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Below are details of five randomly chosen play scripts currently available through our sister site ScriptCircle (Full Catalogue of nearly 500 plays - html, large!)


Blanche Scallywag III has a mission to complete or else she loses her job! Tiny Piccolo is a dream come true, until she is stolen and sets off on a whirlwind adventure to find happiness. (With some bumps along the way!)

Author: HOOTON, Mary
Cast (at least 4): 3f, 1m - One-Act.
Files available for downloadSuitable for under 16s to perform

Early Liberty - an American drama by Rita Anderson

“Life is about paying attention to the right things,” but what happens when the people and places you consider safe aren’t? What is “safe” and who spells “Home”? When Mark Haywood follows the beacon into Lighthouse Cove nothing is what it seems. But if Mark’s world is falling apart—despite increasingly-frantic efforts to keep it together, then the hotel proprietor and his family need a special kind of rescue from each other. Just what will it take for Selma to grow up and for Mark to wake up? ... read more

Cast (at least 4): 4M 4F - Full-Length.
Files available for downloadAdult ThemesSwearingTragedy

The Sword of Anathema

Set in the 11th century the play is a fiction based on the Investiture Dispute between Pope Gregory 7th and Henry 4th, king of Germany. It covers the period from Easter 1076 to the following January. It begins with the excommunication of Gregory, engineered by Henry at Utrecht Cathedral. This was in response to his own earlier excommunication by Gregory. At the time Henry was at the height of his powers, having recently seen off a challenge by the German Barons. Gregory however was isolated a ... read more

Author: MANKTELOW, Roger
Cast (at least 8): 10M 4F - Full-Length.
Files available for downloadBased on real people/events


Crooked Wood is a black comedy about a bunch of ruthless property developerswho find themselves faced with an elderly lady who refuses to move out from the last remaining house on their prime site. Andrew Veitch, the smooth-talking iron fist of Golden Future, cannot budge intrepid Miss Barwick whose conviction that Veitch has come to restore her rotting stairs and floorboards and mend the holes in the roof generates the soft-centered humour.

Author: PLOWMAN, Gillian
Cast (at least 6): 6 - Full-Length.

Net Curtains

Widow, Olivia Dawson, an avid reader of romance novels yearns for the glamorous lifestyle of her characters instead of her urban breadline existence. A chance look out of her window reveals some strange comings and goings from the house across the road involving her brother Jack. He confesses he's a male escort seeing to the needs of lonely ladies of leisure. However one lady wants him for herself and threatens to expose him to her friends husbands. When the new Vice Squad boss arrives at her ... read more

Author: HAILS, Christopher
Cast (at least 9): F4 M5 - Full-Length.
Adult ThemesMild SwearingNudityComedyFarce

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RMJI Scripts

Three plays available through StagePlays. All three of these plays have won Best New Play awards.

The Chip Van Plays Dixie by Robert IlesThe Chip Van Plays Dixie
an one-act play for 1M/1F. A poignant slice of life comedy set on a bench by a cemetery where two strangers find that they have more in common than they thought, more even than a love of chips, real chips.
Head case by Robert IlesHead Case
An all female three hander one-act play script. A blind sculptress models a head on an unknown skull for her police detective sister. An award-winning ghost story.
Towpath by Robert IlesTowpath
Four strangers meet on a canal bank, each has a story to tell and a history to share.

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