Blood Wedding archiveLorca offers his poetic and disturbing personal vision of Spanish life in the 1930's. In a society where all weddings are blood weddings, this classical tragedy, starkly plotted, offers all the traditional elements of ill fated lovers and family feuds.


Author: Frederico Garcia Lorca

Archive listings for Blood Wedding

Work type: Play.


Presented byTRB Theatre Summer School.
25 Aug 22 to 28 Aug 22Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L544854952


Adapted by Marina Carr. Director Yael Farber. Design Susan Hilferty. Lighting Natasha Chivers. Sound Emma Laxton. Music Isobel waller-Bridge. Director Imogen Knight (movement director). Performer Gavin Drea. Performer Aoife Duffin. Performer Olwen Fouere. Performer Steffan Rhodri. Performer Scarlett Brookes. Performer Annie Firbank. Performer Roger Jean Nsengiyumva. Performer Faaiz Mbelizi. Performer Thalissa Teixeira. Performer David Walmsley.
19 Sep 19 to 2 Nov 19The Young Vic, West End :: V245
listing details L0850205172


Presented byEast 15 Acting School (MFA Acting / MFA Acting International Graduates). Adapted by Ted Hughes. Director Kristine Landon-Smith. Design Mila Sanders. Costume Jason Denvir. Lighting Katrin Padel. Music Neil Sommerville. Sound Jake Wakstein. Lighting Bernice Rayner (assistant). Sound Lo0uise Oliver (assistant). Stage ManagerHolly Spence. Performer Vincent Rosec (Bridegroom). Performer Jamil Toney (Leonardo). Performer Siqi Hu (Father). Performer Brenda Lopez (Ramos Mother). Performer Meghan Hindmarch (Servant). Performer Brenna Warren (Neighbour / Girl). Performer Zailyn Villafane (Wife). Performer Alexis Craig-Hart (Mother-in-law). Performer Lisa-Marie Flowers (Larsen Bride). Performer Manita Chobchuen (Girl). Performer Karli Bentley (Girl). Performer Amanda Zappia (Beggar Woman / Moon).
30 May 19 to 31 May 19The Seven Dials Playhouse, Inner London :: V251
listing details L1185735345


Producer Lauri Cryan. Producer Anastasia Panova. Director George Richmond-Scott. Music Camilla Mathias. Director Patricia Suarez (movement director). Design Christianna Mason. Costume Christianna Mason. Sound Daniel Balfour. Lighting Jack Weir.
4 Sep 18 to 23 Sep 18Omnibus Theatre, Outer London :: V01534560440
listing details L1432596531


Presented byPractical Productions.
5 Sep 17 to 9 Sep 17The London Theatre, Outer London :: V0751012861
listing details L01625145007


Presented byManchester School of Theatre.
2 Mar 17 to 4 Mar 17Home Theatre, Manchester :: V1858052535
listing details L483347306


Director Chris Dangerfield.
17 Feb 17 to 25 Feb 17New Venture Theatre, Brighton :: V661
listing details L1213507430


Presented byYear 3 BA Performing Arts Students.
16 Jan 17 to 17 Jan 17Melton Theatre, Melton Mowbray :: V437
listing details L0343350900

Bodas de Sangre (Spanish Title) - T0225880770

Company Spanish Theatre Company. Director Jorge de Juan. Translation Michael Dewell. Translation Carmen Zapata. Design Zahra Mansouri. Costume Zahra Monsouri. Music Yaiza Varona. Musical Director Yaiza Varona. Lighting Pablo Bax.
15 Nov 16 to 17 Dec 16Cervantes Theatre, Inner London :: V348970128
listing details L170665297


Adapted by Tanya Ronder.
27 Jul 16The Cockpit, Inner London :: V182
listing details L492957524


Presented byLAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art). Adapted by Tanya Ronder.
25 May 16 to 2 Jun 16Greenwood Theatre, Outer London :: V233524968
listing details L01686217737


Company Horizons Performance Company.
17 May 16Brentwood Theatre, Brentwood :: V1024
listing details L1805154893


Presented byEdge Hill University Second Year Drama Students.
15 Mar 16 to 16 Mar 16The Arts Centre (Rose Theatre), Ormskirk :: V527
listing details L30292747


Performed in Spanish.Company Bodas de sangre.
27 Nov 15 to 30 Nov 15The London Theatre, Outer London :: V0751012861
listing details L01461898419


Producer Maia Von Hurter. Director Ray Lomas. Design Anna Williams. Costume Jasmine Lowe. Music Robyn Lowe. Musical Director Robyn Lowe. Lighting Rajiv Pattani. Sound Rajiv Pattani. Performer Amanda Bailey. Performer Jane Hayward. Performer Grant Leat. Performer Chris Machari. Performer Bobbi O'Callaghan. Performer Jessica Tomlinson.
11 Aug 15 to 22 Aug 15Bread and Roses, Inner London :: V1142
listing details L1561309185


David Ireland's radical new take on Lorca's play re-fuels this classic story with a contemporary twist. Jenny Sealey and David Ireland push this tale of searing lust, love and rebellion to its limits. When young lovers are overrun with passion, infatuation and defiance - the consequences are explosive. All performances are Audio Descriped, British Sign Language interpreted and Captioned.Producer Graeae Theatre. Producer Derby Theatre. Producer Dundee Rep Ensemble. Adapted by David Ireland. Director Jenny Sealey. Director Nickie Wildin (assistant). Design Lisa Sangster. Lighting Ian Scott. Music Philip Pinsky. Design Tim Reid (video). Choreographer Mark Smith. Performer Amy Conachan. Performer Alison Halstead. Performer Irene MacDougall. Performer Gerard McDermott. Performer Ricci McLeod. Performer Miles Mitchell. Performer EJ Raymond. Performer Ann Louise Ross. Performer Millie Turner.
21 Apr 15 to 25 Apr 15Everyman & Playhouse, Liverpool :: V535
listing details L1969695569
14 Apr 15 to 16 Apr 15New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich :: V81
listing details L726110018
8 Apr 15 to 11 Apr 15Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh :: V605
listing details L01427260784
1 Apr 15 to 3 Apr 15Beacon Arts Centre (formerly Arts Guild Theatre), Greenock :: V1047
listing details L1249309995
17 Mar 15 to 28 Mar 15Derby Theatre, Derby :: V1830193620
listing details L731873712
4 Mar 15 to 14 Mar 15Dundee Repertory Theatre, Dundee :: V596
listing details L671201863


A highly physical version of Lorca's scorching classic tale. Lorca's Blood Wedding pivots around the uneasy marriage of two villagers, against a violent backdrop of betrayal, family feuding and death. Combining the original text with physical theatre, aerial circus and acrobatics, as well as a powerful Spanish soundtrack, RoguePlay deliver their version of Lorca's famous tragedy.Company Rogueplay Theatre.
20 Nov 14The Maltings, Berwick-on-Tweed :: V986
listing details L1877287341
14 Nov 14Cast, Doncaster :: V1545109680
listing details L1115850391
14 Oct 14 to 15 Oct 14Jacksons Lane, Outer London :: V312
listing details L01385127538
8 Oct 14mac birmingham - Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham :: V146
listing details L0866345247


Suitable for ages 12+. Running time: approx 1hr 30mins inclu. interval.Company Theatrical Niche. Director Alice Sillett. Music James E Anderson. Lighting Nic Farman. Design Amanda Mascarenhas. Costume Amanda mascarenhas. Choreographer Amy Lawrence. Performer Adam Boyle. Performer Micha Colombo. Performer Venetia Twigg. Performer Alice Knapton. Performer Dominic Attenborough.
12 May 14Buxton Opera House, Buxton :: V424
listing details L241829342
6 May 14 to 7 May 14The Rosemary Branch, Inner London :: V333
listing details L0389243177


Presented byKaty Lipson (for Aria Entertainment). Director Bronagh Lagan. Design Franciso Rondiquez-Weil. Performer Nicola Duffett. Performer Tamaryn Payne. Performer Cassidy Janson. Performer Miles Yekinni. Performer Patrick Bailey. Performer Edward Linard. Performer Matt Wilman. Performer Jack Hardwick. Performer Anna Bamberger. Performer Elizabeth Manabney. Performer Lynsey Beauchamp. Performer Terri-Ann Brumby.
16 Oct 13 to 16 Nov 13Courtyard Theatre, Inner London :: V184
listing details L271056658


Company Hiraeth Artistic Productions. Translation Gwynne Edwards. Director Zoe Ford.
12 Jun 13 to 7 Jul 13Waterloo East Theatre, Inner London :: V01284685503
listing details L757430041


Producer The Liverpool Institute for Performaing Arts (LIPA).
7 Mar 13 to 9 Mar 13The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), Liverpool :: V02095680176
listing details L0765534722


Company The Faction. Presented byNew Diorama. Adapted by Gareth Jandrell. Director Rachel Valentine Smith. Performer Chereen Buckley. Performer Andrew Chevalier. Performer Richard Delaney. Performer Gareth Fordred. Performer Laura Freeman. Performer Alexander Guiney. Performer Lachlan McCall. Performer Jonny McPherson. Performer Derval Mellett. Performer Daniel Millar. Performer Jonathan Plummer. Performer Kate Sawyer. Performer Elizabeth Twells.
29 Jan 13 to 23 Feb 13The New Diorama Theatre, Inner London :: V258
listing details L1320985632


With The Bacchae and Hedda Gabler, Blood Wedding forms part of 2012's unique trilogy of plays, Festival of Chaos. A two month celebration in Northampton, the Festival explores the contemporary relevance of the god Dionysus.Adapted by Ted Hughes. Producer Royal and Derngate. Producer Made in Northampton. Producer Festival of Chaos. Adapted by Tommy Murphy. Director Laurie Sansom. Design Oliver Townsend. Sound Christopher Shutt. Lighting Philip Gladwell. Music Dougal Irvine. Musical Director Thomas J Indge. Performer Robert Benfield. Performer Liam Bergin. Performer Donna Berlin. Performer Jim Bywater. Performer Philip Cairns. Performer Rosie Ede. Performer Alicia Davies. Performer Seline Hizli. Performer Ery Nzaramba. Performer Kathryn Pogson. Performer Amanda Wilkin.
25 May 12 to 30 Jun 12Royal & Derngate, Northampton :: V449
listing details L01224573944


Producer West Cheshire College.
20 Apr 11 to 21 Apr 11Forum Studio Theatre (formerly the Chester Gateway), Chester :: V468
listing details L0958016002


Adapted by Ted Hughes. Producer University of Wales Newport.
20 Jan 11 to 22 Jan 11The Riverfront, Newport :: V088145899
listing details L0522008629


Company Nottingham Playhouse Youth Theatre. Director Sarah Stephenson. Design Sakina Karimjee. Music Dann Willis. Choreographer Jay Pollit.
15 Apr 10 to 17 Apr 10Playhouse, Nottingham :: V457
listing details L23761169


Company Tower Theatre Company. Adapted by Tanya Ronder. Director Lara Muth. Lighting Phil Bentley. Costume Zoe Thomas-Webb. Performer Mark Simmonds. Performer Emmeline Winterbotham. Performer Deepa Sutherland. Performer Ian Hoare. Performer Paul Billing. Performer Nadra Shah. Performer Niki Mylonas. Performer Emma Spence. Performer Louisa Norman. Performer Aoibheann McCann. Performer Maria-Teresa Lander. Performer Evan Regueira. Performer Leslie Smith.
16 Mar 10 to 20 Mar 10Bridewell Theatre, Inner London :: V171
listing details L0286263745


Company Metta Theatre. Adapted by Poppy Burton-Morgan. Director Poppy Burton-Morgan. Design William Reynolds. Lighting William Reynolds. Costume Saka Matsushita. Music Jessica Dannheisser. Sound Liam Welton. Choreographer Tim Jackson. Performer Jade Anouka (the bride). Performer Marlon G Day (Leonardo). Performer Amanda Poesner (his wife). Performer Sophie Benjamin (the sister). Performer Trevor Michael Georges (the father).
21 Jul 09 to 15 Aug 09Southwark Playhouse Borough, Inner London :: V226
listing details L844879755


Company Cut to the Chase. Adapted by Ted Hughes. Director Jen Heyes. Design Olivia du Monceau. Lighting Phil Saunders. Performer Sabina Franklyn (Mother). Performer Chris Hannon (Bridegroom). Performer Yasmin Bodalbhai (The Bride). Performer Brian Dodd (Father). Performer Stavros Demetraki (Leonardo). Performer Jo Mousley (Wife). Performer Gilian Cally (Mother in law). Performer Amanda Perry Smith (Maid). Performer Juan Martin (flamenco guitar).
25 Nov 08 to 29 Nov 08Liverpool Playhouse, Liverpool :: V536
listing details L0646628271


Company Steam Industry. Director Phil Willmott.
31 Jul 08 to 7 Sep 08General, Outer London :: V1087
listing details L01320802857


Company Act Provocateur. Director Dumle Kogbara.
18 Sep 07 to 30 Sep 07The Lion and Unicorn Theatre, Inner London :: V219
listing details L1078199993


Producer Bristol Old Vic Youth Theatre. Director Tid.
7 Dec 06 to 9 Dec 06Bristol Old Vic, Bristol :: V857
listing details L01490958700


Company Nadine's Window Theatre Company.
7 Nov 06 to 12 Nov 06Barons Court Theatre, Inner London :: V169
listing details L488730393


Company MYT Co.
14 Jul 06 to 15 Jul 06Millfield Theatre, Outer London :: V316
listing details L0187123599


Company Strode College (AS Level Drama Students).
19 Apr 06 to 20 Apr 06Strode Theatre, Street :: V917
listing details L177527991


Producer Almeida Theatre. Adapted by Tanya Ronder. Director Rufus Norris. Design Katrina Lindsay. Music Orlando Gough. Sound Paul Arditti. Lighting Tim Mitchell. Performer Gael Garcia Bernal (Leonardo). Performer Jason Baughan. Performer Paul Bhattacharjee. Performer Daniel Cerqueira. Performer Rosaleen Linehan. Performer Hylnur Haraldsson. Performer Maria de Lima. Performer Lyndsey Marshal. Performer Jess Murphy. Performer Thekla Reuten. Performer Sue Roderick. Performer Assly Zandry.
5 May 05 to 25 Jun 05Almeida Theatre, West End :: V166
listing details L01686143350


Company Custombuilt Youth Theatre Group.
24 Apr 05The Customs House, South Shields :: V575
listing details L02058862125


Company A2 Drama.
24 Feb 05 to 25 Feb 05Christ's Hospital Theatre, Horsham :: V724
listing details L02036501382


Producer Michael Hubbard. Producer Tammy Mitchell. Company Chelsea Players. Director Susie Clare. Performer Miranda Harriwon (Mother). Performer Angela Bull (Bride). Performer Caroline Boulton (Mother-in-law / Girl 2). Performer Kendall Goddard (The Neighbour / Servant). Performer Sally Smith (Wife of Leonardo / Moon). Performer Helen MacBain (Death - as a beggar woman / Girl 1). Performer Will Hartley (Leonardo). Performer Scott Andrews (Bridegroom). Performer Phil Matcham (Father of the Bride).
26 Jan 05 to 5 Feb 05Barons Court Theatre, Inner London :: V169
listing details L1600074459


Company Croydon Young People's Theatre.
30 Jul 04 to 31 Jul 04Warehouse Theatre, Outer London :: V304
listing details L868004053


Company Altwood School.
30 Apr 04 to 1 May 04Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead :: V1294444431
listing details L992041245


Translation Gwynne Edwards. Director Chris Monks.
6 Feb 04 to 14 Feb 04Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (WCMD)/Raymond Edwards Building/Anthony Hopkins Centre, Cardiff :: V01146970443
listing details L342475073


Company Theatre Royal Summer School.
23 Aug 03Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds :: V76
listing details L1389803248


Company Warwick University Drama Society. Director Robyn Smith.
18 Jun 03 to 21 Jun 03Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry :: V156
listing details L01293064914


Company A2 Drama. Director Jaki Miles.
20 Mar 03Christ's Hospital Theatre, Horsham :: V724
listing details L809628572


Company Abingdon Drama Club.
13 Nov 02 to 16 Nov 02Unicorn Theatre, Abingdon :: V793
listing details L0554498535


Company Luton Youth Theatre.
29 Oct 02 to 30 Oct 02The Library Theatre, Luton :: V02027386231
listing details L153163840


Supported through a donation from The Bulldog Prinsep Theatrical FundCompany Chicken Shed Theatre Company.
25 Sep 02 to 12 Oct 02ChickenShed, Outer London :: V349
listing details L01913784569


Company Northcott Young Company. Translation Gwynne Edwards. Director Rachel Vowles. Music Peter Kyrke-Smith.
14 Aug 02 to 17 Aug 02Northcott Theatre, Exeter :: V886
listing details L01352000225


Company Cause for Applause.
12 Dec 01 to 13 Dec 01Arc Theatre, Trowbridge :: V881281219
listing details L01063538022


Company Mercury Theatre. Director Sue Lefton. Design Tim Meacock. Lighting Gary Spraggett. Music Adam Cork. Performer Christine Absalom (Mother). Performer Natasha Buckley (The Neighbour). Performer Dominic Colchester (Woodcutter). Performer Miranda Floy (Girl). Performer Justin Grattan (The Bridegroom). Performer Biddy Wells (Wife of Leonardo). Performer Katharine Barker (Mother-in-law / Death). Performer Laura Cox (Servant). Performer John Cunningham (Father of the Bride). Performer Victor Gardener (Leonardo). Performer Matthew Goode (The Moon). Performer Mary Seymour (Girl). Performer Katy Stephens (The Bride).
1 Jun 01 to 16 Jun 01Mercury Theatre, Colchester :: V37
listing details L738879170


Company Oxford School of Drama. Director Craig Higginson. Music Brian Boothby. Design Anna Toumanova.
28 May 01 to 30 May 01Pegasus Theatre, Oxford :: V801
listing details L1528083915


This production will incorporate music, choreography and song in a highly theatrical style to make it accessible to a wide audience. All performances of Blood Wedding integrate Sign Language Interpretation.Company Missing Piece Two @ Graeae.
3 Mar 01Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax :: V1098014226
listing details L387254666
15 Feb 01 to 16 Feb 01Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield :: V972
listing details L1269931786


Company Graeae Theatre Company.
6 Feb 01 to 10 Feb 01Contact Theatre, Manchester :: V483
listing details L1668717993


A work inspired by [Lorca]'s Blood Wedding set in an Asian ethos with all its power and passion of human relationships.Company Derby Playhouse Asian Arts Exchange Community Theatre Group.
28 Nov 00Haymarket Theatre, Leicester :: V431
listing details L02054511092


Company Pillowtalk Productions.
17 Oct 00 to 22 Oct 00OFS Studio (previously known as Old Fire Station Theatre), Oxford :: V800
listing details L62944062


Company Amateur Dramatic Club Summer Tour 2000.
9 Oct 00 to 14 Oct 00ADC Theatre, Cambridge :: V18
listing details L01236418596


Company Cap and Stocking Players. Director Fizza Hussain.
15 Jun 00 to 16 Jun 00Pegasus Theatre, Oxford :: V801
listing details L1550756110


Company BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts (second year students).
8 Jun 00 to 10 Jun 00ChickenShed, Outer London :: V349
listing details L0510703417


Company Manchester Youth Theatre.
31 Aug 99 to 4 Sep 99Royal Exchange, Manchester :: V491
listing details L1042014821
25 Aug 99The Capitol Theatre, Manchester :: V1006
listing details L0517635301


Director Esther Richardson.
21 Jul 99 to 25 Jul 99Jack Studio Theatre (previously Brockley Studio Theatre), Outer London :: V299
listing details L2040885826


Director Simon Bell. Company R&K Productions. Design Anika Carpenter.
13 Jan 99 to 7 Feb 99The Starting Gate, Outer London :: V2120510689
listing details L01138891314
13 Jan 99 to 7 Feb 99The Starting Gate, Outer London :: V2120510689
listing details L1966619558


Company Cloister Productions. Director David Clarke.
25 Nov 98 to 28 Nov 98Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford :: V702
listing details L0606373917


Company Roma Theatre Pralipe. Company Theater an der Ruhr.
21 Jun 98 to 22 Jun 98Bloomsbury Theatre, Inner London :: V170
listing details L458887359


Company Suffolk Youth Theatre.
13 May 98 to 16 May 98New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich :: V81
listing details L413031446


Company Magnetic North Youth Theatre.
25 Mar 98 to 28 Mar 98Compass Theatre, Outer London :: V1166
listing details L01731207267


Director Alan Lyddiard. Company Northern Stage.
6 Nov 96 to 23 Nov 96Derby Theatre, Derby :: V1830193620
listing details L01240608417
23 Oct 96 to 2 Nov 96Northern Stage, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V568
listing details L01610962472

Other listings

10 Jun 02 to 15 Jun 02Cricklade Theatre, Andover :: V763
listing details L0674302870
22 May 01 to 23 May 01Watershed Media Centre, Bristol :: V1356441490
listing details L01810569895
23 Mar 99 to 25 Mar 99Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham :: V768
listing details L270066012
1 Dec 98 to 3 Dec 98Lancaster Arts, Lancaster :: V522
listing details L514893132
7 Jul 98 to 11 Jul 98Theatre at the Tabard, Outer London :: V334
listing details L1567414783
11 Dec 96 to 14 Dec 96Riverside Studios, Outer London :: V331
listing details L2117545832
20 Sep 96 to 2 Nov 96The Young Vic, West End :: V245
listing details L547971552
to 9 Nov 96artsdepot, Outer London :: V320
listing details L1991700791
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