One Man, Two Guvnors archiveBased on Goldoni's 18th-century comedy The Servant of Two Masters. Fired from his skiffle band, Francis Henshall becomes minder to Roscoe Crabbe, a small time East End hood, now in Brighton to collect £6,000 from his fiancee's dad. But Roscoe is really his sister Rachel posing as her own dead brother, who's been killed by her boyfriend Stanley Stubbers. Holed up at The Cricketers' Arms, the permanently ravenous Francis spots the chance of an extra meal ticket and takes a second job with one Stanley Stubbers, who is hiding from the police and waiting to be re-united with Rachel. To prevent discovery, Francis must keep his two guvnors apart. Simple. One Man, Two Guvnors website.


Author: Richard Bean

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Producer Octagon Theatre Bolton. Producer Theatrej by the Lake. Producer Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse. Music Grant Olding (songs). Director Lotte Wakeham. Performer Siobhan Athwal. Performer Alexander Bean. Performer Matthew Ganley. Performer Laurie Jamieson. Performer Polly Lister. Performer Qasim Mahmood. Performer Rodney Matthew. Performer Javier Marzan. Performer Jordan Pearson. Performer Karl Seth. Performer Lauren Sturgess.
20 Jul 22 to 3 Sep 22The Theatre By The Lake, Keswick :: V7
listing details L0110137821
26 May 22 to 25 Jun 22Octagon Theatre, Bolton :: V480
listing details L187963800


Company Captivate Theatre.
11 Mar 22 to 12 Mar 22Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh :: V633
listing details L079450368


Director Ian Tucker-Bell.
25 Jul 20 to 1 Aug 20Oast Theatre, Tonbridge :: V697
listing details L0108372989


Producer Derby Theatre. Producer Queen's Theatre Hornchurch. Music Grant Olding (songs). Director Sarah Brigham. Music Kelvin Towse (musical supervision). Design Neil Irish. Lighting Tim Skelly. Performer David O'Reilly (Francis Henshall). Performer David Cardy (Charlie). Performer Samantha Hull (Pauline). Performer George Kemp (Stanley). Performer Alice Frankham (Rachel). Performer TJ Holmes (Alfie). Performer Ivan Stott (Harry). Performer Duane Hannibal (Lloyd). Performer Jack Brett (Alan). Performer Craig Armstrong (Gareth). Performer Rosie Strobel (Dolly).
2 Oct 19 to 19 Oct 19Queen's Theatre Hornchurch, Hornchurch :: V41
listing details L0984939526
7 Sep 19 to 28 Sep 19Derby Theatre, Derby :: V1830193620
listing details L01340077887


Producer New Wolsey Theatre Ipswich Productions (in association with Nuffield Southampton Theatres). Performer John Elkington (Charlie). Performer Matt Devitt (Harry Dangle). Performer Elizabeth Rowe (Pauline Clench). Performer George Maguire (Alan Dangle). Performer Tori Allen Martin (Dolly). Performer Philip Tomlin (Francis Henshall). Performer Marcus Adolphy (Lloyd Boateng). Performer Luke Barton (Stanley Stubbers). Performer Josie Dunn (Rachel Crabbe). Performer Lloyd Gorman (Gareth). Performer Richard Leeming (Alfie).
1 Oct 19 to 12 Oct 19NST Campus, Southampton :: V776
listing details L2070472905
5 Sep 19 to 28 Sep 19New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich :: V81
listing details L01705465837


Company Reject Theatre Company.
2 Oct 19Brentwood Theatre, Brentwood :: V1024
listing details L1559723556


Company Crescent Theatre Company.
22 Sep 18 to 29 Sep 18Crescent Theatre, Birmingham :: V144
listing details L125442816


20 Sep 18 to 22 Sep 18Barn Theatre, Cirencester :: V852946972
listing details L1394750310


Director Adam Lacey. Director Karl Steele.
29 Nov 17 to 16 Dec 17Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham :: V0812942011
listing details L1095280623


Company Black Rat Productions. Director Richard Tunley.
1 Nov 17Theatr Brycheiniog (Brecon Theatre), Brecon :: V1067
listing details L1752123443
28 Oct 17Hafren (formerly Theatre Hafren), Newtown :: V852
listing details L2139060672
25 Oct 17Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl :: V838
listing details L1587334239
21 Oct 17Park & Dare Theatre, Treorchy :: V0109167195
listing details L0549411741
17 Oct 17 to 18 Oct 17The Coliseum, Aberdare :: V821
listing details L02085014116
14 Oct 17Borough Theatre, Abergavenny :: V839
listing details L02114537888


Director Martin Bell.
22 May 17 to 27 May 17Little Theatre, Leicester :: V433
listing details L045079943


Company SEDOS. Director Alex Baker. Director Tracie Laurinitis (assistand director). Director Zoe Thomas-Webb (assistant director). Musical Director Ed Curry. Director Kimberly Barker (movement director). Producer Clare Harding. Costume Edith Webb. Design Robert Stanex. Performer Darren Hannant (Charlie Clench). Performer Sophie Platts-Martin (Pauline Clench). Performer Dennis Fadil (Harry Dangle). Performer Sam Pearce (Alan Dangle). Performer Natalie Harding-Moore (Dolly). Performer Jamila Jennings-Grant (Boateng). Performer Rick Woska (Francis). Performer Carly Garrod (Rachel Crabbe). Performer Theo Leonard (Stanley Stubbers). Performer David Miller (Alfie). Performer Mark Smith (Gareth / Vicar / Policeman). Performer Paul Caira (Taxi Driver / Barman / Policeman).
4 Oct 16 to 8 Oct 16Bridewell Theatre, Inner London :: V171
listing details L1533493322


Presented bySouth Hill Part Arts Centre. Company London Contemporary Theatre. Director Luke Burton. Design Victoria Spearing.
26 Jan 16 to 30 Jan 16South Hill Park Arts Centre, Wilde Theatre, Bracknell :: V731
listing details L77934709


The National Theatre's Award-Winning Comedy.Director Cal McCrystal. Design Mark Thompson. Lighting Mark Henderson. Sound Paul Arditti. Director Kate Waters (fight). Choreographer Adam Penford. Music Grant Olding (songs). Performer Gavin Spokes (Francis Henshall). Performer Shaun Williamson (Charlie Clench). Performer Jasmyn Banks (Pauline Clench). Performer Emma Barton (Dolly). Performer Alicia Davies (Rachel Crabbe). Performer Michael Dylan (Alfie). Performer Derek Elroy (Lloyd Boateng). Performer Edward hancock (Alan Dangle). Performer Patrick Warner (Stanley Stubbers).
27 Oct 15 to 31 Oct 15The Stoke Repertory Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent :: V123
listing details L0270177649
17 Mar 15 to 21 Mar 15Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton :: V161
listing details L01850617399
9 Mar 15 to 14 Mar 15Grand Opera House, York :: V957
listing details L02055179987
2 Mar 15 to 7 Mar 15New Wimbledon Theatre, Outer London :: V341
listing details L918376287
23 Feb 15 to 28 Feb 15New Theatre, Oxford :: V802
listing details L1026208235
16 Feb 15 to 21 Feb 15Festival Theatre, Edinburgh :: V600
listing details L01480168684
10 Feb 15 to 14 Feb 15New Theatre, Cardiff :: V823
listing details L01678699358
2 Feb 15 to 7 Feb 15Churchill Theatre, Bromley :: V302
listing details L78689403
26 Jan 15 to 31 Jan 15Theatre Royal, Nottingham :: V462
listing details L427669507
19 Jan 15 to 24 Jan 15Empire Theatre, Sunderland :: V577
listing details L0952733722
17 Dec 14 to 4 Jan 15Theatre Royal, Brighton :: V657
listing details L1283790831
24 Nov 14 to 29 Nov 14Theatre Royal, Norwich :: V72
listing details L0675487343
10 Nov 14 to 15 Nov 14Grand Opera House, Belfast :: V548
listing details L969031329
4 Nov 14 to 8 Nov 14Grand Theatre and Opera House, Leeds :: V975
listing details L0694692592
6 Oct 14 to 11 Oct 14Curve, Leicester :: V830272338
listing details L0115276070
22 Sep 14 to 27 Sep 14Royal & Derngate, Northampton :: V449
listing details L01720324172
8 Sep 14 to 20 Sep 14Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L01784209207
1 Sep 14 to 6 Sep 14Liverpool Empire Theatre, Liverpool :: V534
listing details L0337938935
25 Aug 14 to 30 Aug 14Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent :: V124
listing details L738289469
18 Aug 14 to 23 Aug 14The Hawth, Crawley :: V720
listing details L01800209158
11 Aug 14 to 16 Aug 14Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury :: V1452754579
listing details L01350670155
4 Aug 14 to 9 Aug 14The Orchard, Dartford :: V677
listing details L01260544643
28 Jul 14 to 2 Aug 14Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V570
listing details L0324047875
21 Jul 14 to 26 Jul 14Alhambra Theatre, Bradford :: V965
listing details L039936788
14 Jul 14 to 19 Jul 14Theatre Royal Plymouth, Plymouth :: V895
listing details L0986048534
30 Jun 14 to 5 Jul 14King's Theatre, Glasgow :: V613
listing details L283561763
23 Jun 14 to 28 Jun 14Hull New Theatre, Hull :: V934
listing details L01426977089
16 Jun 14 to 21 Jun 14New Victoria Theatre, Woking :: V709
listing details L510483695
9 Jun 14 to 14 Jun 14Bristol Hippodrome, Bristol :: V856
listing details L0633144777
2 Jun 14 to 7 Jun 14Mayflower Theatre, Southampton :: V774
listing details L980604535
26 May 14 to 31 May 14Birmingham Hippodrome, Birmingham :: V145
listing details L1255583929
14 May 14 to 24 May 14Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L0390756552
9 Mar 14 to 14 Mar 14Grand Opera House, York :: V957
listing details L143623206
9 Mar 14 to 14 Mar 14Grand Opera House, York :: V957
listing details L757192499


Producer Tower Theatre. Director Dan Usztan. Design Jude Chalk. Lighting Robin Snowdon. Costume Jessica Hammett. Sound Ruth Sullivan.
6 Oct 15 to 10 Oct 15Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Inner London :: V1170
listing details L872371146


Running time: 2hrs 20minsProducer National Theatre. Director Nicholas Hytner. Director Cal McCrystal (associate director). Design Mark Thompson. Lighting Mark Henderson. Music Grant Olding. Sound Paul Arditti. Director Kate Waters (fight). Choreographer Adam Penford. Performer Owain Arthur (Francis Henshall). Performer Angela Griffin (Dolly). Performer Kellie Shirley (Pauline Clench). Performer Peter Caulfield (Alfie). Performer Dominic Thorburn (Alan Dangle). Performer Sam Alexander (Stanley Stubbers). Performer David Benson (Gareth). Performer Ian Burfield (Charlie Clench). Performer Amy Cudden (Rachel Crabbe). Performer Derek Elroy (Lloyd Boateng). Performer Hugh Sachs (Harry Dangle).
2 Mar 12 to 1 Mar 14Theatre Royal Haymarket, West End :: V396
listing details L880904627


Performer Rufus Hound (Francis Henshall).
29 Jan 13 to 2 Feb 13Theatre Royal, Nottingham :: V462
listing details L197867137
22 Jan 13 to 26 Jan 13Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff :: V1984858935
listing details L01829986176
8 Jan 13 to 19 Jan 13The Lowry, Salford :: V0655996499
listing details L198285531
2 Jan 13 to 5 Jan 13Venue Cymru (formerly - North Wales Theatre), Llandudno :: V848
listing details L562515586
11 Dec 12 to 15 Dec 12Grand Theatre and Opera House, Leeds :: V975
listing details L855536165
4 Dec 12 to 8 Dec 12Theatre Royal, Norwich :: V72
listing details L1164318004
27 Nov 12 to 1 Dec 12Blackpool Grand Theatre, Blackpool :: V518
listing details L01841011489
20 Nov 12 to 24 Nov 12Grand Opera House, Belfast :: V548
listing details L01066782442
13 Nov 12 to 17 Nov 12Theatre Royal, Glasgow :: V623
listing details L01260916855
6 Nov 12 to 10 Nov 12Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V570
listing details L1315154600
25 Oct 12 to 3 Nov 12Curve, Leicester :: V830272338
listing details L448254637


World Premiere (Lyttelton). Running time: 2hrs 40minsProducer National Theatre. Director Nicholas Hytner. Director Cal McCrystal (associate director). Design Mark Thompson. Lighting Mark Henderson. Music Grant Olding. Sound Paul Arditti. Performer James Corden (Francis Henshall - not Dec 1 Feb12 21 at 19:30 Dec 20 / 27 at 14:30). Performer Owain Arthur (Francis Henshall - Dec 1 Feb12 21 at 19:30 Dec 20 / 27 at 14:30). Performer David Benson. Performer Oliver Chris. Performer Tom Edden. Performer Martyn Ellis. Performer Trevor Laird. Performer Claire Lams. Performer Fred Ridgeway. Performer Daniel Rigby. Performer Jemima Rooper. Performer Sizie Toase. Performer Owain Arthur. Performer Polly Conway. Performer Derek Elroy. Performer David Hunter. Performer Paul Lancaster. Performer Gareth Mason. Performer Clare Thomson.
8 Nov 11 to 25 Feb 12Adelphi Theatre, West End :: V379
listing details L2122678497
25 Oct 11 to 29 Oct 11King's Theatre, Edinburgh :: V601
listing details L1656902196
18 Oct 11 to 22 Oct 11Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham :: V140
listing details L2114938390
11 Oct 11 to 15 Oct 11The Lowry, Salford :: V0655996499
listing details L02008606808
4 Oct 11 to 8 Oct 11Theatre Royal Plymouth, Plymouth :: V895
listing details L1549560749
28 Sep 11 to 1 Oct 11Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury :: V1452754579
listing details L0686431857
15 Sep 11The Landmark, Ilfracombe :: V1177
listing details L418938272
15 Sep 11ARC, Stockton-on-Tees :: V01950064742
listing details L1264313228
15 Sep 11Malvern Theatres, Malvern :: V01718852442
listing details L01481671780
15 Sep 11Number 8 Community Arts Centre, Pershore :: V1731036448
listing details L0800998641
15 Sep 11 to 18 Sep 11Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry :: V156
listing details L1140222981
17 May 11 to 19 Sep 11Lyttelton (National Theatre), West End :: V374
listing details L491615190

Other listings

12 Mar 24 to 16 Mar 24Plaza Theatre, Romsey :: V773
listing details L2000588036
1 Mar 24 to 9 Mar 24Titchfield Festival Theatre, Titchfield :: V01238527740
listing details L01493341235
27 Jan 24 to 3 Feb 24Oast Theatre, Tonbridge :: V697
listing details L0274596668
15 Oct 23 to 21 Oct 23Alive Corn Exchange, Kings Lynn :: V68
listing details L1150769917
22 Jun 23 to 24 Jun 23Villa Marina and Gaiety Theatre, Douglas :: V915
listing details L0130596756
20 Mar 23 to 25 Mar 23The Playhouse, Cheadle Hulme :: V508
listing details L709711474
12 Dec 22 to 17 Dec 22The Lantern Theatre, Sheffield :: V963
listing details L193200085
16 Jul 22The Playhouse, Whitstable :: V694
listing details L1650440861
9 Jul 22BOAT (Brighton Open Air Theatre), Brighton :: V1621432169
listing details L1397324671
4 Jul 22 to 9 Jul 22Bingley Little Theatre, Bingley :: V981
listing details L01336973770
11 Apr 22 to 16 Apr 22The Pump House Arts Centre, Watford :: V56
listing details L968712963
15 Jan 22 to 22 Jan 22Farnworth Little Theatre, Bolton :: V481
listing details L1732016212
7 Sep 21 to 11 Sep 21The Maddermarket, Norwich :: V71
listing details L932929176
31 Aug 21 to 4 Sep 21The Playhouse, Halifax :: V971
listing details L1544533185
6 Jul 20 to 11 Jul 20Bingley Little Theatre, Bingley :: V981
listing details L1359910122
8 Jun 20 to 13 Jun 20The Pump House Arts Centre, Watford :: V56
listing details L01689613633
3 Dec 19 to 14 Dec 19Archway Theatre Company, Horley :: V713
listing details L462662749
22 May 19 to 25 May 19The Rondo, Bath :: V855
listing details L01820555571
5 Feb 19 to 9 Feb 19Daneside Theatre, Congleton :: V469
listing details L0744008101
12 Jun 18 to 23 Jun 18Medway Little Theatre, Rochester :: V0721343788
listing details L1935410350
27 Feb 18Leeds University Union, Leeds :: V593
listing details L785479917
22 Feb 18 to 3 Mar 18Venture Theatre, Ashby de la Zouch :: V1014134703
listing details L0293585177
15 Nov 17 to 16 Nov 17Seckford Theatre, Woodbridge :: V0396171917
listing details L790218075
19 Oct 17Lyric Theatre, Carmarthen :: V1274041426
listing details L02033673539
24 Apr 17 to 29 Apr 17Chorley Theatre, Chorley :: V530
listing details L01949373459
4 Apr 17 to 8 Apr 17The Robin Hood Theatre, Newark :: V456
listing details L584655361
23 Jan 17 to 28 Jan 17Hasland Playhouse, Hasland :: V429
listing details L362393936
13 Dec 16 to 17 Dec 16The Stoke Repertory Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent :: V123
listing details L071277218
13 Oct 16 to 15 Oct 16Hyde Festival Theatre, Hyde :: V819939367
listing details L503787633
8 Jul 16 to 16 Jul 16Bromley Little Theatre, Bromley :: V693
listing details L1253741795
21 Jun 16 to 25 Jun 16Arts Theatre, Nottingham :: V1174
listing details L0959604744
20 Jun 16 to 11 Jul 16Shanklin Theatre, Shanklin :: V790
listing details L982227886
7 Jun 16 to 11 Jun 16Theatre Royal Windsor, Windsor :: V742
listing details L01258762041
3 May 16 to 7 May 16The Pump House Arts Centre, Watford :: V56
listing details L1997219249
27 Apr 16 to 30 Apr 16Adrian Mann Theatre, Ewell :: V1207
listing details L365810306
15 Sep 11National Theatre, West End :: V400
listing details L0823081286


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09Nov11: The National Theatre production at the Adelphi Theatre
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