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Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead archiveIntelligent comedy based on two minor characters from Hamlet. The play turns the spotlight onto the apparently inconsequential experiences of the two minor courtiers in Shakespeare's Hamlet, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. They are by turn comic, tragic and philosophical as they try to make sense of the pointless and arbitrary nature of their own existence.

Author Tom Stoppard.

Archive listings for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

Work type: Play.


Company Maidenhead Drama Guild.
8 Nov 17 to 11 Nov 17Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead :: V1294444431
listing details L1412062329


Producer The Old Vic Theatre. Director David Leveaux. Design Anna Fleischle. Lighting Howard Harrison. Sound Fergus O'Hare. Music Corin Buckeridge. Performer Daniel Radcliffe (Rosencrantz). Performer Joshua McGuire (Guildenstern). Performer David Haig (The Player). Performer Louisa Beadel (Player). Performer William Chubb (Polonius). Performer Luke Mullins (Hamlet). Performer Marianne Oldham (Gertrude). Performer Helena Wilson (Ophelia).
25 Feb 17 to 6 May 17Old Vic Theatre, West End :: V402
listing details L1337000966


Producer Oxford Playhouse. Director Jo Noble.
18 Mar 16 to 19 Mar 16The Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L0486497895


Company Tower Theatre Company. Director Ruth Sullivan.
15 Oct 14 to 25 Oct 14Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Inner London :: V1170
listing details L0475661084


Company As We Like It Theatre.
21 Oct 14Brindley Arts Centre, Runcorn :: V1448285374
listing details L1107771641

On the Edge - T0839065477

A script in hand performanceDirector Michael Kelligan.
16 Feb 12The Riverfront, Newport :: V088145899
listing details L873666722
14 Feb 12Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff :: V827
listing details L1333879815


Corporate Sponsor Conquest Furniture. Producer Chichester Festival Theatre. Director Trevor Nunn. Design Simon Higlett. Lighting Tim Mitchell. Sound Paul Groothuis. Music Steven Edis. Costume Fotini Dimou. Performer Samuel Barnett (Rosencrantz). Performer Michael Benz (Horatio). Performer Tomm Coles (Courtier 2). Performer Chris Andrew Mellon (The Player). Performer Trevor Allan Davies (Player 7/Lucianus/Claudius-poisoner). Performer Zac Fox (Player 5). Performer Fiona Gillies (Gertrude). Performer Tom Golding (Fortinbras). Performer Charlie Hamblett (Alfred). Performer Jack Hawkins (Hamlet). Performer Elisabeth Hopper (Courtier 4). Performer Andrew Jarvis (Polonius/Ambassador). Performer Greg Last (Player 6). Performer Jody Elen Machin (Courtier 3). Performer Chris Andrew Mellon (Player King). Performer James Northcote (Player 4). Performer Stephen Pallister (Courtier 1). Performer Jamie Parker (Guildenstern). Performer Katherine Press (Ophelia). Performer James Simmons (Claudius). Performer Keith Thompson (musician).
16 Jun 11 to 20 Aug 11Theatre Royal Haymarket, West End :: V396
listing details L01817256905
20 May 11 to 11 Jun 11Chichester Festival Theatre, Chichester :: V719
listing details L1062860888


Company Mold Players.
16 Feb 11 to 18 Feb 11Theatr Clwyd, Mold :: V810
listing details L478118104


Company Black Ram Theatre Company.
10 May 10Buxton Opera House, Buxton :: V424
listing details L01571074933
23 Mar 10Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury :: V673
listing details L851734211


Producer Leeds Arts Centre.
27 Jan 10 to 30 Jan 10The Carriageworks, Leeds :: V1666392263
listing details L946407614


Producer Leeds Arts Centre.
27 Jan 10 to 30 Jan 10The Carriageworks, Leeds :: V1666392263
listing details L0578889914

The Liverpool Shakespeare Festival - T0876548939

On 12/13 Sep Hamlet and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead will be performed back to back using the same cast for both showsCompany Lodestar. Director Max Rubin. Performer Stephen Fletcher (Hamlet). Performer Ruth Alexander (Gertrude). Performer Richard Kelly (Guildenstern).
1 Sep 09 to 13 Sep 09General, Liverpool :: V1184
listing details L01170529276


Producer Stock Exchange Dramatic and Operatic Society (SEDOS). Director Andy Merchant. Performer Tom Painter (Rosencrantz). Performer Hugh Grant-Peterkin (Guildenstern). Performer Mickey Killianey (The Player). Performer Chris Sims (Hamlet). Performer Ivy Corbin (Tragedian). Performer Iain Drennan (Tragedian). Performer Alan Maddrell (Tragedian). Performer Paula Mount (Tragedian). Performer Jordanna Tin (Tragedian). Performer Alexander Gordon Wood (Tragedian). Performer Holly Harris (Tragedian Band). Performer Cristina Crespo (Tragedian Band). Performer Chuck Mentcher (Tragedian Band). Performer Ed Sexton (Tragedian Band).
15 Jul 08 to 19 Jul 08Bridewell Theatre, Inner London :: V171
listing details L0385401285


Company Harrogate Dramatic Society.
4 Mar 08 to 8 Mar 08Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate :: V942
listing details L1459204455


Producer Library Theatre Manchester. Director Chris Honer. Performer Leigh Symonds (Rosencrantz). Performer Graeme Hawley (Guildenstern). Performer Michael Jenn (The Player). Performer Andonis Anthony (Claudius). Performer Meriel Scholfield (Gertrude). Performer Ansu Kabia (The Player King). Performer Cameron Slater (Alfred). Performer Adam Sunderland (The Player Poisoner). Performer Nicholas Osmond (The Player Spy). Performer Phil Rowson (Hamlet). Performer Christopher Chamberlain (The Player Spy). Performer Ruth Westley (Ophelia). Performer Richard Sails (Polonius).
2 Feb 07 to 10 Mar 07Home Theatre, Manchester :: V1858052535
listing details L01583780949


Producer Chimeric Productions. Director Ben Waring. Music Leo Altarelli. Performer Dan Jennings. Performer Tom Oakley. Performer Francis J Exell. Performer Ben Waring. Performer Cariad Lloyd.
6 Feb 07 to 18 Feb 07The Rosemary Branch, Inner London :: V333
listing details L1664421784


Company Three Bugs Fringe Theatre.
12 Jun 06 to 13 Jun 06mac birmingham - Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham :: V146
listing details L01505862726

Shakespeare at Traquair - T793159287

24 Nov 05 to 26 Nov 05Eastgate Theatre and Arts Centre, Peebles :: V774625305
listing details L1551650830


Company English Touring Theatre. Director Stephen Unwin. Design Michael Vale. Music Oily Fox. Costume Mark Bouman. Lighting Ben Ormerod. Other Ginny Schiller (casting). Performer Nicholas Rowe (Rosencrantz). Performer James Wallace (Guildenstern). Performer James Faulkner (The Player). Performer Grant Gillespie. Performer Richard Hansell. Performer Edmund Kingsley. Performer Charlie Roe. Performer Leon Tanner. Performer Ross Waiton.
19 Jul 05 to 23 Jul 05Arts Theatre, Cambridge :: V19
listing details L01611771215
12 Jul 05 to 16 Jul 05Richmond Theatre, Outer London :: V327
listing details L0772113552
5 Jul 05 to 9 Jul 05Bristol Old Vic, Bristol :: V857
listing details L01292032629
28 Jun 05 to 2 Jul 05Greenwich Theatre, Outer London :: V308
listing details L01172253883
21 Jun 05 to 25 Jun 05Belgrade Theatre, Coventry :: V153
listing details L1931619314
14 Jun 05 to 18 Jun 05The Lowry, Salford :: V0655996499
listing details L0136979767
7 Jun 05 to 11 Jun 05Malvern Theatres, Malvern :: V01718852442
listing details L01880417451
31 May 05 to 4 Jun 05Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford :: V702
listing details L01979690806
20 May 05 to 28 May 05The Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L0580053897


Company Remedy Theatre Company. Director Richard Hull.
6 Dec 04 to 7 Dec 04Arts Centre, Aberystwyth :: V817
listing details L0914720376


Company Cambridge University ADC.
2 Nov 04 to 6 Nov 04ADC Theatre, Cambridge :: V18
listing details L1522385606


Producer Jersey Opera House. Director Ian Stephens. Performer Terry Alderton. Performer Joe Pasquale.
4 Mar 04 to 13 Mar 04Jersey Opera House, St Helier :: V869
listing details L2123187576


Producer Young Rec. Producer Buxton Opera House.
29 Oct 03 to 1 Nov 03Buxton Opera House, Buxton :: V424
listing details L993261028


Company Warwick University Drama Society.
22 Oct 03 to 25 Oct 03Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry :: V156
listing details L722361064


Company Oxford Theatre Guild. Director John O'Connor.
15 Apr 03 to 19 Apr 03The Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L2055774875


Company NTR. Company Dramatis Personae.
12 Mar 03 to 15 Mar 03New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth :: V769
listing details L01492200734


Producer West Yorkshire Playhouse. Director Gemma Bodinetz. Design Angela Davies. Lighting Adam Silverman. Music Conor Linehan. Sound Mic Pool. Performer Tom Smith. Performer Nick Bagnall. Performer Tim Barker. Performer Carolyn Jones. Performer Jack Power. Performer Phoebe Soteriades. Performer Simon Wilson. Performer Richard Bremmer. Performer Eliot Giuralarocca. Performer Gregory Gudgeon. Performer Greg Haiste. Performer Jonny Hoskins.
14 Sep 02 to 19 Oct 02Leeds Playhouse (formerly West Yorkshire Playhouse), Leeds :: V977
listing details L1816875607


Barclays Stage Partners with The Arts Council of EnglandProducer Theatr Clwyd. Director Terry Hands. Performer Oliver Ryan. Performer Christian Patterson. Performer Richard Moore. Performer Paul Amos. Performer Simon Jessop. Performer Garry Lake. Performer Dyfrig Morris. Performer Craig Rogan. Performer Daniel Hawksford. Performer Claire Redcliffe. Performer Ifan Huw Dafydd. Performer Sara Harris. Performer Raymond Bowers. Performer Michael Geary. Performer Guy Lewis. Performer Michelle McTernan.
20 May 02 to 25 May 02Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L02118246497
13 May 02 to 18 May 02Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V570
listing details L386970024
7 May 02 to 11 May 02Theatre Royal, Norwich :: V72
listing details L02014670460
29 Apr 02 to 4 May 02King's Theatre, Edinburgh :: V601
listing details L01699246173
15 Apr 02 to 20 Apr 02Theatre Royal, Plymouth :: V895
listing details L01392843414
9 Apr 02 to 13 Apr 02Wycombe Swan, High Wycombe :: V749
listing details L01306174035
7 Feb 02 to 2 Mar 02Theatr Clwyd, Mold :: V810
listing details L0449090657


Company Keele Drama Society. Director Phillip Jones. Director Simon Beaney.
27 Nov 01 to 1 Dec 01Repertory Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent :: V123
listing details L0900186355


Company Arcola Theatre Company. Director William Galinsky. Design Mirian Buether. Performer Robert Gillespie. Performer Chris Kell. Performer Steven Hudson.
11 Apr 01 to 5 May 01Arcola, Inner London :: V1422226940
listing details L1855886703


Company Strathclyde Theatre Group. Director Aaron Patterson.
5 Feb 01 to 10 Feb 01The Ramshorn Theatre, Glasgow :: V620
listing details L0543365926


Company Medusa Productions.
15 Feb 00 to 19 Feb 00OFS Studio (previously known as Old Fire Station Theatre), Oxford :: V800
listing details L0734334558


Company The Shakespeare Institute.
8 Dec 99 to 10 Dec 99The Shakespeare Institute, Stratford-Upon-Avon :: V01040860086
listing details L0890864999


Company Lincoln Shakespeare Company. Company Converse Theatre Company.
27 Nov 99Trinity Arts Centre, Gainsborough :: V448
listing details L220630548


Company Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds. Director Colin Blumeneau. Design Fred Meller. Lighting Nick Beadle. Performer Luke Shaw. Performer Jonathan Keeble. Performer David Peart. Performer Graham Christopher. Performer Matthew Duquenoy. Performer Richard Evans. Performer Tim Freeman. Performer Owen Thompson. Performer Matthew Warburton.
25 Nov 99 to 27 Nov 99The Landmark, Ilfracombe :: V1177
listing details L01233490053
23 Nov 99 to 24 Nov 99Strode Theatre, Street :: V917
listing details L01095890565
18 Nov 99 to 19 Nov 99The Harlequin, Redhill :: V707
listing details L461604258
16 Nov 99 to 17 Nov 99Marina Theatre, Lowestoft :: V83
listing details L1131944389
11 Nov 99 to 12 Nov 99Stamford Arts Centre, Stamford :: V446
listing details L1339408212
9 Nov 99 to 10 Nov 99The Playhouse, Harlow :: V40
listing details L0387287765
4 Nov 99 to 6 Nov 99Bloomsbury Theatre, Inner London :: V170
listing details L1221302535
25 Oct 99 to 27 Oct 99Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage :: V53
listing details L784702393
22 Oct 99 to 23 Oct 99Theatre Royal Wakefield, Wakefield :: V979
listing details L1436509161
19 Oct 99 to 20 Oct 99South Holland Centre, Spalding :: V0757366007
listing details L791205430
14 Oct 99 to 15 Oct 99Castle Theatre, Wellingborough :: V465
listing details L02025953484
11 Oct 99 to 13 Oct 99Civic Theatre, Chelmsford :: V32
listing details L01025475287
4 Oct 99 to 9 Oct 99Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds :: V76
listing details L146744755
23 Sep 99 to 2 Oct 99Northcott Theatre, Exeter :: V886
listing details L01663617939


Company Converse Theatre. Company Lincoln Shakespeare Company.
23 Nov 99Meres Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham :: V447
listing details L01160407735


Company Solent Peoples' Theatre.
5 Nov 99Phoenix Theatre, Bordon :: V1147
listing details L02016988646


Company Phoenix Theatre.
22 Jun 98 to 26 Jun 98Minack Theatre, Penzance :: V872
listing details L616402244


Company The Company of Ten.
17 Mar 98 to 4 Apr 98Abbey Theatre, St Albans :: V50
listing details L996476999


Company Player King Productions.
2 Dec 97 to 6 Dec 97The Rondo, Bath :: V855
listing details L1658719327


Company Entropy Productions.
to 18 Oct 97The Hen and Chickens Theatre, Inner London :: V234
listing details L0850905872
to 18 Oct 97The Hen and Chickens Theatre, Inner London :: V234
listing details L0105178329

Other listings

15 Oct 12 to 20 Oct 12Progress Theatre, Reading :: V737
listing details L0152526102
9 Nov 99 to 10 Nov 99Brighton Komedia, Brighton :: V654
listing details L1102221939
25 May 99Lyttelton (National Theatre), West End :: V374
listing details L01976240417
to 20 Aug 96Lyttelton (National Theatre), West End :: V374
listing details L1064154147

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