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Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra archive

Archive listings for Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

Work type: Concert.

Glorious Mozart - T224831092

24 Mar 17Theatre Royal, Plymouth :: V895
listing details L1788953375

Heroes & Legends - T0532805939

Experience the thrill of a live symphony orchestra performing some of the most memorable film and television themes ever written. A gargantuan feast of Hollywood glitz and glamour features music old and new written by multi-award winning composers from the golden age of cinema to the present: Elmer Bernstein, Hans Zimmer, Maurice Jarre, Miklos Rozsa, James Horner, Erich Korngold, Alexandre Desplat, Tan Dun and, of course, the godfather of the film score, John Williams.Conductor Pete Harrison.
11 Mar 17Lighthouse (previously known as Poole Arts Centre), Poole :: V910
listing details L482299260


The concert opens with Ravel's Tombeau de Couperin, a 20th-century view on the French Baroque tradition. The piece was originally composed for solo piano and then beautifully orchestrated, showing the different colours of the Orchestra in a way only Ravel could. In the second half of the concert, conductor Frank Zielhorst leads the BSO through Beethoven's Second Symphony, a life-affirming, joyful work despite the composer's turmoil and struggle with the onset of deafness during the time of composition.Performer Jean-Guihen Queyras (cello). Conductor Frank Zielhorst.
21 Jan 16Theatre Royal, Plymouth :: V895
listing details L01134748304

with Michael Petrov - T01663019985

One of the UK's leading and most dynamic orchestras opens our International Concert Series with a programme including Weber, Dvorak and Brahms.
17 Sep 15Queen's Theatre, Barnstaple :: V883
listing details L1719549862

BSO Classical Extravaganza - T292183609

Back by popular demand, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra once again brings the best of classical music with spectacular lasers and indoor fireworks to the Colston Hall this July. Whether you like Johann Strauss' and Tchaikovsky's sweeping waltzes and polkas, Bernstein's and Gershwin's masterpieces with a jazzy twist, or the beautiful melodic lines of Greensleeves and the splendour of Pomp & Circumstances - there is something in it for everyone!Conductor Maxine Tortelier. Performer Jamie Crick.
26 Jul 14Colston Hall, Bristol :: V1410
listing details L01948241384


Bartok's late piano concerto is the most lyrical of his three, with a hymn-like slow movement interrupted by the sounds of the countryside at night, and a vigorous, Hungarian-flavoured finale. Mahler's fifth symphony is one of the composer's most perfectly balanced compositions, opening with a grave march, followed by a stormy movement with constantly fluctuating moods. An energetic scherzo marks a turning point, and after the famous Adagietto, the symphony ends with a joyful burst of counterpoint and a final triumphant chorale.Performer Radu Lupu (piano). Conductor Thomas Dausgaard.
7 Nov 13Anvil Arts, Basingstoke :: V765
listing details L1979275698


Music Prokofiev (Sinfonia Concertante). Music Shostakovich (Symphony No 10). Performer Alisa Weilerstein (cello). Conductor Kirill Karabits.
3 Oct 13Anvil Arts, Basingstoke :: V765
listing details L838758904

Bridge/Saint-Saens/Elgar - T0862326232

Bridge's masterly tone poem contrasts colourful mercurial music with a hypnotically beautiful pastoral episode to great effect. Saint-Saens' concerto begins and ends with stormy and turbulent music, but these passages frame a central minuet of delicate beauty and charm. In his first symphony, Elgar followed the great tradition of symphonic writing while managing to add something entirely personal.The result was an immediate success, and it has remained one of his most performed works.Performer Jesper Svedberg (cello). Conductor David Hill.
7 Mar 13Anvil Arts, Basingstoke :: V765
listing details L01835359709


May Night, based on a story by Gogol, was the piece which sparked Rimsky-Korsakov's interest in the riches of Russian folk music and tales which lasted for the rest of his life. The attractive overture evokes the magical atmosphere of the story's setting. One of Saint-Sa?ns' best and most characteristic pieces, the Third Violin Concerto's dramatic first movement is followed by a song-like slow movement and nimble finale. The five movements of Berlioz' stunning Symphonie fantastique embody the visions of a lovesick musician in the grip of an overdose of opium. The idea of his beloved returns in various guises through the work, ending in a nightmarish witches' sabbath. A profoundly imaginative score, it made the composer's reputation all over Europe.Performer Alina Ibragimova (violin). Conductor Yan Pascal Tortelier.
3 May 12Anvil Arts, Basingstoke :: V765
listing details L01971957110

BSO 50th Anniversary Benevolent Fund Concert - T0264216006

Led by Ukranian conductor Kirill Karabits, the exceptional Hough will perform Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No 1, Rachmaninov's first ever work which is rarely performed live.Conductor Kirill Karabits. Performer Stephen Hough.
1 Mar 12Colston Hall, Bristol :: V1410
listing details L1743649080
25 May 08Lighthouse (previously known as Poole Arts Centre), Poole :: V910
listing details L0189587523


Performer Simone Lamsma (violin). Conductor Kirill Karabits.
19 Jan 12Anvil Arts, Basingstoke :: V765
listing details L01609360826


Performer Julian Rachlin (violin). Conductor Kirill Karabits.
12 Nov 11Anvil Arts, Basingstoke :: V765
listing details L01263387239


Performer Renaud Capucon (violin). Conductor Kirill Karabits.
7 Oct 11Anvil Arts, Basingstoke :: V765
listing details L01406863398


Two pieces of orchestral storytelling make up this concert, conducted by the brilliant Ukrainian conductor, Kirill Karabits. In Richard Strauss’s Don Quixote, Cervantes’ deluded hero - played by solo cello - inspires a set of ‘Fantastic Variations on a Theme of Knightly Character.’ As the Don stumbles through his misadventures Strauss delights in wonderful special effects, including baa-ing sheep and a wind machine, and offers an ironic commentary from the long-suffering Sancho Panza, played by solo viola. In Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade the heroine stays alive by keeping her vengeful husband, the Sultan, interested in suspenseful tales. Here the solo violin becomes the seductive spinner of yarns about the great sea adventurer, Sinbad, with the stories’ exotic locations coloured by the composer’s most gorgeous melodies and dramatic orchestration. This concert also features an exciting finale... but you’ll have to wait until the concert to discover what it is. Scheherazade would certainly have approved!Conductor Kiril Karabits.
31 Mar 11Theatre Royal, Nottingham :: V462
listing details L1732461739

Shimmering Szymanowski - T191440392

Webern's realization is a tribute from one great music contrapuntalist to the inspiration and skill of his predecessor. He liked to call this orchestration ?his? Bach fugue, inferring that he had created something quite different from the original. Containing music of considerable originality and beauty, rich in glowing sound textures and displaying Szymanowski's penchant for sensuous, rhapsodic meditation, the likely inspiration for his Violin Concert No.1 was Noc Majowa, a poem by the Polish poet Tadeusz Micinski. Besides the famous story of his rededication, the Eroica is important because it was Beethoven's first truly Romantic composition. It opens with two staggering chords that announce to the world the arrival of a new talent, a forceful personality, a man never to be forgotten.Conductor Kirill Karabits. Performer Nicola Benedetti.
19 Mar 11Brighton Dome, Brighton :: V655
listing details L2138042755

Welcome to Spring - T121384722

Welcome to a country idyll! You know that spring is here when you start hearing the cuckoo and the mountain snows begin to melt to feed the streams and rivers that pass by villages and towns. As the sun brings warmth it is not long before the skylarks are calling to one another on warm thermals, but summer heat has its dangers, thunderstorms can catch you unawares and delay the harvest, and watch out for those pesky wasps! All this and more is conjured up here.Conductor Shuntaro Sato. Performer Petroc Trelawny.
12 Mar 11Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth :: V906
listing details L01182449931

Arabian Nights - T507116092

Strauss' Don Quixote is the most elaborate and richly detailed attempt to musically portray the adventures of Cervantes' romantically deranged hero. Three themes depicting Don Quixote, his love, Dulcinea, and Sancho Panza, are ingeniously transformed and combined as a succession of musical tableaux. Rimsky-Korsakov's Sheherazade follows the stories of Aladdin, Sinbad and Ali Baba, which have long since passed into folk legend in the West. The music overflows with four movements of invention, masterful orchestration, colour, beauty and excitement.Conductor Kirill Karabits.
19 Feb 11Brighton Dome, Brighton :: V655
listing details L010040569

Great Russian Tales - T1693374767

Welcome to the Exotic East! Russian music is perhaps the best of all for telling stories, especially in the hands of Borodin, Rimsky-Korsakov and latterly by Khachaturian. You will be transported to the expansive plains of the Russian steppes, experience the royal court of warlord Prince Igor, feel the passion and heartbreak of love and romance from ancient Rome and rural Armenia and finally take to the waves with Sinbad and a voyage of adventure.Conductor Kirill Karabits. Performer Petroc Trelawny.
12 Feb 11Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth :: V906
listing details L0636028762

Hall of Fame - T01668985928

Welcome to four of the best! Masterpieces all and each a worthy claimant for the makes way for Bruch’s lyrical and ebullient concerto whilst Schubert’s beautiful yet unfinished symphony fades away before Tchaikovsky marches in with his explosive overture.Conductor BSO Young Conductor in Association. Performer Alexandra Soumm (violin). Performer Petroc Trelawny.
29 Jan 11Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth :: V906
listing details L01941017613

New Year's Eve Viennese Gala - T1448571395

31 Dec 10Colston Hall, Bristol :: V1410
listing details L067424950

Northern Festival - T395523453

Welcome to the land of the Vikings! All the pieces are inspired by the landscapes, history and folktales from Scotland and Scandinavia. Witness the majesty of Fingal’s Cave, join in the drink-fuelled revelries of an Orkney wedding and escape to the remote Northern regions of Finland and Norway.Conductor BSO Young Conductor in Association. Performer Petrock Trelawny (soloist).
20 Nov 10Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth :: V906
listing details L01904110356

Invitation to the Dance - T1450145806

Conductor Danail Rachev. Performer Shai Wosner (piano). Performer Petrock Trelawny (presenter).
30 Oct 10Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth :: V906
listing details L0503650975

Indoor Outdoor Festival - T1110471290

Three special concerts giving the atmosphere of an outdoor classical spectacular without the worry of the weather! See the Lighthouse Concert Hall as never before with the entire floor laid out with a synthetic grass lawn, plus special lighting and effects.
25 Jun 10 to 26 Jun 10Lighthouse (previously known as Poole Arts Centre), Poole :: V910
listing details L2039732477

Alsop on Bernstein and Mahler - T897316736

Marin Alsop conducts Gustav Mahler's great Resurrection Symphony in homage to Mahler's profound influence on Leonard Bernstein. Bernstein conducted the first complete cycle of Mahler's symphonies starting in 1960 and was an acknowledged devotee and expert of all his works. This performance brings together a large force of choirs for this celebratory event.Company Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. Company Southbank Sinfonia. Company SBC Voicelab. Conductor Marin Alsop. Performer Katherine Broderick (soprano). Performer Karen Cargill (mezzo0soprano).
9 May 10Southbank Centre, West End :: V423
listing details L2037623771


Chopin's first concerto - like Beethoven, actually the second that he wrote - has outer movements designed to show off the young composer's sparkling pianism framing a beautiful slow movement which he described as ‘a reverie in fine spring weather, but lit by the moon'. Cesar Franck's symphony achieves great unity as the themes outlined in its imposing introduction reappear in the three movements, transformed and developed in all sorts of inventive ways, leading to a triumphant conclusion.Performer Louis Lortie (piano). Conductor Yan Pascal Tortelier.
25 Feb 10Anvil Arts, Basingstoke :: V765
listing details L01026113409


Sibelius' last symphony absorbs the traditional four movements into a single, fascinating arch of music. Each section grows out of the previous one, referring to and developing its material to make a truly organic whole. The drama of the Elgar concerto's opening movement is followed by a perpetuum mobile scherzo, and a slow movement of elegiac beauty. The powerful finale is memorably interrupted by a haunting reminiscence of the slow movement before rushing to a close. Nielsen wrote that his forth and finest symphony is a depiction of "the force of life which cannot be suppressed." Written during the First World War, it pulsates with musical power in the outer movements, including an electrifying tympani ‘duel' in the finale.Performer Jian Wang (cello). Conductor Thomas Dausgaard.
12 Feb 10Anvil Arts, Basingstoke :: V765
listing details L1479783368

New Year Viennese Gala - T1301701277

6 Jan 10O2 Guildhall Southampton, Southampton :: V777
listing details L1488313875
22 Dec 09O2 Guildhall Southampton, Southampton :: V777
listing details L0822228340

New Year's Eve Viennese Concert - T1717185666

31 Dec 09Colston Hall, Bristol :: V1410
listing details L571836453


Conductor James Gaffigan. Performer John Lill (piano). Music Mozart (Idomeneo Ballet Music). Music Beethoven (Piano Concerto No 2). Music Dvorak (Symphony No 7).
3 Dec 09Colston Hall, Bristol :: V1410
listing details L02119808178


Performer Nikolai Lugansky (piano). Conductor Kirill Karabits.
26 Nov 09Anvil Arts, Basingstoke :: V765
listing details L1713918018


Conductor Kirill Karabits. Performer Renaud Capucon (violin). Performer Martinu Frescos of Piero della Francesca. Music Bruch (Violin Concerto). Music Sibelius (Symphony No 2).
29 Oct 09Colston Hall, Bristol :: V1410
listing details L16450260


The new Principal Conductor of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (pictured) opens the season with Debussy's delicate and subtle translation into sound of a lazy summer afternoon. Rachmaninov's Second Piano Concerto was a breakthrough piece after years of creative block. Its intensely passionate character has made it a favourite among all his works. Stravinsky's ballet score remains one of the most extraordinary works in music, even after almost a hundred years. Its picture of the elemental arrival of spring after the harsh Russian winter went further than anyone before in capturing the force of nature in sound.Performer Vadim Rudenko (piano). Conductor Kirill Karabits.
8 Oct 09Anvil Arts, Basingstoke :: V765
listing details L0329460666


Conductor Kirill Karabits.
4 Dec 08Colston Hall, Bristol :: V1410
listing details L01091946936


Conductor Marin Alsop. Performer Jean-Yves Thibaudet (piano).
14 Nov 08Anvil Arts, Basingstoke :: V765
listing details L378868203


Conductor Cristian Mandeal.
9 Oct 08Colston Hall, Bristol :: V1410
listing details L100029732

A Weekend of Russian Music - T1010156901

Performer Elisabeth Leonskaja (piano). Performer Charlotte Riedijk (Sun - soprao). Performer Liza Ferschtman (Sun - violin). Performer Maria Milstein (Sun - violin). Performer Benjamin Marquise-Gilmour (Sun - viola). Performer Dmitri Ferschtman (Sun - cello).
13 Sep 08 to 14 Sep 08Malvern Theatres, Malvern :: V01718852442
listing details L01417675404

Other listings

20 Dec 15O2 Guildhall Southampton, Southampton :: V777
listing details L01761368830
26 Nov 15The Great Hall, Exeter :: V0399253055
listing details L1109098967
7 Oct 10Colston Hall, Bristol :: V1410
listing details L0390609794
22 Apr 10Colston Hall, Bristol :: V1410
listing details L097424638
22 Jan 09Corn Exchange, Cambridge :: V21
listing details L235773529
14 Jan 09 to 6 May 09Lighthouse (previously known as Poole Arts Centre), Poole :: V910
listing details L1695347172
9 Apr 08 to 9 Aug 08Lighthouse (previously known as Poole Arts Centre), Poole :: V910
listing details L01091740750

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