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CORONAVIRUS: All UK venues closed on 16th March 2020 and there is currently no planned re-opening time though it will not be before 1st June 2020 and is most likely to be September (according to some West End producers). Some shows have been cancelled, or closed early, but many are being rescheduled and we are trying to keep up with the changes - assume that anything posted for April to August is actually postponed or cancelled. It now looks likely that little will return till 2021.



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Dave Milner
Personal Management all age groups
Dave Preece
Lighting and Sound Engineer. Sound: Worked as a front of house and monitor engineer for various bands/shows, 100volt line systems, radio microphones and recording - both studio and live. Lighting: Experience with moving head and mirror lights, Jands Hog, Avolites and Qcommander desks. Experience of various types of event including Pantomime, Live Bands, Choirs, Passion Plays, Rave and Clubs. Based in South Wales near Swansea.
Dave Town
Freelance Engineer with own Hire Company, Worked with numerous performers and Festivals inc. Barbara Dickson, Peatbog Faeries, Mairi MacInnes, Celtic Connections, Knockangorroch Festivals, Fiddlers Bid
Dave Willetts
Davey - Marie
If you want a quality soprano for your show - why not visit my website
Marie Davey - Lyric Coloratura Soprano
In need of a lyric coloratura soprano for your production or concert? Why not visit my website as below
The Daventry Players
We perform three shows a year at the Daventry community centre on Ashby road. All age groups are welcome and we have a friendly club atmosphere.

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Andrew Davenport
Anna Davey
Chris Davey
Dave Berry
Dave Bronze
Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich
Dave Delarre
Dave Gahan
Dave Hearn
Dave Kelly
Dave Lewis

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Aaron Davey
Adam Davenport
Alan Davey
Alex Davenport
Ali Davey
Andrew Davenport
Ann Davey
Anna Davey
Anni Davey
Anthony Dave
Babs Davey
Carl & Dave
Carl and Dave
Cathy Davey
Chas & Dave
Chas 'n' Dave
Chas 'n' Dave Orchestra
Chaz Davenport
Chjris Davey
Chris Dave
Chris Davey
Christopher Davey
Dandave Roache
Dave 'Reg' Vardy
Dave 'Stickman' Higgins
Dave 'Tinky Winky' Thompson
Dave 'Wolfie' Wolf
Dave Afkham
Dave Ainsworth
Dave Allan
Dave Allen
Dave Alvin
Dave and Joel Productions
Dave Anderson
Dave Angel
Dave Arch
Dave Archer
Dave Armand
Dave Armond
Dave Armstrong
Dave Arthur
Dave Arthur's Storybox
Dave B Phillips
Dave Bailey
Dave Bain
Dave Ballinger
Dave Barratt
Dave Barrett
Dave Barry
Dave Bartram
Dave Batchelor
Dave Baxter
Dave Beck
Dave Beckett
Dave Beech
Dave Beese
Dave Bell
Dave Bennet
Dave Benson
Dave Benson Philips
Dave Benson Phillips
Dave Benson-Phillips
Dave Berry
Dave Berry and the Cruisers
Dave Bibby
Dave Bignell
Dave Bintley
Dave Bishop
Dave Bitelli
Dave Blake
Dave Blues Club
Dave Bond
Dave Borthwick
Dave Bourn
Dave Bowie
Dave Boyd
Dave Brock
Dave Bronze
Dave Brooklyn
Dave Brown
Dave Browning
Dave Brubeck
Dave Brubeck Quartet
Dave Bryan
Dave Buchanan
Dave Bullock
Dave Burbidge
Dave Burland
Dave Burnham
Dave Bush
Dave Bussey
Dave Cairns
Dave Calvitto
Dave Cann
Dave Capp
Dave Carey
Dave Caroll
Dave Carpenter
DAve Chamberlain
Dave Chambers
Dave Chameleon
Dave Chapman
Dave Chappelle
Dave Clark
Dave Clarke
Dave Cliff
Dave Cohen
Dave Colton
Dave Colwell
Dave Cook
Dave Cottle
Dave Cousins
Dave Crewe
Dave Crofts
Dave Crowe
Dave Crump
Dave Culling
Dave Danson
Dave Dave
Dave Davies
Dave Dee
Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich
Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Titch
Dave Delto Russo
Dave Dempsey
Dave Denholm
Dave Dennison
Dave Dinsdale
Dave Dixon
Dave Douglas
Dave Draper
Dave Drew
Dave Drewitt
Dave Dryden
Dave Duffy
Dave Duggan
Dave Dutfield
Dave Dynamite
Dave Edmunds
Dave Ellis
Dave Ephgrave
Dave Erdos
Dave Evans
Dave Eyre
Dave Fargnoli
Dave Fennessy
Dave Fidler
Dave Fimister
Dave Finnegan
Dave Finnegans Commitments
Dave Fish Theatre Company
Dave Fishley
Dave Fisley
Dave Florez
Dave Florz
Dave Flynn
Dave Ford
Dave Formula
Dave Foster
Dave Francis
Dave Frankel
Dave Freeman
Dave Frias-Robles
Dave Fulton
Dave Fusaro
Dave Gahan
Dave Gelly
Dave Gibbons
Dave Gibson
Dave Gilfilan
Dave Gillan
Dave Gilliver
Dave Glasson
Dave Glover
Dave Godin
Dave Goldberg
Dave Golding
Dave Goodall
Dave Goodier
Dave Gordon
Dave Gorman
Dave Graham
Dave Green
Dave Greenfield
Dave Gregory
Dave Griffiths
Dave Grohl
Dave Haddingham
Dave Hadingham
Dave Hale Trio
Dave Hamblett
Dave Hammer
Dave Handford
Dave Hanson
Dave Harding
Dave Hart
Dave Hartley
Dave Hartwig
Dave Haslam
Dave Hassell
Dave Hawkins
Dave Headey
Dave Heady
Dave Heam
Dave Hearn
Dave Heath
Dave Hermon
Dave Hewitt
Dave Hill
Dave Holgate
Dave Holland
Dave Hollander
Dave Hollis
Dave Holmes
Dave Horn
Dave Houghton
Dave Howard
Dave Hughes
Dave Hull Denholm
Dave Hull-Denholm
Dave Ingamells
Dave Ingram
Dave Irving
Dave Ital
Dave Jackson
Dave James
Dave Jeanes
Dave Jenkins
Dave Johns
Dave Johnsy
Dave Johnzy
Dave Jones
Dave Jordan
Dave Joyce
Dave Kane
Dave Kavanagh
Dave Kebie
Dave Kelbie
Dave Kelly
Dave Kelman
Dave Kennedy
Dave Keuning
Dave Key-Pugh
Dave King
Dave Kirby
Dave Kristian
Dave Kushner
Dave Lambert
Dave Lea
Dave Lee
Dave Lemkin
Dave Lewis
Dave Lewman
Dave Liebman
Dave Lodge
Dave Loew
Dave Longely
Dave Longley
Dave Longman
Dave Loosely
Dave Loosley
Dave Lunniss
Dave Lynn
Dave MacCreedy
Dave MacLennan
Dave Macrae
Dave Mallow
Dave Malloy
Dave Mannall
Dave Maric
Dave Maric Lucid
Dave Markee's Jazz Collective
Dave Marks
Dave Marrion Big Band
Dave Marsden
Dave Marsh
Dave Martin
Dave Mattacks
Dave Mattocks
Dave Mauchline
Dave Mauchline Productions
Dave Mayberry
Dave McCabe
Dave McClarty
Dave McCrory
Dave McEntegart
Dave McGinn
Dave McGroarty
Dave McKay
Dave McKean
Dave McKeown
Dave McLaughlin
Dave McLennan
Dave McSeveney
Dave McSeveny
Dave Merrills
Dave Miller-Bernard
Dave Milligan
Dave Millman
Dave Mitchell
Dave Moorwood
Dave Morgan
Dave Mounfield
Dave Mountfield
Dave Muir
Dave Mumford
Dave Munden
Dave Murphy
Dave Myers
Dave Mynne
Dave Nachmonoff
Dave Nellist
Dave Nelson
Dave Newton
Dave Nicholls
Dave Nolan
Dave Norman
Dave Norton
Dave Norwood
Dave O'Brian
Dave O'Brien
Dave O'Grady
Dave O'Higgins
Dave O'Meara
Dave Oatley
Dave Octave
Dave Ogden
Dave Ohm
Dave Oliver
Dave Onions
Dave Orme
Dave P
Dave Packer
Dave Painter
Dave Paisley
Dave Palfreyman
Dave Palmer
Dave Parkin
Dave Parsons
Dave Pascoe-Clark
Dave Peabody
Dave Peacock
Dave Pearce
Dave Pearson Big Band
Dave Pegg
Dave Pepper
Dave Perry
Dave Peter
Dave Peters
Dave Phoenix
Dave Pickens
Dave Pilmner
Dave Plimmer
Dave Potts
Dave Poulter
Dave Price
Dave Priseman
Dave Provis
Dave Puller
Dave Quincy
Dave Quirk
Dave Ratty
Dave Rawson
Dave Reeves
Dave Reid
Dave Rempis
Dave Richardson
Dave Ridley
Dave Roberts
Dave Robertson
Dave Robinson
Dave Robson
Dave Rodgers
Dave Rodrigues
Dave Rogers
Dave Rose
Dave Ross
Dave Roth
Dave Rotheray
Dave Rowberry
Dave Rowntree
Dave Roxburgh
Dave Sampson
Dave Sanders
Dave Sands
Dave Saunders
Dave Scott
Dave Scullion
Dave Sealey
Dave Seaman
Dave Seymore
Dave Shaw
Dave Shea
Dave Sheasby
Dave Shephard
Dave Shepherd
Dave Shepherd Quintet
Dave Sheppard
Dave Shepperd
Dave Sheridan
Dave Sherrif
Dave Shooter
Dave Short
Dave Silk
Dave Sim
Dave Simpson
Dave Simpsons
Dave Skinner
Dave Skynner
Dave Slade
Dave Smale
Dave Smith
Dave Snowdon
Dave Sobey
Dave Soby
Dave Solomon
Dave Spathaky
Dave Spencer
Dave Spikey
Dave St-Pierre
Dave Stapleton
Dave Starmer
Dave Stephens
Dave Stewart
Dave Stockwin
Dave Storer
Dave Stradwick
Dave Sturt
Dave Suit
Dave Swarbrick
Dave Sweetmore
Dave Swift
Dave the Cat
Dave Thomas
Dave Thompson
Dave Thwaites
Dave Todd
Dave Toole
Dave Tordoff
Dave Townsend
Dave Tregunna
Dave Trigwell
Dave Tucker
Dave Turquoise
Dave Twentyman
Dave Tyas
Dave Upcraft
Dave Valentin
Dave Viney
Dave Wagstaffe
Dave Wakeling
Dave Walsh
Dave Ward
Dave Webster
Dave Weckl
Dave Wheeler
Dave Whetstone
Dave White
Dave Whiteouse
Dave Whitford
Dave Whittaker
Dave Whittle
Dave Wickenden
Dave Wickens
Dave Wickins
Dave Wicks
Dave Wiener
Dave Wilkins
Dave Willets
Dave Willetts
Dave Williams
Dave Williamson
Dave Willmott
Dave Windass
Dave Winthrop
Dave Wolfe
Dave Wood
Dave Workman
Dave Wybrow
Dave Wydrow
Dave Young
Dave's House Theatre
Daveentry Choral Society
Davey Anderson
Davey Arthur
Davey Cashin
Davey Crockett
Davey Faragher
Davey Holmes
Davey Johnson
Davey Johnstone
Davey Jones
Davey Kelleher
Davey Lias
Davey Long
Davey Moore
Davey Scott
Davey Thomson
Delmer Daves
Edward Davenport
Eileen Davey
Emily Davey
Gavin Davenport
Gideon Davey
Guy Davey
Gypsy Dave Smith
Hanna Davey
Holly Davey
Iain Davey
Ian Davey
Jack Davenport
James Davey
Jay Davenport
Jennifer Rhys Daveis
John Davey
Johnathan Davenport
Jonathan Davenport
Joseph Davenport
Juliet Davey
Justin Mitchell Davey
Katie Davenport
Katrina Davey
Keith Davey
Ken Davenport
Kenny Davern
Kyle Davey
Lee Davern
Lee Davey
Lisa Adams-Davey
Lucy Davenport
M Campion Davenport
Margaret Davey
Marie Davey
Mark Wing Davey
Mark Wing-Davey
Maude Davey
Max Davenport
Michael Barker Daven
Michael Davey
N'Dea Davenport Nash
Neil Davey
Nicola Davenport
Nigel Davenport
Norman Davey
Pat Davey
Patrick Davey
Paul Davenport
Phil Davey
Praful Dave
Rich Davenport
Richard Dave-Caine
Rik Davey
Roay Davenport
Roy Davenport
Sarah Davey
Sarah Davey-Hull
Scott Davenport
Sera Davey
Sharon Davey
Shaun Davey
Shelley Davenport
Son of Dave
Sophie Davenport
Stuart Davenport
Susan Davey
The Dave Harper Band
The Dave Hassell and Andy Scott Duo
The Davel Collett Orchestra
Tim Davenport
Tom Davey
Traful Dave
William Davenant

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