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Our Country's Good archiveBased on a heart-warming true story, the play follows a group of 18th Century convicts and officers as they confront a savage new land. These jailbirds, male and female, have no rights and their treatment is as ferocious as the landscape. But one man defies the rules. Lt Ralph Clark creates the very first piece of theatre ever to be performed in Australia, The Recruiting Officer. The drama mounts as the convicts rehearse, and their hopes for a new life grow stronger. Incredibly the play will go on! Our Country's Good was first presented at the Royal Court Theatre, London on 10 September 1988. Note: The convicts use explicit language and this award-winning play contains scenes which some people might find shocking.


Author: Timberlake Wertenbaker

Archive listings for Our Country's Good

Work type: Play. There are performances of this work in the listings (current and future) database, see Our Country's Good


Company Tower Theatre Company. Director Peta Barker.
8 Feb 23 to 18 Feb 23Tower Theatre, Outer London :: V249
listing details L2029424583


Presented byCombined Actors of Cambridge.
30 Mar 21 to 3 Apr 21ADC Theatre, Cambridge :: V18
listing details L0791702483


Presented byMerseyside Academy of Drama Summer Production Term.
3 Sep 20 to 6 Sep 20Hope Street Theatre, Liverpool :: V01384811964
listing details L420288740


Company Faringdon Dramatic Society.
7 Nov 19 to 9 Nov 19Elms Primary School (formerly Faringdon Junior School), Faringdon :: V796
listing details L1518198887


Producer Tobacco Factory. Director Anna Girvan. Design Anna Reid. Lighting Chris Swain. Performer Kim Heron (Liz Morden / Captain Watkin Tench). Performer Dannan McAleer (Robert Sideway / Captain David Collins). Performer Evlyne Oyedokun (Duckling Smith / Captain Jemmy). Performer Charleen Qwaye (Black Caesar / Midshipman Harry Brewer). Performer Luca Thompson (John Wisehammer / Captain Arthur Phillip). Performer Joseph Tweedale (Second Lieutenant / Ralph Clark). Performer Dan Wheeler (Major Robbie Ross / Ketch Freeman / John Arscott). Performer Heather Williams (Dabby Bryany / Lieutenant George). Performer Paksie Vernon (Reverend Johnson / Mary Bryant / Meg).
17 Apr 19 to 11 May 19The Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol :: V1384579886
listing details L1538574045


Company SEDOS. Director Chloe Robertson. Producer Rebecca Kendall. Director Matt Gould (associate director). Stage ManagerChristina Wayman (also assistant producer). Lighting Adam Coppard. Design Brian Tucker. Sound Adam Lockett (also set build and ASM). Costume Elinor Turner. Costume Clare Harding. Performer Simon Hill (Captain Arthur Phillip / Shitty Meg). Performer John Irvine (Major Robbie Ross). Performer Josh Yard (Captain David Collins / Robert Sideway). Performer Kieron Mieres (Captain Watkins Tench / Caesar). Performer Theo Bhatt (Captain Jemy Campbell / John Arscott). Performer Dave McGroarty (Rev Johnson / John Wisehammer). Performer Jamila Jenning Grant (Lt William Dawes / Duckling Smith). Performer Jessica Withey (Lt Johnston / Liz Morden). Performer James Haughey (Ketch Freeman). Performer Sam Pearce (Ralph Clarke). Performer Sophia Popadopoulos (Mary Brenham). Performer Kat Novkovic (Second Lt Will Faddy / Dabby Bryant). Performer Matt Tylianakis (Midshipman Harry Brewer).
23 Oct 18 to 27 Oct 18Bridewell Theatre, Inner London :: V171
listing details L588332853


Company Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company. Company Ramps on the Moons. Director Fiona Buffini. Design Neil Murray. Lighting Mark Jonathan. Music Jon Nicholls. Sound Jon Nicholls. Director Simon Startin (associate director). Performer Colin Connor. Performer Tom Dawze. Performer Jarrad Ellis-Jones. Performer Fifi Garfield. Performer Keiren Hamilton-Amos. Performer Gbemisola Ikumelo. Performer Kieron Jecchinis. Performer Sapphire Joy. Performer Will Lewis. Performer Milton Lopes. Performer Alex Nowak. Performer Caroline Parker. Performer Tim Pritchett. Performer Fergus Rattigan. Performer Garry Robson. Performer Emily Salter. Performer Nabil Shaban.
23 May 18 to 2 Jun 18Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Birmingham :: V143
listing details L397975350
12 May 18 to 19 May 18Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L1161127725
25 Apr 18 to 5 May 18Theatre Royal Stratford East, Outer London :: V337
listing details L088640711
11 Apr 18 to 21 Apr 18Leeds Playhouse (formerly West Yorkshire Playhouse), Leeds :: V977
listing details L1344209917
28 Mar 18 to 7 Apr 18New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich :: V81
listing details L02052981756
9 Mar 18 to 24 Mar 18Playhouse, Nottingham :: V457
listing details L01370284416


Director Steve Grihault.
17 Mar 18 to 21 Mar 18Bridewell Theatre, Inner London :: V171
listing details L466758042


2 Jun 17 to 3 Jun 17The Maltings, Berwick-on-Tweed :: V986
listing details L873280671


Presented byUWE Drama Society.
6 Apr 17 to 8 Apr 17Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol :: V0707367604
listing details L01812455301


Presented byLAMDA.
20 Oct 16The Old Laundry Theatre, Bowness-on-Windermere :: V191
listing details L01458139099


Producer National Theatre. Director Nadia Fall. Design Peter McKintosh. Lighting Neil Austin. Choreographer Arthur Pita. Sound Carolyn Downing. Music Cerys Matthews. Performer Jonathan Coote. Performer Matthew Cottle. Performer Jonathan Dryden Taylor. Performer Caoilfhionn Dunne. Performer Peter Forbes. Performer Jason Hughes (Ralph Clark). Performer Ellie James. Performer Shalisha James-Davis. Performer Paul Kaye. Performer Ashley McGuire. Performer Graeme McKnight. Performer Jodie McNee. Performer David Mara. Performer Tadhg Murphy. Performer Cyril Nri. Performer Debra Penny. Performer Lee Ross. Performer Josienne Clark. Performer Ollie King. Performer Jonathan Livingstone.
19 Aug 15 to 17 Oct 15Olivier (National Theatre), West End :: V373
listing details L01480443578


Producer Bradford Playhouse. Director Jono Gadsby.
22 Apr 15 to 25 Apr 15Bradford Playhouse, Bradford :: V0545194186
listing details L0604977716


Producer Curve Theatre. Producer De Montfort University. Director Nikolai Foster.
16 Apr 15 to 18 Apr 15Curve, Leicester :: V830272338
listing details L0428965570


Company Runnymede Drama Group.
26 Nov 14 to 29 Nov 14Rhoda McGaw Theatre, Woking :: V1033
listing details L0732561316


Producer New Theatre Nottingham. Producer Student's Union.
26 Nov 14 to 29 Nov 14Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham :: V0165922284
listing details L1303269722


18 Nov 14 to 22 Nov 14Theatre Royal Windsor, Windsor :: V742
listing details L2009534124
11 Nov 14 to 15 Nov 14Theatre Royal, Brighton :: V657
listing details L0744740061
4 Nov 14 to 8 Nov 14Richmond Theatre, Outer London :: V327
listing details L671412365


Running time: approx. 2hrs 30mins with one intervalProducer Out of Joint. Producer Octagon Theatre Bolton Productions. Director Max Stafford-Clark. Design Tim Shortall. Lighting Johanna Town. Sound Andy Smith.
7 May 14 to 10 May 14Bristol Old Vic, Bristol :: V857
listing details L1107000853
23 Apr 14 to 26 Apr 14Fairfield Halls, Outer London :: V295
listing details L0527195583


Apr 26, 28,29,30, May ,1,3 Double bill with YermaProducer Steven Green. Producer Charleen Qwaye (assistant). Company Fourth Monkey Theatre Company. Director Toby Clarke. Director Charleen Qwaye (movement). Stage ManagerCathering Gibbs. Design Lucy Read. Lighting Pablo Fernandez Baz. Sound Jamie Flockton.
23 Apr 14 to 3 May 14General, Outer London :: V1087
listing details L1113183308


Producer Mercury Theatre.
29 Apr 14 to 3 May 14Mercury Theatre, Colchester :: V37
listing details L01653258774


Run time: 120mins with 15min intervalCompany WorkSpace Productions. Director Lucy Fredricks.
21 Nov 13 to 23 Nov 13The Space, Outer London :: V1199
listing details L0908429550


Producer Lyric Drama Studio.
28 Mar 13 to 30 Mar 13Lyric Theatre, Belfast :: V552
listing details L0467909108


Running time: approx. 2hrs 30mins with one intervalPresented byKarl Sydow. Producer Out of Joint. Producer Octagon Theatre Bolton Productions. Director Max Stafford-Clark. Design Tim Shortall. Lighting Johanna Town. Sound Andy Smith. Performer Damola Adelaja. Performer Helen Bradbury (Dabby Bryant / William Faddy). Performer Laura Dos Santos (Mary Brenham). Performer John Hollingworth. Performer Lisa Kerr (Duckling Smith). Performer Matthew Needham. Performer Kathryn O'Reilly. Performer Ciaran Owens. Performer Ian Redford (Captain Campbell / Harry Brewer / John Arscott). Performer Dominic Thorburn (Lieutenant Ralph Clark).
30 Jan 13 to 23 Mar 13The Other Palace, Inner London :: V806511856
listing details L1745767521
14 Nov 12 to 24 Nov 12Leeds Playhouse (formerly West Yorkshire Playhouse), Leeds :: V977
listing details L1949807547
6 Nov 12 to 10 Nov 12Watford Palace Theatre, Watford :: V55
listing details L82739426
23 Oct 12 to 27 Oct 12Oxford Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L0800765435
16 Oct 12 to 20 Oct 12NST Campus, Southampton :: V776
listing details L1700534420
9 Oct 12 to 13 Oct 12Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham :: V90
listing details L01136594497
2 Oct 12 to 6 Oct 12Arts Centre, Aberystwyth :: V817
listing details L1735682409
25 Sep 12 to 29 Sep 12Old Rep, Birmingham :: V147
listing details L01344464888
3 Sep 12 to 22 Sep 12Octagon Theatre, Bolton :: V480
listing details L0889336179


Running time: 2hrs 30mins (inclu. 15min interval)Company Original Theatre Company. Director Alastair Whatley. Director Craig Gilbert (assistant). Design Victoria Spearing. Costume Ed Holland. Director Kay Magson (casting). Performer Aden Gillett (Governor Philip / Wisehammer). Performer Phillip Whitchurch (Harry Brewer / Arscott / Capt Campbell). Performer Chris Harper (Ralphe Clarke). Performer Emily Bowker (Mary / Reverend Johnson). Performer Jack Lord (Capt Collins / Sideway). Performer Rachel Donovan (Dabby / Lieutenant Faddy / Meg). Performer Adam Best (Major Ross / Ketch). Performer Seun Shote (Aborigine / Caeser / Johnston). Performer Jenny Ogilvie (Duckling / Capt Tench). Performer Emma Gregory (Liz Morden / Lieutenant Dawes).
25 Apr 12 to 26 Apr 12artsdepot, Outer London :: V320
listing details L1702041983
23 Apr 12 to 24 Apr 12South Hill Park Arts Centre, Wilde Theatre, Bracknell :: V731
listing details L309691604
17 Apr 12 to 21 Apr 12Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne :: V665
listing details L01413089537
2 Apr 12 to 4 Apr 12Venue Cymru (formerly - North Wales Theatre), Llandudno :: V848
listing details L1215987638
26 Mar 12 to 31 Mar 12Greenwich Theatre, Outer London :: V308
listing details L793012995
20 Mar 12 to 24 Mar 12Theatr Clwyd, Mold :: V810
listing details L689799240
19 Mar 12Buxton Opera House, Buxton :: V424
listing details L59661507
12 Mar 12 to 14 Mar 12Chipping Norton Theatre, Chipping Norton :: V795
listing details L41761546
7 Mar 12 to 10 Mar 12Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate :: V942
listing details L0602706725
2 Mar 12 to 3 Mar 12Key Theatre, Peterborough :: V27
listing details L0475320883
28 Feb 12 to 1 Mar 12Corn Exchange, Newbury :: V732
listing details L1990750332
21 Feb 12 to 25 Feb 12Jersey Opera House, St Helier :: V869
listing details L0650821049
9 Feb 12 to 11 Feb 12The Maltings, Berwick-on-Tweed :: V986
listing details L1494683492
6 Feb 12 to 7 Feb 12The Hexagon, Reading :: V734
listing details L0674099938
30 Jan 12 to 4 Feb 12Rose Theatre Kingston, Kingston :: V051452426
listing details L01963964048
25 Jan 12 to 28 Jan 12Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke :: V764
listing details L01316042254


Company Irving Stage Company.
18 Oct 11 to 22 Oct 11Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds :: V76
listing details L101317839


Company FourBlokes Theatre Company.
16 Nov 10 to 19 Nov 10Guildhall Theatre, Derby :: V994
listing details L01054677173


Company Bristol Old Vic Young Company. Director Miranda Cromwell. Musical Director Elizabeth Westcott. Design Liesel Corp.
24 Nov 09 to 28 Nov 09Bristol Old Vic, Bristol :: V857
listing details L0828637380


Company Playing Up.
11 Nov 09 to 14 Nov 09The Rondo, Bath :: V855
listing details L0813174652


Company Northface Theatre Company.
4 Nov 09 to 7 Nov 09Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester :: V489
listing details L01775257256


Company Rage Ensemble.
14 May 09 to 16 May 09Old Rep, Birmingham :: V147
listing details L623630720


Company Stage '65 Youth Theatre.
27 Jan 09 to 31 Jan 09Playhouse, Salisbury :: V923
listing details L843391516


Company Vivid Theatre Company.
12 Nov 08 to 15 Nov 08ARC, Stockton-on-Tees :: V01950064742
listing details L0736029374


Company Duchess' Hight School.
4 Nov 08 to 6 Nov 08Playhouse, Alnwick :: V1176
listing details L0816147126


Producer Outreach Touring (supported by Vodafone UK Foundation). Director Alex Clifton. Design Paul Burgess. Lighting Katharine Williams. Performer Jason Baughan. Performer Tanya Franks. Performer John Cummins. Performer Ruth Everett. Performer Sean Francis. Performer Paul Lloyd. Performer Alex Maheer. Performer Tonya Smith. Performer Simon Thorp. Performer Orando Wells.
17 Sep 08 to 25 Oct 08The Watermill Theatre, Newbury :: V733
listing details L0181085314


Producer Theatre By the Lake.
15 Mar 08 to 22 Mar 08The Theatre By The Lake, Keswick :: V7
listing details L0501772206


Company Kings Players.
30 Jan 08 to 1 Feb 08Greenwood Theatre, Outer London :: V233524968
listing details L548893886


Producer Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse. Director Edward Dick. Design Robert Innes-Hopkins. Lighting Rick Fisher. Sound Fergus O'Hare. Costume Jacquie Davies. Performer Colin Tierney. Performer Charlie Brooks. Performer Tracey Wilkinson. Performer John McArdle. Performer Andrew Schofield. Performer Michael Thomas. Performer Gabriel Fleary. Performer Nick Barber. Performer Sarah Ozeke. Performer Leanne Best.
2 Feb 07 to 24 Feb 07Liverpool Playhouse, Liverpool :: V536
listing details L1907473464


Company Vremia Productions.
24 Jan 07 to 27 Jan 07Oxford Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L238116121


Company Mercury Theatre Company. Director Sue Lefton. Design Tim Meacock. Lighting Tony Simpson. Sound Marcus Christensen. Performer Christine Absalom. Performer Ignatius Anthony. Performer Tony Casement. Performer Neil D'Souza. Performer Roger Delves-Broughton. Performer Miranda Floy. Performer Justin Grattan. Performer Lizzie Hopley. Performer Tim Treslove. Performer Yvonne Wandera.
2 Nov 06 to 18 Nov 06Mercury Theatre, Colchester :: V37
listing details L1154575680


Company Strode College Performing Arts National Diplomla (Year 2 Students). Director Suzy Jones.
7 Nov 06 to 8 Nov 06Strode Theatre, Street :: V917
listing details L01497361189


Company Sterts Touring Company.
13 Sep 06 to 15 Sep 06Sterts Arts Centre, Liskeard :: V878
listing details L1536352852


Company Deep End Theatre Company.
22 Jul 06Bacon Theatre, Cheltenham :: V89
listing details L01664175927


Company Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club.
9 May 06 to 13 May 06ADC Theatre, Cambridge :: V18
listing details L24724017


Company Putney Theatre Company.
25 Apr 06 to 29 Apr 06Putney Arts Theatre, Outer London :: V363
listing details L1197247990


Company Old Gaol Theatre Company.
6 Apr 05 to 9 Apr 05Unicorn Theatre, Abingdon :: V793
listing details L01148092975


Company OUDS.
8 Mar 05 to 12 Mar 05Burton Taylor Studio, Oxford :: V799
listing details L403625005


Company Theatre Arts Society. Director Annie Eddington.
23 Jun 04 to 25 Jun 04Lakeside Theatre, Colchester :: V36
listing details L507472171


Producer Questors (Student Group). Director John Davey.
24 Mar 04 to 3 Apr 04Questor's Theatre, Outer London :: V326
listing details L182720413


Company Cause for Applause.
31 Mar 04 to 1 Apr 04Arc Theatre, Trowbridge :: V881281219
listing details L2127244412


Company Theatre Arts Workshop.
25 Mar 04 to 26 Mar 04Arts Theatre, Nottingham :: V1174
listing details L01508235862


Producer New Vic Youth Theatre Production.
11 Mar 04 to 13 Mar 04New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme :: V119
listing details L01061226140


Company Bath University Student Theatre.
18 Feb 04 to 21 Feb 04Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L0561100842


Company Hertfordshire County Youth Theatre.
31 Oct 03 to 1 Nov 03Abbey Theatre, St Albans :: V50
listing details L2047681577


Company Everyman Youth Theatre.
11 Apr 03 to 12 Apr 03Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham :: V90
listing details L01252775367


Company Pateley Bridge Dramatic Society. Director Fiona Hewison.
11 Mar 03 to 15 Mar 03The Playhouse, Pateley Bridge :: V958
listing details L0726896579


Company Trinity Theatre Club.
18 Feb 03 to 22 Feb 03Trinity Theatre and Arts Centre, Tunbridge Wells :: V691
listing details L2088859618


Company Swansea University Players.
11 Dec 02 to 12 Dec 02Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea :: V833
listing details L65242996


Company Nuffield Theatre Company. Director Georgia Bance. Design Chris Cahill. Lighting David W Kidd. Music Malcolm Newton. Performer David Alcock. Performer Delroy Atkinson. Performer Martin Hutson. Performer Will Knightley. Performer Clare Perkins. Performer Blair Plant. Performer Juliet Prew. Performer John Sackville. Performer Joanna Van Kampen. Performer Niky Wardley.
31 Oct 02 to 16 Nov 02NST Campus, Southampton :: V776
listing details L519061024


Company Drama Centre London. Director Amanda Hill. Design Agnes Treplin.
20 Mar 02 to 23 Mar 02Drama Centre London, Inner London :: V12312112
listing details L01814459135


Company Bristol Old Vic Theatre Studio.
6 Mar 02 to 16 Mar 02Redgrave Theatre, Bristol :: V858
listing details L0964965408


Company Sussex University Drama Society.
21 Nov 01 to 24 Nov 01Gardner Arts Centre, Brighton :: V653
listing details L0229592192


Company High Storrs School.
29 Jun 01 to 30 Jun 01Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L182453443


Company Platypus Theatre.
23 May 01 to 26 May 01Pegasus Theatre, Oxford :: V801
listing details L985651902


Company H.N.D. Performing Arts Students (Northbrook College). Director Sue Gibbons.
29 Mar 01 to 31 Mar 01Northbrook Theatre, Worthing :: V727
listing details L1831745574


Company Stantonbury Campus Theatre Company. Director Rosemary Hill. Design Alex Eales.
17 Nov 00 to 25 Nov 00Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes :: V752
listing details L967848263


Company KDC Theatre.
21 Mar 00 to 25 Mar 00The New Diorama Theatre, Inner London :: V258
listing details L01819948817


Company Cosmopolitan Players. Director Chris Waites.
24 Feb 00 to 26 Feb 00Civic Theatre, Leeds :: V974
listing details L1865150632


Company Out of Joint. Director Max Stafford-Clark. Design Julian McGowan. Lighting Johanna Town. Sound Mic Pool.
16 Jun 99 to 19 Jun 99Richmond Theatre, Outer London :: V327
listing details L1704209789
11 May 99 to 15 May 99Arts Theatre, Cambridge :: V19
listing details L174628472
11 May 99 to 15 May 99Arts Theatre, Cambridge :: V19
listing details L945744279


Company Out of Joint. Performer Michelle Austin. Performer David Beames. Performer Stephen Beresford. Performer Declan Conlon. Performer Jonathan Cullen. Performer Ashley Miller. Performer Ian Redford. Performer Sally Rogers. Performer Howard Saddler. Director Max Stafford-Clark. Design Julian McGowan. Conductor Johanna Town. Sound Mic Pool.
24 Nov 98 to 28 Nov 98Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds :: V76
listing details L1590878448
17 Nov 98 to 21 Nov 98Leeds Playhouse (formerly West Yorkshire Playhouse), Leeds :: V977
listing details L01214139474
10 Nov 98 to 14 Nov 98Oxford Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L799242349
3 Nov 98 to 7 Nov 98Everyman & Playhouse, Liverpool :: V535
listing details L273281915
10 Sep 98 to 31 Oct 98The Young Vic, West End :: V245
listing details L1611511518
2 Sep 98 to 5 Sep 98Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L01355305347


Company Chipping Norton School.
19 Nov 97 to 21 Nov 97Chipping Norton Theatre, Chipping Norton :: V795
listing details L688181702


Company Brewery AC.
21 Apr 97 to 26 Apr 97Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal :: V6
listing details L01432079711


Company Bench Theatre. Director Ali Bullivent.
27 Feb 97 to 1 Mar 97Spring Arts and Heritage Centre, Havant :: V757
listing details L02019499070

Other listings

9 Apr 24 to 13 Apr 24The Kelvin Studio, Bristol :: V864
listing details L1626596027
22 May 19Courtyard Theatre, Inner London :: V184
listing details L0415061937
10 Oct 16 to 14 Oct 16LAMDA, Inner London :: V838624816
listing details L942753879
22 Mar 15 to 25 Mar 15Bradford Playhouse, Bradford :: V0545194186
listing details L0175004860
17 Feb 10 to 20 Feb 10Landor Theatre, Inner London :: V254
listing details L496035562
12 Mar 09Spring Arts and Heritage Centre, Havant :: V757
listing details L1549959442
29 Jun 06 to 1 Jul 06Dundee Repertory Theatre, Dundee :: V596
listing details L328990356
17 Mar 03 to 22 Mar 03Playhouse, Erith :: V186
listing details L028291483
12 Mar 02 to 16 Mar 02Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff :: V827
listing details L0393486003
9 Nov 99Lyttelton (National Theatre), West End :: V374
listing details L01044000048
4 May 99 to 8 May 99Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V570
listing details L1126743186
7 Dec 98 to 9 Dec 98Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne :: V665
listing details L1631944565
1 Dec 98 to 5 Dec 98Blackpool Grand Theatre, Blackpool :: V518
listing details L0531507520
30 Apr 97 to 3 May 97The Watermill Theatre, Newbury :: V733
listing details L1049621788
28 Feb 97 to 8 Mar 97The Barn Theatre Club, Welwyn :: V58
listing details L553786854
26 Feb 97 to 1 Mar 97Unicorn Theatre, Abingdon :: V793
listing details L01937274343
6 Feb 97 to 8 Feb 97Playhouse, Salisbury :: V923
listing details L01913074648
14 Nov 96 to 22 Nov 96Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham :: V90
listing details L0844158565
13 Nov 96 to 16 Nov 96Cryer Arts (formerly Charles Cryer Studio Theatre), Outer London :: V293
listing details L1535583640
11 Sep 96 to 14 Sep 96Stamford Arts Centre, Stamford :: V446
listing details L1805380921



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