins (without an interval)
6 Nov 13 to 9 Nov 13South Hill Park Arts Centre, Wilde Theatre, Bracknell :: V731
listing details L0106243032


Presented byThe Questors.
12 Apr 13 to 20 Apr 13Questor's Theatre, Outer London :: V326
listing details L0645195656


Producer National Theatre. Translation Dan Taylor. Director Polly Findlay. Design Soutra Gilmour. Lighting Mark Henderson. Director Aline David (movement). Music Dan Jones. Sound Dan Jones. Design Dick Straker (video). Sound Christopher Shutt. Performer Jodie Whittaker (Antigone). Performer Christopher Eccleston (Creon). Performer Zoe Aldrich (Eurydice). Performer Jamie Ballard (Teiresias). Performer Jason Cheater (Chorus). Performer Stavros Demetraki (Chorus). Performer Jo Dockery (Understudy Ismene/Eurydice). Performer Paul Dodds (Chorus). Performer Michael Grady-Hall (Chorus). Performer Kobna Holdbrook-Smith (Messenger). Performer Luke Newberry (Haemon). Performer Luke Norris (Soldier). Performer Annabel Scholey (Ismene). Performer Martin Chamberlain. Performer Craige Els. Performer Alfred Enoch. Performer Emily Glenister. Performer Tim Samuels. Performer Ross Walton. Performer Paul Bentall. Performer Trevor Imani. Performer Reuben Pearce. Performer Daniel Walsh.
23 May 12 to 21 Jul 12Olivier (National Theatre), West End :: V373
listing details L668556916


Duration: approx. 1hr. Recommended for those aged 12yrs+Company Lung Ha's Theatre Company. Company NYOS Futures.
21 Mar 12Platform, Glasgow :: V1148048035
listing details L265592651


Critically acclaimed Theatre Company Fourth Monkey s Year of the Monkey project is a contemporary Rep Theatre Company, producing three seasons of repertory theatre throughout the forthcoming year. Comprising of a company of 54 actors, Fourth Monkey launches it s first rep season with productions of Timberlake Wertenbaker s ?The Love of the Nightingale , Brecht s ?The Threepenny Opera and Sophocles ?Antigone .Company Fouth Monkey Theatre Company. Director Natalia Katsou.
15 Oct 11 to 23 Oct 11Theatro Technis, Inner London :: V248
listing details L01815088843


Producer Jagged Fence. Producer Paul Deavin. Producer Tanya Link (in association with Southwark Playhouse). Company Primaver. Translation Timberlake Wertenbaker. Director Tom Littler. Design Simon Kenny. Music David Allen. Costume Emily Stuart. Lighting Ben Cracknell. Director Cecily Boys (associate director). Performer Daisy Ashford (Ismene). Performer Jamie Glover (Kreon). Performer Deborah Grant (Eurydice). Performer Christopher Ragland (Guard). Performer Kane Sharpe (Haimon). Performer Eleanor Wyld (Antigone). Performer Fanos Xenofos (Messenger). Performer Keshia Watson (chorus). Performer Imanuel Orwi Ameh (chorus). Performer Ioannis Sholto (chorus). Performer Alison Shaw (chorus). Performer Adrian Smith (chorus). Performer Alex Nash (chorus). Performer Nadia Shash (chorus). Performer Claire-Monique Martin (chorus). Performer Stephanie Ellyne (chorus). Performer Stephanie Yamson (chorus). Performer Matt Schmolle (chorus). Performer Daniel Horn (chorus). Performer Jessica Butcher (chorus). Performer Roseanna Frascona (chorus). Performer Jurgen Schwarz (chorus).
17 May 11 to 18 Jun 11Southwark Playhouse, Inner London :: V226
listing details L01291974869


Translation Robert Fagles. Company Theatre Theo.
12 May 11 to 14 May 11General, Brighton :: V01469193951
listing details L771110540


Running time: 1hr 50mins. Suitable for ages 14+Company Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre. Director Temur Chkheidze.
24 Sep 10 to 26 Sep 10Riverside Studios, Outer London :: V331
listing details L1419302759


Company Theatre Lab. Director Anastasia Revi.
14 Apr 10 to 2 May 10Riverside Studios, Outer London :: V331
listing details L01724830586


Translation Lewis Galantiere. Producer Oxford Theatre Guild. Director Janet Bolam. Design Jimmy Keene. Lighting David Long. Lighting Bill Moulford. Sound David Long. Sound Bill Moulford. Costume Stephanie Ross.
23 Mar 10 to 27 Mar 10The Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L416861118


Producer Amy Daw. Company SEDOS. Adapted by Jean Anouilh. Director Chris DePury. Director Matthew Harrison. Performer Mickey Killianey (Chorus). Performer Alethea Steven (Antigone). Performer Gini Thompson (Ismene). Performer Tom Brennan (Haemon). Performer Craig Karpel (Creon). Performer Barry Clarke (First Guard). Performer Anthony Lewis (Second Guard). Performer Charlotte Price (Nurse).
21 Jul 09 to 25 Jul 09Bridewell Theatre, Inner London :: V171
listing details L01082962561


Company Pranksters. Translation Richard Emil Braun.
25 Feb 09 to 28 Feb 09Electric Theatre, Guildford :: V01732805351
listing details L01618422855


Corporate Sponsor Manchester Airport. Producer Royal Exchange. Translation Don Taylor. Director Greg Hersov. Design Laurie Dennett. Lighting Robert Bryan. Sound Steve Brown. Choreographer Mark Bruce. Music Arun Ghosh. Performer Matti Houghton. Performer Ben Addis. Performer Nicholas Cass-Beggs. Performer Claire Cordier. Performer Jonathan Keeble. Performer Alexandra Mathie. Performer Ian Redford. Performer Andrew Sheridan. Performer John Watts. Performer Bysshe Harkavy. Performer Joseph Merino.
15 Oct 08 to 8 Nov 08Royal Exchange, Manchester :: V491
listing details L0238694137


Producer Giant Olive. Director Andrea Hooymans. Director George Salli. Performer Imogen Harris (Antigone). Performer Rafe Beckley (Creon). Performer Maria Bell (Ismene/Boy). Performer Denys Gaskill (Eurydice). Performer Simon Mathis (Haemon). Performer Michael Christofs (Teiresias). Performer Conrad Sharp (Messenger). Performer Craig Tonks (Guard).
11 Sep 08 to 19 Oct 08The Lion and Unicorn Theatre, Inner London :: V219
listing details L1875894617


Company Gorseinon College. Translation Judith Malina.
9 Jun 08 to 10 Jun 08Grand Theatre, Swansea :: V831
listing details L01032170269


Company Birmingham School of Acting.
20 Feb 08 to 23 Feb 08Crescent Theatre, Birmingham :: V144
listing details L58837820


Producer Tron Theatre. Adapted by David Levin. Director David Levin. Design Jacqueline Gunn. Performer Hannah Donaldson. Performer Sally Reid. Performer David Ashwood. Performer Martin Docherty. Performer Jimmy Yuill. Performer Thane Bettany. Performer Bridget McCann. Performer Billy Riddoch. Performer Andrew Dallmeyer.
10 Oct 07 to 27 Oct 07The Tron, Glasgow :: V622
listing details L54225402


Company Buchs Theatre Company.
1 Feb 06Brentwood Theatre, Brentwood :: V1024
listing details L081939583


Sophocles' ancient tale given a new twist with a performance that includes a live art installation.Company InSite Performance Company. Adapted by Jacquelyn Honess-Martin. Director Jacquelyn Honess-Martin. Other Alexa Reid (installation).
7 Sep 05 to 23 Sep 05General, Outer London :: V1087
listing details L1345186480


The MA/Postgraduate Diploma in Acting is a programme offered in Poland jointly by Manchester Metropolitan University School of Theatre and Piesn Kozla in Wroclaw, Poland.Producer Capitol Theatre. Adapted by Timberlake Wertenbaker. Company MA / Postgraduate Students.
11 May 05The Capitol Theatre, Manchester :: V1006
listing details L0793761295


Producer Brockley Jack Theatre School. Translation Marianne Mcdonald. Director Julian Hutton.
2 Feb 05 to 19 Feb 05Jack Studio Theatre (previously Brockley Studio Theatre), Outer London :: V299
listing details L1016962055


Student production
2 Nov 04 to 6 Nov 04OFS Studio (previously known as Old Fire Station Theatre), Oxford :: V800
listing details L01466242509


Producer Everyman. Producer Works Well Productions. Adapted by Jonathan Shelley. Director Stephen Finegold.
25 Feb 04 to 6 Mar 04Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham :: V90
listing details L0636473076


Company Northern Broadsides. Adapted by Blake Morrison. Director Barrie Rutter. Design Diuseppe Belli. Design Emma Barrington-Binns. Music Conrad Nelson. Performer Sally Carman.
25 Nov 03 to 29 Nov 03Viaduct Theatre, Halifax :: V1025
listing details L523136024
18 Nov 03 to 22 Nov 03Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough :: V949
listing details L948467290
10 Nov 03 to 15 Nov 03The Lowry, Salford :: V0655996499
listing details L0225366441
4 Nov 03 to 8 Nov 03Everyman & Playhouse, Liverpool :: V535
listing details L1969150529
21 Oct 03 to 25 Oct 03The Old Laundry Theatre, Bowness-on-Windermere :: V191
listing details L0539277329
14 Oct 03 to 15 Oct 03Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds :: V76
listing details L0751099879
21 Sep 03 to 25 Sep 03The Old Laundry Theatre, Bowness-on-Windermere :: V191
listing details L0819165541
14 Sep 03 to 15 Sep 03Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds :: V76
listing details L1253766132


Company HND Performing Arts.
13 Mar 03 to 14 Mar 03Northbrook Theatre, Worthing :: V727
listing details L01780250233


Company Triangle Productions.
to 9 Jun 02Theatro Technis, Inner London :: V248
listing details L1828496035


Producer Bristol Old Vic. Director Heather Williams. Design Katie Sykes. Music Paddy Cunneen. Performer Rebecca Callard. Performer Samantha Robson. Performer Robert Gwilym.
14 Mar 02 to 30 Mar 02Bristol Old Vic, Bristol :: V857
listing details L1495707225


Company Actors of Dionysus. Adapted by David Stuttard. Director David Stuttard.
6 Dec 01Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton :: V160
listing details L1868928832
30 Nov 01General, Outer London :: V1087
listing details L175449639
28 Nov 01Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead :: V1294444431
listing details L1402443289
21 Nov 01 to 22 Nov 01Cockpit Theatre, Inner London :: V182
listing details L184332859
15 Nov 01Spring Arts and Heritage Centre, Havant :: V757
listing details L01437653076
12 Nov 01 to 13 Nov 01Lakeside Theatre, Colchester :: V36
listing details L1371245636
7 Nov 01South Street Arts Centre, Reading :: V736
listing details L2105444475
5 Nov 01Buxton Opera House, Buxton :: V424
listing details L01839412449
1 Nov 01Guildhall Theatre, Derby :: V994
listing details L01742089187
11 Oct 01South Hill Park Arts Centre, Wilde Theatre, Bracknell :: V731
listing details L1857873231
3 Oct 01 to 6 Oct 01Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L804932298
27 Sep 01Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax :: V1098014226
listing details L0113174825
25 Sep 01 to 26 Sep 01Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L1644715141
20 Sep 01Brewhouse, Burton-on-Trent :: V126
listing details L1942911582
19 Sep 01Wakefield Arts Centre, Wakefield :: V980
listing details L970009353


Company Amateur Dramatic Club.
13 Nov 01 to 17 Nov 01ADC Theatre, Cambridge :: V18
listing details L1977884300


Company Icarus Productions. Producer Costas Costa. Director Tom Mallaburn. Producer Creon John Ioannou. Design Olga Andres Moreno. Costume Maroulla Costa. Performer John Boden (musician). Performer Suzanne Marston (Antigone). Performer Penny Skinner (Ismene). Performer Adam Raynor (Haemon). Performer Christian Morgan (Teiresias). Performer Andy Hobbs (Guard). Performer Christopher Greco (Messenger). Performer Hannah Mercer. Performer Abby Leamon. Performer Paula Raposo.
2 Oct 01 to 21 Oct 01Barons Court Theatre, Inner London :: V169
listing details L01443244675


Greek playreading celebrating a contemporary approach to the genre.Performer Sarah Woods.
24 Jan 01Dorfman Theatre (National Theatre), West End :: V375
listing details L0923378591


Company Tomee Theatre of Athens.
20 Nov 00 to 26 Nov 00Theatro Technis, Inner London :: V248
listing details L1888770751


Company Actors Company. Translation Lewis Galantiere. Design Sue Willminton. Design Adrian Linford. Director Marina Caldarone. Performer Fiona O'Sullivan. Performer Olivia MacDonald. Performer Beryl Farr. Performer Peggy Denimal. Performer Kate Woodward. Performer Phillip Allen. Performer Gary Riley. Performer Dominic Wilson. Performer Trevor Goldstein. Performer Keir Howeld. Performer Ian Chivers. Performer Paul Cogswell.
25 Sep 00 to 29 Oct 00Jermyn Street Theatre, Inner London :: V207
listing details L0749044683


TAG has commissioned [Sarah Woods] to create a lucid and powerful new adaptation of Sophocles' classic drama which is aimed at audiences aged 14 and over and is especially relevant to young people, a constituency who are traditionally regarded as excluded from the political world. Antigone has an associated education programme - for further details of this or for information on schools reservations contact Karen Douglas at TAG on 0141 552 4949.Company TAG Theatre Company. Adapted by Sarah Woods. Director James Brining. Design Soutra Gilmour. Lighting Fleur Woolford. Music Anders Sodergren. Choreographer Struan Leslie. Performer Molly Innes. Performer Linda Duncan McLaughlin. Performer Helen Lomax. Performer Matthew Zajac. Performer Harry Ward. Performer Paul Blair. Performer William Elliot.
27 Oct 00 to 28 Oct 00Theatre Royal, Dumfries :: V646
listing details L264767179
24 Oct 00 to 25 Oct 00Lemon Tree, Aberdeen :: V587
listing details L0407594446
12 Oct 00 to 14 Oct 00Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh :: V633
listing details L505440917
5 Oct 00 to 6 Oct 00Rothes Hall, Glenrothes :: V624
listing details L0657840796
4 Oct 00Town Hall, Falkirk :: V01657694295
listing details L50561999
3 Oct 00Beacon Arts Centre (formerly Arts Guild Theatre), Greenock :: V1047
listing details L02022010426
30 Sep 00General, General :: V2000641963
listing details L2057531641
20 Sep 00 to 21 Sep 00Clickimin Leisure Complex, Lerwick :: V630
listing details L799934424
12 Sep 00 to 16 Sep 00Dundee Repertory Theatre, Dundee :: V596
listing details L1496559832
28 Aug 00 to 9 Sep 00Citizens Theatre, Glasgow :: V611
listing details L954691340


Adapted by Jean Anouilh.
27 Apr 00 to 6 May 00Progress Theatre, Reading :: V737
listing details L376711874


Declan Donnellan directs his own version of this seminal tragedy. With an extraordinary cast lead by a full Greek chorus, Antigone's essential stuggle for the freedom of expression against a tyrannical state resonates now as it did over 2000 years ago.Director Declan Donnellan. Adapted by Declan Donnellan. Design Nick Ormerod. Company Warehouse Productions. Performer Tara Fitzgerald. Performer Jonathan Hyde. Performer anna Calder Marshall. Performer Zubin Varla. Performer Christian Bradley. Performer Finn Caldwell. Performer Ryan Ellsworth. Performer Damian Kearney. Performer Drew Mulligan. Performer Owen McDonnell. Performer Donald Pirie. Performer Richard Stacey. Performer Anthony Taylor.
1 Oct 99 to 18 Dec 99Old Vic Theatre, West End :: V402
listing details L291163852
20 Sep 99 to 25 Sep 99The Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L0160129446
8 Sep 99 to 18 Sep 99Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford :: V702
listing details L1007491391


Director Rebecca Prichard.
8 Jul 99Duke of York's Theatre, West End :: V392
listing details L01520478111


Company Balancing Act Theatre Company. Translation Lewis Galentiere. Director Simon Bell.
30 Mar 99 to 18 Apr 99Etcetera Theatre, Inner London :: V198
listing details L0102489955


Company Wolsey Theatre Company. Director Andrew Manley. Design Andrew Manley. Performer Federay Holmes. Performer Sean Kempton. Performer John Ashton. Performer Paula O'Grady. Performer Leslie Tuckey. Performer Karen Bryson. Performer Oliver Hickey.
14 May 98 to 23 May 98New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich :: V81
listing details L01056726027


Company Forbidden Theatre Company. Director Phillip Hoffman. Translation Gwynne Edwards. Design Ivan Munro. Choreographer Luke Burrough. Lighting Tracey Hammill. Music Terry Hendry. Performer Ulrika Hellstrom. Performer Matt Dubois. Performer Gareth Farley. Performer Pilar Orti. Performer Neil Paris. Performer Drew Rhys-Williams.
11 Mar 98 to 5 Apr 98Riverside Studios, Outer London :: V331
listing details L0618483661


Adapted by Jean Anouilh. Company Moving Theatre Company. Performer Bernard Kay. Performer Julie Tarnoky. Performer Daphne Neville. Performer Sara West.
26 Mar 98 to 28 Mar 98Chipping Norton Theatre, Chipping Norton :: V795
listing details L01612975658
13 Mar 98 to 14 Mar 98Newark Palace, Newark :: V455
listing details L0424170304
9 Mar 98 to 10 Mar 98Redgrave Theatre, Farnham :: V700
listing details L01224210386
5 Mar 98 to 7 Mar 98Palace Theatre, Redditch :: V104
listing details L0588445199
3 Feb 98 to 7 Feb 98ADC Theatre, Cambridge :: V18
listing details L888620996


Set in Nazi occupied France.Company Studio 32 Theatre Company. Adapted by Jean Anouilh.
11 Dec 97 to 13 Dec 97Theatre Royal, Norwich :: V72
listing details L379953553


Company Platform 1. Adapted by Jean Anouih.
2 Oct 97 to 3 Oct 97Arts Centre, Norwich :: V73
listing details L01896924697

Other listings

27 Oct 16 to 28 Oct 16Civic Theatre, Doncaster :: V964
listing details L02061958378
11 Nov 14 to 15 Nov 14Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury :: V673
listing details L277805181
28 Jan 14The Blake Theatre, Monmouth :: V01814889188
listing details L1288253835
22 May 13 to 25 May 13The Muni, Colne :: V514802809
listing details L2125986332
23 Oct 08 to 1 Nov 08ICC Belfast, Belfast :: V1053
listing details L0227138986
7 Mar 00 to 18 Mar 00NST Campus, Southampton :: V776
listing details L790749609
9 Dec 98 to 12 Dec 98Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry :: V156
listing details L01799312617
16 Mar 98 to 21 Mar 98Turtle Key Arts, Inner London :: V252
listing details L945833952
5 Feb 98MacRobert Arts Centre, Stirling :: V642
listing details L0290854673
28 Feb 97 to 1 Mar 97East Kilbride Arts Centre, East Kilbride :: V1023
listing details L535792183

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