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Inspired by Mary Shelley's novel. Remember, that I am thy creature; l ought to be thy Adam; but I am rather the fallen angel... A storm gathers outside as a couple pack up a room. Clothes and toys are carefully stored away in boxes and bags. Lightning flashes. Picking up a book, the woman reads aloud. It's a story about ambition and playing God, and about what happens when we bring new life into the world. It's also about rejection, horror and revenge. It's the story of Frankenstein. As the couple confront their own fears, they re-create a version of Frankenstein that erupts into life as everyday objects are transformed into glaciers, a ship at sea, a dissecting room, a house on fire... The latest adaptation in a series of Gothic texts, imitating the dog and Leeds Playhouse's multimedia exploration of Mary Shelley's classic novel is a psychological thriller which dares to ask the question - what is it to be human?Producer Imitating the Dog. Producer Leeds Playhouse. Adapted by Pete Brooks. Adapted by Andrew Quick. Adapted by Simon Wainwright. Design Hayley Grindle. Lighting Andrew Crofts. Music James Hamilton. Performer Georgia-Mae Myers. Performer Nedum Okonyia.
27 Mar 24 to 28 Mar 24Cast, Doncaster :: V1545109680
listing details L111830297
6 Mar 24 to 9 Mar 24Watford Palace Theatre, Watford :: V55
listing details L780525502
29 Feb 24 to 2 Mar 24Oxford Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L01475103613
15 Feb 24 to 24 Feb 24Leeds Playhouse (formerly West Yorkshire Playhouse), Leeds :: V977
listing details L01250950818


Presented byAll & Sundry Limited. Adapted by Graham Forbes. Director John Edwards-Bick.
6 Mar 24 to 9 Mar 24Crescent Theatre, Birmingham :: V144
listing details L2003650950


1943. Whilst Europe tears itself apart, two women hide from their past at what feels like the very end of the world. And one of them has a terrifying story to tell... "I created life. You don't believe me but it's true. I didn't start from scratch of course but out of portions and odd ends I made something - alive. But what I created... it wasn't a superhuman. It was a monster." This new thriller inspired by the classic gothic novel and complete with a stunning original score explores the very fabric of what makes us human and the ultimate cost of chasing "perfection". Frankenstein is an electrifying reimagining of the world's favourite horror story that will set minds and spines tingling.Presented byTilted Wig. Adapted by Sean Aydon. Director Sean Aydon. Design Nicky Bunch. Lighting Matt Haskins. Sound Eamonn O'Dwyer. Director Stephen Moynihan (movement). Director Jonathan Holby (fight). Performer Eleanor McLoughlin. Performer Annette Hannah. Performer Lulu Marsh. Performer Cameron Robertson. Performer Dale Mathurin. Performer Basienka Blake.
21 Nov 23 to 25 Nov 23Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne :: V665
listing details L704005145
14 Nov 23 to 18 Nov 23Malvern Theatres, Malvern :: V01718852442
listing details L1244836531
7 Nov 23 to 11 Nov 23New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich :: V81
listing details L397370741
31 Oct 23 to 4 Nov 23Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds :: V76
listing details L0236794307
24 Oct 23 to 28 Oct 23Theatre Royal, York :: V954
listing details L136038711
17 Oct 23 to 21 Oct 23Darlington Hippodrome (formerly Civic Theatre), Darlington :: V562
listing details L1265198256
10 Oct 23 to 14 Oct 23The Theatre By The Lake, Keswick :: V7
listing details L1581363834
3 Oct 23 to 7 Oct 23Arts Theatre, Cambridge :: V19
listing details L1716924961
26 Sep 23 to 30 Sep 23Northcott Theatre, Exeter :: V886
listing details L1069261640
19 Sep 23 to 23 Sep 23Derby Theatre, Derby :: V1830193620
listing details L0477785221


Childlike in his innocence but grotesque in form, Victor Frankenstein's bewildered creature is cast out into a hostile universe by his horror-struck maker. Meeting with cruelty wherever he goes, the friendless Creature, increasingly desperate and vengeful, determines to track down his creator and strike a terrifying deal...Company CADOS. Director Rebecca Moran.
16 Oct 23 to 21 Oct 23Chorley Theatre, Chorley :: V530
listing details L1070689934


An adaptation of Mary Shelley's Gothic horror masterpiece fusing ensemble storytelling, live music and stunning theatricality. From the artistic team behind Blackeyed Theatre's hugely successful 2013 production of Dracula, Frankenstein promises a fresh, exciting take on what is widely considered to be a landmark work of romantic, gothic and science fiction literature.Company Blackeyed Theatre.
28 Mar 22 to 29 Mar 22Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot :: V1149031166
listing details L1951904480
24 Mar 22 to 26 Mar 22Theatre Royal, Winchester :: V782
listing details L475410914
21 Mar 22 to 22 Mar 22Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke :: V764
listing details L0313745004
15 Mar 22 to 19 Mar 22Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne :: V665
listing details L0655269475
10 Mar 22 to 12 Mar 22Viaduct Theatre, Halifax :: V1025
listing details L961445494
7 Mar 22 to 8 Mar 22Key Theatre, Peterborough :: V27
listing details L0291237624
1 Mar 22 to 5 Mar 22Greenwich Theatre, Outer London :: V308
listing details L1990233546
22 Feb 22 to 23 Feb 22New Theatre Royal, Lincoln :: V442
listing details L1251161404
21 Feb 22Playhouse, Norwich :: V69
listing details L01541704738
17 Feb 22 to 19 Feb 22Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton :: V160
listing details L01628962256
15 Feb 22 to 16 Feb 22Chipping Norton Theatre, Chipping Norton :: V795
listing details L0727120718
9 Feb 22 to 12 Feb 22Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough :: V949
listing details L01598215196
1 Feb 22 to 5 Feb 22Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds :: V76
listing details L01977274
27 Jan 22 to 29 Jan 22South Hill Park Arts Centre, Wilde Theatre, Bracknell :: V731
listing details L418260568


An eighteen year-old girl, Mary Shelley, dreams up a monster whose tragic story will capture the imaginations of generations to come. A young scientist by the name of Frankenstein breathes life into a gruesome body. Banished into an indifferent world, Frankenstein's creature desperately seeks out his true identity, but the agony of rejection and a broken promise push him into darkness. Dangerous and vengeful, the creature threatens to obliterate Frankenstein and everyone he loves, in a ferocious and bloodthirsty hunt for his maker. Rona Munro's brilliant new adaptation of Mary Shelley's Gothic masterpiece places the writer herself amongst the action as she wrestles with her creation and with the stark realities facing revolutionary young women, then and now.Producer Selladoor. Producer Matthew Townshend Productions. Producer Belgrade Theatre Company. Producer Perth Theatre (at Horsecross Arts). Book by Mary Shelley. Adapted by Rona Munro. Director Patricia Benecke. Music Simon Slater. Sound Simon Slater. Lighting Grant Anderson. Design Becky Minto. Performer Eilidh Loan (Mary Shelley). Performer Ben Castle-Gibb (Frankenstein). Performer Michael Moreland (The Monster). Performer Natali McCleary (Elizabeth / Safie). Performer Thierry Mabonga (Henry / Walton). Performer Sarah MacGillivray (Mother / Justine). Performer Greg Powrie (Father / Master / Waldman).
2 Mar 20 to 7 Mar 20Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury :: V1452754579
listing details L01709949832
24 Feb 20 to 29 Feb 20Middleton Arena, Middleton :: V01913084837
listing details L306762324
18 Feb 20 to 22 Feb 20Eden Court Theatre, Inverness :: V626
listing details L1742106934
10 Feb 20 to 15 Feb 20Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield :: V972
listing details L01240828472
4 Feb 20 to 8 Feb 20His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen :: V585
listing details L1264882826
27 Jan 20 to 1 Feb 20Theatr Clwyd, Mold :: V810
listing details L01884516868
20 Jan 20 to 25 Jan 20Derby Theatre, Derby :: V1830193620
listing details L01771680098
13 Jan 20 to 18 Jan 20Malvern Theatres, Malvern :: V01718852442
listing details L1571884784
25 Nov 19 to 30 Nov 19Theatre Royal, Glasgow :: V623
listing details L1590345422
18 Nov 19 to 23 Nov 19Richmond Theatre, Outer London :: V327
listing details L01839778676
11 Nov 19 to 16 Nov 19Liverpool Playhouse, Liverpool :: V536
listing details L1704378735
11 Nov 19 to 16 Nov 19Everyman & Playhouse, Liverpool :: V535
listing details L01695195807
4 Nov 19 to 9 Nov 19Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford :: V702
listing details L898492902
28 Oct 19 to 2 Nov 19New Theatre, Cardiff :: V823
listing details L0427926119
21 Oct 19 to 26 Oct 19King's Theatre, Edinburgh :: V601
listing details L840878679
14 Oct 19 to 19 Oct 19Theatre Royal, Brighton :: V657
listing details L2082478203
2 Oct 19 to 12 Oct 19Belgrade Theatre, Coventry :: V153
listing details L823758899
24 Sep 19 to 28 Sep 19Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury :: V674
listing details L53957178
5 Sep 19 to 21 Sep 19Perth Theatre, Perth :: V637
listing details L0350027442

Double bill with Dracula - T01686268230

Using all the entertainment fireworks of Regency and Victorian theatre - music, comedy, drama, tableaux, song and captivating story-telling - the earliest Fright Night Frisson will be brought back to vivid theatrical life. From 1823, a world of romance and revolution, came the first adaptation of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley's thrilling tale of technology gone beyond human control. The first adaptation, named Presumption: Or The Fate of Frankenstein, by Richard Brinsley Peake, was first performed at the English Opera House. One of the non -patent theatres, the producers were obliged to include pantomime, music and spectacle to obtain a licence, and so the play remains a thrilling piece of story-telling and a fascinating insight into the theatre of the Regency. Mary Shelley declared herself to be "much amused, & it appeared to excite a breatheless eagerness in the audience".Company Classic Spring. Director Dominic Dromgoole.
17 Jan 20 to 16 Feb 20Hackney Empire, Outer London :: V309
listing details L61673644


The world premiere of a fast-paced and emotionally gripping modern adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic gothic thriller exploring Artificial Intelligence, emotional learning and what it means to be post-human.Presented byNational Youth Theatre. Adapted by Carl Miller. Director Emily Gray.
25 Oct 19 to 30 Nov 19Southwark Playhouse Borough, Inner London :: V226
listing details L01351814164


With TRUESTORY's signature bold and visual style, you'll be immersed in the story from the moment you arrive. This faithful retelling explores obsession, creation, and compassion, while asking what it is to be human in an ever-confusing world.Producer Truestory.
23 Oct 19 to 9 Nov 19The Spire, Brighton :: V01854910711
listing details L01581807945

How to Make a Monster - T799340436

Scottish Premiere. Mary Shelley's original, re-imagined with songs, soundscapes and sonic trickery. Experience the power of the human voice breathing life into monsters all around us. Frankenstein will leave you asking: who are the monsters we fear? Who created them? And how the hell did they just do that with their voices?! Each performance (excluding 10pm) will kick off with a curtain raiser performance created by young people from Leith Academy as part of a collaborative project between Edinburgh International Festival, Battersea Arts Centre and Traverse Theatre. All performances are Relaxed.Producer BAC Beatbox Academy. Producer Battersea Arts Centre.
6 Aug 19 to 25 Aug 19Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh :: V605
listing details L884976831


It features a fully orchestrated musical score, a cast of professional actor singers, spectacular stage effects, puppetry - and flashes of the wickedly dark humour for which Illyria is justly celebrated. The show contains mature themes but is suitable for all ages 5+.Company Illyria.
27 Jul 19Borough Theatre, Abergavenny :: V839
listing details L02075677749

How to Make a Monster - T1369084438

Following their spring run, Frankenstein returns to headline an amped up monster evening of beatbox, singing, rapping, DJ's and jamming to celebrate a decade of BAC Beatbox Academy. Inspired by Mary Shelley's original tale of power and persecution, Frankenstein explores the idea of what makes a modern monster. The Frankenstein cast will be joined by an exciting mixed bill of special guests performing their own sets and session as well as the Baby Beatbox and Junior Academy groups to get the party started. Join us for this one-off electrifying theatre-gig marking 10 years of nurturing the finest rising talent and pushing the boundaries of sound.Producer BAC Beatbox Academy. Producer Battersea Arts Centre.
9 Nov 18 to 10 Nov 18Everyman & Playhouse, Liverpool :: V535
listing details L0128049616


Frankenstein follows trainee physician Victor as he triumphs at reanimating a dead body. His guilt for creating such a thing forces him to abandon the seemingly dead creation, and now the ?creature' is awake and abandoned. Rejected by mankind, he seeks revenge on his creator's family to avenge his own sorrow. Beware; for he is fearless, and therefore powerful.Company Early Doors Productions.
18 Oct 18 to 20 Oct 18Brentwood Theatre, Brentwood :: V1024
listing details L1994577373

Angel Rising - T59600157

Mary Shelley's masterpiece is re-imagined to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the novel's publication.Company SISATA.
9 Jun 18Forest Arts Centre, New Milton :: V786
listing details L01528951028


Trapped in a mountain of ice, Captain Walton's ambition to conquer the North Pole stalls in its tracks. Out on the frozen wastes something stirs... wretched and barely alive, Victor Frankenstein is dragged on board. In his fever he recounts a tale of a young scientist, a man with similar soaring ambition, a tall tale of monstrous creation. In the horror of the story the ice breaks and the ship creaks to life, but is there one last chapter in this bloody account?Producer Royal Exchange Theatre. Adapted by April de Angelis. Director Matthew Xia. Design Ben Stones. Lighting Johanna Town. Music Mark Melville. Director Angela Gasparetto (movement director). Performer Shane Zaza (Victor Frankenstein). Performer Ryan Gage (Captain Walton). Performer Harry Attwell (The Creature). Performer Esther McAuley. Performer Gerard McDermott. Performer Shanaya Rafaat. Performer Colin Ryan. Performer Nicola Sloane.
9 Mar 18 to 7 Apr 18Royal Exchange, Manchester :: V491
listing details L0170556662


A visceral, feminist new version of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. A brilliant scientist. An extraordinary imagination. A boundary that shouldn't be crossed. In the darkness of night, Elizabeth Frankenstein manages the unthinkable - creating sentient life. As the resulting monster is shunned by her maker, she is cast out into the violent and unfeeling world beyond. But a terrible chain of murder and horror is unleashed, both creation and creator must come face to face in a final, terrible showdown. Featuring our trademark brand of ensemble theatre and live music, ideas of gender and power are brought to life in a new retelling of history's greatest horror story.Company Burn Bright Theatre.
20 Feb 18 to 10 Mar 18The Space, Outer London :: V1199
listing details L827018819


He's naked. He's angry. And he's on the run... Enter a world of feverish dreaming, as storyteller Ben Haggarty and musician Sianed Jones present an intense steam punk interpretation of Mary Shelley's modern myth. Two master performers explore the nature of the consciousness of a man made by man and the responsibility of the creator towards the created. Truly a story for our time, Frankenstein speaks of power unleashed and our fear of the unknown. Expect wild song, steam punk and fast-paced epic storytelling.Presented byThe Crick Crack Club.
18 Nov 17Theatre Royal, York :: V954
listing details L0638177796


Victor Frankenstein, a brilliant and ambitious young student, discovers the secret of creating life from the remains of the dead. But elation at his triumph is replaced by horror when he realises the full extent of his monstrous creation. Abandoned by the one who made him, Frankenstein's Creature is left alone in a world that fears and rejects him, and soon his innocence turns to misery. Increasingly desperate and vengeful, he determines to track down his creator and strike a terrifying bargain. ?Five-time Offie-Nominated Arrows & Traps bring to life a remarkable brand-new adaptation of this thrilling and haunting gothic tale about the dangers of scientific irresponsibility and parental neglect, in celebration of the 200 year anniversary since Mary Shelley wrote the original manuscript.Company Arrows & Traps Theatre. Adapted by Ross McGregor. Director Ross McGregor.
26 Sep 17 to 21 Oct 17Jack Studio Theatre (previously Brockley Studio Theatre), Outer London :: V299
listing details L1074271298


Company Don't Go Into the Cellar Theatre Company.
12 Oct 17The Henrician Evesham - Arts Centre, Evesham :: V1116
listing details L02008587088


World Premiere. A brand new adaptation of Mary Shelley's Gothic horror masterpiece fusing ensemble storytelling, live music and stunning theatricality. From the artistic team behind Blackeyed Theatre's hugely successful 2013 production of Dracula, Frankenstein promises a fresh, exciting take on what is widely considered to be a landmark work of romantic, gothic and science fiction literature.Producer Adrian McDougall. Company Blackeyed Theatre (in association with South Hill Park). Adapted by John Ginman. Director Eliot Giuralarocca. Music Ron McAllister. Musical Director Ellie Verkerk. Design Victoria Spearing. Other Yvonne Stone (puppets / puppetry). Costume Anne Thomson. Lighting Charlotte McClelland. Performer Ben Warwick (Victor Frankenstein). Performer Max Gallagher (Henry Clerval). Performer Lara Cowin (Elizabeth Lavenza). Performer Louis Labovitch (The Creature). Performer Ashley Sean-Cook (Robert Walton).
21 Mar 17 to 22 Mar 17Lighthouse (previously known as Poole Arts Centre), Poole :: V910
listing details L01649021525
10 Mar 17Broadway Theatre, Outer London :: V298
listing details L01562754208
7 Mar 17 to 9 Mar 17Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds :: V76
listing details L354188691
21 Feb 17Chelmsford Theatre, Chelmsford :: V32
listing details L871081245
13 Feb 17 to 15 Feb 17Malvern Theatres, Malvern :: V01718852442
listing details L405191454
7 Feb 17 to 11 Feb 17Greenwich Theatre, Outer London :: V308
listing details L430573939
31 Jan 17Playhouse, Norwich :: V69
listing details L01882811285
25 Jan 17Bridge House Theatre, Warwick :: V060724158
listing details L1813668989
22 Nov 16Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes :: V752
listing details L1928948570
17 Nov 16 to 19 Nov 16Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne :: V665
listing details L0167366874
15 Nov 16 to 16 Nov 16Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre, Taunton :: V01603938282
listing details L01181021240
12 Nov 16Theatre Royal, Margate :: V685
listing details L01812995703
3 Nov 16New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth :: V769
listing details L931968638
28 Oct 16 to 29 Oct 16Dundee Repertory Theatre, Dundee :: V596
listing details L1831043364
22 Oct 16Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh :: V633
listing details L654885560
21 Oct 16Queen's Hall Arts Centre, Hexham :: V984
listing details L01121506977
20 Oct 16Playhouse, Alnwick :: V1176
listing details L0191288053
11 Oct 16 to 12 Oct 16Corn Exchange, Newbury :: V732
listing details L1059937540
29 Sep 16 to 1 Oct 16Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke :: V764
listing details L1233053245
22 Sep 16South Hill Park Arts Centre, Wilde Theatre, Bracknell :: V731
listing details L1648789103
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