Lost Dog formed in 2004, their first work Pave up Paradise Burgos won first prize at the International Choreographic competition and second prize at the prestigious Hanover choreographic festival. Since then they have created and toured four full length dance theatre works in the UK and Europe to critical acclaim. Lost Dog Dance website.

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Juliet and Romeo's Guide to a Long and Happy Marriage - T265731493

Juliet and Romeo Live is a remarkable reimagined version of Shakespeare's deeply pessimistic teenage love story in which Juliet and Romeo somehow survive through into middle age; where we see them now, struggling under the stresses and strains of supposedly being the world's most romantic couple... Join us for this humorous and heartfelt investigation into love, loss and longevity.Director Ben Duke. Other Raquel Meseguer (artistic collaborator). Performer Ben Duke. Performer Solene Weinachter.
9 Nov 18Capstone Theatre, Liverpool :: V0538369222
listing details L0284075935
7 Nov 18 to 8 Nov 18Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry :: V156
listing details L01094445035
1 Nov 18 to 2 Nov 18The North Wall, Oxford :: V0818740866
listing details L462689783
27 Feb 18 to 3 Mar 18The Place Theatre, Inner London :: V240
listing details L2014199476
14 Feb 18 to 24 Feb 18BAC (Battersea Arts Centre), Inner London :: V168
listing details L1592580459

Paradise Lost (Lies Unopened Beside Me) - T605443748

A one man staging of Milton's epic Paradise Lost. Forget whatever came into your head when you read that and prepare to be surprised, to laugh out loud, to be moved. And much more. Combining theatre, comedy and movement this is a journey through the story of the creation of everything condensed into 75 minutes. A show which brings you the highlights of this well known but often forgotten story beginning with Lucifer's rebellion and ending with Adam and Eve's expulsion from Eden, edging awkwardly through God's rather cramped galley kitchen along the way.Company Lost Dog.
21 Oct 16 to 22 Oct 16mac birmingham, Birmingham :: V146
listing details L1324370871
18 Oct 16Nuffield Theatre (Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts), Lancaster :: V522
listing details L1013993622
19 Jul 16 to 23 Jul 16Wilton's Music Hall, Inner London :: V1165
listing details L193043650
24 May 16 to 28 May 16BAC (Battersea Arts Centre), Inner London :: V168
listing details L803516678

Paradise Lost (Lies Unopened Beside Me) - T1906852308

There is a possibility that God made everything because he was terrified of doing nothing. Here is a re-telling of the story of the beginning of everything inspired by Milton's Paradise Lost - told through words, music and the easily misunderstood medium of dance. You should come and see it if you're a father (or a mother), if you've created something that you've had to let go, or if you'd like to see God and Satan flirting. Lost Dog is an award winning dance theatre company led by Ben Duke. Ben Duke is a Work Place artist.Book by John Milton. Lighting Jackie Shemesh. Design Jackie Shemesh. Other Raquel Meseguer (artistic collaborator). Choreographer Ben Duke. Performer Ben Duke.
9 Jun 16Deda, Derby :: V0798171273
listing details L0371730752
19 Nov 15The North Wall, Oxford :: V0818740866
listing details L136108922
9 Oct 15 to 10 Oct 15The Place Theatre, Inner London :: V240
listing details L1283283127
5 Aug 15 to 30 Aug 15The Fringe Office, Edinburgh :: V1059
listing details L607445734
26 May 15 to 27 May 15BAC (Battersea Arts Centre), Inner London :: V168
listing details L01322334209

Like Rabbits - T0269588620

In this quietly devastating new work for two performers inspired by Virginia Woolf's short story Lappin and Lapinova, a man and a woman meet and have sex and fall deeply in love. Each night the lovers slip away from their real lives into a world that exists only in their shared imagination: a world that belongs to them, in which tax returns and shopping lists and commuting do not exist; a world in which they are not their normal selves, but King of the Rabbits and Queen of the Hares. But what begins as a game soon becomes a battleground, and the couple hurtle towards a tragedy of the saddest, and most ordinary kind. Devised by Ben Duke in collaboration with Lucy Kirkwood. Duration: 75minsPresented byLost Dog. Presented byLucy Kirkwood. Lighting Jackie Shemesh. Design Jackie Shemesh. Costume Holly Waddington. Performer Ino Riga. Performer Ben Duke.
24 Jan 15The North Wall, Oxford :: V0818740866
listing details L01857551586
16 Jan 15Minerva Theatre, Chichester :: V1310317653
listing details L978175377
10 Oct 14 to 11 Oct 14The Place Theatre, Inner London :: V240
listing details L02079428293
15 May 14Brighton Dome, Brighton :: V655
listing details L01673943009

It Needs Horses/Home for Broken Turns - T1270373477

It Needs Horses tells the tale of a down at heel circus duet and their increasingly desperate attempts to entertain the crowd. The glamour has faded, the performers have forgotten their acts, but the show must go on. Home for Broken Turns follows the characters from this disastrous double act as they leave the circus ring for the last time. Inspired by Luigi Pirandello's Six Characters in Search of an Author, it looks at how fictional characters continue to exist even after the piece that called them into existence has finished. The Home for Broken Turns is where these characters gather, watched over by a fierce matriarch who is both protector and pimp for these lost children of the theatre.Performer Anna Finkel. Performer Chris Evans.
17 Oct 13Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth :: V906
listing details L01399299157
15 Oct 13Brighton Dome, Brighton :: V655
listing details L0325976035
26 Oct 12 to 27 Oct 12The Place Theatre, Inner London :: V240
listing details L1663717492

Rabbits - T01566604317

A delicate woman, deeply in love, marries a man named Ernest. Every night the newlyweds slip away from their real lives and disappear over the moors into a world of their own creation. There, they are King of the Rabbits and Queen Of the Hares. But as she craves to stay longer and longer in this fantasy world, she soon fears that her husband considers it only a game - one that has already begun to lose its novelty - and the couple hurtle towards quiet, devastating tragedy.Choreographer Ben Duke. Author Lucy Kirkwood.
22 Jul 13 to 24 Jul 13Almeida Theatre, West End :: V166
listing details L1143097325

It Needs Horses - T01722651871

A darkly comic tale about live entertainment, featuring a down-at-heel ringmaster and his glamorously bedraggled assistant and their increasingly extreme measures to draw the crowds. Lost Dog's It Needs Horses won the UK's largest choreographic competition, the Place Prize 2011.
20 Jul 12Parabola Arts Centre, Cheltenham :: V170333385
listing details L1394420640

Salvage - T01367126688

Employing their unique blend of dance, theatre and live music, Salvage tells the story of what happens in the aftermath - the moment it's all ended. About what becomes important and what we save.Director Ben Duke. Director Raquel Meseguer. Design Will Duke. DramaturgStephen Brown. Lighting Jackie Shamesh.
6 May 10General, General :: V1276
listing details L560743486
27 Apr 10 to 28 Apr 10Laban Theatre, Outer London :: V342
listing details L0595957232
28 Jan 10Corn Exchange, Newbury :: V732
listing details L742974779

The Rain Parade - T01734827097

Ben Duke and Raquel Meseguer are two of three survivors of the apocalypse in The Rain Parade a darkly comic, provocative new duet from Lost Dog. With limited memories and only a few objects left from the world as they knew it, they struggle to piece together a common history from the ruins. Set to live music composed and performed by Jamie McCarthy, The Rain Parade is a poignant look at what might become of mankindís great civilisation.Performer Ben Duke. Performer Raquel Meseguer. Music Jamie McCarthy.
12 May 09 to 13 May 09The Place Theatre, Inner London :: V240
listing details L217722878
1 May 09Arts Depot, Outer London :: V320
listing details L02049405471

Hungry Ghosts - T01429424013

Hungry Ghosts is a dynamic twisted telling of one man's night out at the theatre. The show explores the moment our life crosses from the real to the surreal as a theatregoer struggles to understand how he became an unwilling performer in someone else's terrifying show. He thought he was just getting ready for a night out but it seems his preparations were for something much bigger; his reluctant debut, or even his own death. [Lost Dog]'s unique combination of dance, theatre and live music come together in this highly original new work to tell the story of a man's journey through a tragically theatrical act of terrorism. As the sole survivor he is haunted by the stories of those who didn't make it and is desperate to find sense in this nonsensical act. A darkly funny and moving piece of dance theatre. Running time 1 hourPerformer Ben Duke. Performer Donatella Cabras. Performer Sarah Dowling. Performer Leo Kay. Performer Laura Wheatley. Music jamie McCarthy. Choreographer Ben Duke. Choreographer Raquel Meseguer.
17 Oct 08Trestle Arts Base, St Albans :: V0547786001
listing details L0586934493
15 Oct 08Salisbury Arts Centre, Salisbury :: V925
listing details L1418234079
14 Oct 08Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre, Taunton :: V01603938282
listing details L879344362
9 Oct 08Dundee Repertory Theatre, Dundee :: V596
listing details L01360355580
6 Oct 08 to 7 Oct 08Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry :: V156
listing details L1281449799
30 Sep 08Laban Theatre, Outer London :: V342
listing details L01324167143
1 Apr 08 to 2 Apr 08The Place Theatre, Inner London :: V240
listing details L755208134
24 Apr 07 to 25 Apr 07The Place Theatre, Inner London :: V240
listing details L0869366918

The Drowner - T428292441

A man finds an unconscious woman on a beach and wonders whether to help her or step over her. In his hesitation the moment of decision unravels. What was, what could have been and what should have been twist into a single memory. A visual, theatrical and physical tale of what almost happened.Performer Ben Duke. Performer Raquel Meseguer. Performer Jim de Zoete.
15 Jun 06Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre, Taunton :: V01603938282
listing details L1162313864
14 Mar 06The Place Theatre, Inner London :: V240
listing details L099289613

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