When the leader of the Lost Boys, the fleet-footed Peter Pan, loses his shadow during a visit to London, kind-hearted Wendy helps him re-attach it and is invited back to Neverland in return - where Tinker Bell the fairy, Princess Tiger Lily and, of course, the vengeful Captain Hook await.

Author J M Barrie.

Archive listings for Peter Pan

Work type: Kids show. There are performances of this work in the listings (current and future) database, see Peter Pan

T1961061147 (MALTINGS19)

Presented byThe Maltings Junior Youth Theatre.
14 Jun 19 to 15 Jun 19The Maltings, Berwick-on-Tweed :: V986
listing details L0946073150

T01288738906 (NORTHWALL18)

Company Creation Theatre Company. Author Gari Jones. Director Gari Jones. Music Gareth Jones. Design Ryan Dawson Laight. Sound Matt Eaton. Lighting Ashley Bale. Other Ian Moore (production manager). Choreographer FCydney Uffindell-Phillips. Stage ManagerLucy Quinton. Stage ManagerJudith Volk (assistant).
1 Dec 18 to 5 Jan 19The North Wall, Oxford :: V0818740866
listing details L01463014823

T02004825058 (PETERBOROUGHGEN18)

Lamphouse Theatre brings a fresh slant to this classic story. The cast is made up of just three performers playing nearly 30 characters between them. The show includes brand new original music, hilarious fast-paced fun-filled scenes and, of course, a host of recognisable characters including a slightly hapless Captain Hook, some very mischievous mermaids and plenty of pesky pirates.Company Lamphouse Theatre.
19 Oct 18General, Peterborough :: V1527715084
listing details L490709937

T0125377155 (MALVERN18)

Performer Eliott Hanna (Peter Pan). Performer Janet Cowley (Mrs Darling).
22 Aug 18 to 26 Aug 18Malvern Theatres, Malvern :: V01718852442
listing details L0473824020

T01013617618 (MACBIRM17)

Company Chapterhouse Theatre. Adapted by Laura Turner.
26 Aug 17mac birmingham - Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham :: V146
listing details L01257218559

T49677632 (OLIVIER16)

Producer National Theatre. Producer Bristol Old Vic. Director Sally Cookson. DramaturgMike Akers. Design Michael Vale. Costume Katie Sykes. Lighting Aideen Malone. Music Benji Bower. Sound Dominic Bilkey. Director Dan Canham (movement director). Director Gwen Hales (aerial director). Director Rachel Bown-Williams of RC-Annie Ltd - fight director). Director Ruth Cooper-Brown (of RC-Annie Ltd - fight director). Director Toby Olie (puppet director and desinger). Performer Saikat Ahamed. Performer Suzanne Ahmet. Performer Marc Antolin. Performer Lois Chimimba. Performer Laura Cubitt. Performer Phoebe Fildes. Performer Felix Hayes. Performer Paul Hilton. Performer John Leader. Performer Amaka Okafor. Performer Sophie Thompson. Performer Madeleine Worrall.
16 Nov 16 to 4 Feb 17Olivier (National Theatre), West End :: V373
listing details L0597276517

T099392871 (CFT16)

Corporate Sponsor Kenwood. Corporate Sponsor Mercer. Producer Chichester Festival Youth Theatre. Director Dale Rooks. Director Oliver Kadherbal. Design Simon Higlett. Design Simon Higlett. Costume Ryan Dawson Laight. Lighting James Whiteside. Sound Gregory Clarke. Music Eamonn O'Dwyer. Musical Director Colin Billing. Sound Gregory Clarke. Design Michael Fowkes (puppetry designer).
17 Dec 16 to 31 Dec 16Chichester Festival Theatre, Chichester :: V719
listing details L0896179208

T306458696 (POLKA14)

Producer Polka Theatre. Adapted by Peter Glanville. Director Peter Glanville. Music Martin Ward.
21 Nov 14 to 14 Feb 15Polka Theatre for Children, Outer London :: V324
listing details L1554894019

T1482933852 (SQCHAP14)

Join the Lost Boys, Wendy and Peter in an outdoor theatre adventure to Neverland.Presented byHeartbreak Productions.
2 Jul 14Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax :: V1098014226
listing details L01676772441

T1764961022 (YVONNE13)

Company Yvonne Arnaud Youth Theatre.
4 Jul 13 to 6 Jul 13Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford :: V702
listing details L02056082927

T02055727176 (BOV12)

Producer Bristol Old Vic. Director Sally Cookson. Other Mike Akers (dramaturg). Design Michael Vale. Costume Katie Sykes. Music Benji Bower. Choreographer Gwen Hales (fight). Lighting Mark Doubleday. Sound Mike Beer. Performer Saikat Ahamed. Performer Howard Coggins. Performer Gergo Danka. Performer Stuart Mcloughlin. Performer Emily May Smith. Performer Theone Rashleigh. Performer Isaac Stanmore. Performer Tristan Sturrock. Performer Madeleine Worrall.
26 Nov 12 to 19 Jan 13Bristol Old Vic, Bristol :: V857
listing details L02118653965

T01228161215 (SHERMAN12)

We are very pleased to announce that our Christmas 2012 production, Peter Pan, is now on sale. This magical reimagining of J.M. Barrie's classic story will feature favourite characters Peter, Wendy, the Lost Boys and, of course, the baddie we all love to hate, Captain Hook. Book now to help us celebrate the end of our first year back in the Sherman Cymru building in style.Author Rob Evans. Director Roisin McBrinn.
30 Nov 12 to 5 Jan 13Sherman Theatre, Cardiff :: V824
listing details L139428928

T0687245664 (LBT12)

Company Exit 25 Theatre Group.
1 Dec 12Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield :: V972
listing details L2090384251

T01978616543 (TRBATH12)

Running time: 2hrs approxCompany Storm on the Lawn. Adapted by Trevor Nunn. Adapted by John Caird. Director Amy Leach.
22 Aug 12 to 26 Aug 12Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L293395872

T370974524 (TRSTHELENS11)

Bring your Lost Boys & Tigerlilys along for an exciting afternoon at the theatre and let your dreams take flight as Regal Entertainments bring J M Barrie’s classic tale of the mischievous boy who never grew up to life, starring Radio City’s Claire Simonsen as Tinkerbell.Producer Regal Entertainments. Performer Stuart Campbell (Peter Pan). Performer Leah Murphy (Wendy). Performer Claire Simonsen (Tinkerbell). Performer Gareth Wilde (Captain Hook). Performer Rio Samuals (Skylights). Performer Dez Ankers (Smee). Performer Eloise Tasker (Tigerlily). Performer Charlie Griffiths (Laughing Water).
14 Apr 11 to 25 Apr 11Theatre Royal, St Helens :: V546
listing details L0975690745

T01690762211 (NTSCOTLAND10)

John Tiffany directs Peter Pan, a new version of JM Barrie's classic adventure by David Greig, relocating the story to Victorian Edinburgh. John Tiffany is reunited with Davey Anderson, Laura Hopkins and Gareth Fry, three of the creative team from Black Watch. Suitable for ages 7+Company National Theatre of Scotland. Director John Tiffany. Adapted by David Greig. Design Laura Hopkins. Sound Gareth Fry. Lighting Guy Hoare. Musical Director Davey Anderson. Choreographer Vicki Amedume (aerial choreographer). Performer Cal MacAninch (Captain Hook). Performer Kevin Guthrie (Peter Pan). Performer Kirsty mackay (Wendy). Performer Cathal Finnerty (Cookson). Performer Chris Starkie (Starkey). Performer Dylan Kennedy (Nibs). Performer Moyo Omoniyi (Jenny). Performer Owen Whitelaw (Slightly). Performer Roddy Cairns (John). Performer Tom Gillies (Michael). Performer Zoe Hunter (Tiger Lily/Nana). Performer Marcus Hercules (Tootles). Performer Roddy Cairns (John). Performer Shane Zaza (Curly). Performer Tom Gillies (Michael). Performer Clare Anderson (aerial artist).
15 Jun 10 to 19 Jun 10His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen :: V585
listing details L1733522460
8 Jun 10 to 12 Jun 10Festival Theatre, Edinburgh :: V600
listing details L1609916940
1 Jun 10 to 5 Jun 10Eden Court Theatre, Inverness :: V626
listing details L1667220114
12 May 10 to 29 May 10Barbican Centre, West End :: V371
listing details L1459138244
23 Apr 10 to 8 May 10King's Theatre, Glasgow :: V613
listing details L82239573
20 Apr 10 to 24 Apr 10Milton Keynes Theatre, Milton Keynes :: V754
listing details L0929394641

T0252775526 (WAKEFIELD10)

Company Wakefield Little Theatre.
10 Feb 10 to 14 Feb 10Theatre Royal and Opera House, Wakefield :: V979
listing details L50410141

T732263490 (KENSINGTON09)

The production will include a 360-degree projected scenic design, which will bring all the magical aspects of Neverland to life.Producer Charlie Burnell. Producer Mat Churchill. Adapted by Tanya Ronder. Director Ben Harrison. Design William Dudley. Performer Ciaran Kellgren (Peter Pan). Performer Abby Ford (Wendy Darling). Performer Jonathan Hyde (Captain Hook/Mr Darling). Performer Karen Ascoe (Mrs Darling/Never Bird). Performer Itxaso Moreno (Tinkerbell). Performer Arthur Wilson (John Darling). Performer David Poyner (Michael Darling).
1 Dec 09 to 10 Jan 10The O2 Arena, Outer London :: V0681788081
listing details L01120340375
26 May 09 to 13 Sep 09Kensington Gardens, Inner London :: V1227
listing details L02012444955

T01466372618 (NORTHERNSTAGE09)

This is Peter Pan as you've never seen it before. There'll be no C-list celebrities as Captain Hook or caricatures flying around on visible wires. Our Peter Pan will rediscover the charm of the original story that has enchanted children for nearly 100 years. A redesigned auditorium will get you as close to the action as possible as you join the Darling Children in a brilliantly inventive world of imagination and enjoy the timeless story of the boy who wouldn't grow up. Age 7+Adapted by Stephen Sharkey. Producer Northern Stage.
30 Nov 09 to 9 Jan 10Northern Stage, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V568
listing details L1893829609

T504635567 (BYRE09)

With a brilliant fusion of shadow puppetry and vibrant storytelling, Peter, Captain Hook, Wendy and the Lost Boys play out their adventures in an ever changing and exhilarating Neverland unlike any seen before on stage. A thrilling and surprising new production for young and old.Company Visible Fictions. Producer The Children's Theatre Company Minneapolis. Company Fabrizio Montecchi (Fabrizio Montecchi (from Teatro Gioca Vita).
30 Apr 09 to 1 May 09The Dukes, Lancaster :: V523
listing details L2014626488
12 Mar 09 to 14 Mar 09Byre Theatre, St Andrews :: V640
listing details L0705065434
26 Feb 09 to 28 Feb 09Platform, Glasgow :: V1148048035
listing details L098695131

T1419082127 (ADC08)

Company Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society.
4 Nov 08 to 8 Nov 08ADC Theatre, Cambridge :: V18
listing details L01921141114

T0515541512 (HEARTBREAK08)

Company Heartbreak Productions. Director Peter Mimmack. Design Kate Unwin. Costume Kate Unwin. Choreographer Geoffrey Buckley. Music James Edwards. Performer Sally Brooks. Performer Andrew Cullum. Performer James Edwards. Performer Alexander Moore. Performer Jessica Rose. Performer Erika Sanderson.
30 Aug 08Turner Sims Concert Hall, Southampton :: V778
listing details L269237549
9 Jul 08Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax :: V1098014226
listing details L0671449715
23 Jun 08General, General :: V1398193254
listing details L606969656
20 Jun 08Waterside Arts Centre, Sale :: V0383692381
listing details L01235622093

T1491657356 (MALTINGS08)

Company Maltings Junior Youth Theatre. Adapted by Wendy Payn.
12 Jun 08 to 15 Jun 08The Maltings, Berwick-on-Tweed :: V986
listing details L0934914409

T849514239 (BACON07)

The highly successful '05 production returns, promising an even more magical trip into Neverland via the enchanted Tuckwell setting. With face painting, fancy dress and a five o' clock start, what better way for all the family to enjoy the 'Peter Pan Experience' on a summery Sunday afternoon!
22 Jul 07Bacon Theatre, Cheltenham :: V89
listing details L01249871946

T595392656 (TRWINCH07)

Company Claire Goodwin Theatre Arts School.
12 Jan 07 to 14 Jan 07Theatre Royal, Winchester :: V782
listing details L1331161899

T02038757147 (SEVENPLAY05)

Age 3+Company Proteus Theatre Company.
21 Jan 06Arc Theatre, Trowbridge :: V881281219
listing details L1545553572
7 Jan 06Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks :: V688
listing details L1469841140
23 Dec 05Mumford Theatre, Cambridge :: V22
listing details L922535019
16 Dec 05Phoenix Theatre, Bordon :: V1147
listing details L0478726536

T0210491730 (EVERYCHEL05)

Company Everyman Youth Theatre.
20 Oct 05 to 22 Oct 05Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham :: V90
listing details L1232409217

T0989144834 (OVAL05)

Producer Oval House.
26 Aug 05 to 27 Aug 05Ovalhouse, Inner London :: V239
listing details L1458819089

T930971870 (BACON05)

Company Elgood-Tucker Productions.
30 Jul 05Bacon Theatre, Cheltenham :: V89
listing details L2004280177

T2094157957 (GALADURHAM05)

Company Gala Theatre Junior Stage School.
18 Jul 05 to 19 Jul 05Gala Theatre, Durham :: V0146218420
listing details L1451477268

T01274745792 (LEEDSCIVIC05)

Company Leeds Children's Theatre. Director Judith Unwin.
25 Apr 05 to 30 Apr 05Civic Theatre, Leeds :: V974
listing details L0615502949

T1635666883 (NEWARK05)

Company New Youth Theatre.
15 Mar 05 to 16 Mar 05Newark Palace, Newark :: V455
listing details L01707522550

T195866615 (CHICKEN04)

Company Chicken Shed Theatre Company. Director Mary Ward. Music Jo Collins. Performer David Carey.
1 Dec 04 to 15 Jan 05ChickenShed, Outer London :: V349
listing details L277737358

T01509892117 (YVONNE04)

Company Yvonne Arnaud Youth Theatre. Adapted by Philip Glassborow. Director Julia Black. Director David Perkins (music). Music David Rhind-Tutt (additional music).
1 Jul 04 to 3 Jul 04Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford :: V702
listing details L2073340882

T0982782453 (FILTON04)

Company Filton College.
29 Jun 04 to 3 Jul 04Bristol Old Vic, Bristol :: V857
listing details L121497202

T0511824134 (SAVOY03)

Running time 2 hours 15 minutesProducer Raymond Gubbay. Producer Savoy Theatre. Director Steven Dexter. Design Francis O'Connor. Lighting Andrew Bridge. Performer Anthony Head (Captain Hook). Performer David Burt. Performer Jack Chissick. Performer Hadley Fraser. Performer Kathryn Evans. Performer Jack Blumenau. Performer Katie Foster-Barnes. Performer Elin Wyn Lewis. Performer Bennett Andrews. Performer Tom Ashton. Performer Cezareh Bonner. Performer Scott Cripps. Performer Lorraine Chappell. Performer Jack Dedman. Performer Steve Elias. Performer Kristin Hellberg. Performer Nick Holmes. Performer Joanna Kirkland. Performer Roy Litvin. Performer Graham Martin. Performer Sam Mannox. Performer Mark Oxtoby. Performer Joe Prospero. Performer Mykal Rand. Performer Leanne Rogers. Performer Amy Rogers. Performer Alexander Rose.
15 Dec 03 to 7 Mar 04Savoy Theatre, West End :: V414
listing details L01057431692

T55917661 (SHEFF03)

Brantwood Independent School for Girls
2 Jul 03Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield :: V962
listing details L959701836

T977912463 (ROYALCOU03)

Producer Crown Productions. Performer Eunice Huthart (Peter Pan). Performer Roger Philips (Smee). Performer Darren Middleton (Captian Hook).
11 Apr 03 to 25 Apr 03Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool :: V538
listing details L907133830

T1929218966 (TRBATH03)

Company Theatre Royal Bath Young People's Theatre. Adapted by John Caird. Adapted by Trevor Nunn. Director Lee Lyford. Design Jessica Worrall.
26 Feb 03 to 1 Mar 03Theatre Royal, Bath :: V854
listing details L323470345

T01556228096 (BIRMREP02)

Company Birmingham Repertory Theatre Company. Director Jonathan Church. Design Simon Higlett. Music Matthew Scott.
16 Dec 02 to 28 Dec 02Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Birmingham :: V143
listing details L01653219749

T01281058900 (LUTON02)

Company Luton Youth Drama Workshop.
25 Jul 02 to 27 Jul 02The Library Theatre, Luton :: V02027386231
listing details L0889572297

T1449971935 ()

Northern Stage presents a very special show for little children and their families. This enchanting adaptation of Peter Pan brings together two of Scotland's finest companies - Wee Stories theatre for Children and Shona Reppe Puppets - renowned for their inspirational productions for the very young. Join Peter, Wendy and the Lost Boys on their unforgettable journey into Never Never Land in this lively and colourful, fun-packed music-filled adventure, which has been created especially for young hearts and minds. 'Fine puppets, sparkling storytelling and oodles of audience participation' Scotland on Sunday. For children aged 6 and under and their families.Company Northern Stage.
6 Dec 01 to 26 Jan 02Northern Stage, Newcastle upon Tyne :: V568
listing details L1677970710

T0806267181 (RIVER01)

This magical outdoor production will contain the traditional elements which have made this fantastic tale such a success with children of all ages - Pirates, the Neverland, Indians, Mermaids........but 'Peter Pan' is not just a play for children. For adults it is as complex as the character and life of its author and deals with issues which are part of the human condition - fear, power, loneliness, friendship, love, freedom, escapism. As always, 'Peter Pan' will have something for everyone.Company Riverside Players. Adapted by Trevor Nunn. Adapted by John Caird. Director Sue Baxter.
21 Aug 01 to 25 Aug 01General, General :: V1260
listing details L0887621798

T196949429 (STERT01)

Company Sterts Theatre Company.
8 Jun 01 to 25 Aug 01Sterts Arts Centre, Liskeard :: V878
listing details L01690881788

T1777407964 (EPC00)

Stunning puppetry brings this magical tale to life. Fly away to Never Never Land with Peter and Wendy to battle the wicked Captain Hook and save the Lost Boys. An enchanting show for ages 4 and over.Company Edinburgh Puppet Company.
21 Apr 01Swindon Arts Centre, Swindon :: V927
listing details L2035016564
19 Apr 01Town Hall Theatre, Stourbridge :: V1046892958
listing details L58942001
14 Apr 01Haymarket Theatre, Leicester :: V431
listing details L01772866580
11 Mar 01mac birmingham - Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham :: V146
listing details L2050615512
10 Mar 01Sherman Theatre, Cardiff :: V824
listing details L0704651360
9 Mar 01Wyeside Arts Centre, Builth Wells :: V850
listing details L01256859333
28 Feb 01Chequer Mead, East Grinstead :: V1101
listing details L1277427700
22 Feb 01Meres Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham :: V447
listing details L1702202423
18 Nov 00Compass Theatre, Outer London :: V1166
listing details L01128647532
13 Nov 00Ardhowen Theatre, Enniskillen :: V555
listing details L1750188284
7 Oct 00Guildhall Theatre, Derby :: V994
listing details L01709599824
30 Sep 00The Hawth, Crawley :: V720
listing details L0519666101
24 Sep 00Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury :: V99
listing details L01434877145
17 Sep 00Arts Depot, Outer London :: V320
listing details L478160341

T151571325 (STRODE00)

Company Stode Youth Theatre. Director Sarah McCourt. Director Iain Potter.
14 Dec 00Strode Theatre, Street :: V917
listing details L0462339348

T628712963 (LYCE99)

Sponsored by Atlantic TelecomAdapted by Stuart Paterson. Director Greg Smith.
3 Dec 99 to 8 Jan 00Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh :: V604
listing details L1655796042

T01669455272 (BURN99)

Company Burnley Youth Theatre.
15 Dec 99 to 17 Dec 99Burnley Mechanics, Burnley :: V519
listing details L1292787987

T0923763244 (WOOD99)

The RSC version.Company Woodlands Theatre Company. Adapted by John Caird. Adapted by Trevor Nunn.
2 Aug 99 to 6 Aug 99Minack Theatre, Penzance :: V872
listing details L869183238

T535327981 (GROUP98)

Company Rainbow Factory.
16 Dec 98 to 19 Dec 98Ulster Hall and Group Theatre, Belfast :: V549
listing details L0457715619

T1674854652 (KING98)

Company Victory-Land Theatre School.
29 Oct 98 to 31 Oct 98Kings Theatre Portsmouth, Southsea :: V780
listing details L0828638675

T778521009 (APIL98)

Company Splitz School of Dance and Drama.
28 May 98 to 30 May 98Hawthorne Theatre, Welwyn :: V57
listing details L2053200313

T01888896704 (ILLY97)

A mixture of actors, puppets and a surprise crocodile.Company Illyria Theatre Company.
3 Jan 98Wyeside Arts Centre, Builth Wells :: V850
listing details L741655516
22 Dec 97 to 29 Dec 97Jacksons Lane, Outer London :: V312
listing details L1864063595

Other listings

18 Aug 16Knebworth House, Stevenage :: V1049781196
listing details L248796332
14 Jun 10 to 19 Jun 10Playhouse, Salisbury :: V923
listing details L430085026
25 May 09 to 30 Aug 09General, General :: V1272
listing details L01462032396
2 Jul 08Chepstow Racecourse, Chepstow :: V1770560448
listing details L1469592970
15 Aug 05 to 19 Aug 05Minack Theatre, Penzance :: V872
listing details L303993933
3 Sep 99 to 4 Sep 99Prince of Wales Centre, Cannock :: V115
listing details L0923617965
6 Sep 98Phoenix Arts, Leicester :: V432
listing details L0273014092
3 Oct 96 to 16 Oct 96Polka Theatre for Children, Outer London :: V324
listing details L0874509779
3 Oct 96 to 16 Nov 96Polka Theatre for Children, Outer London :: V324
listing details L1936919381

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