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The Duchess of Malfi archiveThe Duchess of Malfi is a wealthy young widow. Jealous of her fortune, her two brothers, the Cardinal and her twin Ferdinand, decide she must not remarry. To this end they introduce a spy into her household, the ruthless Bosola. The court of Malfi is a treacherous place, with political, religious and personal allegiances in constant conflict. But the Duchess is blinded to its dangers by her love for her servant, Antonio. When their marriage is revealed her outraged brothers determine on a devastating course of action. Revenge breeds revenge, love turns to hate and a powerful tale of despair and madness inexorably unfolds.

Author John Webster.

Archive listings for The Duchess of Malfi

Work type: Play.


Producer The Almeida. Director Rebecca Frecknall. Design Chloe Lamford. Costume Nicky Gillibrand. Lighting Jack Knowles. Sound George Dennis. Performer Lydia Wilson. Performer Khalid Abdalla. Performer Hadassah Allen. Performer Leo Bill. Performer Jersey Blu Georgia. Performer Ioanna Kimbook. Performer Michael Marcus. Performer Ciaran Owens. Performer Shalini Peiris. Performer Jack Riddiford. Performer Jethro Skinner. Performer Kalungi Ssebandeke.
2 Dec 19 to 25 Jan 20Almeida Theatre, West End :: V166
listing details L0224053989


Company York Settlement Community Players. Director Sam Taylor.
5 Mar 19 to 16 Mar 19Theatre Royal, York :: V954
listing details L01321462113


Company Royal Shakespeare Company. Director Maria Aberg. Design Naomi Dawson. Lighting Natasha Chivers. Music Orlando Gough. Sound Claire Windsor. Director Ayse Tashiran (movement director). Performer Jeff Alexander (Doctor). Performer Aretha Ayeh (Julia). Performer Greg Barnett (Delio). Performer Graeme Brookes (Officer). Performer Will Brown (Roderigo). Performer Alexander Cobb (Ferdinand). Performer Ashley Gayle (Silvio). Performer Francis Gush (Counter Tenor). Performer Amanda Hadingue (Cariola). Performer Richard Hurst (Grisolan). Performer Solomon Israel (Officer). Performer Joan Iyiola (The Duchess). Performer Chris New (The Cardinal). Performer Nicolas Tennant (Bosola). Performer Paul Woodson (Antonio).
1 Mar 18 to 3 Aug 18Swan Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon :: V136
listing details L1272090403


Producer Euphonia Studio. Adapted by Alisdair Kitchen. Director Alisdair Kitchen.
26 Sep 17 to 1 Oct 17Drayton Arms Theatre, Inner London :: V0952168700
listing details L291653297
17 Jun 17 to 18 Jun 17Cockpit Theatre, Inner London :: V182
listing details L987066390


Presented byBury Theatre Workshop.
26 Jan 16 to 30 Jan 16Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds :: V76
listing details L1254679739


Producer Nottingham Playhouse. Director Fiona Buffini. Design Neil Murray. Costume Neil Murray. Lighting Mark Jonathan. Music Jon Nicholls. Performer Peter Bray. Performer Patrick Brennan. Performer Steve Conlin. Performer Jim Findley. Performer Lisa Howard. Performer Chris Jared.
30 Oct 15 to 14 Nov 15Playhouse, Nottingham :: V457
listing details L800012259


Company Pell Mell Theatre Company. Director Natalie York. Design Jenny Gamble. Lighting Edmund Sutton. Costume Giulia Scrimieri. Music Adrian York. Performer Lucy Laing. Performer Tom Blyth. Performer Callum Cameron. Performer Matthew Leigh. Performer Stephen MacNeice. Performer Marie Fortune.
5 Aug 14 to 23 Aug 14The New Diorama Theatre, Inner London :: V258
listing details L0229167875


Producer Globe Theatre. Director Dominic Dromgoole. Design Jonathan Fensom. Music Claire van Kampen. Performer Gemma Arterton (The Duchess). Performer Sean Gilder (Bosola). Performer David Dawson (Ferdinand). Performer James Garnon (Cardinal). Performer Denise Gough (Julia). Performer Alex Waldmann (Antonio). Performer Giles Cooper. Performer john Dougall. Performer Sarah MacRae. Performer Brendan O'Hea. Performer Paul Rider. Performer Dickon Tyrrell.
9 Jan 14 to 16 Feb 14Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, West End :: V165
listing details L1019262901


Presented byQuestors.
8 Feb 14 to 15 Feb 14Questor's Theatre, Outer London :: V326
listing details L169167946


Producer Tom Stevens. Company Eyestrings Theatre. Director Owen Horsley. Design Simon Anthony. Sound Helen Atkinson. Lighting Daniel Street. Other Angela Garrick (stage manager). Other Richard Lakos (production photography). Performer Kelly Hotten (The Duchess). Performer Charlotte Powell (Cariola/Julia). Performer Orlando James (Ferdinand). Performer George Taylor (Cardinal). Performer Edmund Wiseman (Antonio). Performer Vincent Enderby (Delio). Performer Philip Cairns (Bosola).
10 Oct 13Marlborough Theatre, Brighton :: V662
listing details L02073362801
5 Oct 13Connaught Theatre, Worthing :: V725
listing details L935965078
19 Sep 13Firestation Arts & Culture, Windsor :: V740
listing details L0101246451


Running time: 90mins with no intervalCompany Eyestring Theatre. Director Owen Horsley. Design Simon Anthony Wells. Sound Helen Atkinson. Performer Kelly Hotten. Performer Orlando Jame. Performer Edmund Wiseman.
11 Sep 12 to 30 Sep 12White Bear, Inner London :: V256
listing details L01652655456
5 Sep 12 to 8 Sep 12Burton Taylor Theatre, Oxford :: V799
listing details L469494589


Producer Old Vic. Director Jamie Lloyd. Design Soutra Gilmour. Lighting James Farncombe. Music Ben Ringham. Music Max Ringham. Sound Ben Ringham. Sound Max Ringham. Performer Eve Best (The Duchess of Malfi). Performer Tom Bateman (Antonio Bologna). Performer Mark Bonnar (Daniel de Bosola). Performer Harry Lloyd (Ferdinand). Performer Finbar Lynch (The Cardinal of Aragon). Performer Madeline Appiah (Cariola). Performer Harry Attwell (Marquis of Pescara). Performer Nari Blair-Mangat (Roderigo). Performer Adam Burton (Silvio). Performer Vyelle Croom (Malateste). Performer Lucy Eaton (Lady in Waiting). Performer Taylor James (Grisolan). Performer Tunji Kasim (Delio). Performer Iris Roberts (Julia). Performer Alan Westaway (Doctor and Castruccio).
17 Mar 12 to 9 Jun 12Old Vic Theatre, West End :: V402
listing details L02139518111


Producer Alice de Sousa. Presented byGalleon Theatre Company. Presented byGreenwich Playhouse. Producer Alice De Sousa. Director Bruce Jamieson. Costume Natasha Piper. Design Charlotte Randell. Lighting Philip Jones. Director Ian McCraccken |fight). Other Robert Gooch (photography). Performer Emma Grace Arends (Cariola). Performer Barry Clarke (Castruchio/Doctor). Performer Alice De Sousa (The Duchess of Malfi). Performer Martin Foreman (Cardinal's Man). Performer Phil Gerrard (Cardinal's Man). Performer Robin Holden (Ferdinand). Performer Bruce Jamieson (the Cardinal). Performer Alexander Neal (Delio). Performer Damian Quinn (Bosola). Performer Alex Reece (Cardinal's Man). Performer Darren Stamford (Antonio). Performer Tanya Winsor (Julia).
21 Feb 12 to 18 Mar 12Greenwich Playhouse, Outer London :: V1286
listing details L0367268047


Contains adult themes. Please bring own chairs and blankets. Picnics welcome, but please, no alcohol or glassware.Company Blood & Thunder Theatre Company. Director Maria Jeffries. Director Jacque MacDonald. Performer Gareth Bernard (Delio). Performer Jose A. Perez Diez (Antonio). Performer Steve Quck (Bosola). Performer Rick Kenney (Cardinal). Performer Richard Nunn (Silvio). Performer Richard Warner (Castruccio). Performer Emma Hartland (Julia). Performer Matt Kubus (Ferdinand). Performer Kelley Costigan (Duchess). Performer Helen Osborne (Cariola). Performer David Saterman (Old Lady/Doctor). Performer Lily Lyppard (Malfi Servant/Pilgrim). Performer Jacob Bridgewater (Antonio's Son).
22 Jul 11General, General :: V0835786775
listing details L0236916823


Company Vivid Theatre Company.
24 Nov 10 to 27 Nov 10ARC, Stockton-on-Tees :: V01950064742
listing details L01992738330


Producer Royal and Derngate. Director Laurie Sansom.
15 Oct 10 to 30 Oct 10Royal & Derngate, Northampton :: V449
listing details L01728894545


Run time: 2hrs 30minsProducer Vaulting Ambition. Director Dan Horrigan. Design J. William Davis. Lighting Phil Spencer Hunter. Sound Seb Willan. Choreographer Hannah Kaye. Performer Steph Brittain (Cariola). Performer Steve Brownlie (Ensemble). Performer Tim Daish (Delio). Performer Alex Humes (Ferdinand). Performer James Sobol Kelly (Bosola). Performer Tilly Middleton (The Duchess). Performer Andrew Piper (Cardinal). Performer Liv Spencer (Ensemble). Performer Peter Lloyd (Antonio). Performer Mario Vernazza (Ensemble). Performer Alinka Wright (Julia).
8 Apr 10 to 7 May 10Charing Cross Theatre, Inner London :: V241
listing details L0352141837


Producer Greenwich Theatre. Director Elizabeth Freestone. Design Neil Irish. Lighting Wayne Dowdeswell. Sound Adrienne Quartly. Performer Harvey Virdi. Performer Conrad Westmaas. Performer Tim Treloar. Performer James Wallace. Performer Peter Bankole. Performer Edmund Kingsley. Performer Aislin McGuckin. Performer Brigid Zengeni. Performer Mark Hadfield. Performer Richard Bremmer. Performer Tim Steed. Performer Maxwell Hutcheon.
23 Mar 10 to 10 Apr 10Greenwich Theatre, Outer London :: V308
listing details L0442515108


This spare, tender adaptation of Webster's classic tragedy, by exciting new playwright Bryony Markwick, explores the gap between the twentieth century's apparent civilisation and the old cruelties buried beneath the surface.Company Have Your Cake Theatre Company. Adapted by Bryony Markwick.
2 Sep 09 to 27 Sep 09The King's Head Theatre, Inner London :: V235
listing details L656247685


Company Lazarus Theatre Company. Director Ricky Dukes. Design Heather Doole. Design Liam Welton. Design Ricky Dukes. Costume Michael Window. Director Tim Mcfarland (movement). Director Ricky Dukes (movement). Other Hannah Diekneite (stage manager). Performer Natalie Lesser. Performer james French. Performer Derek Horsham. Performer Neal Craig. Performer Steven Rodgers. Performer James Ronan. Performer Charlotte Lamont. Performer Carrie Whitton. Performer Daniel Rodrigues. Performer Chris Waplington. Performer Carlie Dupre. Performer Claire Daly. Performer Rebecca Eve.
17 Mar 09 to 4 Apr 09The Blue Elephant Theatre, Inner London :: V1259993386
listing details L0488703579


Company Black Sun Theatre Company. Director Jemma Gross. Performer Trudy Elizabeth Hodgson. Performer David Fensom. Performer James Rose. Performer Henry Doulton. Performer Alex Tanner. Performer Rose Romain. Performer Bethany Audley. Performer Sam Child. Performer Steven Rostance. Performer Paul Mooney.
3 Mar 09 to 22 Mar 09White Bear, Inner London :: V256
listing details L903395157


Producer Matt Parritt. Company Apricot Productions (University of Oxford Student Company). Director Titas Halder. Design Anna Johnson.
14 Nov 07 to 17 Nov 07The Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L01585057977


Company Incrementum Theatre Group.
5 Sep 07 to 8 Sep 07Trinity Theatre and Arts Centre, Tunbridge Wells :: V691
listing details L896806153


Producer West Yorkshire Playhouse. Director Philip Franks. Design Leslie Travers. Lighting Charles Balfour. Sound Mic Pool. Music Matthew Scott. Director Kate Waters (fight). Director Kay Magson (casting). Director Sam Brown (assistant). Performer Imogen Stubbs (Duchess). Performer Guy Williams (Cardinal). Performer Timothy Walker (Ferdinand). Performer James Albrecht (Antonio). Performer Jane Bertish. Performer Oliver Birch. Performer David Caves. Performer Phillip Cumbus. Performer Sebastian Harcombe. Performer Melanie Jessop.
21 Oct 06 to 11 Nov 06Leeds Playhouse (formerly West Yorkshire Playhouse), Leeds :: V977
listing details L1926208635


Company Herald Players.
13 Apr 05 to 16 Apr 05Electric Theatre, Guildford :: V01732805351
listing details L1307845915


Company Drama Centre London (Third-Year Students). Director Di Trevis. Design Agnes Treplin.
21 Mar 05 to 24 Mar 05Cochrane Theatre, Inner London :: V181
listing details L1189232045


Company Fluellen Theatre Company.
19 Oct 04Grand Theatre, Swansea :: V831
listing details L048037441
16 Mar 04 to 18 Mar 04Grand Theatre, Swansea :: V831
listing details L184095929


WebsiteCompany Apricot Theatre. Director Bonnie Hewson. Other Bryony Rutter. Director Chris Swain (tech). Performer Gillian Bayes. Performer Mark Edel-Hunt. Performer Benedict Hitchins. Performer Rachel King. Performer Robert Leigh. Performer Ros Steele.
10 Aug 04 to 30 Aug 04The Fringe Office, Edinburgh :: V1059
listing details L02002066640
3 Aug 04 to 8 Aug 04Greenwich Playhouse, Outer London :: V1286
listing details L1359822258
29 Jul 04 to 31 Jul 04The Space Arts Centre, Outer London :: V1199
listing details L1201208548
22 Jul 04 to 25 Jul 04Etcetera Theatre, Inner London :: V198
listing details L01145995962
14 Jul 04 to 17 Jul 04General, York :: V01314402172
listing details L0404494504
1 Jul 04General, York :: V01314402172
listing details L0585728355


Producer Cambridge Arts Theatre. Director Stephen Siddall. Design Neil Irish.
1 Jul 03 to 5 Jul 03Arts Theatre, Cambridge :: V19
listing details L0486887046


Producer Royal National Theatre. Director Phyllida Lloyd. Design Mark Thompson. Lighting Mark Henderson. Music Gary Yershon. Sound Simon Baker (for Autograph). Performer Janet McTeer (Duchess). Performer Lorcan Cranitch (Bosola). Performer Eleanor David (Julia). Performer Charles Edwards (Antonio). Performer James Howard. Performer Will Keen (Ferdinand). Performer Penelope McGhie. Performer Sally Rogers (Cariola). Performer Jonathan Slinger (Delio). Performer Abigail Acari. Performer Julien Ball. Performer Michael Bernardin. Performer David Berry. Performer Andy Callard. Performer Martin Chamberlain. Performer Keiran Flynn. Performer Padraig Goodall. Performer Margaret Hilder. Performer Clemmie Hooton. Performer Eliza Lumley. Performer Stuart Richman. Performer Peter Shade. Performer Ray Stevenson. Performer Matthew Thomas-Davies. Performer Andrew Westfield.
10 Jun 03 to 14 Jun 03Theatre Royal, Nottingham :: V462
listing details L01097627787
3 Jun 03 to 7 Jun 03Theatre Royal, Plymouth :: V895
listing details L01860694609
1 Apr 03 to 5 Apr 03King's Theatre, Edinburgh :: V601
listing details L0383066151
25 Mar 03 to 29 Mar 03Malvern Theatres, Malvern :: V01718852442
listing details L0178005901
18 Mar 03 to 22 Mar 03The Lowry, Salford :: V0655996499
listing details L1263005181
18 Jan 03 to 27 May 03Lyttelton (National Theatre), West End :: V374
listing details L0140802168


Producer New Vic. Director Lucy Pitman-Wallace. Design Jess Curtis. Choreographer Sue Nash. Director Terry King (fight). Other Neil Swain (voice coach). Lighting Daniella Beattie. Sound James Earls-Davis. Performer Charlie Buckland (Castruchio). Performer Jonathan Coote (Bosola). Performer Chris Garner (Antonio). Performer Katherine Grice (Duchess). Performer Emmanuel Ighodara (Malateste). Performer Keith Ladd (Pescara). Performer Helen Murton (Cariola). Performer Charles Millham (The Cardinal). Performer Simon Scardifield (Ferdinand). Performer Giles Taylor (Delio). Performer Tim Weekes (Sylvio). Performer Natasha Estelle Williams (Julia).
25 Oct 02 to 16 Nov 02New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme :: V119
listing details L02029905335


Company Dundee Rep Resident Company. Director Dominic Hill. Design Tom Piper. Music Anthea Haddow. Lighting Bruno Poet. Performer Irene Macdougall. Performer Keith Fleming. Performer Alexander West. Performer Sandy Neilson. Performer Rodney Matthew. Performer Ann Louise Ross. Performer Andrew Clark. Performer Robert Paterson. Performer Emily Winter. Performer Claire Dargo. Performer Janine Mellor. Performer Thane Bettany.
5 Oct 02 to 26 Oct 02Dundee Repertory Theatre, Dundee :: V596
listing details L0760020275


Producer Salisbury Playhouse. Director Joanna Read. Design Nancy Surman. Lighting Jim Simmons. Sound Diane Prentice. Music Olly Fox. Performer Lou Gish. Performer John McAndrew. Performer Jason Morell. Performer Alan Cox. Performer Stephen Finegold. Performer Faz Singhateh. Performer Wendy Baxter. Performer Lindsay Carr. Performer Tim Meats. Performer Simeon Truby. Performer Asa Cannell. Performer Jamie Ballard. Performer Sean Buckley. Performer Alex Kennedy. Performer Catrin Southgate. Performer Bertie Evans. Performer Gavin Johnson. Performer Iona Johnson.
15 Mar 02 to 6 Apr 02Playhouse, Salisbury :: V923
listing details L313231292


Company Actors Company. Director Andrew Jarvis. Design Agnes Treplin.
24 Sep 01 to 28 Oct 01Jermyn Street Theatre, Inner London :: V207
listing details L0362311229


Company Royal Shakespeare Company. Director Gale Edwards. Design Peter J Davison. Costume Sue Willmington. Lighting Mark McCullough. Music Paddy Cunneen. Sound Matt McKenzie. Lighting Mark McCullough. Music Paddy Cunneen. Performer Ken Bones (Cardinal). Performer Neil Dudgeon (Bosola). Performer Richard Lintern (Antonio). Performer Caroline Loncq (Julia). Performer Aisling O'Sullivan (Duchess of Malfi). Performer Colin Tierney (Ferdinand). Performer Tom Mannion.
6 Feb 01 to 3 Mar 01Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon :: V135
listing details L981624843
21 Oct 00 to 18 Nov 00Barbican Centre, West End :: V371
listing details L01586013178


Company Royal Shakespeare Company. Director Gale Edwards. Design Peter J Davison. Costume Sue Willmington. Performer Aisling O'Sullivan. Performer Neil Dudgeon. Performer Ken Bones. Performer Richard Lintern. Performer Colin Tierney.
30 Jan 01 to 3 Feb 01New Victoria Theatre, Woking :: V709
listing details L0666144590
23 Jan 01 to 27 Jan 01Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L038698684
12 Dec 00 to 16 Dec 00Theatre Royal, Norwich :: V72
listing details L1397922607
5 Dec 00 to 9 Dec 00Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L119845902
28 Nov 00 to 2 Dec 00Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent :: V124
listing details L886167568
21 Nov 00 to 25 Nov 00Alhambra Theatre, Bradford :: V965
listing details L1843145432


Company Royal Shakespeare Company. Director Gale Edwards. Design Peter J Davison. Costume Sue Willmington. Lighting Mark McCullough. Music Paddy Cunneen. Sound Matt McKenzie. Performer Ken Bones (Cardinal). Performer Tom Mannion (Bosola). Performer Richard Lintern (Antonio). Performer Caroline Loncq (Julia). Performer Aisling O'Sullivan (Aisling O'Sullivan (Duchess of Malfi). Performer Colin Tierney (Ferdinand).
16 Jan 01 to 20 Jan 01Theatre Royal, Glasgow :: V623
listing details L1299806334


Webster's classic Jacobean tragedy is brought into the twenty-first century, drawing parallels between the 17th century court of Amalfi and our own technologically dominated world today.Company Suds and Supas.
14 Jun 00 to 17 Jun 00Gardner Arts Centre, Brighton :: V653
listing details L590852148


Company Mercury Theatre Company. Director Gregory Floy. Director Sue Lefton. Design Tim Meacock. Lighting Spraggett. Music Matthew Bugg. Director Richard Ryan (fight). Performer Christine Absalom. Performer Ian Kirkby. Performer Tony Casement. Performer Miranda Floy. Performer Kate Gartside. Performer Ignatius Anthony. Performer Peter Forbes. Performer Jim Conway. Performer Justin Grattan. Performer Emma Gregory. Performer Adrian Stokes.
30 Mar 00 to 15 Apr 00Mercury Theatre, Colchester :: V37
listing details L1790813999


Company Judas Productions. Company 2-Way Mirror Theatre Company. Director Brett James.
4 Jan 00 to 29 Jan 00The Starting Gate, Outer London :: V2120510689
listing details L01143956201


Company Almitra Productions. Director Dan Horrigan. Director Caroline Dewarth. Design Anita Rogers. Costume Elizabeth Bloomfield. Performer Kate Gardner. Performer Mark Skinner. Performer Paul Jacobs. Performer Antony Eden. Performer Andrea Lori. Performer Jon Garstang. Performer Marianne Vahl. Performer Donna Kitching. Performer Nick Edwards. Performer David Hood. Performer Carla Nassy. Performer Julien Fisera. Performer Nathan Lawrence. Performer Marilyn Rust.
26 Nov 99 to 27 Nov 99Firestation Arts & Culture, Windsor :: V740
listing details L0916553333


Company Stantonbury Campus Theatre and Performing Arts Students.
23 Nov 98 to 28 Nov 98Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes :: V752
listing details L01431705523


Company A Star Danced Theatre Company. Director Katherine Bailey Chubb. Design Martin Frost. Lighting James Casey. Performer Debra Beaumont. Performer Anouka Brook. Performer Simon de Deney. Performer Sebastian Dunn. Performer Toby Eddington. Performer Martin Julier. Performer Duncan Knowles. Performer Robin Lloyd. Performer Sharon Maharaj. Performer Jonathon Sims.
16 Feb 98 to 14 Mar 98Tristan Bates Theatre (TBT) - The Actors Centre, Inner London :: V251
listing details L0355277144


Company Brave New World Theatre Company. Director Robin Pritchard. Performer Kjeld Clark. Performer Maisie Dimbleby. Performer Esme Eliot. Performer Dickon Farmar. Performer Ben Garcia. Performer Steve Guy. Performer Victoria Newlyn. Performer Finlay Robertson. Performer Christopher Rowan. Performer Richard Thornton.
3 Feb 98 to 15 Feb 98Greenwich Playhouse, Outer London :: V1286
listing details L767205466
to 25 Jan 98Barons Court Theatre, Inner London :: V169
listing details L931397474

Other listings

7 Oct 04Hafren (formerly Theatre Hafren), Newtown :: V852
listing details L2041275495
31 Oct 00 to 4 Nov 00Burton Taylor Theatre, Oxford :: V799
listing details L805010519
26 May 98 to 30 May 98OFS Studio (previously known as Old Fire Station Theatre), Oxford :: V800
listing details L0916628046

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