The Ladykillers archiveThe Ladykillers tells the story of the eccentric little old lady Mrs Wilberforce who lives alone with her parrots in a strange lopsided house in King's Cross. Her life is turned upside down by the arrival of Professor Marcus and his four friends, who between them make up the most unlikely group of criminals. Planning the heist of a security van, they decide to use Mrs Wilberforce as cover and involve her unwittingly in the plot. Things do not go well and the Professor's plan starts to unravel in spectacular and hilarious fashion.


Adapted by: Graham Linehan

Archive listings for The Ladykillers

Work type: Play.


Company Garden Suburb Theatre.
2 Feb 23 to 5 Feb 23Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Inner London :: V1170
listing details L561946755


Director Chris Honer. Design Louie Whitemore. Lighting Chris Davey. Sound Richard Bell. Director Renny Krupinski (fight director). Director Kay Magson (casting director). Performer Chris Porter (Const Macdonald). Performer Rachel Laurence (Mrs L Wilberforce). Performer Dominic Gately (Professor Marcus). Performer Patrick Driver (Major Courtney). Performer Luke Murphy (Harry Robinson). Performer Devesh Kishore (Louis Harvey). Performer Eric Potts (One-Round).
23 May 19 to 30 Oct 19The Theatre By The Lake, Keswick :: V7
listing details L941857319


Company Trowbridge Players.
8 May 19 to 11 May 19Arc Theatre, Trowbridge :: V881281219
listing details L01937141703


Producer New Wolsey Theatre. Producer Salisbury Playhouse. Producer Queen's Theatre Hornchurch (by arrangement with Fiery Angel Limited). Director Peter Rowe. Design Foxton. Costume Foxton. Lighting Alexandra Stafford. Sound Rebecca Applin. Music Rebecca Applin. Director Angie Carroll (casting director). Director Bret Yount (fight director).
31 Oct 17 to 18 Nov 17Playhouse, Salisbury :: V923
listing details L0402327957
3 Oct 17 to 21 Oct 17Queen's Theatre Hornchurch, Hornchurch :: V41
listing details L359847294
7 Sep 17 to 30 Sep 17New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich :: V81
listing details L1307177604


Producer The Questors.
24 Mar 17 to 1 Apr 17Questor's Theatre, Outer London :: V326
listing details L01224551794


Producer Brookside Theatre.
15 Feb 17 to 18 Feb 17Brookside Theatre, Romford :: V0273331991
listing details L01799140292


Company G and G Productions.
20 Sep 16 to 24 Sep 16Dugdale Arts Centre, Outer London :: V270299602
listing details L01638930815


Company Windsor Repertory Company. Director Robert McWhir. Design David Shields. Costume Barbara Williams. Sound Nico Menghini. Director Kylie Vilcins (casting director). Performer Tom McMorran (Professor Marcus). Performer Chris Casey (Harry). Performer Chris Kiely (Louis). Performer Russell Anthony (Major Courtney). Performer Danny Lane (One Round). Performer Hilary Harwood (Mrs Wilberforce). Performer Julie Ross (Mrs Tromleyton).
5 Jul 16 to 9 Jul 16Theatre Royal Windsor, Windsor :: V742
listing details L01484447594


Company Bury Theatre Workshop.
7 Jun 16 to 11 Jun 16Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds :: V76
listing details L267599345


Producer Paul Townsend. Presented byStreet Theatre. Director Peter Wintle.
17 Mar 16 to 19 Mar 16Strode Theatre, Street :: V917
listing details L01730990627


Director John Ghent.
17 Nov 15 to 21 Nov 15Little Theatre, Leicester :: V433
listing details L1737989716


Producer The Watermill. Director Lee Lyford. Design Simon Kenny. Lighting Nick Richings. Performer Matthew Alexander (Constable Macdonald). Performer John Biddle (Louis). Performer Dermot Canavan (The Major). Performer Harry Katsari (Harry). Performer paul Mundell (Professor Marcus). Performer Marlene Sidaway (Mrs Wilberforce). Performer Alan Stocks (One-Round).
24 Sep 15 to 31 Oct 15The Watermill Theatre, Newbury :: V733
listing details L0551958894


Company Pump House Theatre Company.
21 Sep 15 to 26 Sep 15The Pump House Arts Centre, Watford :: V56
listing details L0877562755


Company Ilkley Playhouse.
31 Aug 15 to 4 Sep 15Minack Theatre, Penzance :: V872
listing details L624518608


Producer Hull Truck Theatre. Producer New Vic Newcastle-under-Lyme. Director Mark Babych.
13 May 15 to 30 May 15Hull Truck Theatre, Hull :: V935
listing details L1420230840
10 Apr 15 to 2 May 15New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme :: V119
listing details L1041647627


Company Cosmopolitan Players.
20 May 15 to 23 May 15The Carriageworks, Leeds :: V1666392263
listing details L01534187999


Producer Pitlochry Festival Theatre.
23 Oct 14 to 15 Nov 14Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Pitlochry :: V638
listing details L652732946


Director Richard Abel.
30 Oct 14 to 1 Nov 14King's Lynn Arts Centre, Kings Lynn :: V67
listing details L0372889982


Director Bill Collins. Performer Niall Wilkinson (Constable MacDonald). Performer Maggie Hall (Mrs Wilberforce). Performer Paul Dawson ('Professor' Marcus). Performer John Naughton (Major Courtney). Performer Paul Leffler (Harry Robinson). Performer Chris Roberts (One Round). Performer Iain Cash (Louis Harvey).
15 Oct 14 to 25 Oct 14Wigan Little Theatre, Wigan :: V1038
listing details L0187132758


Company The Grange Players.
10 Sep 14 to 20 Sep 14The Grange Playhouse, Walsall :: V01321647754
listing details L660637119


Presented byKenneth More Theatre. Director Steven Day. Performer Frances Alvarez (Mrs Wilberforce). Performer Grant Alvarez (Louis Harvey). Performer John Gadd (Professor Marcus). Performer Phillip Rowlands (Harry Robinson). Performer Josh Ward (One Round). Performer Phil Clarke (Major Courtney). Performer Nick Ford (PC Macdonald).
17 Apr 14 to 19 Apr 14Kenneth More Theatre, Outer London :: V313
listing details L1313641912


Company Whitley Bay Theatre Company.
9 Apr 14 to 12 Apr 14Whitley Bay Playhouse, Whitley Bay :: V580
listing details L717623707


Producer Edward Snape (for Fiery Angel in association with Stage Entertainment UK and Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse). Director Sean Folery. Design Michael Taylor. Costume Michael Taylor. Lighting James Farncombe. Sound VBen Ringham. Sound Max Ringham. Other Scott Penrose (special effects). Performer Paul Brown (Professor Marcus). Performer Clive Mantle (Major Courtney). Performer Chris McCalphy (One-Round). Performer William Troughton (Harry). Performer Shaun Williamson (Louis). Performer Michele Dotrice (Mrs Wilberforce).
29 Jun 13 to 18 Jan 14Vaudeville Theatre, West End :: V417
listing details L1517858207
9 Apr 13 to 13 Apr 13New Theatre, Cardiff :: V823
listing details L0238868013
2 Apr 13 to 6 Apr 13Grand Theatre and Opera House, Leeds :: V975
listing details L1106167127
26 Mar 13 to 30 Mar 13The Lowry, Salford :: V0655996499
listing details L1366970092
18 Mar 13 to 23 Mar 13Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V570
listing details L1718397079
11 Mar 13 to 16 Mar 13New Victoria Theatre, Woking :: V709
listing details L0158819294
4 Mar 13 to 9 Mar 13Theatre Royal, Norwich :: V72
listing details L761939949
25 Feb 13 to 2 Mar 13Bord Gais Energy Theatre (formerly Grand Canal Theatre), Dublin :: V020759267
listing details L01955612630
19 Feb 13 to 23 Feb 13Grand Opera House, Belfast :: V548
listing details L0405531026
12 Feb 13 to 16 Feb 13Hull New Theatre, Hull :: V934
listing details L0433825471
5 Feb 13 to 9 Feb 13Curve, Leicester :: V830272338
listing details L636798528
28 Jan 13 to 2 Feb 13Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton :: V161
listing details L0105796197
23 Jan 13 to 26 Jan 13Milton Keynes Theatre, Milton Keynes :: V754
listing details L0398463438
3 Dec 12 to 8 Dec 12Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L1378409584
26 Nov 12 to 1 Dec 12Malvern Theatres, Malvern :: V01718852442
listing details L1488613510
19 Nov 12 to 24 Nov 12Theatre Royal, Glasgow :: V623
listing details L1998521029
12 Nov 12 to 17 Nov 12His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen :: V585
listing details L492710799
5 Nov 12 to 10 Nov 12King's Theatre, Edinburgh :: V601
listing details L493888036
29 Oct 12 to 3 Nov 12Theatre Royal, Nottingham :: V462
listing details L01067296683
22 Oct 12 to 27 Oct 12Arts Theatre, Cambridge :: V19
listing details L1491461362
15 Oct 12 to 20 Oct 12Mayflower Theatre, Southampton :: V774
listing details L781888139
1 Oct 12 to 6 Oct 12Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L322658225
24 Sep 12 to 29 Sep 12Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury :: V674
listing details L0257370082
14 Sep 12 to 22 Sep 12Theatre Royal Plymouth, Plymouth :: V895
listing details L566922523


Producer Edward Snape (for Fiery Angel in association with Stage Entertainment UK and Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse). Director Sean Folery. Design Michael Taylor. Costume Michael Taylor. Lighting James Farncombe. Sound VBen Ringham. Sound Max Ringham. Other Scott Penrose (special effects). Performer Ralf Little (Harry). Performer Simon Day (Major Courtney). Performer Angela Thorne (Mrs Wilberforce). Performer John Gordon Sinclair (Professor Marcus). Performer Con O'Neill (Louis). Performer Chris McCalphy (One Round). Performer Blair Plant. Performer Carole Dance.
29 Jun 13 to 26 Oct 13Vaudeville Theatre, West End :: V417
listing details L01765246812


Producer Edward Snape (for Fiery Angel in association with Stage Entertainment UK and Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse). Director Sean Folery. Design Michael Taylor. Costume Michael Taylor. Lighting James Farncombe. Sound VBen Ringham. Sound Max Ringham. Other Scott Penrose (special effects). Performer Peter Capaldi (Professor Marcus). Performer James Fleet (Major Courtney). Performer Ben Miller (Louis). Performer Clive Rowe (One Round). Performer Stephen Wight (Harry). Performer Marcia Warren (Mrs Wilberforce).
26 Nov 11 to 14 Apr 12Gielgud Theatre, West End :: V395
listing details L01186270329
3 Nov 11 to 19 Nov 11Liverpool Playhouse, Liverpool :: V536
listing details L548119043
24 Jun 11Hyde Park, Inner London :: V1211
listing details L1467950521

Other listings

9 Aug 23 to 12 Aug 23Shaftesbury Theatre, Dawlish :: V885
listing details L2063540197
26 Jun 23 to 1 Jul 23Bolton Little Theatre, Bolton :: V482
listing details L01974661522
25 May 23 to 27 May 23BOAT (Brighton Open Air Theatre), Brighton :: V1621432169
listing details L1101659253
20 Nov 21 to 27 Nov 21The Phoenix Theatre, Ross-on-Wye :: V1018
listing details L101089437
14 Mar 20 to 21 Mar 20The Phoenix Theatre, Ross-on-Wye :: V1018
listing details L0749586048
12 Sep 19 to 21 Sep 19Norbury Theatre, Droitwich :: V01807609456
listing details L983952178
25 Feb 19 to 2 Mar 19The Courtyard Theatre, Chipstead :: V370
listing details L0576656204
24 Nov 17 to 2 Dec 17Lyceum Theatre, Oldham :: V01825477968
listing details L1206100771
18 May 17 to 20 May 17Royal Hippodrome Theatre, Eastbourne :: V666
listing details L01333104172
3 Feb 17 to 11 Feb 17The Apollo Theatre, Newport :: V788
listing details L0801054642
14 Jul 16 to 23 Jul 16Oasthouse Theatre, Rainham :: V695
listing details L0893988685
10 Jun 16 to 2 Jul 16Coliseum Theatre, Oldham :: V497
listing details L02037725832
7 Jun 16 to 11 Jun 16The Stoke Repertory Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent :: V123
listing details L1974522373
31 May 16Seckford Theatre, Woodbridge :: V0396171917
listing details L01549772088
3 May 16 to 7 May 16Putney Arts Theatre, Outer London :: V363
listing details L0853417464
25 Nov 15 to 28 Nov 15Duchess Theatre, Long Eaton :: V0865379748
listing details L0185045896
1 Sep 15 to 5 Sep 15The Playhouse, Halifax :: V971
listing details L68521645
6 Jul 15 to 11 Jul 15Bingley Little Theatre, Bingley :: V981
listing details L1075196521
18 Jun 15 to 20 Jun 15Mowlem Theatre, Swanage :: V911
listing details L1742514422
9 Dec 14 to 20 Dec 14Highbury Little Theatre, Sutton Coldfield :: V158
listing details L0307852970
4 Dec 14 to 13 Dec 14Medway Little Theatre, Rochester :: V0721343788
listing details L0957124116
22 Oct 14 to 25 Oct 14Harlequin Theatre, Northwich :: V474
listing details L1132274030
20 Oct 14 to 25 Oct 14Chorley Theatre, Chorley :: V530
listing details L173529279


News: The Ladykillers
18Nov13: Script available for amateur performance.
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