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7th Dec 23 :: Review: Oliver Twist
Seen at the Tobacco Factory in Bristol.
23rd Feb 23 :: Review: The Wall
Seen at the Tobacco Factory in Bristol.
2nd Dec 22 :: Review: The Nutcracker
Seen at the Bristol Old Vic.
30th Sep 22 :: Review: Revealed
Seen at the Tobacco Factory Theatres in Bristol.
12th May 22 :: Review: School of Rock
Touring production seen at the Bristol Hippodrome.
11th Mar 22 :: Review: Wonder Boy
Seen at the Bristol Old Vic.
9th Mar 22 :: Review: What Remains of Us
Seen at the Bristol Old Vic.
11th Dec 21 :: Review: Robin Hood: The Legend of The Forgotten Forest
Bristol Old Vic show.
23rd Nov 21 :: Review: Hairspray
Touring production seen at the Bristol Hippodrome
13th Nov 21 :: Review: Macbeth
Bristol Old Vic Theatre School production
2nd Nov 21 :: Review: White Christmas
Touring production seen at the Bristol Hippodrome
21st Oct 21 :: Review: Wuthering Heights
Emma Rice's adaptation seen at the Bristol Old Vic
14th Mar 20 :: Review: Carmen
Welsh National Opera on tour, seen in Bristol
5th Dec 19 :: Review: A Christmas Carol
Bristol Old Vic's Christmas production.
13th Sep 19 :: Review: Pride and Prejudice (*sort of)
Isobel McArthur's take on Pride and Prejudice seen in Bristol
26th Jul 19 :: Review: Malory Towers
Touring show seen in Bristol.
11th Jun 19 :: Review: Fame - The Musical
Touring production seen in Bristol.
30th May 19 :: Review: In The Willows
Re-imagining of the Wind in the Willows story at Bristol Old Vic.
23rd May 19 :: Review: The Remains of the Day
Out of Joint production seen at the Bristol Old Vic.
15th Apr 19 :: Review: Equus
English Touring Theatre production seen in Bristol
28th Mar 19 :: Review: The Bodyguard
Touring production seen in Bristol.
20th Mar 19 :: Review: Annie
Touring show with Anita Dobson, seen in Bristol.
22nd Feb 19 :: Review: Tom Gates - Live on Stage
Tom Gates live on stage, touring show seen in Bristol
26th Jan 19 :: Review: Wise Children
Seen at the Bristol Old Vic.
10th Oct 18 :: Review: Madagascar
Touring musical seen in Bristol.
9th Mar 18 :: Review: The Cherry Orchard
Michael Boyd's take on Chekov's classic.
15th Dec 17 :: Review: Aladdin
Bristol Hippodrome Panto.
11th Oct 17 :: Review: Crazy for You
Touring show seen in Bristol

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Disney's The Little Mermaid
14th Apr 24 :: 5

Im excited to see this!! I recommend it

Come from Away
10th Apr 24 :: 5

One of my all time favourite shows. I absolutely love it - brilliant and sympathetic story telling

The Fureys
8th Apr 24 :: 1

Having greatly enjoyed the Fureys over many years, and being sympathetic with regards to Paul's death, and Davey's stroke, I feel a bit uncomfortable posting this review. Nevertheless, I saw them last night in Glasgow, and can only describe the overall experience as grim. I hope I can spare others the immense disappointment I experienced.On arrival I was amazed at the number of empty seats. I was soon to realise why!Certainly, there were positives. Most of the musicians, incidentally only 2 of whom were Fureys, were clearly talented,(Of Finbar,I have to say "we missed him,the old man". I had to question though the contribution of the guy on the guitar on the left) Another positive was that some of the old favourites" were good, and well enjoyed. However, I could make out very little of what Eddie was saying, the usual warm lively atmosphere of previous years was gone, there were too many songs that weren't characteristic of the Fureys of old. In conclusion, I feel they should qualify the title of the show in some way e.g. maybe "The Fureys - Eddy,and George with some new faces"As it was, I felt I'd been tempted there under false pretences.

Houdini's Greatest Escape
3rd Apr 24 :: 4

Fun show with magic and lots of comedy had us all laughing

Feel Me
28th Mar 24 :: 1

The show tries to build empathy by telling a story of a single displaced person, but does so in an abstract way where the audience never gets to know the character - doesn't quite meet the show's aim. The story is retold multiple times through various art forms, dance, projection, video etc. It feels like a recent graduate has tried to fit all of the techniques they've learned into the show, rather than them being additive. None of the repeated versions add anything to the narrative, except for runtime. Lastly, the use of audience participation via smartphones, lauded in other reviews, is incredibly shallow, it doesn't help us connect with the character or the story. The questions asked of the audience are leading, e.g., you're asked if you feel empathy with forced displacement three times throughout the show - the audience knows the desire of the showmakers is for empathy to increase over time, to not answer in the positive is to be a contrarian. Would suggest going back to the drawing board, and asking what is the objective behind the show - if it's truly about raising awareness and empathy for forced displacement (and not purely artistic grandstanding) then creating a show where the character and their story really shines would be better.

Legally Blonde
16th Mar 24 :: 5

Brilliantly performed - a real credit to the cast and all Involved. My daughter and I loved the show

Dom Joly - Conspiracy Tourist
15th Mar 24 :: 1

I agree... we left at the interval.

Bowie Experience
14th Mar 24 :: 1

To avoid confusion, this is not the real genuine original Bowie The Bowie Experience (since 1997 with Laurence) It is a cabaret that has copied our show name and started after lock down, if you are hoping that this is The Bowie Experience you will be disappointed. contact your ticket vendor for a refund if you have bought a ticket in error.

Dom Joly - Conspiracy Tourist
9th Mar 24 :: 1

Not funny, not interesting, just irritating, ignorant, and occasionally obnoxious. Dom's 'wit' relies on criticism and calling everything 'fucking mental'. The Northcote character is incredibly outdated, tiring and unfunny. There was nothing to redeem this show, it was painfully embarrassing in how cringe the attempts at comedy were.

The Importance of Being Earnest (Mercury Theatre, Colchester)
3rd Mar 24 :: 1

Pretentious mess-up of a great play. Sound system in theatre not fit for purpose. It is all in the dialogue and it was hardly audible.

Some Guys Have All the Luck - The Rod Stewart Story
29th Feb 24 :: 5

Excellent show 2nd time I have seen it brilliant performance

The Makings of a Murderer
29th Feb 24 :: 1

The werst show I have ever seen. So disappointed

And Then There Were None
28th Feb 24 :: 3

I felt it was generally well done on a limited stage. Some actors were not projecting their voices sufficiently and were overacting. They may have been the understudy, so I was disappointed as I expected to see the published actors on the first night.

Shen Yun
23rd Feb 24 :: 1Dire American propaganda Nothing Chinese about the performance

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