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Christmas Dancewear
Wanted/For Sale: Angel Dancewear have some great gifts for dancers if you're not sure what to buy this Christmas. The also have the latest fashion dancewear for girls and teens, all types of dance tops like halter necks and crop tops, plus dance shorts - and 2-piece sets.
Posted: 13th Nov 2016 by (Wanted/For Sale)
Costume Sale
Wanted/For Sale: I just wanted to post about a costume sale we are having over the late May Bank Holiday weekend. We are a theatre production company that has Produced many professional Pantomimes and Shows over the last 10 years and have also worked with a lot of Amateur Dramatic organisations. We will be taking over the use of a house in South East London for the weekend and filling it with hundreds of lovely costumes – some are used and some have never been worn. We also have a lot of Props, Shoes, Hats, Make Up and Wigs plus lots more…..all at bargain prices. There is also a section with Theatrical Trims, Sequins, Fabric Bundles, Threads, Buttons - all at amazing bargain clear out prices. Perfect for a collector, group, producer, business or individual. We have free parking and will also offer a cuppa and a biscuit while you look through the rails. Prices will go from 50p up to £100+ for some of the more pristine, intricate or never worn Dames Dresses, Victorian or Georgian dresses. Offers will be considered! Visit for some photos and further details. There will also be a basic stock list advertised on here as we set up. If you are interested in coming along then please do get in contact via or via this site and we will give full details. Thanks
Posted: 8th May 2011 by (Wanted/For Sale)
set giveaway/ flats
Wanted/For Sale: hi i have had a set built, consisting of 4 flats that measure 4 by 8 feet each, plus 2 smaller ones, which means you can also create a windon in the flat I need to get rid of this late friday (may the 5th), or alternatively monday morning if anyone is interested, contact nicolai on 0787 505 3066 if you are interested
Posted: 12th May 2008 by (Wanted/For Sale)
Columns for Set
Wanted/For Sale: For Sale: Four off cylindrical columns, each 3.5m high x 300mm diameter, suitable to represent grand architectural columns or very large trees (currently used for both by changing lighting). Used once. Constructed of high-density fibre. Can be carried by one person. Offered at £25 each (under half cost) can include capitals and plinths (card). Carriage by arrangement. Phone Archie McMillan on 020 8941 1267 or E-mail.
Posted: 18th Oct 2007 by Keith Wait (Wanted/For Sale)
Moving Head Scanners
Wanted/For Sale: I have available Jolly SL-575 and SL-1200PF Scanners. contact me for details. SL-575 ■ Lamp : MSR 575/2 discharge lamp (575w 7200k, 75hrs life) ■ Power supply : AC 220V/50Hz 120V/60Hz ■ Power consumption:800w ■ Remote lamp on/off ■ 2 separate color wheels ■ Color wheel 1: 9dichroic colors +open white , rainbow effect in both directions ■ Color wheel 2: 6 dichroic colors +open white, 5600K and 3200k CTF, uv filter for wood light, rainbow effect in both directions ■ Total number of unique colors :81 ■ 2 separate gobo wheels ■ 6 rotating interchangeable and indexable gobos +open position ■ 9 fixed gobos +open position with gobo shake function, roto-gobo effect ■ Motorized stepless iris ■ High-speed rotating 3 facet prism ■ Motoized multi-step zoom with three different apertures:15°,18 °and 22° ■ Remotely controllable motorized focus ■ Combined mechanical dimmer/shutter ■ Smooth micro-step driven dimming, variable strobing 1-10 flashes per second ■ Preprogrammed macros with ret variable/random pulse effect ■ Remotely controllable fan speed ■ Pan movement range 530o, tilt movement range 280° ■ Selectable 8 or 16 bit pan/tilt movement resolution ■ Automatic pan / tilt position correction ■ Addressing , personality setting and effects calibration via 4-digit LED control panel ■ Stand alone and master/slave operation, on board programming ■ 3 programmable programs(90 steps each) ■ 14/16 DMX control channels ■ Dimensions(L*W*H): 362*467 *563mm ■ Weight: 50kgs SL-1200PF ■ Lamp : HMI 1200W/S ■ Power supply : AC 220V/50Hz 120V/60Hz ■ Power consumption:1500w ■ Controllable linear variation 11 to 24 zoom lens . ■ 4 rotating standard prisms ■ 2 gobo wheel , 1 wheel can rotate, 25 gobo effects , gobo has graduation and orientation ■ CMY color mixing system , Cyan, Magenta, Yellow ■ Linear gradual frost lens producing wide light beam angle ■ Stop , strobe and dimmer with strobe rate 1-10 per second ■ Color wheel, red , yellow , blue, green, purple, orange, rainbow effect ■ Electronic iris with 10-100% linear adjustment ■ 450 Degree pan with 8 or 16 bit resolution ■ 255 Degree tilt with 8 or 16 bit resolution ■ Automatic Pan and Tilt repositioning operated by photoelectric sensors. ■ Repositioning system, Pan and Tilt lock for transport ■ Dimensions(L*W*H): 641*621*696mm ■ Weight:84kgs
Posted: 6th Apr 2007 by Richard Kasica (Wanted/For Sale)
The Vegemite Tales - 2005 set FREE to good home (theatre company!)
Wanted/For Sale: The Vegemite Tales is offering our complete set from the 2005 production, FREE to a good home. It comprises: 1 x flat (3m W x 2.2m H) with double pane window 6 x flat (1.5m W x 2.2m H) 1 x flat with arched door opening (1.5m W x 2.2m H) 1 x flat with fitted hinged opening front door (1.5m W x 2.2m H) 6 x flat (0.8m W x 2.2m H) misc extension flat pieces All very well constructed - ply on 1x2” frames, some small pieces with fabric instead of ply. All sizes approximate. Everything is in Brixton and you'd have to collect it before 22 July, otherwise it has to go to the tip :( You can see photos of the set in action here: If you are interested, please call Andrew on 07092 805 026 or email - ASAP! Thanks heaps! The Vegemite Tales crew
Posted: 8th Jul 2006 by Andrew Robb (Wanted/For Sale)
Stiltskin's Juggling Store
Wanted/For Sale: A wide range of professional juggling and circus equipment.
Posted: 3rd Mar 2006 by Iain Slade (Wanted/For Sale)
Wanted/For Sale: For Sale, A Beautiful hand painted carousel. Features 8 full size horses. The carousel can be pushed around by two people hidden behind. E-mail for photos of it in use during our previous production. Would be fantistic for any circus/ fair themed show.
Posted: 14th Jun 2005 by Kate Sicolo (Wanted/For Sale)
Wanted/For Sale: Dun Laoghaire Musical Society (Dublin) is selling a stage floor for CHESS. It is made up of 22 sheets of 8ft x 4ft x 12mm MDF. Total area is 32 x 24 feet. It is well-sealed with 3 coats of heavy duty matt varnish. The total weight (for shipping) is 600 Kilo. Pictures can be seen at or images can be sent by e-mail if you contact We are open to offers.
Posted: 18th Apr 2005 by Jim Ryan (Wanted/For Sale)
Props for Jack and the Beanstalk
Wanted/For Sale: We have a "Golden Harp" and a Hen which will lay Golden eggs which we have just used in our Panto JatB. Photos available on request. No reasonable offer refused!
Posted: 10th Mar 2005 by Linda Shaw (Wanted/For Sale)
Props: Period Luggage
Wanted/For Sale: Period luggage for sale. Early Victorian to post WWII. About 30 articles, mainly leather. For more details e-mail on
Posted: 4th Jan 2005 by Keith Wait (Wanted/For Sale)
Juicy Cosmetics
Wanted/For Sale: Free gift with every purchase. Free shipping with any order over . Backstage inspired. Artist approved. Hundreds of colors, textures and shades for lips, eyes and face, plus all the tools you need.
Posted: 29th Dec 2004 by Juicy Cosmetics (Wanted/For Sale)
Wanted/For Sale: Look the business with your own website. Let Mr Site guide you through his 5 easier than easy steps to creating your own brilliant website for the UK Theatre special price of just £24.99. We have dozens of professionally designed website templates to choose from which means that anyone (and we mean ANYONE!) can have a fantastic looking website in minutes with just the click of a few buttons. Mr Site is jargon free and seriously easy to use. This also includes a personalised email address (eg Renew your website if you want to in a year's time for just £1.99 a month. For more info email Quote code "UK Theatre Special".
Posted: 30th Nov 2004 by S Site (Wanted/For Sale)
Wanted/For Sale: I am looking for a room to rent in Havant,Hampshire or close by for 3 months starting November 8th 2004.Can you help
Posted: 5th Oct 2004 by sara derrick (Wanted/For Sale)
CATS costumes
Wanted/For Sale: anything? mail me
Posted: 27th Sep 2004 by Caroline Murty (Wanted/For Sale)
HONK! Set and Costumes For Sale
Wanted/For Sale: Following our production at The Chester Gateway Theatre recently we have a set and costumes for sale. contact
Posted: 12th Jul 2004 by Lee Hassett (Wanted/For Sale)
Vocal Coaching In Essex
Wanted/For Sale: Susan Bluechild is now offering Beginner to Imtermediate vocal coaching in Harlow Essex at reasonable rates.
Posted: 21st Jun 2004 by Susan Bluechild (Wanted/For Sale)
Tailors Dummy
Wanted/For Sale: wanted for costume student in Bristol, please mail
Posted: 30th May 2004 by Zuleika Gregory (Wanted/For Sale)
Lilian Baylis - book
Wanted/For Sale: Biography of Lilian Baylis - by Sybil and Russell Thorndike. Published 1938. At auction on eBay until 19 May.
Posted: 15th May 2004 by Hal Westhead (Wanted/For Sale)
Giant Heads for The BFG
Wanted/For Sale: We have recently finished a run of D Wood's adaptation of The BFG and have the 6 giant heads and the head of the Giant BFG puppet available. Any reasonable offer considered. Linda Shaw 07802 301726
Posted: 2nd Feb 2004 by Linda Shaw (Wanted/For Sale)
Starting Voice Theatre Productions
Wanted/For Sale: are looking to aquire origonal posters from 50's, 60's, 70's London Nightclubs and cabaret clubs for new production of Leon Fleming's double-bill: Broken Then Mended.
Posted: 3rd Jan 2004 by leon Fleming (Wanted/For Sale)
Wanted/For Sale: Looking for skin costumes for training purposes. Mostly within outreach projects/workshops. Any condition - in fact would prefer if needs work (more fun that way!) Charitable company, may be able to source some funds, but not much.
Posted: 12th Nov 2003 by Dot Oatway (Wanted/For Sale)
Floor Cloth
Wanted/For Sale: Working in drama with underpriviliged children. Do you have an old floor cloth we could have? Any size, any condition. Please help.
Posted: 22nd Oct 2003 by Steven Lee (Wanted/For Sale)
Lighting Desk For Sale
Wanted/For Sale: Sirius 088 48 channel lighting desk complete with case. Offers to Jenny Gilder on 01625 267173 oor e-mail
Posted: 27th Sep 2003 by Jenny Gilder (Wanted/For Sale)
Strand 765 spotlights
Wanted/For Sale: DO you have any spare parts for these spotlights.If you do please email me or phone on 07817137316 thanks.
Posted: 21st Aug 2003 by Richard Kasica (Wanted/For Sale)
Strand 765 spotlights
Wanted/For Sale: DO you have any spare parts for these spotlights.If you do please email me or phone on 07817137316 thanks.
Posted: 21st Aug 2003 by Richard Kasica (Wanted/For Sale)
Lanterns FOR SALE
Wanted/For Sale: School in London has 12 x P123's, 4 x P23'S FOR SALE. OFFERS ACCEPTED
Posted: 25th Apr 2003 by Stuart Green (Wanted/For Sale)
ropes and pulleys
Wanted/For Sale: seeking a set of ropes and pulleys from a redundant or closed theatre
Posted: 7th Apr 2003 by Dave Roby-Baxter (Wanted/For Sale)
Staging Units For Sale
Wanted/For Sale: Q-Build portable staging units plus fittings, storage dolly, security chain & padlock for sale. Excellent quality. As new. Bargain at £1200 - quick response advised. Alison Chaplin
Posted: 21st Mar 2003 by Alison Chaplin (Wanted/For Sale)
1960's Radiogram
Wanted/For Sale: Free to the first person who will offer a good home. Email, and I will send images.
Posted: 26th Jan 2003 by Maggie McCarthy (Wanted/For Sale)
1936 Noel Coward Theatre Programmes
Wanted/For Sale: Two theatre programmes from 1936 run of 'Tonight At 8.30' at the Phoenix Theatre London starring Noel Coward and Gertrude Lawrence. Two sets of three plays were performed in repertoire. There is one programme from each version. (1) 'We Were Dancing'/'The Astonished Heart'/'Red Peppers'(28th Jan 1936) (2) 'Hands Across The Sea'/'Fumed Oak'/'Shadow Play'(5th Feb 1936) Best offer secures. Contact
Posted: 9th Nov 2002 by Debbie Waters (Wanted/For Sale)
Posters Wanted
Wanted/For Sale: Any theatre posters for my collection.
Posted: 17th Aug 2002 by Genco Demirer (Wanted/For Sale)
Wanted/For Sale: LOCATION REQUIRED A house in the Kent, London or South-East area. For 2 to 3 days shooting. Filming in July, 2002. Production: film drama. A non-union, low budget, independent film. Contact: Jeremy Robinson P.O. Box 393, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 5XU, U.K. tel: 01622-729593 (UK) mobile: 0777-9874844 E-MAIL E-mail: E-mail:
Posted: 13th Jun 2002 by Jeremy robinson (Wanted/For Sale)
books/articles on am dram
Wanted/For Sale: Seeking published material on amateru theatre/drama/performance. Any styles...
Posted: 13th Jun 2002 by caz tricks (Wanted/For Sale)
Big House Theatre Company
Wanted/For Sale: DO YOU WANT TO BE A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR AND HAVE A PHYSICAL OR SENSORY DISABILITY? WOULD YOU LIKE TO ATTEND A COURSE FOCUSING ON THE AUDITION TECHNIQUE FOR DRAMA SCHOOL? Big House Theatre Company is holding a workshop at The Contact Theatre, Manchester from the 5th to the 9th of August 2002 in partnership with twelve mainstream drama schools. Accommodation and travel will be provided. Please send a brief outline of your theatrical experience to: Drama Training, Big House Theatre Company, 114 Cavendish Road, West Didsbury, Manchester, M20 1QH or e-mail us at:
Posted: 7th Jun 2002 by kathryn pemberton (Wanted/For Sale)
Wanted/For Sale: I am 15 and want acting/singing/dancing/modeling job please email me @ if u cn help me because i want to become and actress or phone me on 07763727113 or txt me about jobs at the moment or in the future thank u
Posted: 27th Apr 2002 by Jilna Shukla (Wanted/For Sale)
Libretto for The Desert Song wanted
Wanted/For Sale: Does anyone out there know where we can acquire above libretto which is no longer available.
Posted: 30th Mar 2002 by Wendy B. Scott (Wanted/For Sale)
Lighting board for sale
Wanted/For Sale: Strand Gemini 2 computerised lighting board, monitor, remote, cables, manual. Huge power at a fraction of today's cost. Sold for charity. Inspection/test invited. 0797 158 2262.
Posted: 11th Mar 2002 by robert shaw (Wanted/For Sale)
Wanted/For Sale: PUPPETS FOR SALE - Full 'cast' of Lincolnshire Puppet Theatre production of 'Sleeping Beauty'. 60 rod puppets size 71cm (28 inch)high, all in very good condition. Also some pieces of scenery. Lack of storage space forces sale. All reasonable offers considered. For details and photographs, contact Debbie Waters at
Posted: 14th Jan 2002 by Debbie Waters (Wanted/For Sale)
Wanted 2 Half A Sixpence vocal scores
Wanted/For Sale: I need to get 2 copies of the Half A Sixpence Vocal Score by David Heneker to give to the Performing Arts Library, as a couple of people in our group have not returned their library copies to me, and I don't know who the guilty culprits are. I think that it is probably now out of print as the library copies were published in 1967 by Chappell. So please has anyone got a copy (or 2 would be even better) of this available that they no longer want, or know anyone I could try asking. Thank you.
Posted: 19th Dec 2001 by Claire Procter (Wanted/For Sale)
Wind In The Willows
Wanted/For Sale: For Sale Splendid caravan about 9' long, 3.5' wide and 8' high which will accommodate a person or two. Available from 16th December 2001. Buyer will need to collect from Hampton Hill Playhouse ( in South West London. No reasonable offer refused. Contact: Gordon Edwards 020 8977 7598
Posted: 25th Nov 2001 by Gordon Edwards (Wanted/For Sale)
Theatre Masks for Performance
Wanted/For Sale: Theate Masks for performers. Lightweight handcrafted & handpainted. We do many styles including the masks of the Commedia dell'Arte. Drop us a line and we'll send you an electronic brochure.
Posted: 28th Oct 2001 by Douglas Thompson (Wanted/For Sale)
Fiddler Set For Sale
Wanted/For Sale: We had produced the Australian award winning production of Fiddler On The Roof starring Topol. We have the set, props and costumes for sale for a fraction of replacement cost. Can be seen on, If you are interested please email back to
Posted: 15th Oct 2001 by Aleksandar Vass (Wanted/For Sale)
Black Curtains Required
Wanted/For Sale: Tip Top Productions are looking for lots of Black Curtains to make their new premises more "studio theatre" like. Can you help? Lots of Black curtain required!
Posted: 26th Sep 2001 by Lee Hassett (Wanted/For Sale)
Wardrobe space
Wanted/For Sale: Amateur dramatics group based in Tewkesbury, Glos are looking for premises to extend/rehouse our ever expanding wardrobe. Preferably with access any time and for as little money possible. If you have a secure unit that we can use please contact via our website
Posted: 20th Sep 2001 by Helen Collyer (Wanted/For Sale)
Sets and Cloths for Sale
Wanted/For Sale: UK OFFERS 1. Derby Gilbert & Sullivan Company's 'Mikado' set is now offered for sale - no unreasonable offers refused. We have got one company very interested in the set which could also be used for example for 'Madame Butterfly'. The Set Consists of a 3' High 16' Circular Dias with 2 level rostra and treads up to the dias and a 2m High bridge with steps and ramp. Since the interested company are not scheduled to perform 'The Mikado' until 2003/4 they would be very interested in discussing part purchase with another company or even hiring, if someone would like to purchase in full. I have photos and plans for anyone who is interested which can be emailed. Although the set looks rather large it can be stored in a relatively small space of 15 foot square by 12 foot high. 2. We also have the 'Princess Ida' Swan Frame Gauze for rental see photo and details at 3. The complete set of 'The Yeomen of the Guard' including the fabulous London Thames back cloth as seen at the 1999 International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival is available for rental or purchase. The 'Yeomen' set consists of a complete two storey U shaped London street scene. US Offers 1. We will also be selling our 'Iolanthe' set in the summer of 2002. This will be after our final performance of 'Iolanthe' in Seattle, USA on Saturday 3rd August as part of the Seattle G&S Society production month The 'Iolanthe' set is quite basic but the tour de force is the hydraulic mushroom/toadstool which opens up to reveal a working 'Big Ben' clock face and provide a 4' high platform for performing upon. Of course this will only likely be of interest to stateside companies performing Iolanthe after summer 2002 but please do not hesitate to make enquiries about this now. Kind regards Simon Hardy Derby G&S Co
Posted: 5th Sep 2001 by Simon Hardy (Wanted/For Sale)
Theatre Programmes
Wanted/For Sale: I am seeking theatre programmes from The Bristol Old Vic/Theatre Royal as i am writing a book on the relationship between publicity material and attendance. If anyone out there has programmes, fliers, copies of ads. for the Old Vic please contact me, thanks
Posted: 26th Aug 2001 by Vivienne Davies (Wanted/For Sale)
Theatre Programmes
Wanted/For Sale: I am collecting programmes for the Bristol Old Vic/Theatre Royal and writing a book about the relationship between publicity material, content and attendance - if anyone out there has any programmes, fliers etc for this theatre please e-mail me or call me with ant relevant info. Thanks
Posted: 26th Aug 2001 by Vivienne Davies (Wanted/For Sale)
Wanted/For Sale: Full 'cast' of Lincolnshire Puppet Theatre production of 'Sleeping Beauty'. 60 rod puppets size 71cm (28 inch)high, all in very good condition. Also some pieces of scenery. Lack of storage space forces sale. All reasonable offers considered. For details and photographs, contact Debbie Waters at
Posted: 16th Aug 2001 by Debbie Waters (Wanted/For Sale)
Rehearsal Space
Wanted/For Sale: Innovative new theatre ccompany needs rehearsal space in London for as little as possible. any ideas? Contact me. Cheers
Posted: 13th Aug 2001 by Plumb Lemon (Wanted/For Sale)

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