Hay Fever archiveClassic comedy of bad manners about a flamboyant family. The characters of Judith and David Bliss were based on real life friends of the playwright, American actress Laurette Taylor and her husband Hartley Manners. The eccentric couple were renowned for their table manners, surprised guests would often endure shrill arguments - waged entirely among the family - which often ended with them storming out of the room, leaving their bewildered guests to make what they could of the rest of the evening.


Author: Noel Coward
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Archive listings for Hay Fever

Work type: Play.


Company Edinburgh Graduate Theatre Group. Director Martin Foreman. Performer Joseph Cathal. Performer Gregor Dickie. Performer Lois Williams. Performer Wendy Brindle. Performer Grace Gilbert. Performer Oliver Cookson. Performer Angela Harkness Robertson. Performer Laurence Wareing. Performer Beverley Wright.
18 May 22 to 21 May 22Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh :: V26097662
listing details L01825198403


Director Gareth Machin. Design Rebecca Brower. Lighting Sally Ferguson. Sound Andrea J Cox.
22 Apr 20 to 16 May 20Playhouse, Salisbury :: V923
listing details L985666791


Company Garden Suburb Theatre.
22 Nov 18 to 25 Nov 18Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Inner London :: V1170
listing details L01577517103


22 May 18 to 2 Jun 18The Wightman, Shrewsbury :: V106
listing details L01158241046


Presented byLondon Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.
18 Apr 18 to 21 Apr 18Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds :: V76
listing details L401499288


Director Penny Kimmins.
3 Jul 17 to 8 Jul 17Little Theatre, Leicester :: V433
listing details L01202628789


Producer Citizens Theatre. Producer Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh. Director Dominic Hill. Design Tom Piper. Lighting Chris Davey. Performer Katie Barnett. Performer Rosemary Boyle. Performer Nathan Ives-Moiba. Performer Pauline Knowles. Performer Myra McFadyen. Performer Hywel Simons. Performer Patrick Walshe McBride. Performer Susan Wooldridge. Performer Benny Young.
5 Apr 17 to 22 Apr 17Citizens Theatre, Glasgow :: V611
listing details L0441701911
10 Mar 17 to 1 Apr 17Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh :: V604
listing details L85707386


Company The New Venture Players.
13 Oct 16 to 15 Oct 16Brentwood Theatre, Brentwood :: V1024
listing details L01333444464


Company Logos Theatre Company (in association with Traffice of the Stage). Director Bryan Hands. Performer Judi Bowker. Performer Harry Meacher.
12 Apr 16 to 1 May 16Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Inner London :: V1170
listing details L0264793370


Company Crescent Theatre Company.
30 Mar 16 to 7 Apr 16Crescent Theatre, Birmingham :: V144
listing details L330154133


Producer Theatre Royal Bath. Director Lindsay Posner. Design Peter McKintosh. Lighting Paul Pyant. Sound Fergus O'Hare. Music Michael Bruce. Director Tom Attenborough (associate director). Other Budgie Salam (dialect coach). Performer Felicity Kendal (Judith Bliss). Performer Simon Shepherd (David Bliss). Performer Alice Orr-Ewing (Sorel Bliss). Performer Edward Franklin (Simon Bliss). Performer Sara Stewart (Myra Arundel). Performer Michael Simkins (Richard Greatham). Performer Celeste Dodwell (Jackie Coryton). Performer James Corrigan (Sandy Tyrell). Performer Mossie Smith (Clara).
20 Aug 15 to 6 Sep 15Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L1915033148


Producer Theatre Royal Bath. Director Lindsay Posner. Design Peter McKintosh. Lighting Paul Pyant. Performer Felicity Kendal (Judith). Performer Simon Shepherd (David). Performer Michael Simkins (Richard Greatham). Performer Sara Stewart (Myra Arundel). Performer Alice Orr-Ewing (Sorel Bliss). Performer Edward Franklin (Simon Bliss). Performer Celeste Dodwell (Jackie Coryton). Performer Edward Killingback (Sandy Tyrrell). Performer Mossie Smith (Clara).
29 Apr 15 to 1 Aug 15Duke of York's Theatre, West End :: V392
listing details L0754946575


Producer Paul Taylor-Mills. Producer Little Collier. Producer Kylie Vilcins (for Paul Taylor-Mills Ltd). Producer Hamish Greer (for Bill Kenwright Ltd). Director Lillie Collier. Performer Nova Skipp. Performer Francis Adams. Performer Evie Lockley. Performer John Askew. Performer Hannah Vesty. Performer Russell Anthony. Performer Sarah Dungworth. Performer Ethan Chapples. Performer Julie Ross.
16 Jun 15 to 20 Jun 15Theatre Royal, Windsor :: V742
listing details L772536275


Presented byOxford Theatre Guild.
16 Dec 14 to 20 Dec 14OFS Studio (previously known as Old Fire Station Theatre), Oxford :: V800
listing details L01399817016


Producer New Venture Theatre. Director Gerry McCrudden.
31 Oct 14 to 8 Nov 14New Venture Theatre, Brighton :: V661
listing details L01093482212


Producer Theatre Royal Bath. Director Lindsay Posner. Design Peter McKintosh. Lighting Paul Pyant. Performer Felicity Kendal. Performer Simon Shepherd. Performer Alice Orr-Ewing. Performer Edward Franklin. Performer James Corrigan. Performer Sara Stewart.
22 Sep 14 to 27 Sep 14Theatre Royal, Brighton :: V657
listing details L378942889
15 Sep 14 to 20 Sep 14Richmond Theatre, Outer London :: V327
listing details L02045074936
20 Aug 14 to 6 Sep 14Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L0338062489


Presented byStreet Theatre. Producer Di Dean. Director Dennis Barwell.
13 Mar 14 to 15 Mar 14Strode Theatre, Street :: V917
listing details L01363976342


Producer Oldham Coliseum. Director Kevin Shaw. Design Dawn Allsopp. Performer Andrew Pollard (Richard Greatham). Performer Andrew Cullimore (Sandy Tyrell). Performer Heather Phoenix (Clara). Performer Jackie Morrison (Judith Bliss). Performer James Simmons (David Bliss). Performer Caitlin Thorburn (Sorel). Performer Polly Lister (Myra). Performer Henry Devas (Simon). Performer Lisa Brookes (Jackie).
14 Jun 13 to 29 Jun 13Coliseum Theatre, Oldham :: V497
listing details L997402465


Company Camp Theatre Company.
6 Apr 13St Ives Theatre, St Ives :: V01044848473
listing details L01288991661
28 Mar 13Acorn Arts Centre, Penzance :: V1747286290
listing details L01109639489


Producer Playful Productions. Producer Sonia Friedman. Director Howard Davies. Design Bunny Christie. Lighting Mark Henderson. Sound Mike Walker. Performer Lindsay Duncan (Judith Bliss). Performer Jeremy Northam (Richard Greatham). Performer Kevin McNally (David Bliss). Performer Olivia Colman (Myra Arundel). Performer Sam Callis (Sandy Tyrell). Performer Freddie fox (Simon Bliss). Performer Jenny Galloway (Clara). Performer Amy Morgan (Jackie Coryton). Performer Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Sorel Bliss).
10 Feb 12 to 2 Jun 12Noel Coward Theatre, West End :: V380
listing details L1075973229


Producer Theatre by the Lake. Director Ian Forrest. Director Mary Papadima. Lighting Nick Beadle. Other Charmian Hoare (dialect coach). Design Martin Johns. Performer Benjamin Askew (Simon Bliss). Performer Fiona Drummond (Jackie Coryton). Performer Ben Ingles (Sandy Tyrell). Performer Kate Layden (Judith Bliss). Performer Polly Lister (Myra Arundel). Performer Olivia Mace (Sorel Bliss). Performer Peter Macqueen (David Bliss). Performer Heather Phoenix (Clara). Performer Jack Power (Richard Greatham).
9 Jun 11 to 7 Nov 11The Theatre By The Lake, Keswick :: V7
listing details L79542474


Company Hutton Players. Director Marjorie Dunn. Performer Vicky Wright. Performer Alan Thorley. Performer Helen Robins. Performer Martin Goldstone. Performer Meryl Spinks.
24 Mar 11 to 26 Mar 11Brentwood Theatre, Brentwood :: V1024
listing details L01315024298


Producer Rose Theatre. Director Stephen Unwin. Design Simon Higlett. Lighting Paul Pyant. Music Corin Buckeridge. Performer Celia Imrie (Judith Bliss Sep 23-Oct 9). Performer Nichola McAuliffe (Judith Bliss Oct 11-23). Performer Alexandra Gilbreath (Myra Arundal). Performer Stephen Boxer. Performer Adrian Lukis. Performer Holly Jones. Performer Georgia Maguire. Performer Joshua McGuire. Performer Katy Secombe. Performer Sam Swainsbury.
23 Sep 10 to 23 Oct 10Rose Theatre Kingston, Kingston :: V051452426
listing details L01302268528


Producer West Yorkshire Playhouse. Director Ian Brown. Design Mike Britton. Lighting Oliver Fenwick. Sound Mic Pool. Performer Maggie Steed (Judith Bliss). Performer Martin Turner (David Bliss). Performer Alice Haig (Sorrel Bliss). Performer Michael Benz (Simon Bliss). Performer Emma Amos. Performer Emily Bowker. Performer Philip Bretherton. Performer Matthew Douglas. Performer Connie Walker.
11 Jun 10 to 10 Jul 10Leeds Playhouse (formerly West Yorkshire Playhouse), Leeds :: V977
listing details L01042237975


Corporate Sponsor Conciair. Producer Chichester Festival Theatre. Director Nikolai Foster. Design Robert Jones. Costume Fotini Dimou. Lighting Howard Harrison. Music David Shrubsole. Sound Jonathan Suffolk. Musical Director David Shrubsole. Performer Diana Rigg (Judith Bliss). Performer Simon Williams (David Bliss). Performer Edward Bennett (Sandy Tyrell). Performer Guy Henry (Richard Greatham). Performer Caroline Langrishe (Myra). Performer Sam Alexander (Simon Bliss). Performer Laura Rogers (Sorel Bliss). Performer Sue Wallace (Clara). Performer Natalie Walter (Jackie Coryton).
9 Apr 09 to 2 May 09Chichester Festival Theatre, Chichester :: V719
listing details L836868391


Producer Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Director Caroline Leslie.
24 Oct 08 to 1 Nov 08Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (WCMD)/Raymond Edwards Building/Anthony Hopkins Centre, Cardiff :: V01146970443
listing details L0452097204


Producer Queen's Theatre Hornchurch. Director Bob Carlton. Design Mark Walters. Lighting Paul Stone. Performer Claire Storey (Judith Bliss). Performer Shaun Hennessy (David Bliss). Performer Michelle Long (Sorrel Bliss). Performer Sam Kordbacheh (Simon Bliss). Performer Simon Jessop (Sandy Tyrell). Performer Laura Penneycard (Jackie Coryton). Performer Lindsay Ashworth (Myra Arundel). Performer Oliver Beamish (Richard Greatham). Performer Diana Croft (Clara).
26 Sep 08 to 18 Oct 08Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch :: V41
listing details L0375432128


Company Tower Theatre Company. Director Sara Randall.
8 Oct 08 to 18 Oct 0826 Crowndale, Inner London :: V248
listing details L01164986979


Producer Royal Exchange Manchester. Director Greg Hersov. Design Ashley Martin-Davis. Lighting Chris Davey. Sound Steve Brown. Performer Belinda Lang (Judith Bliss). Performer Ben Keaton (David Bliss). Performer Lysette Anthony (Myra Arundel). Performer Tessa Bell-Briggs. Performer Fiona Button. Performer Dorothea Myer-Bennett. Performer Simon Bubb. Performer Chris New. Performer Simon Treves.
1 Jul 08 to 16 Aug 08Royal Exchange, Manchester :: V491
listing details L0663786821


Sterling University Drama Society presents a mixed bill of comedy and drama in their annual festival performance.Company SUDS.
26 Feb 08 to 27 Feb 08MacRobert Arts Centre, Stirling :: V642
listing details L0258083297


Running time 2 hours 10 minutes.Producer BiIl Kenwright. Producer Thelma Holt. Director Peter Hall (Sir). Design Simon Higlett. Sound Gregory Clarke. Lighting Paul Pyant. Performer Stephanie Beacham. Performer Christopher Timothy.
4 Jun 07 to 9 Jun 07Arts Theatre, Cambridge :: V19
listing details L1586620052
28 May 07 to 2 Jun 07Malvern Theatres, Malvern :: V01718852442
listing details L1955379135
21 May 07 to 26 May 07Richmond Theatre, Outer London :: V327
listing details L1746369398
14 May 07 to 19 May 07Alhambra Theatre, Bradford :: V965
listing details L27541353
30 Apr 07 to 5 May 07New Victoria Theatre, Woking :: V709
listing details L102237704
16 Apr 07 to 21 Apr 07Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V570
listing details L774858254
9 Apr 07 to 14 Apr 07Churchill Theatre, Bromley :: V302
listing details L503730563
26 Mar 07 to 31 Mar 07Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton :: V161
listing details L060507446
19 Mar 07 to 24 Mar 07Venue Cymru (formerly - North Wales Theatre), Llandudno :: V848
listing details L1976467461
12 Mar 07 to 17 Mar 07Theatre Royal, Brighton :: V657
listing details L0189304542
5 Mar 07 to 10 Mar 07Theatre Royal, Glasgow :: V623
listing details L298468493
26 Feb 07 to 3 Mar 07His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen :: V585
listing details L01042428343
19 Feb 07 to 24 Feb 07The Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L350287614
6 Feb 07 to 17 Feb 07Theatre Royal, Windsor :: V742
listing details L1257591359


Producer BiIl Kenwright. Producer Thelma Holt. Director Peter Hall (Sir). Design Simon Higlett. Sound Gregory Clarke. Lighting Paul Pyant. Performer Judi Dench (Dame - Judith Bliss). Performer Peter Bowles (David Bliss). Performer Belinda Lang (Myra Arundel). Performer Kim Medcalf (Sorel Bliss). Performer Charles Edwards. Performer Dan Stevens.
11 Apr 06 to 5 Aug 06Theatre Royal Haymarket, West End :: V396
listing details L01610437035


Company Denys Edwards Players.
25 Jul 06 to 29 Jul 06Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L01567607452


Company Priory Players.
11 May 06 to 13 May 06The Maltings, Berwick-on-Tweed :: V986
listing details L01192460887


Producer Chesil Theatre. Director Flavia Bateson.
5 Apr 06 to 8 Apr 06Chesil Theatre, Winchester :: V784
listing details L01342705832
5 Apr 06 to 8 Apr 06Theatre Royal, Winchester :: V782
listing details L02056421238


Company Exeter University Theatre Company.
7 Feb 06 to 11 Feb 06Northcott Theatre, Exeter :: V886
listing details L502889031


Company Combined Actors of Cambridge.
5 Jul 05 to 9 Jul 05ADC Theatre, Cambridge :: V18
listing details L0952017011


Producer York Theatre Royal. Director Damian Cruden. Performer David Leonard.
23 May 05 to 11 Jun 05Theatre Royal, York :: V954
listing details L0726111189


Producer Bruce James Productions. Company Octagon Theatre.
30 Jun 04 to 3 Jul 04Octagon Theatre, Yeovil :: V919
listing details L01575643738


Corporate Sponsor Warwick International Group. Producer Clwyd Theatre. Director Ian Judge. Design Mark Bailey. Costume Deirdre Clancy.
6 May 04 to 29 May 04Theatr Clwyd, Mold :: V810
listing details L478947346


Producer Haymarket Theatre. Director Robin Herford. Lighting Simon Hutchings. Design Elroy Ashmore. Costume Elroy Ashmore. Performer Lesley Meade (Judith Bliss). Performer Michael Hadley (David Bliss). Performer Sarah Miller (Sorel Bliss). Performer Dominic Marsh (Simon Bliss). Performer Karen Ascoe (Myra Arundel). Performer Terence Booth (Richard Greatham). Performer Catherine Skinner (Jackie Coryton). Performer Judy Wilson (Clara). Performer Rufus Wright (Sandy Tyrell).
30 Apr 04 to 15 May 04Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke :: V764
listing details L0889199852


Company Belfrey Theatre.
6 Nov 03 to 8 Nov 03Belfrey Theatre, Telford :: V01667203017
listing details L1276866650


Pavilion GourmetCompany The Green Room. Director David Bromley. Performer Hal Dyer. Performer David Bromley. Performer Diane Grayson.
10 Jul 03Chequer Mead, East Grinstead :: V1101
listing details L0542340998


Company Chesterfield Playgoers Society.
23 Apr 03 to 26 Apr 03Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield :: V425
listing details L810147217


Company Cuffley Players. Director Hilary Harris. Performer Jenny Wood. Performer Andrew Kent. Performer Lyn Baynham.
26 Mar 03 to 29 Mar 03General, General :: V1275
listing details L1677073300


Producer Stoke-on-Trent Repertory Theatre. Director Peter Dutton.
8 Oct 02 to 19 Oct 02Repertory Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent :: V123
listing details L01124350308


Producer Charles Vance. Performer Kim Hartman (Judith Bliss).
1 Oct 02 to 5 Oct 02Gala Theatre, Durham :: V0146218420
listing details L572752561
10 Sep 02 to 14 Sep 02Middlesborough Theatre, Middlesborough :: V560
listing details L0450178884


Company Oxford Stage Company. Performer Sally Edwards. Performer Robert Langdon Lloyd. Performer Simon Quarterman. Performer Sally Bretton. Performer Katherine Barker. Performer John Dougall. Performer Lisa Stevenson. Performer Oliver Boot. Performer Laura Rogers.
16 Jul 02 to 20 Jul 02Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V570
listing details L1741767581
9 Jul 02 to 13 Jul 02Theatre Royal, Winchester :: V782
listing details L1130189831
2 Jul 02 to 6 Jul 02The Playhouse, Oxford :: V803
listing details L01134807945
18 Jun 02 to 22 Jun 02Royal & Derngate, Northampton :: V449
listing details L02130903932
11 Jun 02 to 15 Jun 02Connaught Theatre, Worthing :: V725
listing details L01903945833
4 Jun 02 to 8 Jun 02Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne :: V665
listing details L429846913
29 May 02 to 1 Jun 02Queen's Theatre, Barnstaple :: V883
listing details L1341004151


To reserve tickets on-line - WebsiteProducer Chelsea Players. Producer Carmen Betteridge. Director Michael Hubbard. Performer Rebecca Fullick. Performer Peter Picton. Performer Alice Babington Hill. Performer Simon Gillmore. Performer Kerry Clarke. Performer David Horton. Performer Claire Simpson. Performer Rory Mackay. Performer Ann Maddern.
25 Apr 02 to 27 Apr 02General, Outer London :: V1087
listing details L0250027776


WebsiteCompany Chelsea Players.
25 Apr 02 to 27 Apr 02General, Inner London :: V1231
listing details L906997652


Rehearsed reading.Company ReAct.
11 Apr 02Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead :: V1294444431
listing details L01776843297


Company Oxford Stage Company. Director Dominic Dromgoole. Design Jonathan Fensom. Performer Estelle Kohler. Performer Jonathan Newth. Performer William Rycroft. Performer Leah Muller. Performer Susan Porrett. Performer Chris Luscombe. Performer Claire Vousden. Performer William Buckhurst. Performer Emma Darwall-Smith.
10 Jul 01 to 14 Jul 01Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham :: V90
listing details L1009715085
25 Jun 01 to 7 Jul 01Theatre Royal, Windsor :: V742
listing details L1188530492
19 Jun 01 to 23 Jun 01Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds :: V76
listing details L01245832442
5 Jun 01 to 16 Jun 01Northcott Theatre, Exeter :: V886
listing details L01538546188
22 May 01 to 26 May 01Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield :: V972
listing details L01239478911
15 May 01 to 19 May 01Bristol Old Vic, Bristol :: V857
listing details L866953182
3 May 01 to 12 May 01Theatr Clwyd, Mold :: V810
listing details L1957710461


Company Harrogate Dramatic Society.
16 May 01 to 19 May 01Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate :: V942
listing details L1247405212


Company Essential Theatre Company.
19 Sep 00 to 23 Sep 00Millfield Theatre, Outer London :: V316
listing details L750868922


Company Leeds Arts Centre. Director Joyce M King.
15 Jun 00 to 17 Jun 00Civic Theatre, Leeds :: V974
listing details L089557541


Company Newpalm Productions.
21 Jan 00 to 29 Jan 00Civic Theatre, Chelmsford :: V32
listing details L01340090365


Director Declan Donnellan. Design Nick Ormerod. Performer Geraldine McEwan. Performer Peter Blythe. Performer Sylvestra Le Touzel. Performer Malcolm Sinclair. Performer Cathryn Bradshaw. Performer Monica Dolan. Performer Scott Handy. Performer Stephen Mangan. Performer Anne White.
9 Jun 99 to 11 Sep 99Savoy Theatre, West End :: V414
listing details L0280435353


Performer Geraldrine McEwan. Performer Cathryn Bradshaw. Performer Scott Handy. Performer Sylvestra le Touzel. Performer Stephen Manganm. Performer Anne White. Director Declan Donnellan. Design Nick Ormerod.
24 May 99 to 5 Jun 99Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford :: V702
listing details L1253603457
17 May 99 to 22 May 99Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L02123591824
17 May 99 to 22 May 99Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L1978713831
12 May 99 to 15 May 99Richmond Theatre, Outer London :: V327
listing details L338253517
12 May 99 to 15 May 99Richmond Theatre, Outer London :: V327
listing details L1047945005


Director Paul Kerryson. Performer Gabrielle Drake. Performer Ann Emery. Performer Samantha George. Performer Emma Jay. Performer Colin Prockter. Performer Philip Rham. Performer Barry Satchwell. Performer Tracy Sweetinburgh. Performer Joshua Towb. Design Hugh Durrant. Lighting Jenny Cane.
7 May 98 to 30 May 98Haymarket Theatre, Leicester :: V431
listing details L785830951


Company Salisbury Playhouse. Director Gareth Armstrong. Performer Polly Adams. Performer Frank Barrie. Performer Lara Bobroff. Performer Matthew Carter. Performer Patricia Kane. Performer Hermione Gulliford. Performer Tim Meats. Performer Hannah Cresswell. Performer Adrian Sharp. Director Gareth Armstrong. Design Saul Radomsky. Lighting Peter Hunter.
4 Sep 97 to 27 Sep 97Playhouse, Salisbury :: V923
listing details L1650009520

Other listings

20 Jul 22 to 23 Jul 22Lantern Arts Centre, Outer London :: V1605166179
listing details L733751840
8 Jun 22 to 11 Jun 22Theatre in the Hut, Weston-super-Mare :: V1943514803
listing details L01156326831
14 May 22 to 21 May 22Lewes Little Theatre, Lewes :: V672
listing details L01885406969
11 Apr 18 to 14 Apr 18LAMDA, Inner London :: V838624816
listing details L349897768
14 Nov 17 to 18 Nov 17Plaza Theatre, Romsey :: V773
listing details L0515328761
22 Sep 17 to 30 Sep 17Wharf Theatre, Devizes :: V929
listing details L1282505958
15 Jun 17 to 24 Jun 17Medway Little Theatre, Rochester :: V0721343788
listing details L01279427720
24 Jun 16 to 1 Jul 16Mowlem Theatre, Swanage :: V911
listing details L01909064529
27 May 16Brixham Theatre, Brixham :: V884
listing details L738324587
19 Mar 16Oasthouse Theatre, Rainham :: V695
listing details L0268540742
18 Aug 15 to 29 Aug 15Archway Theatre Company, Horley :: V713
listing details L01403753639
1 May 14 to 3 May 14The Spotlight (formerly Broxbourne Civic Hall), Hoddesdon :: V47
listing details L01680372579
3 Sep 13 to 7 Sep 13Cryer Arts (formerly Charles Cryer Studio Theatre), Outer London :: V293
listing details L01523998898
3 Feb 03 to 8 Feb 03Little Theatre, Leicester :: V433
listing details L0361839490
7 Nov 02 to 9 Nov 02Acorn Arts Centre, Penzance :: V1747286290
listing details L0335165563
16 Oct 01 to 20 Oct 01Nomad Theatre, East Horsley :: V714
listing details L0647038134
14 May 99Torch Theatre, Milford Haven :: V820
listing details L01228768746
14 May 99Torch Theatre, Milford Haven :: V820
listing details L01028128509
13 May 98Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Pitlochry :: V638
listing details L598007222
13 May 98 to 7 Oct 98Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Pitlochry :: V638
listing details L01156439547
4 Oct 96 to 16 Oct 96Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L01055946226

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